Heckling fans douse Manziel with drinks

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2014 wasn’t a great year for Johnny Manziel.  And 2015 isn’t starting off much better.

Via TMZ.com, the Browns quarterback had an encounter with hecklers at a Houston nightclub.  He reportedly flipped them the bird.  And they reportedly threw drinks at him.

Manziel reportedly left the club, changed clothes, and then returned after being assured by security that the troublemakers had been given the boot.

Police were not called, and in isolation it’s not a big deal.  But it’s the latest example of a situation in which Manziel finds a way to make a headline.  While the throwing of the drinks may have been inevitable, Manziel didn’t help matter by flashing his middle finger at the hecklers.

119 responses to “Heckling fans douse Manziel with drinks

  1. Kid will be traded to the Cowgirls in the off season. Romo can be a solid role model and help save his career. Heck, they can play golf too.

  2. How could you not hate this guy? I could see if he could actually play you might be able to excuse his ego but in his 2 starts you could argue Ryan Lindley played better…

  3. As bad as Manziel was, and he was horrific, Browns fans would do well to remember how he even got off the bench in the first place. In his last five games Hoyer threw just 2 TD passes and a whopping 9 picks.

    I see a lot of Browns fans saying “go back to hoyer, go back to hoyer.” I suppose at the least he doesn’t flip people off while getting drenched with beer at night clubs but don’t be delusional about Hoyer’s ability.

  4. And here we are, as sure as now as we were in 1999, that the Cleveland Browns still do not have a QB worthy of the position.

    Which is a shame, the fans deserve so much better then the dysfunctional front office and scouts they have had all this time.

  5. Time for Johnny to decide if he wants to be a celebrity or a football player. Take a year off of the clubs and parties Johnny and prove you belong in the league on the field. The clubs and party life will still be there a year from now if you want to go back. If you go back as a legit NFL star in the making and not as the the 10 pounds of hyped stuffed into a five pound bag you are now and there won’t be hecklers harassing you. Well at least not as many.

  6. Since clubbing seems to remain a priority for Johnny Screwball, I suspect that he will soon have lots of available time to hit all of the hotspots.

  7. We’re good for at least one Manziel screw up per week on this web site. This guy is a magnet for trouble even when he doesn’t initiate it (allegedly). It’s been a year of poor judgment on the field and bad habits off.

    Today one of the scribes for a NE Ohio paper called the Browns brass to dump Manziel and get what they can for him. Know what? He’s right.

  8. With great responsibility should come great responsibility. This time it was just drinks, next time ignoring the hecklers altogether it will be something less than that.

  9. The fans apologize , they preferred gasoline , but were out , and drinks were the best at hand ! They did not ignite , so the Browns are stuck with him ! Sorry !

  10. I can’t tell if he’s really making a lot of mistakes or if people just won’t leave him alone. Seems like he can’t even go to the restroom without someone being critical of how long he pees.

  11. In the follow-up article, Johnny MiddleFinger will be quoted as saying, “I realize now that I need to be smarter and more professional when I am out in public.”

  12. I still remember it like it was just hours ago… Johnny money, or johnny screwup, or johnny football, or johnny pinerider, whatever his name is this week… Was walking out there as he was being drafted, and making his money sign… I knew right then and there, he was going to be trouble. Not a good player, just a goof…

    I wonder how those patents are going that he was applying for? All of the johnny names… Nobody is using them johnny!

  13. I remember skip bayless said he would be a star in the nfl.

    He comes from a rich family apparently and makes enough off his dumb sponsors like snickers. No wonder he isn’t motivated or could care less.

  14. vikingsftw says:
    Jan 5, 2015 9:13 PM

    They were throwing fertilizer water and only trying to help the lil fella.


    The same fertilizer that baby hands bridgewater used to make his tiny hands grow, the stuff really works!

  15. Fast-forward 10 years: Johnny to anybody within earshot, “remember me I used to be Johnny Football.”

    Removing a folded picture from his wallet, “see, that’s me right there.”

  16. Johnny’s only aspiration is to be the male version of Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian…famous only for being famous. We are the fools for playing into it. This kid is not a player. That leg ‘injury’ prolonged his fame through the offseason. What are you going to do next Johnny? It sure won’t involve playing NFL football.

  17. This kid just doesnt get it. Sad that someone decided to make him a millionaire. Wonder what happens first, booted from the league or flat broke. He might be able to lose all his money before losing his contract.

  18. Yes , that Snickers commercial , says it all , JM is Richard Simmons ! Perfect Likeness !

  19. How hard is it to use your head? Buy the idiots a drink. You make enough to spend a few bucks on that. It does a few things here:

    1) The hecklers might give it a rest and leave you alone.

    2) The hecklers might see that you’re not a jerk and turn their attitude around.

    3) You look like a saint to the media and it turns into good attention.

    4) Nothing changes, you make a good effort, and you don’t look like a fool.

    Ask Wade Boggs. He was being heckled by an opposing fan at a game once. Instead of giving the guy the finger, or some sharp retort, Boggs grabbed a ball from the dugout, signed it, and handed it to the heckler. Not only did the guy shut up, he became a fan and raved about the experience to the media and everyone he encountered. A little decency and swallowing your pride can go a long ways.

  20. From the minute he walked on stage at Radio City Music Hall rubbing his fingers doing the money sign, I knew he was going to be a complete bust.

    Too bad Cleveland couldn’t do what the refs did yesterday in Dallas, back track from their decision and get a do over.

  21. He is an idiot and probably won’t be good but do you really think this type of stuff doesn’t happen all the time to other players?. Wouldn’t be a headline for 99% of the other players in the league.

  22. f1restarter says:
    Jan 5, 2015 9:13 PM
    In a year or two, Manziel will be serving drinks to people like this.

    Early frontrunner for post of the year.

  23. Gee, and the Vikings passed on JM and took that no-talent Teddy ‘Tiny Hands’ Bridgewater. Go figure.

  24. i believe this is the second time I’ve seen the word “Aggressively” used to explain an incident with this guy…didn’t the guy come at him in his “upscale” apartment complex elevator “Aggressively”?

  25. If Johnny Manziel flipped me the bird, I would definitely want to throw some hot coffee in his face… or some some bows! I just don’t like him!

  26. The sad thing is that even if his NFL career fails horribly, the worst thing that will happen to him is he’ll live the rest of his days as Billy Madison living off his dad’s money.

  27. Late Hits:
    Funny how everyone is picking the Ravens.
    Because they aren’t afraid. Or something
    Last week it was the Steelers.

    What is pass interference?
    The difference between dem Cowboys and dem Lions in the playoffs?
    Sure looks that way to me.
    Me and everyone.
    Except Jerrah.

    Romo now has one playoff victory?
    is that a misprint?

    Folks respond with, “watch out Green Bay”.

    Carolina was very very happy about that wild card win.
    Finally, a successful season.
    Can we go home now?
    No. Not Home.

    Red headed stepchild. Trade him for Cutler?
    Same as firing that losing coach to hire
    another losing coach, from somewhere else that everyone locally hasn’t heard to hate yet.

    Sorry SF, you can’t fire the owner. Ask a Jet fan.
    And old pats fans.

    Expanding playoffs helps the Rich. Good teams get pleasant first round duck hunts.

    Manziel to not be a Brown,
    All Chips to be on table.
    7 draftpicks to Tampa for the new savior.

    Bucs flip one to Those of the Mistake of The Infinite Pain,
    get The John.

    Fans show up to watch him get flushed.

    Tampa learned to love big hits,back in the day.
    They will cheer him being carried off, demand he return, do it again.
    Ticket sales will go up. They won’t win, but at least someone gets hurt, like in the good old Sapp happy days.

  28. Dude.. Of all people he shouldn’t be surprised by this sort of reaction. Even if your just a humble every day, Joe/celebrity, this is what happens when you go to clubs (especially here in Houston) as the celebrity is a lightning rod for some kind of negative behavior from classless jerks. Then again, this is Manziel we’re talking about here.

    I’ll bet we here at least two more incidents of trouble with Manziel at some other sociable night life gathering between now and next season where the Browns may cut him. The owners publicly stated he won’t tolerate it and Johnny boys obviously not listening.

  29. coltzfan166 says:
    Jan 5, 2015 9:19 PM
    This stuff doesn’t happen to Andrew Luck. Enough said

    =True but Andrew Luck just seems like a NEET. Doubt he’s ever been to a party much less a club in his life.

  30. When he is out of the NFL he can join the FBI and go undercover to infiltrate a group of bank robbing surfers after he plays them in a game of beach football…

  31. The biggest clue that Johnny doesn’t get it is not the fact that this happened: It’s that, after it happened, he decided to go back to the same club where he had run into trouble earlier in the night.

    Some people never learn.

  32. @kittlesareyum says: Jan 5, 2015 9:20 PM

    I’m no fan of Manziel, but throwing drinks at someone is a punk move.

    No, I beg to differ, the bigger “punk move” was to leave and come back ONLY after “being assured by security that the troublemakers had been given the boot.”

    You can’t talk the talk if you’re afraid to walk the walk. I wouldn’t have wasted my drink on him, but I would have sent him (Manziel) a “Very Virgin Daiquiri” with the biggest pinkest umbrella the barkeep could find.

  33. Ironic that Cleveland picked Manziel with the pick they got from the Colts for Richardson PLUS Cleveland ate all of the Richardson’s Bonus and major Cap Hit.

    Consider that some PAYBACK Cleveland.

  34. Probably not his fault, but why go back to the club? That’s the knucklehead move. Go somewhere else. You have more to lose than those people.

  35. Coulda been worse he coulda wringed his shirt out into a glass and drank it. I keep wanting to give this kid a second, third, fourth chance, but when he continues to do the same stuff, at different clubs, and can’t resist responding back to the idiots, instead letting his handlers / security deal with it. Most can’t say they wouldn’t want to party a little, chase some babes etc, if in our 20’s having his money and celebrity status. But this kid just cannot seem to keep himself out of negative headlines. Granted his every move is scrutinized, but man when you have a chance to be a NFL starting Qb and possibly a star in the league, millions and millions of potential endorsements based on your future success, how the helll don’t you make being a professional on and off the field a #1 priority. Either the kid don’t care, or is so arrogant, he thinks he will just do what he wants when he wants, and it will all fall into place for him with little effort. What a waste at this point. Would be truly amazing if a lightbulb goes off and he gets his act together and becomes a star in the league. Right now odds are against him.

  36. I want to know he name of the drink thrower. Sounds like he hit his target, which exceeds JFB’s ability. Maybe the Clowns can work a deal for him.

    Given the hype that came with drafting him, he will be a top 5 draft bust of all time.

  37. I get that Manziel has a lot of grief that he rightfully earned with his attitude.

    Some people are a little over the top, with their reaction I think, its the off-season, he is just out trying to have a some drinks no real need to crucify him over it. I would be able to walk away from people spewing nonsense at me, but I wouldn’t blame someone that couldn’t in that situation.

    He does need to come back focused in training camp, and maybe even a change of scenery would to him well, I know its early, but some people in Cle are probably all ready agitated with him.

    Dallas with an aging QB that has back issues, should be willing to give a their late 1st, could be a great fit for Manziel, even though they didn’t play like it Sunday they have talent on the Oline that Manziel would need, and as much as they annoy me, they did or atleast gave the illusion that Dez Bryant has matured.

  38. I blame the Browns. Make a decision. You drafted him use him and get rid of Hoyer. They are trying to be cute by having two guys but you ruin both of them. Neither is a back up that’s the problem they should have dealt with this pre season.

    Could of got something for Hoyer and could have found out what Johhn F was all about with one season under his belt. Now Hoyer is pissed, Johnny F is totally screwed up and your team has zero leadership.

  39. Buying hecklers drinks doesn’t always work. Me and some friends stood behind Tim Robbins at a Pearl Jam concert calling him Tom Hanks all night. We went to get beers and he was in front of us and we said hey it’s Tom Hanks. We got to the front and he buys his drinks and then tells the bartender to get us whatever we wanted. So we started yelling hey Tom Hanks bought us beer! He just shook his head and walked away.

  40. What idiot has drinks thrown at him at a bar then returns to the same bar? Move on to another spot

    Johnny failure may be his name sooner than later

  41. Name me one playoff QB that has been to a club in the last 5 years. Exactly. Johnny Bust is a… Bust.

  42. Since his Freshmen year his real personality has shown through, eating at the overblown persona year by year:

    johnny Football
    johnny Footbal
    johnny Footbl
    johnny Footl
    johnny Fool

    Nice draft pick Cleveland!

  43. hurley711 says:
    Jan 5, 2015 11:02 PM
    Buying hecklers drinks doesn’t always work. Me and some friends stood behind Tim Robbins at a Pearl Jam concert calling him Tom Hanks all night. We went to get beers and he was in front of us and we said hey it’s Tom Hanks. We got to the front and he buys his drinks and then tells the bartender to get us whatever we wanted. So we started yelling hey Tom Hanks bought us beer! He just shook his head and walked away.


    Like I said:

    4) Nothing changes, you make a good effort, and you don’t look like a fool.

    All this tells me is that you are the worst type of fan and a person I would never want to spend any time with. How can you be a jerk to someone who does something nice for you after you’ve been rotten to them? Speaks volumes about both of you.

    Nothing changed, Tim Robbins made a good effort, he doesn’t look like a fool, and you do. My point is proven.

  44. In a nightclub, flipping off hecklers …….

    Nice to see that whole “growing up” maturity thing is working out for him so soon.

  45. Thank goodness the Vikings didn’t take him in the draft. I was pissed when we grabbed Teddy Bridgewater, because of the bad pro-day and the fact of how they hyped JM so much that he was the next Fran Tarkenton. However, I take it all back so so much. I read an article on when Teddy was drafted he immediately requested for a playbook to start studying only 24 hours after being drafted. He also sat day and night watching film on QB’s Phillip River and Drew Brees (Norv Turner’s products) just to understand their footwork, and their throws. Teddy has an excellent work ethic which cannot not be thought because it is up to you on how far you want to push your career or your future in the NFL. Hey, Teddy could be a bust later on or a great QB who really knows, but his off season activities are total opposite of Johnny. All play and no work make’s Johnny a failure……

  46. Face of the Franchise?
    Hope the jersey sales were worth all the negative publicity?

    Flipping the bird?
    Are we sure he wasn’t just suggesting the other patrons were #1?

  47. Dude can’t figure out that right now he’s a $hit magnet?? He’s got plenty reasons to stay off the radar but it’s clear he can’t do it. An accident waiting to happen. With the way things are going for him and the NFL at large, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets into serious trouble the night of the SB.

  48. The real story here is that a group of people emptied their drinks, requiring them to buy more drinks. If they empty the drinks instead of drinking the drinks, the establishment can continue to serve them legally. And more drinks=more money.

    But instead, these paying customers were thrown out, and the establishment welcomed someone else who probably won’t buy many drinks at all in fear that somebody has a cell phone camera and a youtube account.

    Capitolism must be dead in Texas.

  49. Like most of us, it looks like he already has failed to keep his New Year’s Resolution to mature, concentrate on improving as a QB and setting his life on the right track…..

  50. The Factory of Sadness keeps pumping out product 24/7 365, even when the face of the franchise is in Houston and not Cleveland.

    How did that trade with Indy for Trent Richardson work out? Cleveland robbed Indy and used the pick to select who???? Johnny DryCleaners! At least T Rich only embarrassed us on the field. Heh

  51. Texans sharpen Texan.

    How long before Wonder Boy realizes that the Bieber/Hollywood BS doesn’t play back “home.”

  52. Does this run up against the NFL “personal conduct policy” we have heard and read so much about these past few months?

  53. @shaggy

    Dallas is not giving up a 1st for JF. It makes no sense when they could just reach for a qb without all his issues if they wanted to. Must be wishful thinking of a Browns fan but your stuck with him.

  54. So, after the year Mike Evans had in Tampa with a semi-pro QB throwing him the ball, I’m pretty sure we all now know who made who look good at A&M. Johnny 8Ball was a bust before he even got drafted….

  55. Manziel is an embarassment to the NFL and the Browns and is the poster child for the term, “Entitlement Program.”

    The faster Manziel is out of the NFL, the better for the league.

  56. “coolhandluck says: Jan 5, 2015 9:20 PM

    As bad as Manziel was, and he was horrific, Browns fans would do well to remember how he even got off the bench in the first place. In his last five games Hoyer threw just 2 TD passes and a whopping 9 picks.

    I see a lot of Browns fans saying “go back to hoyer, go back to hoyer.” I suppose at the least he doesn’t flip people off while getting drenched with beer at night clubs but don’t be delusional about Hoyer’s ability.”

    You’re absolutely right. I like Hoyer as a competitor and he seems like a decent guy. I REALLY wanted him to do well, and initially he was getting it done, but then the whole team started to struggle. It wasn’t all his fault, but they had to make a change. I was never crazy about the Manziel pick in the first place, and he makes it hard to root for him.

    I seriously doubt Manziel will make it through next season – either an injury or poor play will get him. He knows how to say what people want to hear, but I don’t think he takes any of it to heart. He likes the lifestyle but not the work or the job.

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