Dimitroff not in the clear, yet


On Monday, Falcons owner Arthur Blank didn’t part ways with G.M. Thomas Dimitroff.  Surprisingly, however, it’s still possible Blank will.

Per multiple league sources, a change could still be made, based on the preferences of the candidate that Blank identifies as the coach he wants to hire.  Put simply, if Blank wants a coach who wants his own personnel specialist, Dimitroff could be sacrificed.

Many would view that as a mistake, and it would immediately move Dimitroff to the top of the list for any/all available G.M. jobs.  For that reason, it would make sense for the Jets and Bears to wait to fill their vacancies until the dust settles in Atlanta.  (In Chicago, there’s an increasing belief that Chiefs director of player personnel Chris Ballard eventually will get the job.)

Blank did not provide Dimitroff with a ringing endorsement during Monday’s press conference regarding the termination of coach Mike Smith’s employment.  Two years ago, the Chiefs didn’t part ways with former G.M. Scott Pioli until Andy Reid was:  (1) hired; and (2) stated a preference to bring in John Dorsey as the General Manager.  Pioli left after the hiring of Reid even though Pioli was involved, like Dimitroff is now, in the process of finding a new head coach.

As one source explained it, search firm Korn Ferry is advising NFL teams who have fired their coaches to take a wait-and-see approach with the G.M. until the new coach is hired.

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  1. Why would he go to the top of the lists? First, how many GMs get fired and get another GM gig? The list is probably pretty short and for good reason. Second, what exactly has he done to get such a great reputation? The big hits he’s had in the draft are very high draft picks in Julio and Matt Ryan. The defense is atrocious, the offensive line is mediocre even when healthy (which is apparently never), and their depth is nonexistent because Dimitroff has traded up *SEVEN* times in the draft but only traded down once.

    Whiffing on nearly entire draft classes and bad FA signings like Ray Edwards and Stephen Jackson don’t make a good GM.

  2. I don’t get PFT’s love affair with Tommy D. The guy’s been turrrbl in Atlanta. He got the Matt Ryan pick kinda right but has missed on almost everything else. He should have been gone with Smith.

  3. This is not meant to ingratiate myself to Florio, but when it matters most, his insight is the one to follow. Meaning, in those few instances during the league’s year when important decisions are made (e.g., draft, free agency, coaching carousel), the traffic spikes, and it is for a reason. Take a look at who makes the volume of posts during the holidays. Thank you Florio.

  4. “Pioli left after the hiring of Reid even though Pioli was involved”

    Just write it, Pioli was fired. But b/c you got too work w/ him and he is your buddy, he supposedly left.

  5. And, before I forget, Mr. Florio, please identify who you’re referring to by “many” in this quote: “Many would view that as a mistake …”

  6. Choke Ryan you are next. Where are the fools that wanted Ryan over Flacco? Flacco is working on more Lombardi trophies than the choker has playoff wins.

  7. I’ll never understand how this guy ever became a GM, 20 years ago this kid was making sandwiches for Belichick’s staff in Cleveland. True story.

  8. The word has spread like a foot fungus that Rex Ryan is getting an interview with Blank. Please god no. We Atlanta fans had a sideshow clown once and his name was Jerry Glanville.

  9. Just for that ridiculous haircut, he should be fired. How many quality starters, particularly on defense, has Dimitroff drafted, besides Julio Jones? None. Giving Ray Edwards and a past his prime Stephen Jackson big signing bonuses was blown money. This guy gave Mike Smith nothing to work with but there he sits, kissing Blank’s ass.

  10. The guy should go just based on his moves on defense, lack of good moves on defense. So if the offense is what he supposedly did well for them, how come they really haven’t scared any NFL defenses for years ?

  11. Dimitroff wouldn’t be unemployed for long if he did get canned, but maybe that’s why the other teams are waiting. The last two years have sucked for Atlanta, but he did alot to help build a winner in the post-Vick era.

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if McCaskey and Phillips have at least entertained the scenario of bringing Dimitroff and Mike Smith to Chicago as a package deal. Thereby ensuring the Bears at least another 5 years of bad drafting, poor in-game management and general underachievement and mediocrity.

  13. Mike Smith earned his coach of the year awards – Kroy Biermann was his only “legit” pass rusher for his whole tenure in Atlanta.

    Dimitroff takes a nap after the first round.

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