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Rams owner Stan Kroenke announced to the Los Angeles Times that he plans to build a football stadium in Inglewood, California.  Implicit in the announcement is an intention to move the football team he owns there.

In response to a request for comment from PFT, the league office has provided a statement that sheds no further light on whether Kroenke will be able to move the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles as soon as 2016.

“No team has applied for relocation and there will be no team relocations for the 2015 season,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said via email.  “We are committed to working towards having franchises that are strong and successful in their existing markets.  Any decision on relocation in 2016 or later is subject to approval by the 32 clubs.  An affirmative vote by 24 of 32 clubs (three-fourths) is required.”

While the Rams technically must comply with the league’s relocation policy before moving (which requires exhaustion of all reasonable efforts to remain in their current location), McCarthy’s comment shows that, ultimately, it comes down to what 24 owners are willing to approve.

It’s still not known whether Kroenke has made his announcement with a wink and/or a nod from the league office, or with knowledge/belief that he’ll have enough votes in 2016.  Either way, it immediately creates an awkward situation in St. Louis — especially with the Rams already accepting deposits for 2015 season tickets.

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  1. This is the Robert Irsay model of franchise relocation: Drive down the current product, alienate the fans, then cite diminishing fan support as a reason you had to move.

  2. The NFL has been pushing the franchises to relocate! Jags, Raiders, Rams, Chargers all have been openly discussed to moving from their current cities for years. Now the NFL wants to ‘try and work it out w/ a current city’; we’re not that gullible.

  3. Good luck getting people to buy 2015 season tickets when you’re bascially telling your fans that the team will be up and gone next year. Brilliant move!

  4. I hope the owners say no. L.A. had their chance with multiple football teams, and multiple times. L.A. is not a football city. The city of St. Louis needs to show their support for their team if they want to keep them. (May not matter). But to lose a team is ridiculous. If L.A. wants another team, get an expansion team. But, people will take greed over fans every time. Keep the Rams in St. Louis.

    Niners fan

  5. I can relate to Rams fans.

    As a Nets fan in NJ, I still hate Jay Z for helping move the team. They were a terrible excuse for a franchise, but they were Our terrible excuse for a franchise.

  6. “This is the Robert Irsay model of franchise relocation: Drive down the current product, alienate the fans, then cite diminishing fan support as a reason you had to move.”

    Except the Rams were pretty competitive despite not having a starting caliber QB.

  7. Yeah, good luck at telling a billionaire ‘No’. He’ll just create his own news network to brainwash dummies into doing what he wants.

  8. Flaccodelic, you must be my age or older. EXACTLY!!!!

    That said, I am over it. I just remember it still too well.

    And yes, it bothers me too, how we got the Browns from Cleveland. That was way beyond any control the average fan has over that.

  9. Hey, what do you know, left on their own, billionaires will hold cities hostage unless they get their welfare. No problem though, we’ll tax tourists and complain about kids getting fed at school. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  10. The Rams will finally have some winning seasons when this occurs because the National Fixed League will want to generate as much excitement and support among the fans as they can to ensure that the move is a success.

  11. The oldtime owners surely enjoyed making money off of their product but, they also retained a respect for the game itself.

    The current wave of owners are all about the money, and nothing else. When they sell their product as Monday/Thursday night versions, cheerleaders, cheerleader calendars, kiddie playgrounds, valet parking, fine dining, swimming pools, cabana boys, NASCAR, music concerts, English soccer games, and the newest, slickest, biggest scoreboard with “home games” played overseas….you know “the game” has been lost.

    It’s only about the Benjamins now.

  12. At some point the current set of government officials blocking the stadium issue in St.Louis need to think about it as an investment and something positive for the community. What will happen is that if they do lose the team, eventually a new set of government types will try and become the champions of getting the league back to st.Louis. Well, the state of MD spent nearly double on what it would have cost at the time to build a stadium to try and lure a team back. Yes, the NFL bullies communities, yes, it sucks the owners really could care less about the community, but major pro sports is great for a community, it helps tie it together.

  13. Calm down. Anyone who has ever been to or lived in Inglewood will tell you this is B.S. I grew up there, went to high school there and as soon as possible I got the hell out of there..

    In addition it would be a classic example of the rich taxing the lowest income families to make a profit. The Rams won’t pitch a tent in Inglewood let alone build a football stadium.

  14. Who gives a crap about franchises relocating (other than the people in the cities involved)? How about addressing the perpetual problem of GOD AWFUL reffing, a commissioner with less integrity than the US Congress, lack of any sort of consistency or fairness in dealing with player conduct and a complete lack of accountability for upper management and owners who make poor choices (head of officiating partying with a team’s owner on a bus and a team’s owner getting a DUI swept under the rug)?? How anout ADDRESSING THESE ISSUES NFL?? You are seriously close to becoming the WWE. What a sad state of affairs.

  15. This reminds me of Bud Adams and the Houston Oilers announcing they were leaving 2 seasons in advance. That resulted in the fans in Houston not going to the games to watch a lame duck team that was no longer theirs (who could blame them). Then the NFL justifying everything citing the lack of attendance in Houston.

    Interesting now that the Texans have never NOT sold out.

  16. That’s nice he said HE is going to build a stadium. Since he has a net worth of 5.6 billion he shouldn’t need any tax payer money to fund something his bottomless pockets can’t handle.

  17. The owners of the other 31 NFL teams will not like it if Kroenke pays for the stadium himself. They count on us taxpayers to give them at least half a Billion dollars for the privilege to build a stadium for them to profit from. Nobody cares but St. Louis if the Rams move.
    No franchise has moved because of lack of fan support. Please name one. Every time a franchise has moved, it was because the owner wanted to do it to make more money.
    Los Angeles lost their teams because of two crazy owners that wanted the public to pay for their stadium upgrades. NOT because of lack of FAN support. Same thing with the OILERS going to Tennessee, Browns becoming Ravens was not due to lack of FAN support. Moving a franchise has nothing to do with the fans. It only has to do with money and the crazy rich owners.

  18. That’s nice he said HE is going to build a stadium so I say do what ever you want. Football is a proven failure there, but with a net worth of 5.6 billion he shouldn’t need to steal any tax payer money to build the stadium at least

  19. The NFL says this after King Goodell came to Minnesota and strong armed our legislature into approving a new stadium, while dangling LA as the would be result of inaction.

  20. Kroenke isn’t an idiot. Before making such an announcement, I’m sure he has spoken to his peers aka 31 other NFL owners and has an idea that he can get/swing the votes.

    What’s the point of that NFL statement anyway? Might as well just said look at our relocation rhetoric and leave it at that.

    Inglewood, always up to no good.

    (Sorry, had to make the reference)

  21. Rams fans should go plant an endangered snail somewhere on the proposed building site, then let the fun begin.

  22. Governor in St. Louis did a great job for not coming with an idea to get the stadium done. That’s what you people get when you get a stupid governor. I would do the same too if I was/were the owner/owners.

  23. The Rams are a private business and have every right to relocate. Just as fans have a choice to not support this team for 2015-16 season. It’s a bad situation because jobs will be lost, but ultimately it all comes down to dollars and cents.

  24. The United States needs a constitutional Amendment prohibiting public financing of sports stadiums for private profit.

  25. Just how bad was the fan experience when the Rams were in L.A.? Was there a feeling of dread because of gang activity in the area surrounding the stadium? Was there a general BFD attitude about the NFL due to the beaches, the Lakers and the balmy weather?

    If Stan Kroenke wants to build a stadium without asking for public assistance, there is no common sense reason to try to stop him. If the return of the NFL to LA flops, it will be on his checkbook.

    The fans in St. Louis were abandoned by the Bidwill family and now are poised to watch while a Walmart-clan-member-by-marriage seeks to move the successor team away. The true pro football fans will be left with little more than a rueful glance back at Kurt Warner’s made-for-Hollywood rise to the NFL stratosphere, a local Super Bowl victory by a vagabond organization and an emptiness that wonders why a football counterpart to the NL Cardinals’ Busch family did not step in a long time ago to secure a local franchise.

  26. It’s going to take 3 years to build a stadium. Where would they play in the meantime, the Coliseum? That’s a great place to watch a college game, but a sorry place to watch an NFL Game.

  27. rams moving back to l.a. makes sense. teams playing in nj and calling themselves ny doesnt. nfl needs to fix this issue 1st before worring about a franchise moving.

  28. Will never happen for one important reason. As stated by many the NFL has become all about the BUCKS. None of the other 31 teams are going to vote for this because they all want an expansion team in LA, so they can charge a expansion fee in the Billions of dollars, for them all to share!

  29. What a shame. It will be interesting to see if the fans voice their displeasure by boycotting the team next season. It would be an embarrassment to the NFL to have a team playing in a stadium filled with empty seats.

  30. NFL ain’t gonna come back either after only 8 years. Can’t lose a team twice and expect the NFL to keep coming back to get kicked in the groin again and again.

  31. This has deteriorated to the blame game level. Past the point of no return. St. Louis council pencil pushers will hurry through a paper bill to cover their er backsides, while trying to demonize Kroenke so they won’t be the ones blamed for losing pro football in St. Louis a 2nd time. Won’t work- the bureaucrats sat on their thumbs far too long and blew it. So will the stadium in Hollywood Park be large enough to also support the RE-transplanted Raiders, also?

  32. St. Louis has asked for some of this. Their media started this negative mantra of “same ole Rams” 7-8 years ago and continued it even after this new regime has stripped the roster and is successfully rebuilding. The fan base bought the media bait back then, and together they have a “never will succeed” attitude toward their team. This has now backfired on them. New owner came in a few years ago and saw immediately he has no 12th man in STL. The city hasn’t economically progressed in 20years. It’s racially volatile as ever. The fan base and media have never had the patience to let the team rebuild before they want someone fired. That’s why they have had zero consistency for 15 years and never will until they decide to get behind the regime, have foresight to see what’s involved to rebuild. Otherwise, they won’t know what they had til it’s gone and they win in another city. Every team thinks twice when they play this team and these organizations respect what’s been done with this team- except their own city. Sad.

  33. Maybe this could cause uncertainty within The Rams organization to where Jeff fisher finally gets fired. If the Rams cannot move to Los Angeles I would just like one thing Jeff Fisher be fired.

    He deserves to be fired when other teams with less talent and more injuries have outdone him and he can only get 20 wins in three years in St. Louis. He is putting the product on the field and he should pay for it. Phil emery had to pay for it and it’s possible Thomas Dimitroff will have to.

    Do not keep Jeff Fisher because the anomaly like the Dallas Cowboys kept the overrated Jason Garrett and finally made the playoffs. Get rid of him because there is better out there.

  34. I miss a lot of things about Oakland growing up there. But going through this kind of crap with the Raiders gives me another reason why I like living in BFE now.

  35. Jeff Fisher shouldnt be the coach of a L.A. team, you need a more flamboyant coach for that area. St. Louis, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Cleveland are good cities for Fisher to coach in.

  36. “We are committed to working towards having franchises that are strong and successful in their existing markets.”

    And if you believe that, I have ocean-front property in Nebraska to sell you.

    We all know about Minnesota, Jacksonville and the Raiders getting threatened with LA. Last year, the Panthers were issued the same threat, removed only when the city of Charlotte agreed to pay 75% of the stadium rennovation costs. If the Rams move back to LA, the next threat will use London as a relocation point. The NFL will NEVER stop trying to get more of someone else’s money by threatening to move the teams if the money isn’t forked over.

  37. Flaccodelic, you must be my age or older. EXACTLY!!!!

    That said, I am over it. I just remember it still too well.

    And yes, it bothers me too, how we got the Browns from Cleveland. That was way beyond any control the average fan has over that.
    I too remember it well and I’m 62 so yes I have memories also. I also know the city of Baltimore and the then news corp. was bias. Robert Irsay is not all to blame on the move.

  38. If the NFL wants to generate 20 billion $ by 2525 LA wont get them there, London will, or at least they hope. The NFL couldn’t care less about LA, They’re focused on the supposed 2 million UK fans. I doubt there will be a team in LA, ever.

  39. nonetruerthanblue says:
    Jan 5, 2015 10:55 AM
    Kroenke isn’t an idiot. Before making such an announcement, I’m sure he has spoken to his peers aka 31 other NFL owners and has an idea that he can get/swing the votes.

    What’s the point of that NFL statement anyway? Might as well just said look at our relocation rhetoric and leave it at that.
    There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that he went to the ownership leadership on this one (Mara/Tisch, Rooney, Kraft, and Jones) before making any public statements. I also don’t believe this group wants the Davis family owning the LA franchise.

  40. In that picture Kroenke reminds me of Dan Aykroyd as that sleazy toy company President he used to play on SNL…

  41. I think I’ll forgo renewing season tickets for 2015, then try to write off the PSLs on my tax return. If I want tickets to one of the better games, I’ll buy them on the street for $15 then move into one of the many empty “prime” seats. Good plan?

  42. … And the Rams have just announced that they are buying land near London to relocate the team in 2018 after attendance at the new Inglewood stadium falls below expectations.

  43. As a Baltimore fan, had the Irsay family been forced to sell to an owner who couldn’t get a better stadium than the RCA dome and wanted to move the Colts back to Baltimore, the city would have loved it. I love the Ravens, but getting that horseshoe back where it belonged would have been sweet! In reality, Modell grabbed that great stadium deal before another owner could. Baltimore and St. Louis got shut out of expansion so that existing owners could grab the loot! The NFL wasn’t going to let outsiders snag those two deals. Carolina has done ok, but putting a franchise in a collection of bedroom communities like Jacksonville was plain dumb! The wrath of Khan is coming…

  44. Kroenke will still have a lot of hoops to jump through. Inglewood is over by LAX, where traffic is a world class mess. He’s going to have to make it so that the majority of fans can park and ride to the stadium, and so that the stadium itself has a minimal environmental foot print.

    And he’ll have to do it all on his own dime. Taxpayers here don’t fund NFL stadiums. That’s why greedy owners have been staying away.

  45. Upon further review … once again, LA is the threat being used by an NFL owner.

    Missouri’s Gov is directly involved and believes this is a matter of state prestige. They’re putting together a counter proposal that they hope will be to Kroenke’s liking.

  46. *I apologize for the words you’re about to read. I simply couldn’t help myself*

    The Rams in LA! You’d think 3 crappy football teams would be enough for one state.

  47. As usual, the peanut gallery who don’t live in or near L.A. and don’t know anything at all about the situation or what went down in the past are all on here spouting their usual ignorance and stupidity about LA. Just because you’re entitled to your opinion doesn’t mean you’re qualified to comment. You need to just sit back, eat your peanuts, and watch the show.

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