Bears have no interest in Rex Ryan


Thirty years ago, Buddy Ryan served as the architect of one of the greatest defenses of all time:  The 1985 Bears.  Now that the Bears are looking for a new coach and Buddy’s son, Rex, is looking for work, it seems to be a perfect match — especially with Chicago surely hoping to find someone who is the opposite of Marc Trestman.

But the things that make the most sense are often the things that have the least chance of happening.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Bears have no interest in Rex.

It’s unclear why the Bears aren’t interested.  Former Colts, Browns, and Giants G.M. Ernie Accorsi has been working as a consultant, and it’s possible Accorsi has advised against Buddy’s son.  Regardless, Rex won’t be the coach of the Bears, barring a dramatic change of heart.

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  1. jakec4 says:
    Jan 3, 2015 8:14 PM
    Bears have an enormous QB issue and that is not Rex’s thing.

    Lol, all he ever had in NY was QB issues.

  2. That loud whooshing sound we all just heard was the simultaneous sigh of relief of tens of thousands of Bears fans.

  3. Too bad. As a Packers fan, I’d welcome Rexy to the Black and Blue Division.

    He’s a defensive specialist and has big city grit and moxie. Bears need all of the above right now.

  4. I thought Rex was perfect for Chicago, but now I’m starting to think it will be Dan Quinn.

  5. To not hire him is one thing; to NOT even talk to him is another. They fear another Ditka (who becomes bigger than the team). So I’m guessing another bland choice by whatever bland GM they hire to satisfy their bland team president and bland owner(s). BTW I am not advocating hiring another Ditka type just to do it… But they need to shake this team up. How about a Tomlin or Harbaugh-type on the sideline?

  6. That just shows that the Bears ownership don’t want someone with more influence in Chicago than they do. Rex may not be a great HC but that man can bring the Bears defense back to life. Even with Cutler, that offense with Rex’s defense would challenge for the division title. They would be stupid to not have any interest. The Chicago offense as it stands right now is much much better than any offense Ryan has ever had. It should be about winning games but it doesn’t look like a priority in Chicago any more. Sad.

  7. All the Bears have to do to fix their QB issue is bring McDaniels in. Bet Cuttler retires as soon as it happens or cries for a trade with a reduced salary.

  8. I like Rex in that division. Rough, tough defense, Monsters of the Midway…all that stuff. Grrr.

  9. As a Bears fan I’m very disappointed, I don’t have much confidence in them turning things around very quickly. It’ll take a coach with no experience a year to get to grips with things, then another year to improve. Ryan would have come in and make an impact straight away.

  10. I agree with isuhuskie: To not even talk to him is stupid and short sighted.

    I don’t remember the Bears’ defense being much to write home about and he is supposed to be defensive genius, so maybe he would be a decent DC candidate.

    Or just do what teams do all the time: ask him his ideas how he would fix the team and then pass the info on to whoever they do hire for consideration.

  11. Sad… They could’ve at least talked to him. What do they have to lose at this point because it’s not like what they were doing before was working so well for them?!?! To me, that whole press conference with McCaskey & Phillips was all smoke & mirrors to placate fans, but it’ll be just more of the same. It sounds like George McCaskey is a good guy, but I have zero confidence that he & Phillips will ever bring the Bears to a championship, no matter how “pissed off” Virginia is. Well, at least it’s looking like the baseball season will be fun on both sides of town!

  12. Packers fans would love to have Rex as the man in charge! Another 5 years of total domination would be on tap!

    Bears will pick another loser.

  13. Rex to Chicago would have been a bad fit, but The woes on offense in New York were not all his fault.

    Kubiak would be better and Dennis Allen or Mike Trgovac as DC would help.

  14. Not a surprise to this Bears fan. The McCaskeys have spent the last 30 years trying to move the team as far away from the Ditka/Ryan identity as possible, so why would they change course now?

    Local media types are floating the idea that Chris Ballard from KC will be the GM hire and that he will bring Dave Toub back to Chicago with him as HC. While I personally believe there are better approaches to revitalizing the Bears than bringing back disciples of Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith respectively, I wouldn’t jump off a bridge if it happened, either. At least the dreadful special teams would get some attention.

  15. Based on this article, Rex Ryan will be announced as the Bears’ head coach on Wednesday or Thursday.

  16. I think Rex is a good coach and I think his players like him and play hard for him, but if I’m a owner I wouldn’t want him as a coach. He talks just so he can hear himself and I’m not sure if winning is his biggest priority.

  17. Why would they need to talk to him? Who needs an hour of listening to belching sounds and watching a grown man sniff his own shoes?

  18. Their guy is Mike Shanahan. Stop putzing around McCaskey. Bring in Shanahan. Let him hire Mike Singletary as his Defensive Coordinator. Draft Jameis “Catfish” Winston or Mariotta (whichever one is available). Then load up on nothing else but defense for the rest of the draft. And get on with it.

  19. If he was any good, he wouldn’t have been fired. So why would anybody want him? He got a longer shot than any QB he ever had. He failed. Next.

  20. BassPlucker I haven’t heard that about Toub coming with Ballard yet….It wouldn’t be the worst hire, that’s for sure (I think)

  21. As I said previously, they should hire a GM first, even if that means they have to have an interim HC for one year. Of course, as a Packer fan, I hope they do it half-assed backwards and hire a HC first.

  22. I’m not really a Bears fan but I do think Cutler got a ridiculous contract that he obviously hasn’t lived up to. If he had of, the Bears would be a playoff team and happy with Tresman, but we digress. Rex Ryan as most everyone knows is not a great offensive coach and certainly not a good head coach. He plays what I would call a Herman Edwards style of football, 35 carries a game, maybe 20 short passes kinda stuff. I don’t know of any team in the league that has interest in that other maybe Jacksonville or Oakland. This is an offensive driven league now, and just so happens they( Bears) are in the NFC North with the likes of Mathew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers and what appears to be a surging Vikings club. Offensive coach with a great track record needs to be the hire here.

  23. Truthfully Rex is not a fit for Chicago. What I don’t get is why is Todd Boles a better coach than Lovie Smith ? I don’t see the Bears getting antsy and hiring a HC right away. They are a conservative franchise and a historical one too . Besides that they have to get rid of Jay Cutler a QB with type 1 diabetes and a high albatross salary . The new coach and new GM will have many headaches night mares and nasty road blocks before the Bears become relevant again . GO PACK GO ! LMAO !

  24. I’ve been hoping Toub would be the HC. I’m unfamiliar with Ballard, but wouldn’t mind it. Personally, I kinda liked Emery.

  25. I’ve been hoping Toub would be the HC. I’m unfamiliar with Ballard, but wouldn’t mind it. Personally, I kinda liked Emery.

  26. 25 years and some of you are still clamoring for Ditka. As Ditka would say “The past is for cowards and losers”. Let it go. We need a defensive minded head coach. Aaron Rodgers isn’t going anywhere and we will not have a good enough offense to outscore the Packers. My choice is 1) Dan Quinn – A guy who can devise a game plan to shut down Manning in the Super Bowl is good in my book. 2nd option) Todd Bowles – The Cardinal defense carried that team and Bowles gets his players to run through a wall for him. I definitely think George McCaskey should hire the GM first and kick Sweaty Teddy Phillips out of football operations. George should have hired Accorsi to be president of football operations for 3 years to groom his replacement.

  27. Now I’m a little worried about the Bears because that’s the 1st smart decision the front office has made in about 5 years.

    On other Breaking News: Troy Polamalu flat out sucks! The most over rated, over hyped & over paid player in the NFL.

  28. I have to wonder how much this decision may be influenced by the way Buddy Ryan left Chicago after their Superbowl win in ’85. I know it was a long time ago, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there is still some lingering animosity between the Ryans and the McCaskey family.

  29. 25 years later and some people are still quoting Mike Ditka… My criticism is not that they have to hire “Ditka-type” but that they should NOT be afraid of a big personality if that guy is the best coach out there.

    It does concern me that Ryan’s teams have not done much of anything since his first two years. But there are not a lot of candidates out there that have made it to conference championship games (twice) and they should at least talk to him. At the very least maybe see what he thinks he could do with this defense… because Ryan is a DEFENSIVE-MINDED coach!

  30. Bears are gonna hire Ballard, who’s going to.hire Toub. Two former employees, coming back to the nest. Because by all means, let’s keep hiring out of the same failure pool, and not bring in fresh bodies. Same old Bears. Rex is exactly what they need, as long as he doesn’t bring Marty with him.

  31. Of course not — the Bears have no interest in ANYONE who has previous NFL head coaching experience.

    Like they have EVERY TIME since Papa Bear stepped down, they’ll hire an raw assistant or co-ordinator from somewhere.

    That’s firmly ingrained in the Bears’ (or the McCaskeys’) DNA.

  32. Ballard/Taub is yet another turd sandwich from the Ted Phillips. Hire guys who will protect your role in destroying the franchise. I swear the Packers must be paying Phillips under the table.

  33. I thought the Bears were changing their football management? If they aren’t letting their new GM hire Rex if he wants to then we all know how much power the GM really has.

    The same idiots are in charge.

  34. “It’s unclear why the Bears aren’t interested.”

    Could be that despite a mediocre record, the guy has been an epic failure and punchline to numerous jokes as a head coach

    Let’s put it this way – do you really think your players or coaches are going to respect a guy who didn’t realize the foot fetish videos he posted of his wife on YouTube were public?

  35. Rex Ryan is Lovie Smith with a foot fetish – but he loves the give and take with the media.

    Neither knows offense whatsoever – or cares about it.

  36. If they hire this guy, every Bears fan will have to advise his daughter to box up the open-toed shoes in favor of boots with little locks on them.

  37. Why do I see Mike Smith in Chicago?
    Because he’s exactly the kind of bland, uninspiring, non-intense guy the McCaskeys have hired to be their HC the last three times?

    The thought of the Bears bringing in the one coach whose team has underperformed even worse than the Bears scares me silly… but it has crossed my mind as something that could happen.

  38. You cannot bail early on Trestman only to sign a guy who just was canned himself. Especially for a foot fetish big mouth like Rex Ryan. I would not even want him for a D. coordinator as bad as the Bears were, let alone for Head Coach. UNCLEAR why? Who would want a 4-12 leader to replace a 5-11 guy.
    Bears need to not even consider Cutler regarding any future decisions though. He is a coach/GM killer, and at some point you just have to realize he IS what he is, regardless of “potential” and I doubt he is around after next year. I would be thrilled to get Dimitroff as the GM from Atlanta, as Ballard seems like a middle of the road selection. Need a guy who is good at evaluating talent and can wheel and deal, while not overpaying players to where you are thin when they get injured. (Cutler, Briggs, Tillman, DE, ect.) Good teams build through the draft. Bad teams overpay in free agency to mask the inability to select talent.

  39. Rex will probably be heading to Atlanta. Arthur Blank is a big fan and with the new stadium, Rex can help to generate excitement and sell seats.

  40. So you have a division with several great offenses (and potential in Minny) and you don’t want Rex, who can frustrate good QBs and is still one of the best defensive minds?

    Good luck then.

  41. He seems like maybe he’s a decent coach but his big mouth and arrogant attitude might not be welcomed by the mccaskies.

  42. yeah, truly perplexing that they wouldn’t jump to hire this dismal failure of a head coach

  43. As a lifelong Falcons fan, I hope we get Quinn from the Hawks, but Arthur would probably get Ryan since he wants to sell seats in his new palace instead of what the fans want which is to win one Super Bowl. Blank needs to get it right this time. We the fans are tired of being embarrassed by these dud coaches

  44. Rex will be ok. He’s a good coach and has a lot of friends. A really good guy. He’ll get another opportunity some day, somewhere. He might have to be a coordinator for a while. That’s not the worst job in the world. He’s lucky that the Bears aren’t interested. If they’re looking for a coach that can win with Cutler, then they’re going to be firing their coach again in a couple years.

  45. Rex Ryan is like a reality tv coach. He’s a Kardashian Koach. More interested in having cameras and microphones around so he can tell you how he’s gonna win this and win that rather than actually winning anything or inspiring anybody. No team with self respect and determination needs that kind of sideshow headache.

  46. Is any bears fan, media outlet, or front office personnel going to realize their defense is absolutely horrid?

  47. I could see Cutler doing fine in a balanced Kubiak offence. Waede Phillips has a history of turning around defences. Those guys coached Houston to 12-4 twice and were Super Bowl favourites before Matt Shaub’s mental breakdown.

  48. Rex is a known commodity… He is the only truly known commodity that is available right now, You know you will get a top 5 defense and a players coach. If you go with a coordinator you don’t know how they will deal with the media and the fans… So to not look into him denotes the hubris of the people working at the Bears upper management…

    The same bozos that gave CFL coach a shot wont even call a Coach that went to 2 straight conference championships before the talent on the team dried out. And the same Coach who’s father gave them their only superbowl victory… what a cheap, classless, and haughty organization. I cant wait to see Rex Whoop the bears with his next team!

  49. i’m kinda surprised they aren’t going after Rex Ryan considering that his dad was a huge deal for their super bowl days. with that said, i still think his best move would be to go to Atlanta.

  50. Icebowler has it right.

    You should not hire a coach until you get a GM

    Have a GM stuck with a new coach that he did not hire? Dumb.

  51. The bears don’t want to FOOT the bill it would cost to get Rex to TOE their line. Dan Quinn should be a SHOE in. Maybe Todd Bowles if Quinn has them on their HEELS at negotiations.

  52. I doubt Rex has any interest in the Bears, in his situation, Id take the job with the least amount of team-building needed.

  53. Thank goodness. Ryan is the most over-hyped coach in recent memory. Besides, the Bears should hire a GM first and let him pick the coach.

  54. They just fired a coach 2 years ago that knew defense and knew nothing about qb’s and offense. Why in the world would Rex make sense? Ridiculous.

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