Quinn had hoped for package deal with Paton


One of the hottest coaching candidates in the current hiring cycle is Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.  One of his top choices for partnership when it comes to the construction of a roster is off the market.

According to a league source, Quinn had a strong interest in working with Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton.  But Paton decided not to interview for the two current G.M. positions, with the Jets and the Bears.  Instead, Paton will remain in Minnesota.

It remains to be seen whether Quinn ultimately receives an offer in the current cycle.  He has been or will be interviewed by the Jets, Bears, Falcons, 49ers, and Bills.

In the end, the decision could hinge on whether a team is willing to wait for Seattle’s season to end.  Barring an upset in the team’s two playoff games, that won’t happen until February 1.

And that speaks to a deeper issue with the hiring process that the league should address.  Interviews are permitted, but offers can’t be made, until the coach’s current team ends its season.  Surely, there’s a way to tweak the rules to allow teams to hire assistant coaches under contract with other teams before those other teams have ended their playoff runs.

22 responses to “Quinn had hoped for package deal with Paton

  1. Since there are teams that haven’t even filled GM spots yet it’s quite possible that if teams really like this guy they will wait. I would wait until pre season to hire Quinn over Rex

  2. The Bills are a solid quarterback and well minded offensive staff away from a legit playoff team. D line is top 3 in league. Kiko Alonso returns next year and secondary improved incredibly. Need some tweaks on the o line and someone that can get use of the backs and they are set.

  3. As important a hire as a head coach if a team really wants a guy from a playoff team it seems waiting till after a team is out of it is not a hardship. After all only two teams make all the way to the Super Bowl.

  4. @LaneBurns…

    Bills defensive line IS the best in the league…find me another defensive line that has all four members named “all-pros.”

    Not pro-bowlers…ALL-PROS!

    They also have one of the youngest teams, with 2 near-elite WR’s and 4 RB’s that could start on a number of teams right now.

    Besides QB, their roster matches any…and anyone who is realistic and pays attention would say the same thing.

    Not to mention, their new boss would be the 4th richest owner in the NFL…the GM has showed he’s not afraid to make moves to improve the roster…and, most importantly, security and a new stadium.

    No other team with an opening can offer that…and that is a huge attraction.

  5. 49ers would be an interesting spot for Quinn if only because they ran a 3-4 under Harbaugh and Quinn/Carroll ran the 4-3 in Seattle. The 49ers have depth at linebacker with Willis, Bowman, Smith and now Borland. It would be interesting how Quinn would adjust the defense to account for that talent.

  6. The best related thing that happened last playoff season was the fact that teams were not willing to wait to fill vacancies…..and the Seahawks Offensive, Defensive, Personnel in the front office, etc….. all stayed for this season.

    There are plenty of opportunities for promotion in the years to come, so it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if that same thing happened again this playoff season……….

    Go Hawks!

  7. He’s a very smart man to keep an eye to the GM situation of the teams courting him. An incompetent and/or philosophically misaligned GM can seriously impair the career of even the most promising young coach. Especially with this being his first shot at HC, he (as well as Gase, Bowles, etc.) need to choose wisely.

  8. A new coach can live up to Harbaugh by having an offense that scores touchdowns and not field goals. I hate to say this being a 49ers fan but he’s no Jimmy Johnson.

  9. To suggest that teams should be able to hire a coach that is currently being paid to prepare for playoff games is foolish. Once hired that coach’s mind will turn to the future roster whether he says so or not, his mind will be on hiring other assistants too. His future depends on it.

  10. Simple solution. Make contracts run until five days after the Super Bowl. Then make no GM or coach hires possible until five days after the Super Bowl. Establish a freeze on player contracts from the end of the regular season to the end of the Super Bowl, so guys in trouble don’t have a chance to make roster changes or conclude contract extensions.

    With this change, every deserving coaching candidate gets an equal shot at every opening, including assistant coaches who may be on the move as a result of head coach turnover or for other reasons.

  11. If I was a head coach candidate I’d think long and hard before excepting that job with the 9’ers.

    Reason being that it ‘s blatantly obvious that front office is in full dysfunction mode. They’re potentially a bad marriage for any new head coach.

    If I owned that team I’d clean house first! There’s the answer to your problems 9’ers, not some fantasy head coach…just my thoughts.

  12. I would even the playing field, by not allowing any coaching interviews until after the Super Bowl. On the other hand, all GM interviews can start as soon as the regular season is over, with the exception that teams still in the running cannot interview for GM positions until their team is out of the playoffs (very few, if any, of those teams are looking anyway).

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