John Harbaugh: Joe Flacco is the best quarterback in football


Ravens coach John Harbaugh was very happy with his quarterback after Saturday’s win over the Steelers.

“Joe Flacco, what can you say? I think he had a perfect quarterback rating in the third quarter. That’s playoff football. That’s Joe Flacco. he’s the best quarterback in football. We’d take him any day of the week, twice on Sunday — or Saturday night, if that be the case,” Harbaugh said.

First of all, Harbaugh is wrong: Flacco did not have a perfect passer rating in the third quarter. Flacco threw nine passes in the third quarter, completing eight of them, for 107 yards and a touchdown. That’s a passer rating of 153.2, which is very good, but just short of a perfect passer rating of 158.3. Of course, Flacco also had a fumble in the third quarter and got bailed out by teammate Jeremy Zuttah jumping on it. So Flacco’s third quarter stats may look good, but he was far from flawless in the third quarter.

More importantly, let’s be serious: Joe Flacco is not the best quarterback in the NFL. Or the second best. Or the third best. Or the fourth best. Or the fifth best. Maybe you could put him somewhere in the Top 10. Maybe. Did Harbaugh suffer a case of amnesia right after the Ravens’ Week 16 loss to the Texans? Because anyone who saw that game couldn’t possibly think Flacco is the best quarterback in football.

Flacco played well against the Steelers on Saturday night. We can forgive Harbaugh for being so giddy in the moment that he was incapable of putting Flacco’s play in perspective.

155 responses to “John Harbaugh: Joe Flacco is the best quarterback in football

  1. I’d call you a hater but you picked the Ravens to win (I think). Of course he’s not the best but you have to admit his postseason play sure seems pretty good. Harbaugh was excited. Cut him some slack.

  2. Stats are for LOSERS! All Flacco does is WIN! Eventually, the media will give him the credit that he richly deserves! You all fall in love with all of the Star Wars QBs, but somehow ignore the fact that they fall apart when it counts – the playoffs! You all can make excuses for the opposition (they didn’t have Le’Veon Bell) but ignore the fact that Flacco had to play behind a makeshift offensive line featuring two rookies – a 5th round draft pick and an undrafted free agent. Please.

  3. He then said Ray Rice is the best husband in football, so you have to take it all with a grain of salt.

  4. …and then Tom Brady added that comment to his bulletin board as Vegas moved the line from Pats by 7.5 to Pats by 15.5.

  5. The Steelers defense is old and the offense didn’t look good without Leveon Bell. I think those were more of a factor than anything Flacco did.

  6. As a Steelers fan I’m obviously disappointed. Now I picked the Steelers to win 16-13. And I also knew better not to run my mouth like many of the idiotic Steelers fans who sit in their mothers basement commenting all day (superior and marching). I knew what this game was going to be like from the first snap . The Ravens defense is very good and the Steelers defense not so much. It’s not Roethlisberger’s fault they lost. Dean Pees called a hell of a game and that was the difference. So congrats to the Ravens and their fans. That being said, I really want to see you go into New England and get the beatdown of a lifetime. I understand that Harbaugh is excited, but Flacco is not the best QB in football. C’MON MAN

  7. I think it’s time for people to admit, Joe is as solid as they come if he gets into the playoffs.

  8. It’s true, he just forgot to add “that played on Saturday night January 3rd.”
    Great Win Ravens!

  9. Hyperbole. Let’s not get caught up in a semantics argument here, Seth. Joe played great last night. He out Ben’d that big doofus Roethlisberger. He was mobile in the pocket, and continually extended plays. Is Joe the best QB in the NFL? Certainly not. But over the past few postseasosn has any QB played better? Not a chance. I’ll take Number 5 in NE next week.

  10. I think he does qualify as one of the best Big Game QBs in football. His playoff prowess is impressive.

    I am not a Ravens fan, but the guy gets it done in win or go home games…

  11. No, Flacco isn’t the best QB. But his stats in the postseason make him one of the better big game, win or go home, QBs in the game.

    I know your article was quick to shut down Harbaugh, and put Flacco in his place but the tone was a little heavy.

    You failed to even mention why Harbaugh might have said what he did. Flacco’s 10 playoff wins since entering the league are DOUBLE the next few QB with 5. He’s has 5 straight playoff wins. 7 wins on the road in the playoffs, most in NFL a history. In his last 5 playoffs games he’s beaten, Luck, Manning, Brady, Kaepernick, and now Big Ben, and only one of those games were at home.

    Look, he’s not the best QB, Harbaugh was excited after beating his playoff demons on the road, but Flacco is pretty darn good when the chips are down.

  12. He’s just caught up in the victory high. He does possibly have the best pass rush in the NFL right now.

  13. Come on. Harbaugh was “tongue-in-cheek” when he said that. Joe Flacco has twice as many playoff wins than any other QB since 2008. Yes he’s inconsistent in the regular season, but Ravens fans and Harbaugh will take Joe Cool in the playoffs any day.

    Sure Harbaugh is sticking up for his guy – because people don’t appreciate what Flacco has achieved.

  14. Flacco isn’t the best QB every sunday… Or Saturday for that matter. But he’s a very good post season QB…

    If the championship trophy was given to the team with the best record during the regular season, Payton Manning would have a pile of them. Great regular season, but his post season hasn’t always been very good. But you can’t say the same about Flacco.

    We will see who the best is on Sunday……really funny Harbaugh.

  16. If all Flacco does is win, then why does he not have more rings or SB appearances? His post season is mediocre, 55% completion rating and a whole bunch of bad games (even when they won) to offset. His stats are padded because of a great SB run a couple of years back, which got him paid, but to talk about this guy like he is an elite QB takes away from what the rest of the team does to get the job done. And forgets they probably lucked in this year in the first place. Doubt they go far with this guy.

  17. If Harbaugh had said Flacco was the best playoff quarterback in the NFL he would have more of a leg to stand on. Flacco for whatever reason elevates himself to the elite class come playoff time.

  18. I would have loved to see steve smith signed as the Cincinnati Bengals #2 wide receiver… but…. Bengals owner mike brown is too cheap.

    2014 Mohamed Sanu (3 games as #1 wr when A.J. was OUT):
    56 receptions
    790 yards – 5 td
    11 games w/ 55 yards OR LESS

    2014 steve smith:
    79 receptions
    1065 yards – 6 td
    8 games w/ 60 or more yards

  19. What was Harbaugh smoking last night, when he said that?The best QB in football, please. He may have looked good last night, because the Steelers were pretty bad in the 2nd half.

  20. Holding one game against a QB is silly. Didn’t Rodgers have an awful week against the Bills in week 16 too? Did everybody forget what Tom Brady looked like in that Sunday night game against the Chiefs? Or Peyton in that MNF loss to the Bengals? No quarterback has had a perfect season this year.

    I’m not saying that Flacco’s the best QB in football, but he’s certainly in the top 10 and in the playoffs I’d never count the man out. Should be a hell of a matchup in New England next Saturday. Me, I’ll be rooting for the local boy from South Jersey.

  21. Playoff record backs up harbs statement, even though I don’t agree. P manning wishes he had joes playoff record!

  22. That’s why the Pats/Ravens will be that much more exciting to watch. Beating the rested Pats in Foxborrough won’t be easy.

  23. If he added “in the playoffs” I might agree he’s up there — but he’s certainly not better than Rodgers right now. Maybe Brady.

    He is rather impressive in the post season though. Elite one might say.

  24. Saying he is the best QB is insane but I would say he is in the top 10 (near the bottom) and there is no “maybe” about that. In the top 10 I’d say the easy guys are (in no order) Rodgers, Brady, Manning, Brees, Wilson, Roethlisberger, Luck, Romo. So that’s 8 and then Flacco makes 9. The other guy I’d say is probably Eli or Rivers or Ryan.

    Now if they go on to win the superbowl and he duplicates his 2012 postseason performance then I may have to say John is actually correct.

  25. He might be paid like the best QB in NFL, but he’s only the third best QB in his division! I’m not saying Flacco is not a decent QB, but to call him the best is idiotic!! How many rings would Brady and Manning have if they had that defense?

  26. >Flacco is the best QB…

    I think John Harbaugh needs to go through the concussion protocol.

  27. Thats the laugh of the day. He isnt even close to the best QB in the league. Come on now. Pats are gonna destroy the dirty birds.

  28. he’s the man in playoffs for sure.. also, no one is talking about Aaron Rodgers collapse against the Bills?

  29. Don’t get me wrong, I think both Harbaugh’s are really good coaches but what the heck is up with their QB talent evaluation? If we listen to them Kap and Flaccomare the 2 best in the NFL? Not even in the top half of the NFL..

  30. A guy who leads your team to the playoffs all but one season he has played in the league, and that season just so happened to be the one following a Super Bowl victory. Or would you want your franchise getting excited about a Heisman winner who puts up ridiculous college numbers.

  31. Hard to argue against his playoff record.

    But he if was the best in the NFL, they’d wouldn’t have had to play in wildcard round.

  32. How about we just say this—/Best playoff quarterback,no doubt, since the start of the 2012 playoffs. Respect boys. 13 TDs no INTs, QB rating around 110
    Enough said fools

  33. Who plays in the Steeler secondary again? Seriously, I’m not a Big Ben fan, but Flacco isn’t even the best QB in that division.

  34. Insert the need for drug test programs for Head Coaches…..Pittsburgh looked old and slow….lets see what Flacco does next ……..Baltimore is one and done

  35. Full disclosure, I am a Ravens fan.

    But don’t be stupid people, Harbaugh doesn’t honestly think Flacco is the best QB in football.

    He said that because he wants to keep instilling confidence in Flacco so that he can go on a run like he did in the 2012 playoffs.

    I will gladly say it for all you haters, Flacco IS NOT a top 5 QB in this league..stat wise.

    But when the playoffs come around and Flacco is on, he can be the best QB in the playoffs.

    Think of it this way, would you rather have Peyton Manning, who has amazing regular season stats but owns an 11-12 postseason record? OR would you rather have meager Joe Flacco who hasn’t broken 4,000 yards in a season, yet he has an 10-5 record in the playoffs and just as many Superbowl wins as Manning himself…

  36. No he’s not the best in football. If he was the best he would be given a pass by the media when he has a bad game. People tend to make excuses for certain QBs when they are off such as illnesses, injuries, no support from teammates. Not Joe it’s the other way around. Props to Harbaugh for countering all that nonsense. Of course he’s not the best. There’s only one best and no one can agree on that. Also you failed to mention that a coach is supposed to feel that way about his quarterback.

  37. That was actually Jon Gruden who said that. Not John Harbaugh. I wouldn’t put too much stock in that though as Gruden was just hours removed from saying ” This guy Ryan Lindley is something else. I mean he’s the greatest QB I have ever seen. He reminds me of Joe Montana only better. I tell you what…. this guy is special.” He then went on to say the same things about Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton, Bruce Gradkowski and any other QB he happened to see that day.

  38. Why do people hate Joe Flacco (including Mr. Smith)? He has a pretty average group of receivers. Two of the top three he has were cast off by other teams. The offensive line is a mess with two undrafted rookies starting, on the road, in Pittsburgh. No, he doesn’t put up big stats in the regular season. But seriously, would you rather have Matt Ryan, with two very fine receivers, a good O line, big numbers all season and either not making or laying an egg in the playoffs? Is it because he doesn’t “look good” when he is playing? OK, sometimes he looks like a newborn giraffe out there.

    But the man wins. In the playoffs. On the road. Convincingly. Against “HOF” competition. What more can you ask?

  39. If Harbaugh feels Joe is the Number one Elite QB, then he should tear up Joe’s current contract and make Cutler’s contract seem like a just sign 7th round draft choice. Joe, according to harbaugh’s comments should be getting somewhere in the north side of $27 Million per year for ten years.

  40. Pardon me, I said the “elite” and “top 5” Drew Brees couldn’t even get his team above .500 when I should have said he couldn’t even get them TO .500.

    This isn’t a knock on Bree’s, he’s very good, it’s a knock on sports radio listeners that think they know what wins football games. It ain’t a million passing yards that were only earned because your team is constantly losing and doing nothing but throwing the ball.

  41. A happy coach that just won a playoff game is going to say nice things about his QB. I don’t think he was making some kind of official declaration. Flacco does tend to step up in playoff games. Who knows why. He just does.

    I still don’t believe that the Ravens are very good over all, but they playoff style football. Run the ball, stop the run. Hoping the Patriots can make them one dimensional and Flacco will make some mistakes, so it won’t be such a close game.

  42. Best qb on the road in nfl history, but no he’s not close to current best overall. Brady, Rodgers, Luck, Rivers, Brees, and Manning are better. So I would go like 8th for Joe overall. Now postseason I would pick him 3rd or 4th.

  43. Nobody ever talks about John Harbaugh when discussing the best coaches. Maybe Harbaugh is the best coach in the NFL but it wouldn’t be in good taste for him to say that, so he talks about his QB. I love the Harbaugh brothers, Jim and John. They always build up their players and downplay themselves. True winners. These guys are the best coaches in football and should be the highest paid.

  44. what about Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Romo?

    Flacco being the best QB in football with no debate is one ridiculous statement

  45. Come this time of year (WHICH IS ALL THAT MATTERS) yeah he’s in the conversation.

    Do I want him on my fantasy team? No, I want Peyton Manning.

    Do I want him on my team in January? Absolutely.

  46. Rather have tom Brady more playoff wins then most combined most consistent QB of al time that being said , ravens r a scary team in the playoffs Flacco rises to the level of great QB ‘ loved seeing him shred steelers defense were r all the steelers fans now who berated flacco, hats off to a great win! Will be a tuff game against the pats , ravens defense is very good

  47. When it’s playoff time, it’s hard to argue with Harbaugh. Laugh all you want; all Flacco does in win in the playoffs and make big plays. Should have been in the SB two years in a row if former Bufallo guy catches that pass against New England.

  48. I’d take Flacco over Peyton Manning in the post season every time, hell I’d take Eli Manning in the post season over Peyton Manning every time.

  49. The Raven have beat a bunch of nobody’s this year. Besides the Steelers, (which they split with) they haven’t beat a team with a winning record. They’re gonna have there hands full up in NE. Not impossible to win, but improbable.

  50. So what exactly did you think his coach would say? “He’s definitely in the top 50%?”. He is just doing what a good coach should do: boast the confidence of everyone in their leader. Analyzing this random post-game comment is not newsworthy.

    While Flacco may not have the best “fantasy” stats that everyone bases their opinions of greatness on, it is hard to argue with his record of success in the post-season. I sure as hell would take him over Peyton in the playoffs.

  51. Wow – an NFL HC said something positive about his QB, which may have not been entirely accurate.

    I understand why this was so important it deserved an entire article – THANK GOD we have reporters like you ready to set the record straight. Keep fighting the good fight, PFT.

  52. 410rep’s point needs to be repeated. The 3-20 14 yard game led to a crucial 45 yard field goal not a punt. MDS needs to set that record straight in an update his piece. He made up a phoney “classic” stat padding passing down to attack Harbaugh and Flacco. MDS proved he either didn’t watch the game well enough to comm or is too lazy to review the play by play to back up his statements. Hopefully he’ll be man enough to correct his mistake.

  53. Brees & Rogers only have 1 sb ring, Bradys rings are shadowed by spygate. Joe doesn’t put up big regular season numbers but who cares, last i knew they play for the sb win not regular season yards thrown. if you ask Peyton i’m sure he would trade the yardage records for another sb ring. this jump ball joe thing is so stupid. If another qb throws it up high they say, he threw it where only his player could catch it. When joe does it, its a jump ball. Bottomline, flacco wins p/off games!!!!!!

  54. We’ve had 18 guys on IR, and we had a lot of young talent step up and play hard who contributed to the victory!! Our bench is thin, but they come in an play hard knowing we can win any game, and do not let down. We have a solid team through and through, and that bodes well for our future!!

    Congrats to the Steelers who are the division champs (even though we beat them 2 times this year).

    I’m looking forward to the New England game! I hope our offense comes out focused, like they did last night!! Our front rotation on Defense is incredible – so much pressure, our defensive backs played very well. Its going to be AWESOME on Saturday!!!

  55. It helps that they had an easy schedule and only had to go 2-6 against teams with winning records to get to the playoffs. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter how well he plays in the playoffs, because they wouldn’t be there.

  56. You know eventually, the media is going to have to give this guy his due for winning a lot of playoff games. Oh yeah and a Super Bowl. This defense is not the 2000 Ravens and he’s not Trent Dilfer. Give him his props and stop nitpicking WINNING.

  57. People have to realize Mr. Smith the author of this article has been on a five year crusade trashing Joe Flacco. The Super Bowl run two years ago wasn’t enough. Obviously Harbaugh got caught up in the moment. Joe is not the best QB in the league. But don’t forget if Lee Evans doesn’t drop a pass in the end zone vs. New England Flacco would have been in a second Super Bowl. Mr. Smith takes every opportunity he can to trash Flacco. Stop the personal vendetta and become a professional writer Mr. Smith.

  58. He’s very good, I’ll say that, but Rodgers is the best, at this point. Brady, Wilson, Peyton are better, too. Still, he’s good enough to go all the way. I want the Pats, but I would never write off the Ravens, a team that knows how to win big games.

  59. “First of all, Harbaugh is wrong: Flacco did not have a perfect passer rating in the third quarter. Flacco threw nine passes in the third quarter, completing eight of them, for 107 yards and a touchdown. That’s a passer rating of 153.2, which is very good, but just short of a perfect passer rating of 158.3.”

    Picky, picky.

  60. I think it’s genetic with the Harbaugh’s. His brother was known for the same crap.

    Kaepernick was the best QB in the NFL. Michael Crabtree of the 10%+ drop rate had the best hands Harbaugh ever saw… And on and on and on and on…

  61. Elite Joe Flacco’s stats the last 9 playoff games 20 TDs and 2 INTs. The question is no longer is Joe Flacco elite, but is he the most elite ever in the playoffs.

  62. “We’d take him any day of the week, twice on Sunday — or Saturday night, if that be the case”. Of course he would. He doesn’t have any other choice.

  63. Harbaugh, you’re eroding your credibility when you say that Flacco’s the best QB in football. He’s not even in the top 5. He’s adequate and serviceable, and I know he has a Super Bowl ring, but then so does Trent Dilfer. Flacco’s simply not in the same class as Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Brady, Wilson, Roethlisberger (even though the Steelers lost to the Ravens), Rivers, Luck, and even Eli Manning. I’d take any of those QBs before I’d take Flacco. I know you want to stick up for your team’s QB, Coach Harbaugh, and I appreciate that. You should support your players, but let’s not get carried away here. Flacco is a middle-of-the-pack QB at best. There’s no reason to fabricate stuff.

  64. 10-4 in playoff games.

    7 road playoff wins in his first 7 seasons…so far.

    Super Bowl MVP.

    That’s a big game winning QB. I think that’s what Harbaugh was talking about. Funny you didn’t pick up on that.

  65. Of course Joe’s not the best. I often question his intelligence. But he has great physical tools and wins in the playoffs and that works for me. People get caught up in stats in this age of fantasy football, but in the end playoff wins (especially on the road) are what’s it about. Just ask Andy Dalton.

  66. Joe just wants to be the Superbowl winning QB this season the rest is nonsense. Who cares how elite you are win your home sitting on the couch waiting for next year. Ben was pretty freaking elite up until last night.

  67. You are such a negative writer. The Coach is just emotional and full of good positive energy. Hes excited about his QB and the team winning. Give him a break. You just don’t get it

  68. What is it with the Harbaughs and their love affairs with mediocre quarterbacks? Flacco IS way better than Kaep in clutch situations, but neither one is really anything to write home about.

  69. Wow…Michael David Smith finally woke from his slumber and wrote an article about the Ravens beating the Steelers.

    Oh wait…he is back to writing articles that cue Flacco bashing. That is the best he can do.

  70. Just wait until Flacco beats the Patriots next week. If you thought Michael David Smith was hatin this week, just wait until next week.

  71. Joe would have been picked if pitt had a legitimate corner too. McCain channeled his inner Ike Taylor and dropped a ball that hit him in the hands.

    They moved the ball against a garbage defense. And they didn’t even move it that effectively.

  72. Seriously, MDS. You’re a decent writer for this site. But you have a clear, discernible bias against the Ravens. Clearly, you haven’t faced any repercussions for it, so keep on goi if you want. But it’s not a good look. At least try to be objective.

  73. And that’s why Harbaugh is a good coach .. he can get his players to play at the next level.

  74. Harbaugh embarasses the national Media by choosing to go to Michigan and making the Sports Guessers look bad. So now they are all going to do their best to Make Harbaugh look bad. Because they are 4 years old.

  75. And John Harbaugh is the biggest comedian in pro football.

    Seriously, that game had little to do with Flacco. The Ravens followed their classic formula of taking Joe along for the ride, provided he doesn’t mess with the engine. At one point Flacco had all of 75 yards passing as the Ravens took the lead. The game came down to the Ravens gashing the Steelers on the ground for long drives, and the Steeler offense dominating stat-wise but bogging down like frozen sludge in the red zone.

    The Ravens won mostly in the trenches. They had a good game plan for exploiting Bell’s absence.

    Average Joe once again gets the kind of false credit that made him so overpaid with his last contract.

    But keep on flinging those funnies, Henny Harbaugh! Chris Rock would be jealous.

  76. I beg to differ, Mr. Harbaugh. Flacco is as Jekyll and Hyde as they come. We will see which one shows up in Foxboro next week. Yes,the Ravens can be dangerous,but don’t get ahead of yourself.

  77. amaf21 says:
    Jan 4, 2015 7:48 AM
    Jump ball Joe woooooooo!!!!!!!!

    Exactly. Joe’s passing game is founded on blindly heaving it up while the WR makes as much contact with the defender as possible, to draw the flag. THIS is being the “best”?

  78. You would think with a 10-4 record in the playoffs he would have more than 1 Superbowl win to show for it.

  79. Granted, the Steelers were in their typical spot as the home team favored failure yesterday, but Flacco is horrible. EVERY long pass is a Jumpball, and he clearly relies on pass interference calls. Steelers DBs are horrible.

  80. Playoff records since 2008:

    Joe Flacco 10-4 71.43%
    Tom Brady 4-5 44.44%
    Peyton Manning 4-5 44.44%

    All-time playoff records:

    Joe Flacco 10-4 71.43%
    Tom Brady 18-8 69.23%
    Peyton Manning 11-12 47.83%

    Who would you take right now?

    Flacco is a winner, Peyton is a choke artist loser.

    Who cares how big your numbers are in the regular season if you blow it in the playoffs?

    And I despise how the media blamed the Denver DB for their loss to the Ravens at home in the playoffs 2 seasons ago. He gave up one bad TD… but no mention of Manning fumbling and THROWING A PICK IN OVERTIME TO LOSE THE GAME.

  81. “And one of Flacco’s third-quarter completions was a 14-yard pass on third-and-20 that led to a punt, which is a classic stat-padding play. ”

    Wasn’t that a FG, not a punt? He didn’t really do much research, especially after bashing Harbaugh for being 5 points off a perfect qb rating.

  82. Another year, another playoff win on the road, and another bitter ampatsisahypocrite meltdown. This one just happens to be sweeter because he outplayed Ben instead of Brady or Manning.

  83. Not sure why we are over analyzing what Harbaugh said here. It was right after they beat their arch rival in the playoffs for the first time. That being said here are Flacco’s stats in his last 5 postseason games.

    58% completion pct.
    1,399 yards
    13 TDs
    0 INTs

    The dude has been money in the playoffs recently.

  84. patsfan112 says:
    Jan 4, 2015 10:34 AM
    That’s like saying John Harbaugh is the best coach ever. LOL
    Of course one can’t say that, everyone knows it’s Don Shula.

  85. Am I the only person that didn’t think Flacco looked all that great yesterday? Not making excuses for the Steelers, but they were without Bell (who does so much for that offense and the redzone) and Big Ben still found ways to get it done. Although, the scoreboard didn’t show that.

    Is Flacco a top 10 QB? Absolutely. But best QB in football? Absolutely not. He had one fantastic playoff year which led them to a superbowl and now everyone’s calling him the best QB in the postseason. What about all of those other postseasons he couldn’t get passed Pittsburgh and/or make to the superbowl. When Big Ben has all his pieces in place, he’s lights out. Nothing was more frustrating watching the game last night knowing there were so many opportunities for the Steelers to take the game but instead they costed themselves dumb penalties and allowed the Ravens to convert on 3rd and longs.

    Flacco a lot of poor decisions and some were almost super costly. He did not win that game for the Ravens last night; the Steelers beat themselves and props to the Ravens for taking advantage of that. But sorry Harbaugh, I’d take Peyton, Brady, Rodgers, or Big Ben all day, any day of the week over Flacco.

  86. He was excited. They just won a playoff game. Good lord and youre going to bash him like that? Lol his “fumble” that Zuttah “saved” him by falling on was caused by Zuttah himself getting pushed back into Joe. Jeez watch some football before bashing a coach that got excited over winning a game. What have you ever done Mr.Writer?

  87. What happened to the screw-up about the 3rd and 20 pass he threw for 14 yards? The “state padder” you were whining about , Smith? You know, the pass play that *actually* set up a field goal, but you screwed up reading the play-by-play.

    But perhaps you were just too bummed by the Steelers’ loss to be held responsible, eh?

  88. C’mon – if you’re going to quote Harbaugh, at least use the full quote:

    “He’s the best quarterback in football. Said nobody, ever.”

    There coach – fixed it for you.

  89. For those who respond to comments that Flacco is not the best QB in football with “he’s a great playoff QB”……don’t look now….but here comes arguably The Best QB In Football….who also happens to be a Great Playoff QB…..

    On one side you have Manning, and on the other side you have Flacco…..and then there is Tom F. Brady….the best of both worlds.

  90. To say Joe is great in the playoffs and not in the reg. season is ridiculous. His winning % is about the same. His stats might be higher but what does that mean?

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