Marvin Lewis on 2015 return: That’s my plan

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The Bengals lost their postseason opener for the fourth straight year on Sunday, a development that left wide receiver Mohamed Sanu feeling that something has to change for the Bengals to avoid a continuation of their real-life Groundhog Day.

“I don’t know, I really don’t,” Sanu said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We are just going to have to see. It’s just frustrating and embarrassing. It’s tiring having this feeling, the same talk, the same situation over and over. Something’s got to change.”

One change that will be suggested inside and outside Cincinnati is the departure of coach Marvin Lewis, who became the second NFL coach to lose his first six postseason games on Sunday. The other coach to do it was Jim Mora and he never got a chance to coach a seventh playoff game, but Lewis, whose contract runs through next season, is moving forward with plans on being on the Bengals sideline.

“It’s my plan. It’s not about me. I’m talking about our football team, wherever our football team is,” Lewis said during his postgame press conference. “Obviously every year you create a new football team and that’s part of it unfortunately. Tomorrow is not promised for anyone and so that’s part of the life in the NFL and what these guys have in the finality of losing when you lose in the playoffs.”

It’s not easy to get to the playoffs on an annual basis, something that counts in Lewis’s favor when evaluating what he’s done with the Bengals. With his ability to do that well established, the Bengals will have to decide how many more chances he gets to lead the team off the treadmill.

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  1. He was the DC of one of the greatest defences of all time, but the man is clearly NOT an NFL HC.

  2. If you look at all the coaches who have been fired and interviewed and are considered “hot” this year, the best of the bunch qualify as mediocre or perhaps even adequate. Not a single one can get a fan or a player excited about what he’s adding to the team. Keep Marvin Lewis.

  3. 12 years w/o a playoff win, how is that even possible in today’s sports world ?
    must be very good buddies with Cincinnati media

  4. 12 years without a playoff win. You guys are the only ones proposing to keep him.

    Not even mentioning their pop gunned arm QB.

  5. If anybody expects a change in the head coach or quarterback or any other significant changes with the incompetent bozo mike brown running the show, you’re dreaming. Quit spending money on this inferior product and just maybe mediocre mike will
    get the message.

  6. I hate this, but the Bucs had to fire Dungy to get over the hump (and, alas, after climbing the mountain fell prey to poor personnel decisions). I think the Bengals may have to look elsewhere to get the talent (which they have) over the hump and into a championship. The question is who? I wish they’d have cleaned house last year, but kept Zimmer and installed him as the HC, to be honest. Right now? Give me Shanahan, Gase, Bevell, someone with a strong offensive background.

  7. They have for many years now not quite risen to the top tier possible which would be to competitively compete for a Super Bowl, so one could make an argument either way for a coaching change or not. Only the owner of the team can make that call.

    If this team wants to get to the next level the best way to do that is to first evaluate the GM responsibilities and consider if there’s a better person or process to handle all of that as that’s where everything starts and that’s the first place that needs to be looked at for any team that isn’t happy with their results.

  8. I don’t know why we are even having this conversation. There is 0.0% chance Lewis gets fired.

    After 12 years and 6 playoff appearances, Lewis was the 20th highest paid NFL coach this year, behind such luminaries as Mike Smith, John Fox, Lovie Smith, Bill O’Brien and Jay Gruden.

    He has that magical quality that Mike Brown loves. He works cheap.

  9. If Marvin got a contract EXTENSION after going 4-12, I cannot imagine him getting fired after this year. In all likelihood, he’ll be around as long as Mike Brown is alive, no matter how much noise anyone makes about Katie running the team now.

    He actually *is* a good coach; you only need to look at how bad we were before he was here to see that. I don’t think he’s good enough to win us a playoff game, though. 0-6? Come on. I’ve defended both him and Dalton, because they’ve both done good work, but after our fourth playoff loss in a row… I feel like throwing them both out. I’m not sure who you replace them with, though. Our best shot at a good future is now the HC in Minnesota. Drafting a QB is roulette.

    All that said, I fully expect that nothing will change this off-season. Being a fan of this team is extremely frustrating sometimes.

  10. Joe, I think you mean “defense”
    You’re posting so fast you forget to double check. Not acceptable for a Raiders troll.
    Get it right.

  11. What were his plans for the last 12 years?? I think he needs a more robust plan with several things to solve/conquer. Team needs a new philosophy/leader. We Bengals’ fans know that MB won’t fire him this off-season. MB’s MO would be to wait until Week 4 and if they are 0-4 – fire Marv and promote Hue. Team will “respond” slightly, finish 7-9 and Hue will be heralded. But for what he’s done this year- did he really do anything earth-shattering? Here’s an idea- put both Bernard AND Hill in the backfield at the same time and keep the D guessing. Goodbye Gresham

  12. It took years for Mike Brown to browbeat the competitive fire out Marvin Lewis, and get the foolish notion of ever winning a Super Bowl out of his head. You will never hear Mike Brown and family ever speak the words Super Bowl, much less speak of having the goal of winning the Super Bowl. Mike Brown has spent too much time and effort conditioning Marvin Lewis mindset to mirror his own to have to start over with a new coach. Make no mistake Marvin will back next year, no doubt about it.

  13. I’m not calling for Marvin Lewis to be fired but a head coaching change should be strongly considered by the front office.

    His situation reminds me of the Chargers/Marty Schottenheimer situation back in the mid-2000s. A really good team that was unable to win a playoff game. Marty got axed after a 14-2 Chargers season; they hired Norv Turner. His record was worse the next season but Turner had them advancing from the Wild Card round to the AFC Title game.

    Sometimes a new voice can turn out to be a good thing for a team that is underachieving. We’ll see what happens.

  14. How do they fire him when he’s gotten the team to the playoffs 4 years straight. Dalton is just not the guy. That’s the main problem. His numbers are just not good enough, and the team is winning in spite of the QB.

  15. He has another year on his contract and Mike Brown will not pay him to do nothing. Unfortunately Bengal fans are stuck with Marvin Lewis. The biggest worry for Bengal fans is if he starts losing some of the key players. Remember insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

  16. It’s clear they can’t win without cheating…

    Oh wait, sorry, that’s just the Patriots when they lose

    When other teams lose they just legitimately lose

    When the Patriots lose, it’s because they can’t win without cheating (except for all the games they do win)

    Look folks – in all seriousness, Lewis is a good coach and the Bengals are a good team. Sometimes good teams still lose on any given Sunday. They had a great season and should be proud of what they accomplished.

    See you next season.

  17. What this “record” says is that Marvin Lewis is an excellent coach. It also says the guy that makes the talent decisions is not so great.

    It takes an average amount of team talent to lose 4 straight opening playoff games. But it takes a greatly talented coaching staff to get that average talent to the playoffs every year.

    Once in the playoffs you really need above average talent along with incredibly good coaching to win a few games. The Bengals should be looking to change things up in the FO and keep the talented coaching staff they already have.

  18. I don’t watch much of the bengals because, well, who does? But after watching the only 4 games I’ve seen them (playoffs), I can safely say dalton blows. That dude is NOT a winning player. They should trade him for griffin or anyone else.

  19. Dalton’s stat line in the playoffs continued. 63.4 rating. Zero TDs. He’s now thrown 1 TD in 4 playoff games. It has been proven he can’t handle the bright lights.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    If they roll out Dalton again next year, is there any doubt the same thing will happen again if they make the playoffs?

    Stop the insanity!!!!

  20. It has to be embarrassing for the players to have to board a bus to travel to the Univ. of Cincinnati campus to use their indoor practice bubble. The Bengals are the only team in the NFL that doesn’t have a practice bubble. Mike Brown isn’t embarrassed, he thinks he’s being smarter than the other owners because he’s not paying for the cost and maintenance of a practice bubble.

  21. Lewis’s teams either over achieve and slip into the playoffs or they limp in to them missing key starters. The real point isn’t a single playoff win.. It’s taking the team to the next level. How can someone consistently win but not get better.

  22. If Lewis became available, the interest in him league-wide would be tremendous. What many forget is that the Benglas are not a good organization. They have an owner who insists on doing everything on the cheap, and their facilities and staff reflect that. Lewis’ accomplishments despite the inherent obstacles are highly impressive.

  23. So just who is gonna replace the QB duel and prime time matchup every year of Brady vs. Peyton?

    I was thinking it would be Luck vs. Dalton, because isn’t this the 3rd year in a row these two QBs have played in the playoffs?

    I mean, if not these two, then who? Luck vs….

    I pray it becomes Tannehill. Make it happen, Dolphins!

  24. Not a huge fan of Marvin either, but I still think Mike is holding him back as self-appointed GM.

    Great Paul Daugherty article on Cinci Enquirer today explaining Mike Brown’s desire for stability over change (e.g.: good is good enough). Mike comments companies don;t change COOs when they get in trouble, but he missed the irony that in those other companies CEOs are often released. He remembers his father Paul getting fired and wants to avoid that “change” at his own hand. Mike, Dr. Freud for you on line 1.

    In short Marvin remains at least another year if not another five. Once Katie Blackburn takes over (Mike is almost 80) then look for a new GM and coach.

    Congrats to Colts.

  25. For all the people backing up Lewis, what would are ya’s living in?? All I keep reading is you dont let go of a winning coach, winning what? 12 years coaching n the man hasn’t won one playoff game, are you kidding me? Don’t forget Rex Ryan also was a great D coord for the Ravens n won with them, even won in the playoffs, how’s he look now, this guy should be gone tomorrow, if he stays you can expect the same thing next year.

  26. Lewis and Dalton will be back. Lewis because he is Mike Browns puppet and works for less than market value. Dalton because they have no other QB to compete for the starting job. Draft is thin at QB this year. After next year Lewis contract is up and they can get out of Daltons contract. Also they will let AJ walk. No way he wants to be here.

  27. As long as mike brown (and family) own the Cincinnati Bengals it will be more of the same.

    It was obvious that the Bengals receiving corps is THIN (I have been saying it for four years – why did the team draft A.J. Green… but… that’s all they did)… but… mike brown chose to nickel and dime the team when he could have made a run at steve smith.

    Marvin Jones/Mohamed Sanu are not steve smith caliber.

    Dalton’s rookie season jerome simpson and andre caldwell were his #2 and #3 wide receivers… simpson is out of the league and caldwell can’t even get on the field in Denver.

    Caldwell had 317 yards with caldwell in 13 games.
    Manning has 256 yards with caldwell in 40 games.

    Marvin Jones/ Mohamed Sanu need to be upgraded… or… the Bengals will CONTINUE to repeat this same mistake (holding on to low quality receivers who wash out on teams with better quarterbacks).

  28. bengalguy says:
    Could be worse Cincinnati. See 20 other NFL franchises. Perennial winner every year!


    This is classic Bengal fan comment and the reason Lewis continues to gets a pass in Cincy. Guy labels his team a “perennial winner” even though hasn’t won a post season game in 24 years. The goal is to win a championship. There is only one winner and 31 losers. The bar is consistently set very low in Cincinnati.

  29. How about Jon Gruden takes this job, wins another SuperBowl with a team the previous coach took from the bottom of the toilet…..but couldnt quite get them where they needed to be…… And wins with his Bro’s old team.

    Now that would be a story.

  30. You’re only going to go so far with Andy Dalton. I’m not sure the blame should fall on Marvin Lewis’ shoulders. He’s gotten the most out of the talent they’ve given him to work with. Need to check with the personnel department on this one. Jeff Fisher has been around for decades and he doesn’t ever seem to win. Fisher is a good coach too. You can’t beat guys like Tom Brady and Andrew Luck unless you have one of your own.

  31. Firing a coach is an easy escape … Let’s not forget the bengals were underdogs and on the road in 3 of the 4 playoff games. They made the playoffs this year with 2 new coordinators … and they didn’t have Eifert, Gresham, AJ Green or Marvin Jones. They were building this offense around a 2 TE set ala Gronk / Hernandez to run or pass. This offense is completely different with Hill and Bernard out of the backfield with Eifert and Gresham in a two TE set with Green, Jones and Sanu out wide.

    Take the top 2 TEs and top 3 WRs off any offense in this league and you will see an offense that will struggle.

    Stay the course …. Use the draft to bolster the pass rush, D Line and O line to add depth where they can.

  32. As long as mike brown is writing the checks… when the product develops holes… he will stay the course with whoever he drafted regardless of their lack of performance (due to their low salary).

    Marvin Jones only has 4 games with over 70 receiving yards.

    Mohamed Sanu only has 4 games with over 70 receiving yards.

    How about getting open and/or not being injured?!?

  33. Someone commented that the Raiders, Bucs, Rams and Browns would kill for a coach like Lewis, Hah! Yes and they would continue to be the inept franchises that are the Raiders, Bucs, Rams and Browns.

  34. If you want to fire Lewis, based on his lack of playoff victories okay. Who are you bringing in to replace him though? I would also say that Dalton is more to blame for recent playoff losses with just 1 TD and 6 ints and fumble lost in 4 games along with a 56 Qb rating. Especially the two seasons before this one.

  35. Please let this be the kiss of death. I’ll be the first to sign the petition.

    -someone who respects everything that is right and good with the afcn
    and expects the highest standards of competition from wk 1 thru wk 21.

  36. sergeant2 says:
    Jan 4, 2015 10:02 PM
    It has to be embarrassing for the players to have to board a bus to travel to the Univ. of Cincinnati campus to use their indoor practice bubble. The Bengals are the only team in the NFL that doesn’t have a practice bubble. Mike Brown isn’t embarrassed, he thinks he’s being smarter than the other owners because he’s not paying for the cost and maintenance of a practice bubble.

    Not to crap on your point, but it’s not quite accurate. The Jaguars, Buccaneers, Cowboys, and Panthers also don’t currently have indoor practice facilities.

  37. Seahawks fan here, and I see the success turning a corner with hiring of John Schneider as GM. Pete Carroll deserves his share of the credit for coaching to potential, etc. but things really got rolling with good talent scouting and draft picks once he got here. Oh, and an owner willing to trust them with some gutsy decisions..drafting and then starting a 5’10” rookie quarterback over recently signed Matt Flynn, and punting on Percy Harvin mid-season after playing in maybe 5 games over two seasons with the team. Honestly, that latter move seems to have saved the season this year.

  38. The Jaguars, Buccaneers, Cowboys, and Panthers don’t have indoor practice facilities for a reason, I could be wrong but I don’t think those locales get a lot of freezing temps, snow, freezing rain and temps that stay below freezing for long periods of time. I’m pretty sure Jerry Jones would have an indoor practice facility for the team if they needed one, and so would the owners of those other teams.

  39. Shoulda made Marvin gm last year and kept zimmer as head coach. Now not only do we have a quarterback that is completely incapable of doing anything without aj green, we also have a defense that forgot how to pressure the qb. As a bengals fan though I know next year we’ll get back eifert, burfict, jones, and some 1st round bust and give it another go! Who dey baby!

  40. well Lewis takes his team to the playoffs, he just never does anything in the playoffs. if they fired him, it’s understandable, but if they keep him, it’s also understandable.

  41. Sorry
    Green and Jones 1&2 WR
    Smith 1tackle
    Bufeit & maulugo 1&2 mlb
    Gresham & Eifert 1&2 TE
    Point is we were not going anywhere this year what Lewis did with all these injuries all yr has to be taken into consideration we will regret letting Lewis go!!!

  42. Who cares about a indoor practice field? Last i checked, the bengals played their home games OUTSIDE. You know, where you have rain and wind and cold. Btw, Jerry Jones did have a practice bubble. Remember how that turned out?

  43. Yes and as he said this he got a big smile on his face. What is funny after losing another playoff game????? It’s like he’s laughing at all the Bengals fans who have to suffer through this year after year. He knows he’s not going anywhere.

  44. The Bengals do need a change, but the change has to come from the attitude of the entire organization. Marvin’s attitude toward the media during his press conferences is a prime example. He seems to think if he belittles the person asking the questions he doesn’t like or think needs to be addressed makes it go away. There needs to some accountability, I’m tired of seeing a player being penalized then getting big pat on the rear by Marvin as he comes to the sidelines.
    The talent is there, it just doesn’t seem to jell together when it needs to. I’ve been a huge Andy Dalton supporter, but I must admit that area needs some improvement in a big way.

  45. And just who are you going to replace him with? The bozos competing for the currently open positions don’t exactly take your breathe away. In fact, if the Bengals were to let Marvin Lewis go, he would be at the top of the list for the franchises looking for a new coach.

  46. Marvin was good enough to turn this franchise around and make it a winning franchise. Nobody is discounting that. But he just can’t get it past the next level. The team never seems to be prepared for big games. That’s a leadership issue (or lack thereof). That’s not a skill issue. Yeah we didn’t have AJ, Burfict or Eifert yesterday. But we had AJ and Burfict last year, and the year before. What was the excuse then? They looked even worse the last 2 years in playoffs. It’s just time for a change in scenery in Cincinnati. Hire Hue, let Marvin go and be done with it. Hue should be a HC in this league and it needs to be with this team. Hell, look what he did with Jason Campbell in Oakland. Took that team to an 8-8 season. It’s time for change and it’s time right now.

  47. This year the offense was devastated by injuries. To even make the playoffs this year was impressive. I would give Marvin a pass for this year……it’s last year against San Diego at home when everything was set up perfectly and they laid an egg and then the year before against the Texans when for some reason they didn’t throw to AJ Green the entire first half that had me wanting Lewis gone. Those games to me was more about Marvin’s coaching.

  48. Let’s pretend Flacco and Harbaugh didn’t have Steve Smith, Torrey Smith an Owen Daniels for their playoff game…or Dallas didn’t have Witten, Bryant and Terrance Williams. Detroit goes without Calvin, Golden Tate and both their tight ends. Denver without Dem. Thomas, Julius Thomas an Emmanual Sanders. Heck…even Pitt without one big piece of the offense was totally different. Dalton and Lewis were down literally their top 4 wr and te targets. Green, Jones, Eifert and Gresham. Heck even throw in back-ups Wright and Sazenbacher and Alex Smith. You think the offense might have produced more if they had those guys? Absolutely…..only team with more devastating injuries was Arizona to the QB’s.

  49. As bad as the Bungles are year after year….they still look cute running around the field in their football pajamas

  50. This topic is irrelevant. Mike Brown’s fatal flaw is loyalty. If he likes Lewis (which he does), likes the fact the Bengals have been competitive (and they have), has made the playoffs 4 straight seasons – Lewis is not going anywhere anytime soon. That book is closed. ML did a bangup job as a DC, did a great job turning the Bengals into a winning culture, but NOT a successful culture. He just isn’t capable of taking that next step. He’s great as a DC, heck, even a GM I would imagine. Then there is Dalton. Good enough to manage a season, but not good enough to take the bull by the horns and will his way to even a competitive showing in post season play. These three individuals alone will prevent post season success, and they aren’t going anywhere for a long, long time.

  51. Part of the problem Marvin creates for himself is having too many idiots that can’t measure up in postseason against similarly talented players. The football IQ deficiency becomes apparent. Fast and strong go only so far. Marvin can’t coach at high enough a level to win

  52. The best option would be to cut Lewis and promote Jackson. The players love Jackson, and he is a great motivator. I think he deserves another shot as HC in the NFL.

    If they won’t do that, then keep Lewis. There are no better HC options out there to replace him.

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