Jerry Jones favors expanding replay review of pass interference


No one was happier than Cowboys owner Jerry Jones at last night’s pass interference that wasn’t — other than New Jersey governor Chris Christie maybe.

But even though the picked-up flag helped his team advance in the playoffs, Jones said he’d be in favor of expanding replay rules to include such calls in the future.

“I’ve never seen one get that far into the next play and ready to go again and have it reversed, but I think that’s a good thing,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of “If we’re going to stop action and we’re going to have replay and we’re going to have interpretation from New York — which I’m all for — and we’re going to do all that, then we might as well get ’em all right. And, again, I think they made the right call in terms of not calling it. That’s why they picked it up. It’s not supposed to be.”

That part might be up for debate, and we sense there will be plenty more talk about it over the course of the day.

26 responses to “Jerry Jones favors expanding replay review of pass interference

  1. NFL thinks packer Dallas game is better than a packer lion game. This game was very fixed.

  2. Time for the game to catch up to technology. Every NFL game is televised and the fans at home and Mike Perriera in the booth get to see and rip the officials about these blown calls. (How much more embarrassment does the league need, maybe a call like this needs to decide a Super Bowl first.)

    Put an NFL officiating crew in a booth at every game with access to all cameras – network and NFL-owned – and replay. Make every play reviewable. Make calls in the booth and send down to the refs on the field. Keep 3-4 refs on the field to spot the ball, maintain peace and order, and stay the h*ll out of the way.

  3. Dez being on the field makes whether or not it’s PI a moot point. Insane he was able to run up to the official and probably remind the ref he’s not getting paid if the Cowboys lose.

  4. Oh, that’s rich Jerry.. his argument is that reviewing that original PI call would have reversed it, rather than they got away with one in a huge moment. Good grief.

  5. The CFL allowed reviews this past season for pass interference penalties. It worked quite well.
    I used to always say that one of the major differences between the CFL & NFL was that the NFL’s officiating was far superior. I may feel differently this morning!

  6. Well, “what else can He say, what else could He do?” Let the cover-ups begin already lol lol NFL is slick, they didn’t even wait 24 hours to start their NFL Propaganda of lies! lol lol lol

  7. Of course he is now that the lions were screwed and his team was handed the game. I’m sure cowboy fans will call lions fans baby’s but the facts were a call that should have not been taken back. But it doesn’t matter there is no way Romo gets past the packers he will choke in that game like he does any other game.

  8. One of the issues in play here is the language of the rules. It is pretty difficult to defend picking up the flag on a technical basis because it is way too easy to interpret the language of the rules to support validity that this was a penalty. After thorough analysis of the play, there are several strong arguments that can be made to support why it shouldn’t have been called a penalty, however there is no way to reconcile the fact that the language of the rules as stated doesn’t offer much compromise to accommodate those arguments very well.

    Just one of the arguments is that the ball could be construed as uncatchable due to the body positioning of the defender that took away the catching line, however it is still possible that the receiver could have made a nearly impossible catch even if the defender was turned around and potentially intercepting the ball. Who is to say that the receiver couldn’t reach around him and find a way to get that ball?

    The most important thing that can be done now is to see this play as an opportunity for analysis and consideration as a catalyst to look for any positive changes to the game that might be necessary to make. The end result of this one was clear, that many fans are confused and upset for one reason or another, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way the next time a complicated play unfolds.

  9. Shocking! Does anyone remember the preseason when the league said it was going to call PI much tighter then in previous years. Well that happened in the preseason and to start the year but apparently not thru to the playoffs. Face guard, come on really? So you can get away with a hold in the back if you’re also face guarding? One ref saw the face guarding in the front view which was not illegal and the ref behind saw the hold, what’s complicated about that? Stop all the convoluted excuses. Fire all the lawyer refs, let Madden rewrite the playbook and hire honest people after severe background checks to call the game – never gonna happen.

  10. 1. Chris Christie should be a NYG, NYJ, or BUF fan. Atrocious that he was rooting for Dallas.

    2. Of course Jerry is in favor of that… especially that the (non) call was instrumental in advancing his team to the next round of the playoffs.

  11. I’ve seen worst pass interference no calls but never seen one that was reverse without a explanation, this look very fishy and I (saint’s fan) send my sympathy to the Lion’s fan even though they coach referred to us in his media conference after the game.

    Cowboy’s fan before you start hating on me or my team answer this question, how would you feel if the refs would’ve gave the ball back to Detroit after Stratford fumble (calling it incompletion) ? You can’t say throw a challenge flag cause it would’ve been up to the booth to make the call.. YOU WOULD’VE BEEN PISSED

  12. He’s an idiot and horrible for the game.

    Can’t wait until he’s gone from the NFL.

    Can’t wait to see the Cowboys get destroyed…nobody in sports is worse.

  13. I’m sure he does…NOW.

    He’s a blowhard and an arrogant egomaniac, and as pretty much the face of the Cowboys, he’s almost THE reason people hate them.

  14. The call reminded me of the Vikings vs Saints pass interference call that helped the Saints beat the Vikings. Except it was the opposite, flag was thrown and it was a phantom pass interference call.

  15. Again for the people who don’t get it. “If” the lions would have won ( but they didn’t ) they would have gone to Seattle NOT Green Bay. So the theory that the “fix” was in because the NFL wanted Dallas to play Green Bay is asinine. The only way the lions would play green bay is if they went to Seattle and beat the seahawks and green bay beat the panthers and they met in the championship. Hello, wake up, you’re dreaming. So stop with all of the “fix was in” crap.

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