Teams should be ready to chase Jason Garrett, too


If, as reported by ESPN, multiple teams may be hoping to interview Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, how many will be waiting to make a run at his boss?

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett enters the postseason one loss (or four wins) away from becoming a free agent.  The contract he signed in 2011 expires once the 2014 season ends, and that contract has not yet been extended.

Some believe a loss could cause the Cowboys to move on.  A loss now or a win in February should cause Garrett to at least explore his options elsewhere.

The Cowboys have done a nice job of focusing on the current season and ignoring looming contractual challenges, whether involving Garrett, running back DeMarco Murray, or receiver Dez Bryant.  Most believe that owner Jerry Jones wants to keep Garrett, and that Garrett wants to stay.

Then again, most believed a week ago that the Bills wanted to keep Doug Marrone, and that Marrone wanted to stay.  And then Marrone opted to hit the road when he had an opening.

Marrone instantly became one of the most coveted candidates on the market, despite a career record that’s below .500.  Garrett is now 41-31, when including the eight games he handled as an interim head coach in 2010.  So if Marrone has morphed into Vince Lombardi, shouldn’t Garrett at least be viewed as Tom Landry?

Sure, Garrett has his flaws.  Every coach does.  But Garrett brings something to the table that most candidates don’t — 72 games of experience as a head coach, while finding a way to coexist with an owner who also has made himself the General Manager.

Given that both the owner and the General Manager in San Francisco couldn’t find a way to work with Jim Harbaugh, shouldn’t the 49ers at least wait a week or so for a chance to talk Garrett?

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  1. Jason Garrett doesn’t perform the full duties of the average coach. Much of his responsibilities have been delegated over the past few years because of poor performance. In fact, some duties now have three chefs in the kitchen stirring the pot.

    Garrett failed with his hand on the offense, so the brought in Callahan, with Garrett having the final say in all matters and playcalling. After that duo failed, they brought in Linehan, who has done a fantastic job, but Tweedledee and Tweedledum still have their minimized roles.

    Garrett is getting too much credit for his team performing well under his diminished role. Dallas is truly coached by committee. It’s not to say Garrett hasn’t been effective in the role tailored to his limited skills over the years, but he is not capable of succeeding in a full head coaching role elsewhere. He won’t have Jerry Jones coddling him when the team tanks.

  2. Just like people shouldnt look to crucify a coach for one lousy season, people should also not be anointing a coach after one good one. Im inclined to believe Garrett actually is a decent HC but its a little early to start suggesting teams wait with bated breath to interview him.

  3. Also, say what you want about Romo, but he is still one of the best QB’s in the game….and Garrett has accomplished what with him?

  4. In an upset I’m picking Detroit over Dallas today.

    If it happens I just wonder what happens to Garrett ?
    Do they let him walk ?

  5. If the cowboys actually win a post season game, its mostly just luck and sheer odds that they can’t be failures so many consecutive years without winning something.

  6. My fellow Lions fans practically ran Linehan outta town and now we all wish he never left. Lombardi ruined Stafford by trying to limit his interception and taking away the one thing he was great at: the deep ball. Stafford is inaccurate on short passes and frequently throws over the head of a RB six yards in front of him but he throws in on a frozen rope 50 yards downfield right on the money. Unfortunately that play has been discarded from the playbook so the Cowboys really don’t need to worry about getting burned for 300 yards by CJ this time around. They would be smart to leave Carr alone on him again and focus on bottling up Tate and Joique Bell in the run game

  7. Why do you keep banging this drum Florio? He was neutered from play calling and his team has become better. In what way is he qualified at this point? He’s a glorified company man who does what he’s told for a paycheck.

  8. I would love it if Garrett leaves immediately after the Cowboys season ends (likely next week.) If Jones wants all the credit for building this team then he can coach it as well. Garrett will probably never have more leverage than he has now so he may as well use it to go to a team with a less meddling owner.

  9. Jason Garrett; proof positive that a broken watch is right twice a day.

    I’m sorry but if your DC calls all the denensive plays, your owner drafts all your players for you, and you have two offensive coordinators (one calling the plays and the other collaborating on the gameplan {run demarco, throw to dez, run again, repeat}) then what exactly do you need Garrett for?

  10. He’s a glorified company man who does what he’s told for a paycheck.


    Exactly the kind of coach Jerry Jones wants…..

  11. Why would he be in demand? His 5 year record is basically the same as Denny Green’s record over 13 years. He’s barely over .500 and has shown is lack of sideline skills year in year out.

    Nevermind, looking at the revolving coaching treadmill, I guess he’s highly qualified. In the land of the blind, a cyclops is king.

  12. He’s a glorified company man who does what he’s told for a paycheck.


    Exactly the kind of coach Jerry Jones wants…..

    as well as Jed York.

  13. I think Garrett deserves a lot of credit as a HC. Especially while being hampered by a clown of a GM like JJones. Preseason the Cowboys were picked to do nothing by almost everyone. He’d be my coach of the year, if not for Arians. Not sure if he’s the next Norv Turner or not, but this yr he deserves props…as long as they win today.

  14. Oh please Jerruh, keep your towel boy as coach and let the assistants that you had to hire to do his job walk! The Cowboys will lose next round and I am inclined to say this round except Deteoit can’t help but to shoot themselves on the foot. Next year Jerruh keeps Garret, lets the assistants go and they go 7-9… Because Garret will demand to run the offense again and he’ll start throwing the ball again and leaving it to Tony Choke-o and all will be back to normal.

  15. Haters gotta hate and if any of you knew ANYTHING about the game or Garret’s evolution, you would know that over the last 5 years Garret has been spending a lot of time with his mentor Jimmy Johnson (just like Bill Belicheck does) Jimmy has been advising Garret to be a HEAD COACH surround himself with good coaches and be the overseer of it all. After all, isn’t that what a “HEAD COACH” is supposed to do? He has also had his hands all over the building of this team in the mold of what he knows…. The 90’s Cowboys. His hands are all over the draft and drafting these players who are good character guys and hard workers. If any of you so called experts knew ANYTHING, You would see this. Garret brought Lenehan in, because he knows him and trust him, he moved away from Jerrys boy Kiffen and promoted Merenelli, so, I guess,,haters gotta hate.

    Nuff said!

  16. Sure every coach has flaws, but every football team doesn’t need to be concerned with all of those flaws of all of those coaches. There theoretically exists one person who would be the greatest possible HC they could choose, and relative to everybody else they wouldn’t have any significant flaws. You can’t complain about having the best person in the world for any job, which essentially is flawless in comparison to all others.

    Every team should strive to find that somebody who is as close to that theoretical best fit for the task at hand, and any team that comes close to doing so will find great satisfaction to the point that any flaw is not worth being acknowledged.

  17. C’mon now, what human being of the face of the planet wouldn’t take a free 4 million dollars to walk away from Buffalo ?

  18. Jason Garrett is perfect for the Cowboys and that’s why he’s there. He’s smart enough to read the room and know his place. A big name loud mouth coach that gets a lot of credit for success probably isn’t a good fit.

  19. Coach Garrett is going nowhere. He and Mr. Jones have built another Dallas Dynasty. I do believe it’s possible that every assistant coach could have head coaching jobs before next season.

  20. Garrett has made some of the worst coaching decisions I have ever seen.

    Jones must have another lap dog lined up if he’s getting rid of Garrett.

  21. all success points to Garrett. A couple plays going against them and a week defense they would have been in the playoffs five years running..before he was promoted to interim coach, he interviewed with many themes for a job opening as head coach. You do not forget football when you become the head coach he had a plan for this team,the team bought in. the sky is the limit.! Pay this man

  22. Bill Callahan is driving force behind that offense. Unless Garrett or Linehan can bring Callahan with them they shouldn’t be on anybody’s coaching list.

  23. Howdy Doody will keep his mouth shut, take the money and “retire” in 2 years after Jerrah blames Doody for the doody his team leaves on the field week in and week out. I used to love this team….pre Jerrah.

  24. Garrett would be nothing without that Oline and Murray. Same goes for Romo…

    Credit the GM for listening to the right people when selecting those draft picks.

  25. Really? I found an article you write at this time last year saying that Jerry Jones should fire him. I guess the wind changed directions.

  26. Jason Garrett if Jerry Jones rejects you, Im sure Jed York and Baalke need a puppet, er I mean Head coach. Wouldn’t be shocked to see him jump to the top of the list if it were to happen. Hope the Cowboys keep him and Romo, and I hope Kaep gets unloaded to another team but thats a long shot.

  27. 44yrfaith says:
    Jan 4, 2015 12:50 PM

    all success points to Garrett. A couple plays going against them and a week defense they would have been in the playoffs five years running..before he was promoted to interim coach, he interviewed with many themes for a job opening as head coach. You do not forget football when you become the head coach he had a plan for this team,the team bought in. the sky is the limit.! Pay this man
    A couple plays this or that ways puts every team in the playoffs. That means nothing, 8-8 is 8-8, not almost 11-5.

  28. Garrett will only succeed somewhere else if he is allowed to take Jerry with him to be GM.

  29. Please someone take him. Has everyone forgotten that Jerry publicly stripped most of his authority from him and it wasn’t just because Jerry was being Jerry.

  30. Jasons duties are to schedule practice hours. All other tasks are performed by two other people in each coordinator position LOL.

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