For now, All-Pro voters are not identified


The Associated Press All-Pro team was released today, but one question won’t be answered for another four weeks: Who voted for the All-Pros?

The Associated Press put together a 50-member panel of media members to choose the All-Pros, but the organization has not released the names of the voters. We asked the AP for the names of the voters and were told that those names won’t be released until all of the individual awards — MVP, coach of the year, rookie of the year, etc. — are announced on the day before the Super Bowl.

That seems strange. A news organization like the AP, and the individual media members who vote on the AP awards, should be transparent about the voting process and about the identity of the voters themselves.

Members of the media should also be willing to stand by their votes and subject themselves to scrutiny if their votes raise questions. And, frankly, a lot of the votes on the All-Pro team are questionable at best, and just plain wrong at worst. For instance:
Who was the one voter who did not vote Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown an All-Pro wide receiver?
Who was the one voter who chose not to place a punter on the All-Pro team?
Who was the one voter who chose to vote for Marshawn Lynch as a fullback, instead of a running back?
Who were the two voters who chose Evan Mathis as an All-Pro guard even though he was injured and missed half the season?
Who voted Seattle’s James Carpenter, a mediocre guard, an All-Pro?
Who voted for Clay Matthews as an All-Pro inside linebacker when he mostly plays outside linebacker?
Did the 13 voters who chose Elvis Dumervil as an All-Pro outside linebacker even know that Dumervil is nothing more than a situational pass rusher, or did they just vote for him because he had a lot of sacks?

We’ve asked the AP for more information about which voters cast which votes, but so far we haven’t received the identity of any individual voters. We’d hope that all of the voters would publicly identify themselves, and stand by their votes. Or, in some cases, see the error of their ways and distance themselves from their votes.

42 responses to “For now, All-Pro voters are not identified

  1. If I voted for John Kuhn, I wouldn’t want to be identified either. If his name was John Smith, the Packers would have kicked him to the curb like the Steelers did. Most overrated player in NFL history.

  2. For years we’ve heard from the media and players how “Pro Bowl selections are meaningless, All-Pro selections are what matter.”

    Pro bowl voting has ling been accepted as being joke but this list of head scratchers proves that so is the All-Pro voting.

  3. Which five voters thought JJ Watt was a defensive tackle rather than a defensive end?

  4. Lol!
    Just like the Pro Bowl. Its a joke.
    You get in because of your NAME.
    If the voters watched the game tape before casting their ballots, I would take it seriously. Well, a lot of people would take it seriously

  5. I’m guessing a bunch of monkeys flinging their poo at a wall with random players names on it. I believe that is how the HOF is voted on. Kind of how the commissioner is also picked. Only i think the monkey with the worst aim actually becomes commissioner. I could be wrong, but I’m sure that is how it works.

  6. “Members of the media should also be willing to stand by their votes and subject themselves to scrutiny if their votes raise questions.”

    So that all of their Twitter feeds explode, their email servers freeze up, they learn 27 new ways to drop an f-bomb, the FBI sometimes has to investigate particular “constructive criticism” feedback…

    Yeah, I don’t think this idea would turn out as well as one might imagine.

  7. Just like the oscars … people who vote never even seen the movie .. It’s a joke.

  8. @ facemask If I could you deserve a hundred thumbs up for so eloquently stating that. Kudos

  9. The process for these awards and the pro-bowl is inherently flawed. Sports writers are no more qualified than the average fan at judging talent. There are way too many homers who vote for their hometown players or simply write down name recognition/legacy votes. Players are no better and are often even worse.

    Give all the head coaches, offensive/defensive/special teams coordinators a vote. Nobody else. These are the guys that view the most tape and actually game plan against the players of other teams. Nobody knows the tendencies and talent better than they do. I could even see not allowing them to vote for anyone on their team. The top vote getters would be more universally recognized and the awards would actually mean something.

  10. How in the world did Joe Staley, one of the worst tackles in the whole league this year, anchor of the terrible Niners offensive line that gave up a franchise worst in sacks, received 3 All-Pro votes despite the reanimated corpse of D TRASH totally emasculating him on primetime? Was it one vote for every sack he gave up in that game alone?

  11. Someone noted that Patrick Peterson (Cardinals cornerback) did not receive a single vote. Very odd. And Devin Hester is listed as a Chicago Bear when he now plays for the Falcons.


  12. Pro football is a joke… the talent pool is spread out over 32 teams.. only half have a decent quarterback. They throw around terms like “franchise’ player etc.. under the new CBA they don’t practice enough to be very good…. Its all about sales of merchandise and player self promotion… I’ve been watching the NFL for 55 years and it has gotten ridiculous. If they practiced more and learned proper techniques and quit trying to be the next sensation on the ESPN highlight reel the injuries would go down. the Next Fine League is full sexual molesters, rapist wife beaters and criminals(murders drug dealers etc).

  13. If you ever watch/read the news, you know exactly why these people come across as buffoons. They are all conditioned to be out of touch with reality and basically lazy. The general media reads more like the national inquirer than anything resembling news. News can be made up, lies and spin these days. Not only is todays shoddy news reporting accepted, it is encouraged. Keep the reader out of the reality business, and soon enough they will believe anything. I think it is an experiment gone awry.

  14. It is a complete joke when it comes to who gets selected. It’s usually on name recognition and not performance based. How does a player that missed half the season get selected to the pro bowl???? What a complete farce.

  15. Who were the ones who voted dick Sherman as an all pro for covering 3rd string receivers! System players should not get individual awards.


    Thumbs down if your a sensitive Seattle fan

  16. I could not agree more with everything represented in this article. Voters should OWN their votes. They should be accountable, and personally attached to their calls. They should face the scrutiny the comes with manning up and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

    This cloaking of names reeks of impropriety, incompetence and/or buffoonery — and it would be nice if the guys who determine who does or doesn’t get “immortalized” are legit, uncompromised and competent.

  17. Cowards and fools. They are more likely to vote for an average player who interviews well than a dominant player who shuns their questions.

  18. Sherman covers the 3rd on every team, he gets selected on pure name recognition and him promoting himself… Pro bowl is a joke

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