Cardinals’ bandwagon still has a healthy contingent of bettors


As a general rule, the betting public prefers favorites. And that’s holding true in the wild card round, according to data from a major Nevada linemaker.

At the William Hill U.S. betting shops in Nevada, bettors had placed more wagers on the favorite in all four wild card games as of Friday afternoon.

This is especially true in Colts-Bengals. According to William Hill, 84 percent of the point spread bets have been on Indianapolis, which is a 3.5-point favorite on Sunday afternoon.

The Cowboys (-6.5) have also been actively backed vs. Detroit, with 78 percent of the spread wagers on Dallas in the final game of wild card weekend.

The Steelers usually don’t lack for support, and that’s the case Saturday night vs. Baltimore (8:15 p.m. ET, NBC), with 73 percent of the tickets on Pittsburgh (-3).

In the first wild card game Saturday, the Panthers have been bet slightly more than the Cardinals. William Hill has written 54 percent of the point spread tickets on Carolina, which is a 6.5-point favorite.

While the home favorites have been the point spread preference at the William Hill books, the road underdogs have been fancied on the money line, where bettors play a team to win outright.

The Cardinals have been especially popular, with 86 percent of the straight-up bets on Arizona. The Cardinals are +240 underdog, meaning a bettor would win $24 for every successful $10 bet.

The Lions (+260) have been backed at a 74 percent clip, with the Bengals (+160) preferred at a 73 percent rate. Also, the Ravens (+150) have been on 61 percent money-line tickets on Baltimore-Pittsburgh.

It perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise that Arizona has drawn some love from bettors. The Cardinals did win 11 games in the regular season, and they do have a history of playoff upsets. They have won at least one game outright as underdogs in each of their last three postseason appearances (1998, 2008, 2009).

31 responses to “Cardinals’ bandwagon still has a healthy contingent of bettors

  1. not trying to be a jerk, but the Cardinals winning an upset in 2009 (let alone 1998) has zero correlation or predictive value in their chances to win this weekend.

  2. I’m really surprised that the Cardinals just gave up. With VY and Tebow both available, they could have at least put up a fight with a fierce run game to go with their great defense. Sticking with Lindley (whose career passing stats are worse than Tebow’s) is the equivalent of taking a knee.

  3. Lindley knows the offense much more than Tebow and Tebow hasn’t been in football shape like Lindley has. Lindley was on our practice squad. Tebow doesn’t have good enough numbers compared to someone who knows the offense and already has rapport with the team. The best choices were Lindley and rookie Logan Thomas and Lindley played better in practice

  4. VY and Tebow? Josh Freeman is just sitting at home too, and at least he’s been in the NFL recently. It’s unfathomable why they decided to go with Lindley.

  5. So, Sactogary, you think you can just sign anybody off the street, with no relationship with the team, the coach or anyone else and who haven’t played at all for at least a year… and that you would sign them over a player who at least has been playing football this year and has history with the Cards, because you knew in advance that they won’t be any good with Lindley.

    You should be a GM.


  6. The other thing that isn’t mentioned is the Cardinals were the number one team against the spread with a 12-4 record in the regular season.

  7. No way Arian’s should be considered as the coach of the year. Vince Young would have been a viable candidate to fill in, it isn’t that easy to make the playoffs.

  8. Vince Young and Tim Tebow? That may be the funniest thing I have read all night. Young was so bad in GB that the Packers thought a castaway Seneca Wallace was a better choice than him and Tebow couldn’t even stick with the Jets.

  9. I know that Dallas is unproven in the playoffs to say the least but every time i watch Matt Stafford play I tell myself there is no way in hell this guy is going to lead his team to victory in a high stakes game, particularly on the road. I just don’t believe he has what it takes. I’m no Cowboy fan but I think they are a lock.

  10. Lindley knows the offense…no he hasn’t done much to prove even a decent qb, but his last game was 10 times better than anything he’d done before.
    Had they gone with Tebow or VY in week 16…sure. But it’s lindley on bust…and I’m thinking our D and our coaching staff can do enough to get a W…or so I hope 🙂

  11. it’s possible that the Panthers win, but forget the Dungy bandwagon stuff trying to make a low win division winner game interesting. The Cards are a better team, even without a QB. No one would’ve bet on Car 3 weeks ago.

  12. The reason why Carolina has an excellent shot to win is because their QB – when he gets his confidence, as he does now -is far superior to anything the Cardinals are rolling out there. And that would include Carson Palmer.

  13. Obviously I am a Cardinals fan but I try to be realistic. Still, this line is a bit surprisingly high to me.

    A lot has been made of the Panther’s recent winning streak, but that included a two point home win against TB and a four point home win against CLE book-ending two road blowouts of struggling division rivals.

    Most of Carolina’s wins have been against sub-par teams with many big losses against quality/playoff teams.

    Not sure the Cardinals can win on the road with a 4th string QB, but I think the game is going to be closer than the line one way or another.

  14. Not sure the Cardinals can win on the road with a 4th string QB, but I think the game is going to be closer than the line one way or another.


    Now he’s 4th string.

    Pretty soon he’ll have been a luggage handler they picked up at the airport that poor Bruce is stuck with.

  15. I’m amazed nearly five weeks after the Stanton injury that there are still people clamoring for Tim Tebow…

    You may not like Ryan Lindley. You may point to his record as a starter, his stats line, the fact that he was claimed off of the Chargers practice squad a month ago and now is a starter for a playoff team.

    But Ryan Lindley has a knowledge of the Arians’ offense; the timing, the hot routes, the checkdowns. If you’re truly shocked or claiming Bruce Arians and/or Steve Keim should lose their jobs because they failed to sign Tebow, you are either a) delusional, b) know nothing about how pro football players are evaluated.

    Tim Tebow is not an NFL-caliber quarterback. Certainly not for an Arians-style offense that – by plan – takes a shot downfield 5-8 times per game. Whether you’d like to acknowledge it or not, Ryan Lindley is a better option than Tebow. Here’s hoping Lindley and the Cardinals play to their abilities. If they do, they’ll beat the Panthers.

  16. But Ryan Lindley has a knowledge of the Arians’ offense; the timing, the hot routes, the checkdowns.

    I’m sure Mrs. Arians also has this knowledge, but it doesn’t mean she’s qualified to operate the offense – any more than Ryan Lindley is.

  17. Palmer went down nearly 2 months ago; plenty of time for Pryor or Freeman to pick up the offense.

    Heck, Pryor is much like Lindley – probably a stronger arm- but could bust some runs.

    Really poor coaching decision.


  18. I think this is gonna be a battle and the Cards have as good a chance as the Panthers. Lindley may not be a hall of fame QB but he has a mental handle on the offense. Hopefully he can execute without the dang turnovers and the D will step up. GO CARDS!!

  19. And how is Arians arrogant? When Palmer went down we had Stanton, whom was going to be our starter before pickin up Palmer! So we had 2 starting quality QB’s and a rookie and picked up a guy we cut in training camp whom knows the offense. I dont think anyone anticipated losing Stanton as well.

  20. Lindley is playing for a reason. He knows the offense.

    Since Palmer got hurt TWO MONTHS AGO…

    Since Stanton also has a history of injuries just this year…

    Since the alternatives suck…

    A GOOD coach would have added Pryer or Freeman as a backup TWO MONTHS AGO and they would now know the offense.

    Instead the overrated Arians was worried about boasting of ‘next man up’ and ‘don’t let them change at your locker.

  21. I’m predicting Lindley’s stat line for today as; 13 of 35, 125 yards, 0 TDs, 2 intercepts.

  22. People are betting on the Cardinals because Cousin Sal picked them on Sportscenter and he’s been dominating all year with his picks.

  23. As an aside, surprising that such detailed gambling talk is allowed here. The NFL has games on TV on the same network that hosts this site. For the NFL, that’s usually far too close for comfort.

  24. Congrats to the Cards for a great year – the injuries were just too much to overcome. And no disrespect to Lindley – he was a gamer who made some good – and some bad – plays, in a difficult situation.

    I guess several commenters didn’t understand what was behind my VY/Tebow suggestion. These guys have stayed in shape, are good running QBs, and know how to run a solid ground game. They also know how to fling a deep ball. My point was that installing a ground game with a good ground QB gives you more of a chance than going with a fourth stringer who knows the system.

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