Bills, 49ers won’t let defensive coordinators interview in Washington

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The Bills and 49ers do not have head coaches at the moment. But they both have defensive coordinators under contract, and they’re squatting on their contractual rights.

With a defensive coordinator vacancy in Washington, the Bills have declined a request to interview defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Likewise, the 49ers have declined to allow defensive coordinator Vic Fangio to interview.

Although teams can’t keep an assistant coach from leaving for a head-coaching job even if he’s under contract, they can keep an assistant from leaving for another job as an assistant. And that’s what both the Bills and the 49ers have decided to do, as they may want to keep Schwartz and Fangio in 2015.

After getting spurned in an attempt to interview Schwartz and Fangio, Washington is considering Wade Phillips, Ed Donatell and Joe Barry as defensive coordinator candidates.

26 responses to “Bills, 49ers won’t let defensive coordinators interview in Washington

  1. You called Buffalo the Bills and San Francisco the 43 ers so where is the name of Washington. …the REDSKINS? ? Your immense lack of balls to avoid a teams legitimate name highly offends me and all Redskins fans. I would hope for an apology.

  2. Wade Phillips will be good for at least one season but Dallas already knows how he runs the D so probably wouldn’t be good for the Redskins.

  3. EJ Manual and no 1st round pick are your problems, not Doug Marrone.

    You’re just butt hurt.

  4. Buffalo needs to keep Pepper Johnson too…if Schwartz becomes HC, there’s nobody else I want for DC than Pepper.

    He deserves his chance.

    And Spikes would probably take a paycut to stick around with his favorite coach.

  5. If the niners are squatting on Fangio won’t they do the same with Donatel? or is he allowed to interview because it’s a step up?

  6. canadianhonky says:

    Redskin Redskins Redskins… There I said it. Make That DC in Buffalo your HC and move on..

    They don’t want to upset all three native Americans in this country who are actually offended by it. Or maybe there’s four.

  7. I’d rather have a giant question mark as a HC than go work in the disaster that is Redskin Park. A great way to stunt your career.

    These guys probably requested their team say no, so they had an easy out to not seem like the weren’t interested in jobs.

  8. Give Schwartz a promotion to Asst. Head Coach, an extension and a big raise to keep him. A great coordinator, apparently a mediocre head coach. We just got rid of one of those, why hire another.
    Franck Reich for HC.

  9. When they hire a new coach he may not want to have these DCs and so they will be out of a job with all the openings already taken. I guess they will get paid at least.

  10. How about we change Atlantas name to the Blackskins? Oh, it would be offensive.

    All you whiners about them not using the teams name I’m sure would whine if you we’re being made fun of by PFT. Go to a different website then they don’t need you.

  11. The team has a name . Use the name. It’s Redskins no matter how many PC weenies don’t want it to be .

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