Maryonwitz’s name is first to surface for Eagles’ personnel job

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With Howie Roseman no longer the G.M. of the Eagles and with coach Chip Kelly now fully in charge of the team’s personnel department, Kelly will be hiring a personnel executive.

The first name to emerge as a serious candidate for the position belongs to assistant director of player personnel Ed Marynowitz.  Pronounced man-o-witz, he joined the Eagles in 2012 after a stint with Alabama as Nick Saban’s director of the team’s recruiting efforts.

Marynowitz previously worked with the Dolphins in 2008, under V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells and G.M. Jeff Ireland.

The end result will be a power structure similar to the one Bill Belichick enjoys in New England, with the head coach running the show and a right-hand man setting the table from a personnel standpoint.  Roseman will be responsible for negotiating the contracts with the players Kelly wants, and managing the salary cap.

20 responses to “Maryonwitz’s name is first to surface for Eagles’ personnel job

  1. Howie Roseman’s “promotion” is so cute. Would love to be a fly on the wall in his new office this week. He can’t be happy with how this happened but he also dug his own grave. Howie Roseman has literally been living out all our dreams. He’s the GM of an NFL team despite never playing the game at any serious level. The only problem with that is when the guy who never played football starts telling the his co-worker experts how things should be done. Howie got power drunk and the build up to the Gamble firing is proof. And then for Chip to get this promotion shortly after the Gamble firing also proves he was angry with Howie’s power and control. Chip won this round by KO.

  2. So Philly was toxic before the change and needed to be more like the patriots, there are tons of red flags after the change, but now it’s okay because it’s similar to New England.?

    I wonder where the thought process will go in the next four hours.

  3. There’s not a person in the world who would pronounce his name man-o-witz upon seeing it for the first time.

  4. giving kelly full control is a risk. it often doesn’t work out, as eagles saw first hand with reid. but who knows…maybe kelly is talented enough to pull it off. some guys can, like belichick.

    at end of day, would eagles be better off with roseman without kelly or kelly without roseman ? i think we all know the answer to that one. lurie was forced into a corner and made the right choice. he will sink or swim with kelly.

  5. If they are going to copy anyone the Patriots aren’t a bad choice of course you need BB and TB to make it work, Sanchez/Foles and Kelly are a poor man’s version.

  6. Gamble deserves better than that situation, so it’s actually good for him that he’s out.

    As for this newly created position… not sure I would call it a “personnel executive” as that would imply some measure of real authority. This guy is basically gonna be Chip’s gofer and not much else. Might be a place for some young climber to get his start in the business, though.

  7. For a guy won a division title in his first year and missed the playoffs while winning 10 games in his second year, Chip sure is catching a lot of grief.

  8. Nice ‘power play’ Howie….DOH!!!

    The Park West here in Chicago needs a Men’s Room Attendant just in case you’d like to move West a bit…

  9. Chip can want whomever he wants… Since Roseman controls the cap, he can control who is ACTUALLY signed.

  10. The Eagles have issues. No quarterback, no receivers, their defense can’t cover a high school passing game, drama and turmoil in the front office. Their cupcake schedule with most of their wins coming against losing teams masked all their issues.

  11. I guess lurie has some misplaced loyalty for howie because he did get chip to philadelphia. Howie is a bean counter…plain and simple. Chip can handle the additional responsiblities as long as he keeps on building and winning the eagles.

  12. Someone that can be effective in getting more than one descent player in the draft. Last draft, my fault, your fault, nobody’s fault, A BUST.

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