Bills want to interview Hue Jackson, Teryl Austin

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Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is going to try to exorcise an elephant on Sunday afternoon and doing so might help his chances of landing his second chance to be an NFL head coach.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bills have requested permission to interview Jackson for the vacancy created when Doug Marrone opted out of his contract last week. Jackson will be able to interview with the Bills after the Bengals face the Colts whether they win or lose, although they’ll have a limited window to speak with Jackson should the Bengals advance for the first time since the days when Ickey Woods was celebrating more than just a chance to purchase cold cuts.

Jackson went 8-8 in 2011, his one season as the Raiders head coach. That equals their best record since last making the playoffs in 2002, but Jackson was cast aside when Reggie McKenzie took over as general manager after the death of Al Davis.

Schefter reports that the Bills also want to interview Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin. Austin’s team also plays on Sunday, putting him on the same schedule for availability as Jackson. The Falcons and 49ers have also shown interest in speaking with Austin about their openings.

52 responses to “Bills want to interview Hue Jackson, Teryl Austin

  1. Why don’t you go find somebody fresh like a hungry young coordinator. If you’re gonna go the re-tread route look at Rex Ryan. You’re not winning anything with that bloviator but at least he’ll make you laugh.

  2. I think interviews are intriguing and I wish there was a way to watch them.
    It’s not just about Sunday.

  3. I hope the Bills can’t talk to Austin until after a win in February, because I am a long-suffering Lions fan!

  4. Interview everyone while you can. Make your own assumptions in coaches. Get a pulse on the league this way.

    Can’t interview anyone when you hire the guy.

    I hope a question they as is, “if we over pay you, would you make a lateral move to Buffalo?”

    I like Reich as a HC (organization and leadership purposes) but t I would prefer a different scheme. Please no unheard ofs at OC.

  5. Jackson got a raw deal in Oakland. He deserves a second chance. And the Bills would be a good fit, IMO.

  6. Would love to see Hue get another head coaching job, just wish it was replacing Marvin.

  7. I hope they treat these interviews seriously … Else it’ll just scream Rooney Rule …

    Personally, I think either would do a great job … Austin would play to the Bills’ strengths … While Hue should be able to do a better job with this O … He coached the he’ll out of that 8-8 Raiders team

  8. Who ever gets the job will have a team ready for a playoff run if they can bring in a QB with them.

  9. Don’t these teams understand that some guys top out as a coordinator and should never be a head coach…norv turner, jim schwartz, wade phillips, rod marinelli…I’m looking at you Hue Jacskon

  10. Just getting the Rooney rule fulfilled before they go after the new coach….sad to say….but its true…

  11. The man took the Raiders to an 8-8 season… The Raiders for crying out loud.. Hell yeah, every team who’s looking for a new HC should interview him… And no Rooney rule BS… He got screwed in a corporate power struggle

  12. Austin needs to stay in the D for another year or two in order to finish building on his resume. The Bill should just promote Gym Shorts to HC. We all need a good laugh.

  13. Applaud my Bills for looking at a variety of avenues in the coaching search!!

    Lets find the RIGHT guy to work on that O, all while KEEPING Shwartzy!

  14. Is it ironic that the Bills will have to satisfy the rooney rule before they hire Frank “3rd” Reich??

  15. I’ve been wondering if this might be the year Hue gets his 2nd chance. While once-and-now-former HCs like Schwartz, del Rio, Haley and Leslie Frazier have appropriately moved back down to the coordinator level, I think Hue could actually make it work as a HC if placed in a reasonably well run organization with competitive talent (neither of which describe the Raiders while he was there).

  16. All prospective teams looking at Austin: he’s a waste of space, rides on the coattails of others, and has just been plain lucky….he, uh…has bad breath and kicks puppies, too! He doesn’t deserve any job other than the one he has! Leave him alone…right where he is 🙂

    – A Lions fan

  17. Hue Jackson is an intriguing possibility. He did well with a horrible Raiders roster, front office and ownership. Really he was in a no win situation there and might well have been fired if he achieved anything other than a Super Bowl win that year.

  18. With Swartz at def coordinator that could be a lethal combination. McFadden & Jason Campbell had their best years under Hue. He ran a really solid offense in Oak.
    He could “build a bully” with that Buffalo team.

  19. Hue is the real deal. He is a creative offensive guru. He took my Raiders to 8-8 with Jason Cambell at QB… Nuff said. He deserves a second chance and the team that does will not regret it.

  20. Lots of love for Hue in the comments. Why? He was average and he had a huge ego. Anyone who watched that press conference could see he shouldn’t be a HC. That was one of the most delusional ego trips I have seen from somebody in that position. He looked certifiably crazy. He might be a good OC but he is a crash & burn HC.

  21. If this was a Rooney rule interview they would have picked someone with easier access. Besides I don’t think Doug Waley is concerned with fulfilling the Rooney Rule. I am glad he is interviewing anyone and everyone possible. We need the best available head coach not the hottest Offensive Coordinator.

  22. skins716 says:
    Jan 4, 2015 8:57 AM
    nothing more than to fulfill the Rooney Rule


    I would like to point out a couple of things to you & EVERY other idiot that has mentioned the ROONEY RULE.

    First of all, the title of the article is the Bills want to interview BOTH Hue Jackson & Teryl Austin!!!

    Einsteins(those that mention ROONEY RULE) only 1 interview of a African American Candidate is mandatory to fulfill that requirement.

    DRUM ROLL PLEASE…………………………..

    DOUG WHALEY A B L A C K G U Y !!!!!!!!


  23. Hue took over a offense that was ranked 31st in the league. The very next year he turned them into top 10 offense. What is more impressive is he did it with below average players. Look at the QB and other skill positions and the only starter in the NFL right now is Marcel Reece. The guy did an amazing job on offense. If you give him a defense like Bills he will be very successful.

  24. I can’t tell why because i dont know him, but i have this weird feeling Teryl Austin will have a long and succesful career as a HC, hopefully the Raiders hire him.

  25. I have to laugh at what I’m hearing, I hope that snake in the grass goes to Buffalo.

    The Bills deserve that backstabbing power hungry selfishness he brings with him.

  26. joetoronto says:
    Jan 4, 2015 12:16 PM
    I have to laugh at what I’m hearing, I hope that snake in the grass goes to Buffalo.

    The Bills deserve that backstabbing power hungry selfishness he brings with him.
    Shows just how much you know about football, which is nothing…….Jackson was 8-8 with the Raiders……best record your team has had in about 50 years…..remember, no NFL coming to Toronto, Maple Laughs are a joke, Rob Ford, LOGO TV station……enjoy the armpit.

  27. I’d take Austin or Jackson over Shanahan and Del Rio. I like the job Jackson did this year, keeping the Bengals on track despite Dalton taking a step back, easing Jeremy Hill in and not putting too much on Dalton. Austin did a phenomenal job with the Lions this year even with their sub par corners. Both deserve a shot at a HC, though I’d like to see Austin wait a year, as this was his first year as a NFL dc.

  28. As a Bills fan I wouldn’t mind Hue at all. He’s exactly what we need because our offense stinks! I think he’s also a good leader and can get players to play hard for him as we saw in Oakland.

  29. Let Raider fans tell you, he’s the worst coach ever although he’s responsible for the only mild success they’ve had over the last 12 years. I don’t think Manuel can be helped, but if anyone would find a way to get anything from him, it would be Jackson.

  30. I know. Hue Jackson ressurecting the terrible Raider offense with limited talent, and Austin fielding the league’s best defense somehow isn’t good enough for these idiots. But the same people think Frank Reich would be a good hire, lol. Can’t make this stuff up.

  31. Did some Bills fan just call Toronto an armpit?Have you driven through Buffalo before or even worse live there?Get a grip dummy

  32. Bring in Hue to run the offense / be HC and leave the defense to schwartz doesnt seem like a bad idea. Heck if Jackson won 8 games with the Raiders…. thats a pretty impressive accomplishment to put on the old resume

  33. Requirements to become next Bills HC:

    1. Pulse
    2. Commitment to not completely sabotage entire organization

    The Buffalo Bills – “Only the Best Since 1999”

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