Mike Shanahan interviewed with Raiders, Bills

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Time might be able to heal all wounds after all.

Dianna Marie Russini of NBC Washington reports that Mike Shanahan has interviewed for the Raiders head coaching job a little more than 25 years after he was fired as the team’s head coach after 20 games on the job. Adam Schefter of ESPN adds that Shanahan met with Raiders owner Mark Davis and other team officials.

Schefter also passes along Shanahan’s confirmation that he interviewed with the Bills over the weekend. He’s also spoken to the 49ers.

Shanahan and the late Raiders owner/icon Al Davis had an awful relationship during Shanahan’s brief time with the team and things didn’t thaw out over the years with both men throwing the occasional barb at the other one. Or the occasional football. Former NFL quarterback Elvis Grbac said that Shanahan told him to throw a ball at Davis during pregame warmups when Shanahan and Grbac were with the 49ers in 1994, which illustrates how strange it is to see Shanahan talking to the Raiders about working together.

Shanahan said last month that he’s interested in coaching again and indicated that he’d only come back to a team that’s ready to win. The Raiders don’t appear to qualify based on their 2014 record, although quarterback Derek Carr’s rookie season is one reason for the Raiders to hope that winning isn’t too far away in Oakland.

Shanahan may feel the same way, which could make for one of the most unexpected reunions in football history.

79 responses to “Mike Shanahan interviewed with Raiders, Bills

  1. “Elvis Grbac said that Shanahan told him to throw a ball at Davis during pregame warmups”

    LOL, silly Shanny. You can’t kill what is already dead.

  2. I liked the idea of him going to the Bears. He seems to speak Jay Cutler better than anybody.

  3. I expect the “talking heads” will bash the Raiders on this move too…hopefully they will make the right choice for coach…sign 3 quality FA on both sides of the ball….have another high quality draft….and contend for the playoffs

  4. “cubano76 says:
    Jan 5, 2015 1:15 PM
    “Elvis Grbac said that Shanahan told him to throw a ball at Davis during pregame warmups”

    LOL, silly Shanny. You can’t kill what is already dead.”

    Sure you can, but you’re supposed to use sunlight, a wooden stake, or some garlic or something, not a leather ball.

  5. Could/would Mike Shanahan take the Raiders job to get revenge on Al Davis? They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Imagine Mike Shanahan taking the raiders to a Super Bowl only to loss to spite Al.

  6. Pats fans will welcome him to Buffalo if they’re foolish enough to hire the serial salary cap cheater.

  7. NO WAY in the east bay! Shanny coaches the Raiders and that will the final straw that will drive off fans in droves.

  8. I liked the idea of him going to the Bears. He seems to speak Jay Cutler better than anybody.
    Except that I’m pretty sure the Bears are done with making every decision based on Jay Cutler after that all blew up in their faces this year. They’re going to hire the coach they think is best for the team – not Cutler – and it won’t surprise me at all if they go back to somebody on the defensive side of the ball this time around. It takes a lot to embarrass the McCaskeys but the defense this last year succeeded in doing that.

  9. He wants to go to a team ready to win…. because he is incapable of coaching a team to be a winner without being gifted a roster with the likes of Terrell Davis, John Elway, Rod Smith & Shannon Sharpe. He hasn’t had a SNIFF with those guys. He was a total failure in Washington & left the roster in shambles. Buyer beware!

  10. Barely over .500 winning percentage post Elway. 17-20 with Cutler (whom he will want to trade for). Lost 3 previous Head coaching jobs. QUIT trying to recycle these guys.

  11. I think this guy pays someone a lot of money to keep his name in the news. It is about the only answer I have for his name coming up given how terribly he handled himself (and his job) with the Redskins.

  12. How dare teams make Mr. Shanahan interview for a HC job ! This guy is a 2 time Lombardi Trophy winner.
    Interviews should be required for the Bowles, Caldwells, Jacksons, Smiths, etc. of the league.

    You dont ask the Shanahans, Carrolls, Fishers, Coughlins, and Reids to interview

  13. Since Elvis wasn’t the most accurate QB, I assume Al Davis was not in danger of being hit by the ball…

  14. Not too many coaches could succeed when the league penalizes their franchise and takes away 18 million dollars in cap space, and the owner trades the house for RGIII. Yet shananahn still got the Redskins to the playoffs in 2012 winning his last 7 games of that season and would have beaten the SeahAwks in the playoffs if RGIII was healthy. When RGIII was healthy he threw for 3200 yards 20 TDs, 5 Ints, and 815 yards rushing. Darrell Bevell and the 49ers copied his playbook that he used to develop RGIII to develop Russell Wilson and Kaepernick.

    Shanahan is still an elite coach in the NFL. I would love to see what he can do with a Franchise QB, elite Pass Rusher and 50 million dollars in cap space.

  15. Watch out! If he has a HOF QB, a dirty o-line and is allowed to circumvent the salary cap he is a dangerous coach.

  16. coaches don’t win, organizations win. They need to get the right players who fit the coaches scheme, pay them fairly and stock the cupboard with backups and future starters. That organizational structure with good working relationships between coaches and the front office builds winners. The raiders haven’t had that for years. Time will tell if they are on that path now. However the Bills seem ready to win now so that might be more like what MS is looking for.

  17. Mark has been mending fences with former Al rivals the past few years. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just met to have a conversation since Mike was in the area. Still, could make for an interesting story line going into 2015.

    Go Raiders

  18. They were just fulfilling the Rooney stipulation to interview at least one washed up old geezer.

  19. He singlehandedly turned the Redskins into a punchline and he still brings interest as a HC? NFL hiring practices have to be the most bizarre of any job that pays millions……

  20. Well, the Raiders could certainly do worse than Shanahan. And it’s safe to say that they already HAVE done worse in the past decade plus of futility.

    Certainly would be entertaining to see Mr. Shanahan put on a Raiders baseball cap again…

  21. He’s a great play caller, but horrible at deciding on talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball (see Jarvis Moss, Daryl Gardener, Courtney Brown, Dale Carter, etc.).

    The only respectable move he ever made on the defensive side of the ball was to trade for Champ.

    With that said, the guy knows how to go for the throat on offense, and if he has a gun slinger QB he’s the best at putting the nail in a teams coffin if they get someone on the ropes.

    Shanahan will forever be a riverboat gambler, and it was so much fun to watch when they were good in Denver.

  22. I happened to run across Shanahan at a charity function last year. It was just after Pettine/Kyle S. started with Cleveland, so I introduced myself and congratulated his son on the job. He was extremely cordial, and we talked football for a few moments. He was polite, sociable, and seemed like a good guy to hang out with. I have no idea if he’d make a good coach in Buffalo, but glad to see he’d consider it. That’s a good sign, and I doubt it would have been the case last offseason.

  23. I have never been a big lover of Shannahan . You take away John Elway and his teams have been rather pedestrian . After the Redskins debacle where even his son bad mouthed him I am stunned by all this attention he is getting .

  24. The Raiders do owe Shanahan $157,625. However, Shanahan also owes the Raiders $125,00, which is due in 2025. That explains why Shanahan never went to court. Perhaps this interview was under the guise of a “settling of financial matters”. Can’t see him wanting to coach for anything less than a team on the verge of a SB. Mind you, D.Carr is the polar opposite of RG-the Turd, and Shanny might like that!

  25. I think I just threw up a little in the back of my throat.

    Shanarat is sub par as a coach without Elway chucking the rock.

    Yes the Redskins went to the playoffs when he was coaching them, but only because RGIII was running for his life. He was run out of DC with glee by the front office, players, media, and fans….. and trust me, this is a fan base that knows bad coaches.

  26. JUst when there may be some light at the end of the tunnel the Raiders are thinking about Shanahan. I am done as a Raiders fan if this hiring happens.

  27. F this guy and his shanahanigans. He only wants to coach a winner? It’s his JOB to make the team a winner!

    Sounds like he wants to swoop in and collect the accolades from a team already on the cusp of winning.

  28. “Not too many coaches could succeed when the league penalizes their franchise and takes away 18 million dollars in cap space, and the owner trades the house for RGIII.”

    If Shanahan hadn’t ignored numerous memos from the league instructing people what not to do with the salary cap in the uncapped year, they would not have been penalized.

    Not to mention both of the Donks Super Bowl winning teams were penalized draft picks and fined for cheating the salary cap. He has a long history of cap cheating and the penalty in Washington was fully deserved.

  29. Lets see.
    Oakland CA or Buffalo NY
    Manuel or Carr
    The most cap space in the league, or not.
    #4 pick in the draft, or not.

    Darn, I was so hoping he would go to B-lo and do what he did in DC.

  30. Raider haters keep saying that no good coach is interested in taking the job. If Shanahan is re-hired, they will be proven right.

    Please, no.

  31. I miss Al. Mark is a disgrace. Reggie is a disgrace. For Shannahan to be even granted permission to enter the building would be blasphemous, let alone interviewing him.

  32. Al never gave Mike a fair shot in LA then tried to ruin his career as a coach. Al treated his son Mark exactly like the “idiot” that dear old Dad called him in public. Mike and Al must have a lot of time slagging on the dead “genius.” What better way for both of them to extend their middle finger in the direction of the great beyond. Don’t suppose that the direction points upward.

  33. did i wake up in bizarro world? the fact that they even let the Rat into the building is just sickening.

  34. I look at all the old-timers like Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Shanahan, Holmgren…I have to wonder if the game has passed them by. If the rat were hired by Oakland, my first concern would be that he would sabotage the organization with draft pick forfeitures and fines to put the franchise another 5 yrs behind.

    Imagine him trading the only good players Oakland has to his son for “future draft consideration”?

    Not only “no”, but OH HELL NO!

    He is not a good candidate because he’s not a good coach. The fact that he is Mike Shanahan is notable, though

  35. Not saying it didn’t happen, but that’s hard for me to believe given their history

  36. Adam Schefter has been reporting bogus stories for the rat for many years now.

    I don’t believe anything Scheffer says, especially when it comes to the Raiders.

  37. So two-ex denver coaches, del rio and Shanahan get interviews w/o The Raiders realizing that they had two former Denver coaches as head coaches and does lead to failures, including the one that just interviewed recently??

  38. dont forget, in shanahans contract there will be a clause for 1.5 tons of vaseline per year, to smear on the defense’s jerseys!!!!

  39. I can’t believe this guy is still being considered for anything after his Washington gig. He never even would have won in Denver if Elway and Terrell Davis didn’t agree to millions in deferred money so that he could circumvent the salary cap.

    He should have been banned for life.

    #has been

  40. I think that any team that makes Shanarat their HC is making a mistake. His record is mediocre without a HOF-caliber QB. I think it would be crazy for the Raiders to bring him back.

    However I’m not so sure that the Rat and Al Davis didn’t reconcile (out of the eye of the media) in Al’s last years. How else can it be explained that the Raiders and Broncos swung one of those rare intra-division trades while the Rat was still the Burros’ HC? (Davis traded with Shanarat to acquire Gerard Warren in 2007)

  41. Bringing him back just might be crazy enough to work. I like it. Derek Carr would benefit with Shanahan having worked with the likes of Montana, Young, and Elway. He helped guys like Plummer, Griese, Cutler (Pro Bowl), and RGIII (as a rookie) look respectable. His zone blocking scheme has benefitted countless backs and it would certainly benefit a talented young back like Latavius Murray. Bring in a solid D coordinator to the staff and I think it can work well…

    He is the big name coach that MD covets, we need a guy that has proven he can win, and his resume is better than any of the names that have been floated out there. As Raider fans, we have come to expect the unexpected. What would be crazier than Shanny being the guy to lead us back to greatness?…Go Raiders!!!

  42. The NFL know that Shanahan has ethics challenges and others question his competence in any coaching/management role. Why would any team take the risk?

  43. As a die-hard Raiders fan. Yes, please come here.

    All these people that hate on Shanahan because of his “failure” in Washington need to grow up. This guy has won two Superbowls, he’s run a successful offense everywhere he’s gone. Everyone fails in Washington, I’d rather see him come to Oakland where at least the Owner is serious about fielding a contender for once.

    I’d rather have two superbowls under my coach’s belt than some highlight of the year coordinator.

    Shanahan or Rex Ryan please.

  44. Agreed. I’m a 40 year Raiders Fan and would hope they hire the most qualified coach available. That would be Shanahan or Ryan

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