With season over, Fitzgerald speculation ramps up

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Now that the Cardinals’ season has ended with a playoff loss in Carolina, the chatter will commence regarding the future of receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  Or perhaps the proper word isn’t commence but continue.

As PFT reported last month, the Cardinals will not cut Fitzgerald, despite a $23.6 million cap number for 2015.  The next morning, G.M. Steve Keim said that the team has configured its 2015 budget to keep Fitzgerald at his coming cap number.

While they won’t cut him, they could trade him.  And if they decide not to trade him, they’ll hope that Fitzgerald would be willing to take a reduced salary that better reflects his current role and value to the team.  If he wants to win a Super Bowl, it makes sense to free up cash and cap space for other players.

That’s ultimately the question he’ll have to ask himself wherever he ends up next season, whether it’s Arizona or somewhere else.

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  1. He’ll never see another Super Bowl unless he leaves. Best fit is Seattle. Arizona has no chance of getting to the Super Bowl when all they have is Carson “ouch my knee!” at QB.

  2. If the Cardinals traded him what is the most they could get in return? A third and a fourth round pick? There is very little leverage from Arizona’s perspective because they’re asking the other team to take on Fitz’s monster contract + he’s 31 years old.

    That being said I wouldn’t blink if the Jets offered a first rounder this year and next year because it’s the Jets.

  3. Minnesota may be willing to give him some of Greg Jennings’ money!! CP84 is a bust and we need to field at least one WR for Teddy to underthrow!!

  4. Bring Fitz and Shanahan to Buffalo next year and even Cutler could be a Super Bowl QB. Bills 20 Seahawks 17 next years Super Bowl! LOL

  5. “The Cardinals will not cut Fitzgerald, despite a $23.6 million cap number for 2015.”

    It’s not like they are 1 great WR away from winning the Super Bowl. Get something from him in a trade.

  6. “Carson “ouch my knee!” at QB.”

    Because an ACL tear is just an ‘ouch’. Then again this is PFT, good chance you don’t even know what exercise is (outside of downing a six pack) nevertheless related injuries.

  7. Will he come home to Minny? He might be in purple next season. I really like Greg Jennings a lot, but if it came down to the 2, I’d have pick Fitz. Money, money, money! That’s the question. lol. Would love to keep both though.

  8. There is absolutely zero chance that the Cards keep him at that cap number. I know you have to keep whatever leverage you may have, but everyone including Steve Keim knows that they won’t carry that cap hit.

  9. arianil985
    Jan 3, 2015, 9:11 PM CST
    Minnesota may be willing to give him some of Greg Jennings’ money!! CP84 is a bust and we need to field at least one WR for Teddy to underthrow!!
    Scared? Don’t answer that, it’s obvious!

  10. I know it will irk Card fans but I think Seattle could use him, Wilson is making his WRs better, but I think they could use more talent at the position to help and continue developing Wilson.

    Minnesota is an interesting landing spot as he has lot of history there, but with Jennings eating salary, and they probably won’t cut Patterson even though he is just a KR specialist. They can’t cut their 2 best WRs Wright or CJ,so it’s hard to see where he Fitz in, unless the Vikings admit they were VERY wrong on CP84 or Jennings, and turn one or both of them loose.

    I doubt that will happen, as their GM is afraid to admit when he is wrong, other words, Ponder would have never had a chance to start a game for them this season.

  11. “Scared? Don’t answer that, it’s obvious!”


    Of what?

  12. With that kind of cap hit he should play QB, he probably would have been an upgrade over Lindley today.

  13. Remember in Jerry Maguire when Rod’s multi year $11 million extension was record breaking? The Larry saga seems similar. hopefully for them he also deems that a fair deal.

  14. not worth 23.6 M….you can have 4 decent players for that amount.

    Teams with that much money dedicated to a single player are generally not going deep into the playoffs.

  15. Come to Seattle!! I doubt anyone will like this comment but Hawk fans know what I mean he would be a great addition if they could get a good price on him, he kind of reminds me now of what Bobby Engram used to be for us, which if anyone remembers Engrams Hawk days they would know that is a huge compliment. Not super explosive anymore but extremely reliable and a class act that would be super supportive of Russell and not whine if he didn’t get enough balls, because over here no one gets a ton of balls but he can get 50-80 catches and would go along great with Baldwin and Kearse, Richardson and Norwood are coming along and we seem to all of a sudden have a multitude of TE’s, think about it if you just add that one piece all of a sudden our receiving corp which has become our perceived weakness becomes just another strength. Seahawks would be in the plus category in every single phase of the game.

  16. Of Teddy B, baby. Don’t worry, we weren’t afraid of ARodg after his 1st (really 4th) year either. But I’m sure all that hot yoga will keep him limping along into his 40’s and then you will groom a 3rd consecutive hof qb, right? You all have a first round bye and you’re on here trashing Teddy unprovoked. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. At least you’re football savvy enough to fear Teddy 2 Gloves, even if you aren’t man enough to admit it.

  17. The problem is, the Cards won’t have anyone who can throw him the ball. The odds really are against Palmer being able to come back effectively after yet another major injury at his age, and they don’t have a high enough pick to get a good rookie QB. They MAY wind up making a deal for RGIII or Cutler though, depending on how desperate they become. But seeing as how the Cards felt they were well set with Stanton and Lindley, QB may not be a priority for them. So keeping Fitz is like owning a Lamborghini, paying taxes and insurance on it, and never taking it out of the garage.

  18. Lots of young FA WRs available this spring… Fitz last 3 years are on the downward slide… He’s no longer a top 15 WR… What’s he worth??? Whatever a desperate team is willing to overpay but it’s not 23.5M

  19. I’d say it’s about a 20% chance he ends up in MN… And that’s at best. Sure, he has ties here. But the Vikings are looking to go younger. Vikings will bring back AP, and look to the draft for a WR. Jennings has another year left. Patterson, isn’t great. But also isn’t terrible. He’s on a rookie contract. Vikings will approach free agency looking to shore up O-line, possibly LB, safety, and might even look at a WR. But I doubt Fitz because of the money he will still command. He’s not as fast as what he once was, but his hands are still phenemonal, as well as his body control, route running and conditioning. Sure, the purple would be interested, but only at the right price. Money for money, i’d take Fitz over Jennings though at the same money! Smart money dumps Jennings, and Rudolph.. finds a way to fit Fitz in, and draft Maxx Williams. Rudy is to much money for the lack of playing time. Can pay Fitz a little more money by dumping Rudy, and paying Williams a rookie contract. Along with getting rid of Jennings.

    Larry is just an all around great guy. Who wouldn’t want him on their team? But my money says, he’s back in Arizona next year.

  20. Guys enough is enough. His dad and the community want him in Minnesota. Minnesota NEEDS a quality character guy and a receiver. AP will take a pay cut and stay because he is more important to Teddy Big Time’s development than is anyone called Turner.


    Lets GO!!!

  21. If he has to leave, then I do hope he goes someplace that is stable at the QB position, and one that is competitive for deep runs into the playoffs as well as a team that needs his skills as a WR and a leader in the locker room. No team fits that description better than the Carolina Panthers.

  22. Fitz, Isn’t gonna be in purple Zim wants to build with youth! 50/50 Fitz/Jennings but not two thirty somthing veteran receivers! Better odds that Teddy B. Gets a Louisville teamate to throw to!!

  23. If they can make the money work, he’d be a nice fit on the Giants. Beckham, Cruz, and Fitz – no secondary could keep all three covered.

  24. 1.) Ryan Lindley flat-out sucks and Larry has deserved better most of his career. It’s too bad Kurt Warner wasn’t younger and had some years left.

    2.) Where is that Steelers fan assuring us they were to be world champions? Is he hiding at the local Roethlis-burger joint?

  25. This guy stayed in Arizona when other teams would have offered him a much better chance of winning a championship = Loyalty

    This guy allowed the team to revise the contract they gave him to free up money for freeagent signings = Loyalty

    Cardinals say they have a plan in place to carry the monster salary cap hit they created for themselves = Loyalty

    If the Cardinals trade or cut Fitzgerald because of his salary, then why should ANYONE feel sorry for them? In truth, they should cut him if they won’t pay him – or allow him to decide which teams he has interest in even if it means they receive a lower return via trade.

  26. He’s not going to Minnesota. The Steelers have wide receivers. He wants to win a championship. Minnesota ain’t winning jack! A complete waste of time. Seattle would make sense but it would have to be at Seattle’s number. Carolina is interesting also.

  27. AZ has already paid him $14.4 Million in bonus money that they have not yet accounted for in salary cap.

    He already has the money whether traded, cut or restructured. I can’t really see a trade considering the steep remaining contract. It’s almost assured he’s cut.

  28. $8 million salary, and $8 million roster bonus, right?

    That means, any team that wanted to trade for him, would not only have to give up something for the trade, but would also have to pay $16 million for a 31 year old player, obviously in decline?

  29. Fitz made 50+ million during his career, he should try to get out of Arizona and go somewhere with a franchise QB… That would be best for him, but I hope he doesn’t get to NE, I would hate that.

  30. It’s hilarious that Vikings fans think there is anything about their franchise that would attract top tier players. No one goes to Minny for any reason other than it’s the one and only team that will pay them, or because they’re one of their unfortunate draft choices that have no say in the matter.

  31. He’s not leaving the Cards period. They can make a run as they have shown with Palmer. There are some solid back up QB’s out there on the cheap too so thier ok. Yes they have no added cap space BUT. With a solid draft , Palmer at QB and a back up like a Matt Haslebeck , Colt McKoy, Jimmy Clausen , hell even Terelle Pryor would have been Superman compared to Lindley. I’m a Hawks fan too. GO HAWKS baby!!

  32. I’d love to see him go to Minnesota. They love jacking their salary cap with over the hill players.

  33. ‘Give me 10 mil over a super bowl any day. Children and family can’t eat glory’
    the family can eat quite well on far less and besides,they wont get so much in the divorce when it happens.

  34. With the season now over, time for Fitz to look out for himself; his team-first attitude has not been appreciated. They’re a great bunch of guys but the front office can’t manage any amount of money and Keim’s pea game and shuffling of extra funds provided by Fitz’s continued restructuring hasn’t given the Cards what’s necessary to win a ring. Now they’re desperate to sell off their best asset to bail them out of the hole they dug for themselves and are not above welching on a deal and selling their integrity.
    The season is over and perhaps it’s best for Larry to find a team that will serve him best rather than the other way around. As a Cards fan for twenty years, I couldn’t be more disappointed in our Owner/GM. I’m hoping that Fitz will get to go to Seattle, and I’ll be anxiously awaiting news of where to order my new Fitzgerald jersey from…where Fitz goes, I go! If I were him I might even consider retirement as he will most certainly have job opportunities off the field that would allow him fresh experiences. For the rest of the playoffs I’ll be cheering for the Champs to repeat. GO SEAHAWKS! SKITTLES BABY!

  35. Fitz was actually playing well and looking quicker until Carson got injured. He has played hard all year.

    I hope he stays in AZ at a reduced contract – e.g. 4 years 7 million a year. If Arians can make the team perform like this with injuries, the chances of a championship are just as big in AZ as anywhere else. Especially with a healthy Palmer.

    He will never go to a team in NFC West – he simply has to much class. If he leaves it will be to play with a top pocketpasser like Brady, Manning or Brees.

  36. If Larry wants to win, go to Seattle….Arizona cannot afford to keep him, though he’s been loyal and loves it there. Carolina needs a big play receiver and is a playoff team, and has cap space.

    My wish: Jacksonville! Cap space, and we need a veteran receiver for the young ones we have, plus he’d make Bortles look good, and maybe lead this team to 7 wins!

    Can a man wish?

  37. It’s hilarious that Vikings fans think there is anything about their franchise that would attract top tier players. No one goes to Minny for any reason other than it’s the one and only team that will pay them, or because they’re one of their unfortunate draft choices that have no say in the matter.
    Just an ignorant statement. Packer fans always acting like the Vikings are Tampa Bay, Jax, or Cleveland. The pieces are coming together. Teams improving. The experts have said so.

    Now, Fitz won’t be a Viking, but that will be the Vikings choice, not his. 31 year old expensive player with declining skills. No WR is worth $23 mil a year.

  38. A true class act in today’s NFL full of diva’s. Would be an immediate upgrade and benefit wherever he ends up. Deserving of a ring and I’m hopeful that he ends up with my Seahawks, but I don’t see it happening in the year where they need to lock up Wilson and Wagner.

  39. At this point in his career Fitz does not have the time to go play for a crappy team and that is the only team available if they were to trade him because these crappy teams have the cap space. You think teams that are contenders have the cap space or want to eat up the cap space for Fitz? Good teams do not trade for a 20+ million dollar contract for a guy on the downside of his career and no guarantee of success.

    Even if a trade was there, you will not find a better QB in a team that has the ability to trade for Fitz’s contract. And Fitz was on track to catch for over 1000 yards this past year before Palmer went down. With Palmer posed to come back healthy next year and hopefully Arians moves Fitz back to his normal position, I see no reason why Fitz would want to be traded.

    So that leaves only one thing to allow Fitz to be with another team, which is an outright release. If that happens, with over 14 million in dead money for the Cards I highly doubt it, then I hope he signs with the Patriots. They have the track record to revive careers like Fitz and that team would be very dangerous with Fitz, even potentially better than when they had Moss.

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