Jack Del Rio emerges as a head-coaching candidate in Oakland

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Add the name of Jack Del Rio to the list of candidates for the Raiders’ head-coaching vacancy.

The Raiders are sending a contingent to Denver today to interview Del Rio, the Denver Post reports. Del Rio is in his third season as the Broncos’ defensive coordinator.

Del Rio was the head coach of the Jaguars from 2003 to 2011 and had an overall record of 69-73. He twice led the Jaguars to the playoffs but managed only one postseason win.

The 51-year-old Del Rio has some local ties in Oakland, having grown up in Northern California.

39 responses to “Jack Del Rio emerges as a head-coaching candidate in Oakland

  1. I think Del Rio would be a good choice for Oakland to at least regain some competitiveness. he made the Jaguars a decent team for years. Granted he probably wont take them anywhere beyond a playoff birth, but they are far away from that at the moment.

  2. Played high school ball at Hoayward High School – about a 10 mile ride from the Oakland Coliseum. Come home Jack!

    This would be a GREAT hire

  3. Davis was on the field before the Denver game talking to Del Rio, so I figured he was talking about a job. His parents are still season ticket holders, but if they’re going to recycle a failed head coach, they might as well stick with Sparano.

  4. I’m very curious how much is him and how much is personnel on the defense. My gut says that coordinators are important to a defense doing well, but his blitzing is really…uninspired. But he does utilize his secondary well with Ward moving everywhere and talib/harris always in position to make plays

  5. The Raider franchise is completely inept,no real plan to pick up Harbaugh and once he choose to go back to U of M. So much for a splash at head coach,is it me or has anyone else noticed that the only names mentioned in connection to the Raiders HC job are 2nd to 3rd tier guys. The Raiders don’t have a chance at relevance until the team is sold Mark Davis is a idiot!!!

  6. It probably will come down to Pat Shurmur, Bevell, Del Rio, and Saprano…in that order.

  7. The Raiders are an up and coming young team and a team rich in tradition.

    The Jags, not so much.

  8. I wouldn’t give him as much power as other teams with proven head coaches do, but I do think jack Del Rio can make an impact in Oakland with a good supporting cast.

  9. That sounds about right, lol. But you had Raider fans on the Sparano story telling us how horrible Hue Jackson was, even though the slight success they had in his 2 years in Oakland is the only glimmer of light this franchise has had. However, Del Rio and his below average track record in Jacksonville over nearly 10 years is golden. Can’t make this stuff up.

  10. Raiders can’t attract a big name coach . IF they hire Del Rio because he is a USC guy & IF the Raiders get to move back to LA he is a known commodity & a Hollywood Handsome guy with experience to deal with the LA media . Raiders will be way better than Jacksonville was under Del Rio because of the LA market and the money to attract big time free agents . I see Del Rio as a 7-9 , 8-8 or even a possible 9-7 coach. nothing more .

  11. Why does Oakland continue to go after coaches that could not do the job before when they were coaches.

  12. “Enjoy that. If us jags fans are laughing, you know there’s a problem.”

    And Raiders fans are laughing because the QB we took in the second round is better than any of the first round QB’s especially Bortles

  13. I’d still prefer a bright young coordinator to a retread. But among retreads, Del Rio is miles ahead of Sparano, Shurmur & Mangini. His tenure in Jacksonville wasn’t brilliant but it was respectable. And unlike Sparano, Shurmur & Mangini, there are other teams besides the Silver & Black that are interviewing Del Rio for the HC position.

  14. araidersfan,

    Just shows how far a once great franchise has fallen when Raider fans who were once used to greatness think a coach with 2 winning seasons in 10 years is a good idea. Yeah, he’ll suddenly get it right there in Oakland. Guess you guys are going to work on the record for years without a winning season.

  15. melikefootball says:
    Jan 3, 2015 5:36 PM

    Why does Oakland continue to go after coaches that could not do the job before when they were coaches.


    Mark Davis has stated that his preference is to hire an experienced NFL head coach this time, as opposed to a coordinator getting his first head coaching gig.

    So of course, you want the best of the best. None of the head coaches for playoff teams are going to come running to Oakland.

    So next, you try to lure in the guys who had success in the past, but are either in the studio (Gruden, Cowher) or lost a power struggle (Harbaugh). Davis tried to lure both Gruden and Harbaugh in, and failed.

    So what does that leave you with? Inexperienced coordinators or previous NFL head coaching retreads.

    I’m not saying it’s right. This is just what Davis has said he prefers, and what the progression has been.

    So with the retreads, you have to look beyond the W/L record. Did they have a QB? Did they have a say in personnel, which might have led to their demise? Did they have a GM who couldn’t draft and/or sign quality FA’s?

    Sparano got a miracle year out of Chad Pennington in 2008. Once Pennington’s arm fell off in early 2009, Sparano’s record reflected the fact that he never again had a quality QB during his time in Miami.

    Del Rio also suffered from iffy QB play between Byron Leftwich and David Garrard. Along with inconsistent drafts, and a dearth of quality free agent signings.

    Shurmur is harder to gauge, as he spent two years in a place that was arguably as dysfunctional as Oakland.

    The only one I’d like to see removed from consideration immediately is Mangini. He failed in two different stops, and more importantly, seemed to create chaos within the organizations, having left both of them in worse shape than he found them.

    All that being said, the Raiders *are* interviewing a few coordinators as well (Pep Hamilton, possibly Todd Bowles), but Bowles is probably the only one with a legitimate shot, and he’ll likely have at least one better offer.

    My money had been on Sparano keeping the job, until he started shooting off his mouth. He may yet keep it, but I like Del Rio’s odds – if he wants the job that is.

  16. I’m not sold on Del-Rio. He did mediocore in Jacksonville with mediocore talent. He’s done good/above average in Denver with good/above average talent. I think his player’s talent has dictated his success, more so than his coaching has elevated said players.

  17. Get rid of Olsen ,bad play caller.I’m good with Sparano hell he wants to be here.Stay away from ex Cleveland coaches please at least Sparano had a winning record.If Sparano was a part of the Parcells coaching tree.And get rid of that turnip McKenzie freakin loser of a GM.

  18. Really tired of hearing Hue Jackson name. What has he done with the Bengals? The team was asked to keep their mouth shut about the lack of winning in the playoffs prior to the Indy game, but there’s Huebris, opening his big mouth again!

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