Bills sources trash Marrone


Maybe in the end the Bills were happy to see coach Doug Marrone choose to take $4 million to walk away.  If the team would have fired Marrone, the total would have been up to $8 million.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, who has been leading the local-media charge against the Jets hiring Marrone, shares a variety of not-so-positive observations about Marrone from unnamed Bills sources who seem to be happy he decided on New Year’s Eve to pull the rip cord on a platinum parachute.

He’s a control freak,” said one person who knew Marrone in Buffalo.

“It’s about power and control,” another unnamed source said.  “That is what drives Doug Marrone.  That’s why he is a very dangerous person to have inside the building.”

The desire for control reportedly included approving any video clips posted on the team’s website.  Per Mehta, Marrone also had a reputation for belittling people throughout the organization.

“Marrone didn’t berate everyone,” Mehta writes.  “If he felt that you could further his cause, he would tolerate — or even engage — you.  However, one person who was treated with respect by Marrone in the past two years told the Daily News that he never felt it was authentic.”

Many players reportedly didn’t like Marrone, who was perceived as lacking people skills and being “coarse.”  Mehta also provide a “meh” review of Marrone’s two years in Buffalo, capping the item with this quote from another unnamed source:  “He is the definition of average.”

On one hand, it’s not a surprise that folks would be bitter about Marrone’s decision to abandon ship, prompting them to harp after the fact on characteristics shared by many who become successful coaches at the highest level of their chosen sports.  Still, Marrone’s decision with a sub-.500 record in two NFL seasons to walk away from the “Bills family” has understandably left some members of the family upset.

But if Marrone is such a bad guy and average coach, maybe Bills sources should be saying great things about him, in the hopes that the Jets will hire him.  Maybe folks in Buffalo are hoping to blow up his shot at the Jets job because they don’t want to have to compete with him in the same division.

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  1. A control freak coach with bad people skills? If true that’s not exactly unheard of. They sound happy now but I bet they would not have fired him for that.

  2. I guess their terrible front office did a horrible job in the hiring process if these things are news to them. The Bills sick and will never win the SB.

  3. Played Sammy with bruised ribs in a meaningless preseason game. Punts on 4th down in situations he should’ve gone for it. Didn’t call offensive plays. Didn’t call the defensive plays. Didn’t think Mike Williams was good enough to dress but chose to dress a 2nd kicker who can’t even onside kick. Didn’t even know his leading pass rusher Jerry Hughes was benched during a pivotal game vs the Broncos and peyton manning. I could go on and on and on. You will not be missed marrone. BYE!

  4. Ah yes, the vindictive ex girlfriend with a personality disorder!! Look in the mirror Bills and Bills fans. All that said, knowing plenty about his ability as a coach, I hope my Jets pass on Mr Mediocre!!!

  5. The D in Buffalo is among the best in the NFL. The O has some talented playmakers as well. Is this guy a hot commodity for a winning record under .500?

  6. best thing that could of happened for buffalo, if he goes to JETS circus it will be even better.

    GO Bills!!!

  7. This is the National Football League…players & coaches are short term…only owners & trainers last….gone are the days of Landry, Noll & Shula!

  8. Sounds like a Belichick 2.0. Most good football coaches are very focused and have confidence in their own abilities ( seen by some as ego). Not stated in defense of Marrone, just my casual observations.

  9. It’s so easy after the fact to get your panties in a wad and anonymously moan about a guy who didn’t want to be in your inept organization. The GM didn’t help keep him there by giving up a 1st rd draft pick in this year’s draft.

  10. How does a rag like the New York Daily News really know what was going on in Buffalo?

  11. I bet the Jets players wish they would have played harder for Rex. No more Dave and Busters trips.

  12. From what I heard he is the one who really pushed for EJ Manuel. That alone should of gotten him fired. He also tried going to Pagula and asked him for more money and was rebuffed, so he quit.

  13. I’m guessing a lot of those “sources” dont understand what it takes to turn a franchise around. Not saying Marone did that but things we’re looking up for the Bills. It’s not about being popular, it’s about winning.

  14. As Bill Parcells always sad “You are what your record says you are”. Marrone’s record says he is a sub .500 coach….which means he has yet to ascend to the level of mediocrity….

  15. Bills fan would love nothing more for Marrone to become head coach of the Jets. It would be even sweeter if he took Hackett with him

    It would be such great fun watching ” Saint Doug” engage the NY media after a loss

  16. He was touted as an offensive coach yet Buffalo’s O was in the basement during his entire tenure. The defense was largely the result of Pettine, Schwartz, and Whaley’s signings. The Jets can have him.

  17. Control freak??

    Thats a great one


    Bill Polian
    Bill Belicheck
    Jimmy Johnson
    Vince Lombardi
    Bill Parcells
    Jerry Jones
    Jim Harbaugh

  18. if he were worth keeping the bills probably wouldn’t have choked away the oakland game with the playoffs on the line.That loss alone to a sadsack raider team would make me happy to have a new coach were I buffalo fan .

  19. Well…. As a Syracuse fan…..

    When Doug Marrone left SU a lot of people were angry, disappointed, and upset. They felt this way because the football program as a whole had made major strides in the right direction. Doug was thanked and wished well in Buffalo.

    I can’t imagine a media source like the New York Daily New or PFT spinning stories for there own agenda? Like for instance wanting changes to Pro Bowl Voting, or team name changes, or to start rumors about coaches and GM?

  20. Better bring in a “players coach” who everyone loves because he’s such a nice guy and goes 3-13 every year.Good plan buffalo.

  21. Yeah well he isn’t the first coach to rub people the wrong way, look he made a losing franchise into a 9-7 team without a QB, Rex made a losing franchise with no QB into an 8-8 team in 2013, so as a Jets fan I will take this guy and pray to God we find a talented QB quickly.

  22. Sounds like Belichek, Parcell, etc… And practically every successful NFL coach. You certainly don’t want someone like that.

  23. Judging from the way the Jets organization has conducted itself, perhaps hiring a control freak might do them some good.

    Has anyone at the New York Daily News actually spoken to Marrone in person? You know, an actual interview where he can respond to direct questions? Or are we going to run with rumors and gossip.

  24. A control freak who was in charge what a shock

    Which of the 32 teams are not seeking a control freak oh wait there is Dallas and Washington where the owner is the control freak.

    Being a head coach means your in control unless your in Dallas or DC then your just a puppet on a short string.

    perhaps he left due the fact that he did not like the long winters in Western NY or the lack of any culture perhaps he did what players do make a name and turn there backs for more money.

    Think about it Western NY or NYC unless his hobby is ice fishing I would guess NYC

  25. Sounds like Bell Belichick. Not a Pat fan, but it’s indisputable that he’s done pretty well. Like Hall of Fame, in the discussion for best coach of all time. So maybe those are good qualities in a coach?

  26. That’s incredible to leave the Bills organization and go to another team in the AFC East. What a bold move. I guess the Jets job looked better than the Bills. Good Luck to him.

  27. As a Bills fan, I would have been perfectly willing to give Marrone year three to see what he could do. He got us over the “winning season” hump, and into meaningful games in December. That’s not nothing….

    However, for being an “offensive minded” guru who was supposedly an expert o-line guy; I did not like the fact that our O-line and once decent running offense regressed so badly.

    I wish Marrone (except when he coaches against the Bills) the best of luck in his future endeavors. Unless he gets the Jets job. Then I wish him the worst of luck until he gets fired and run out of the NFL – because quitting before the job is done and running to a divisional rival is totally a slap in the face.

    (Look – probably THE trait the Bills fanbase admires most is loyalty. We are fanatically loyal to our Bills, and we hope and expect to get that back from our team. I *get * that he did what he thought was best for his career. But I don’t *have* to agree or respect the man for it either.)

  28. Yes the Bills had a better record at 9 and 7. But giving the credit to Marrone is wrong. SCHWARTZ is responsible for the Bills improvement NOT Marrone. The defense was responible for at least 8 of those 9 wins. The offense stunk.
    Marrone took the offense and made them worse, not better.

    The offense was half way decent under Chan Gailey. Spiller had a banner year under Chan. The Bills had a dominant running game and the offensive line was one of the better ones in the NFL. Chan’s offense scored points even though he had no weapons except for Spiller and Fred. Stevie Johnson is a 3rd receiver with Frisco. Fitztrajic is a below average quarterback.

    Marrone took a top 10 offensive line and made them the WORST in the entire NFL. Hackett is the worst offensive coordinator the Bills have had in their 60+ years of existance.

    People complained about a Gailey. I will admit he wasn’t a good head coach but he would be a good offensive coordinator. He had some really good offensive plays. You have to admit Chan didn’t have much talent to work with. It was like they gave him a gun but no bullets.

  29. Everyone comparing him to Belicheck, Parcells, etc. is missing one key point: those guys won and proved that what they were doing worked. When you are a control freak who doesn’t win consistently it just wears on everyone really quickly. Doug Marrone is not Belicheck, Parcells, Lombardi, Harbaugh. He’s Eric Mangini.

  30. Manish Metha is a damn clown! Curtis Martin and Kevin Mawae had nothing but great things to say about Doug Marone! I will take those two guys word of Manish idiot any day! It’s also funny how buffalo did not have a bad thing to say about him until after he left!

  31. It is just idiotic to compare Marrone to those great coaches especially Belicheck. He is nothing like Belicheck. Belicheck always coaches to win and Marrone always coaches not to lose. He coaches like a castrated Chuck Knox. He takes no chances. Belicheck is an aggressive coach and Marrone is not. Marrone in his mind thinks he is Lombardi but in reality he is more like Rich Kotite. The guy is a average coach and he will always be a average coach.

  32. I’ll admit I wanted Marrone to stay, but that was mostly for continuity and building off a 9-7 record. His offensive coordinator is an average college coordinator and in completely over his head…no one is disappointed to see him go (good luck with him Jets fans). Losing Schwartz without bringing in a defensive mind like Rex Ryan or Dan Quinn would be a much bigger step backwards than losing Marrone. And yes, Bills fans would love to see Marrone go to the Jets, fail, and never get a head coaching job again….looking at the Jets roster, it’s a good bet.

  33. Feelings. Nothing more than…feelings. I’m sure most Bills fans have just moved on and welcome the opportunity of a good new coach coming to town.

  34. Bills fans have been very critical of Marrone once he defended his OC and went as far as to say he had been calling the plays.

    This guy was taking heat when he shouldn’t have so he could protect a guy who was failing.

    Once he did that and asked for an EXTENSION for his staff…. SEE YA.

    Nothing was more hurtful as a Bills fan than the thought of this guy trying to keep Nathanial Hackett in the building.

    I wasn’t going to bash Marrone because only a fool wouldn’t get rid of Hackett and I expected Marrone to do that. When changes weren’t going to happen. ADIÓS

  35. Pegula’s know zero about football. The Bill’s are going nowhere, now the rats are going to try and damage Marrone? What a crock. Those trashing him are the reasons good players left Buffalo as fast as they could. They are the reason Lafontaine ran as fast as he could. Both teams Pegula bought will never see a Championship. The mindset for Sports in Buffalo is pathetic. It’s all about draining the Fans for every nickel they can squeeze. When Wilson was alive they blamed him for everything. Now they want to screw Marrone? Good luck winning anything.

  36. One person who knew Marrone in Buffalo? Another unnamed source?
    Who are these people,They could be Buffalo cab drivers .Put there names on it,or put the story where it belongs,in the editorial page.

  37. unclebluck says:
    Jan 4, 2015 8:06 AM
    As Bill Parcells always sad “You are what your record says you are”. Marrone’s record says he is a sub .500 coach….which means he has yet to ascend to the level of mediocrity….

    Yet his record after two seasons as a head coach was better that Parcells after his first two. And Belichick.

    Interesting. Tell me more.

  38. Control Freak or Not, Marrone was supposed to be an Offensive Guru. The Defense led the league in Sacks and were #2 in Takeaways. They were also # 4 in Scoring Defense, which would have been higher but they gave up some scores in garbage time. What did Marrone do with the additional offensive opportunities and good field position ? His propensity to run between the Tackles ( when CJ Spiller has shown he has the speed to break it outside) gave the Bills the 4th WORST yards per carry at 3.7. Spiller under Chan Gailey averaged 6.7 ypc when he had the option to go outside. The Bills were 8th in number of punts and finished 2nd in number of FG attempts. The Offense simply didn’t move the ball. Repeated, predictable runs up the Middle followed by the predictable 3rd down screen pass just didn’t get it done. Marrone was the Head Coach, so he gets credit for the wins, but if the D wasn’t outstanding giving him good field position and turnovers the Win number would have been much lower. It’ not sour grapes, when you hire an Offensive Coach and you have some talent, you expect to see some Offense. The Bills started 18 1st or 2nd round draft picks. Jim Schwartz used the talent on D, Doug Marrone did not use what he had on Offense. I thank him for his service, wish him well and hope that he will mature and use the talents of the players he has instead of trying to jam them into his system.
    Bill Belicheck adapts his Offense and Defense to his talent, not the other way around.

  39. Difference between Marrone and guys like Belicheck and Parcells, etc. is that those guys CAN and DID walk the walk. Marrone, sub .500 at College and pro level. As far as unnamed sources go, well he needs to take a look in the mirror on that one. He’s the one telling Bill Polian about so called “sources” in the Bills organization trashing Polian. I never saw any names attached to that one.
    If the self proclaimed “Saint Doug” gets the Jets job, he should make sure to take Hackett with him. Then he is virtually assured of failure. If he thinks the QB problem in Buffalo was bad, wait until he sees the Jets roster.

  40. Mehta should be covering futbol, not football. He writes for a NY rag that only gets read for controversy. He is worse than an internet hack. That said, he has created a controversy regarding Marrone and and may save Jet fans from the chance he would get hired as their new HC. The Jets need a rock star, and should have offered Jim Harbaugh an ownership stake if that’s what it would have taken to land him.

  41. 1 person out there that has the skills to take the Bills to where they need to be is Gary Kubiak.
    He built Houston into a AFC Contender and a possible Super Bowl team. Don’t let his last season record fool you …

  42. No player or coach worth their talent will ever set foot in Buffalo. Sabres or Bills. Watch how they conspire to send Connor McDavid to another NHL Team. Just because Pegula built a fancy dressing room doesn’t mean it attracts talent. Who are they going to get to come to the Bills as QB or Coach? 15 prior years of mediocrity and another 15 coming up. Buffalo Sports will stay where it is. Mired in controversy. Maybe Johnny Manziel will head to Buffalo. I hear they have some great booze joints.

  43. @mudmandenny”Sounds like a Belichick 2.0″
    True, except without the wins. When you are a jerk and win you are aggressive and idiosyncratic. When you are a jerk and lose you are just a jerk.
    Now at least Rex was an engaging fellow at press conferences. Suffer through a year of Marrone’s scowling mug and then talk to me.

  44. High school drama.
    Think this comes out if he stays? No.
    Jets press don’t want him around because his personality won’t help stroke their egos/sell papers.

  45. I could care less if he is the players best friend or not. Problem is the lack of connection to him. When players ‘buy in’ to a system or coach they know they can and very well are winning. Marrone did none of that. The text to the team shows that and what a truly classless individual he is. He is best suited for college. A place where he has minions do dirty work and the program is mostly in his hands. No way this guy survives in NYC. Dougie Crybaby could not handle the press in Buffalo. A city that puts even the worst coaches on a pedestal. In NYC he has to earn or buy the pedestal, even then the press will pull it our anytime they see fit!

  46. Schwartz is probably the best option. As far as coaches go, it’s not a coincidence Buffalo’s D reached their potential. He comes off as a colossal D bag though.

  47. Bills are wana -bee’s , Step up and get a real coach, have not had one since Marv Levy. OH you better get a QB also as you cant win without one and there is NONE on your roster now!!!

  48. Fans did want him fired…….that’s why Marrone through a hissy fit. He felt he should have been praised for beating green bay. Bottom line is…..if you pole 100 bills fans 90+ are happy he is gone. Mediocre coaching shouldn’t be praised.

  49. I knew he was a turd in 2013. So far everything that has come out only reinforces that. I don’t care why he’s gone, just that he’s gone. I envisioned another year of him punting on 4th and 1 and the opponents’ 40-yard line and his OC (Nate Hackett) calling stupid plays like they were still at ‘Cuse. Thankfully that’s over.

    The rest of the team is stacked and should return intact, from the coaches to the players. The offense has nowhere to go but up.

  50. The Daily Mews doesn’t have reporters capable of doing a real interview,or locating real sources. The reel interviews and sources are still in the tape room.

  51. Clown here says poll 100 Bills fans and 90 wanted him fired? Is that You Terry and Kim????

    Marrone had class, poise and didn’t bow to the pathetic Sports writers. I use pathetic because they censor here. Watch next year. Right back to 4-12. Maybe.

  52. Let’s discuss the truth here. The daily news is a gossip paper. Mehta is a gossip reporter. Rex was perfect for him and made his job easy. With a Marrone hire, he knows he will actually have to do real reporting and write real stories. PFT uses Mehta as its Jets source, so the misguided information gets posted here. How can you fault a man for leaving Syracuse for an NFL job, then leave Buffalo due to a dysfunctional front office. The bills agreed to the opt out clause in his contract! Where were the bills fans and bills media posting the hatred and leaking these stories about Marone before he decided to leave? Marone has been praised by Coughlin,Polian,Casserly,Mawae,Curtis Martin and is well respected around the league. Multiple newspapers in the ny area have pointed out the agenda taking place here by the daily news. Lay off the man.

  53. Winning season,…winning season, ..winning season? I would figure people commenting on Pro Football Talk would know the game enough to realize , …THE PATRIOTS LAID UP in the final game!!! Ok, so the win loss column said 9-7, but you know damn well we were 8-8 and that was an over-achievement. CLEAN HOUSE PEGULA!!! Keep Schwartz and force your choice for Head Coach to work with him. He can bring whoever else he wants to the table but the defense must NOT be touched!!! Dump Brandon and Whaley NOW!!! I am willing to be patient as we start over again,..again,…AGAIN! But only because this is a new ownership era. Pegula, Do you want to own an NFL franchise? …or a WINNING NFL Franchise?! Which do you think is more lucrative,…and more fun to own?! Dont dilly dally around with changing just a few pieces, make this team your own. I am willing to suffer thru any “rookie(ownership)” mistakes you might make,..I am not willing to watch completely proven UNSUCCESSFUL components of the front office remain, only to see us stumble thru another decade.

  54. Plenty of Bills fans and even some in the media were critical of Marrone’s coaching during this past season. For example, I wrote about the following on the most popular Bills fan website BEFORE Marrone opted out of his contract (it will give you an idea of what kind of HC Marrone is):

    Marrone was very unhappy when he was questioned by the WNY media for punting on 4th and 1 on the KC 39 yard line with the Bills trailing in the 4th quarter of a critical home game that the team needed to win to make the playoffs in late Nov. He responded by saying the fans and media didn’t have access to the stats that a HC has available and that no HC in the NFL would have gone for it in that situation.

    The next week, against the Jets on the road in the 1st Quarter, Marrone decides to go for it on 4th and 1 just inside Jets territory; running straight up the middle behind the worst rated OG in the NFL. Of course, the Bills didn’t make it. But, the Bills’ defense gets a turnover on the subsequent series and sets up the offense deep in Jets territory for a score.

    Marrone chose to put his team’s chances of winning a road game against a division opponent at risk to prove his critics wrong. The defense prevented him from being able to rub that in the noses of the fans and media who had criticized him for his decision (in a home game in a different situation) the week before.

    That’s how thin-skinned and stubborn Doug Marrone is. And there were fans and even some in the media who were on to that before he opted out of his contract. And there were even more who were calling for the firing of his Syracuse cronies; “boy-wonder” OC Nathaniel Hackett and O-line coach Pat Morris; even before the season ended. I know…because I was one of them.

  55. Problem with players today is that they’re spoon fed most of their college and pro careers…In comes this “control freak” to take them to the top and the cry like little woosies and lose the season (lol)

    You want to make it to the game of all games??!! Shut your mouths and PLAY!!!

    I would welcome him to the Jets just so the players here can SHUT UP AND PLAY! Bring us out of this circus tent Ryan created

  56. Played retiring Orton and benched the quarterback of the future. Expected everyone to kiss his butt, no matter how bad he screwed up. Was he the coach or a saboteur?

    Got paid $4M to leave. Hope the Jets hire him. 😎

  57. Jan 4, 2015 9:38 AM – yeevie13 says: Everyone comparing him to Belicheck, Parcells, etc. is missing one key point: those guys won and proved that what they were doing worked. When you are a control freak who doesn’t win consistently it just wears on everyone really quickly. Doug Marrone is not Belicheck, Parcells, Lombardi, Harbaugh. He’s Eric Mangini.
    I think you’re the one missing the point. No one thinks that being a control freak automatically makes you a winner. It’s just that that alone is not a reason to bash the guy – it’s one common ingredient of success.

  58. Ah, it must be Friday night when we see Manish Mehta and the Unnamed Sources are headlining the PFT show. All we need is Ian Rapaport to open and we have a sure winner.

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