Tuesday’s Rex Ryan interview with Falcons could spark the hiring process

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Even before word emerged that the Falcons had interviewed in-house minority candidate Keith Armstrong, the word was trickling out that Rex Ryan’s Tuesday interview with Atlanta could spark the 2015 hiring process.

Now that the path has been cleared via the Armstrong interview to hire anyone, don’t be shocked if Ryan becomes the head coach in Atlanta not long after he talks to the Falcons.

This assumes that the interview will go well enough to make the Falcons want Ryan, and that it will go well enough for Ryan to want the Falcons.

The Falcons should want Ryan, given what he can do with a defense that desperately needs a kick in the butt.  Ryan should also want the Falcons, since they have a franchise quarterback and a pair of guys who helped Bill Belichick put together a team that won three Super Bowls in New England.

So six years after Ryan declared upon becoming head coach of the Jets that he doesn’t plan to kiss Belichick’s rings, maybe Ryan will land in a situation where he can win one or two of his own.

And if the Falcons pluck Ryan off the unemployment line, look for some of these other coaching searches to heat up as teams get nervous that their preferred candidates may soon be gobbled up by someone else.

67 responses to “Tuesday’s Rex Ryan interview with Falcons could spark the hiring process

  1. I think it’s fascinating that you imply that interviewing Keith Armstrong has no other role than to satisfy the Rooney Rule. He had quite a successful year on a team that otherwise didn’t produce. He’d make a heck of a Head Coach.

  2. If you’ve ever played football with the best corner in your league playing behind you (as I have) you just can’t believe how that opens up what the front LB’r and the two safeties can do on the rest of the field.

    I like Rex as he is very very good but Revis made him great.

  3. I hope he gets it. If the Jets don’t re-sign David Harris, look for Rex and Co. to bring him in to quarterback the defense.

  4. I look forward to Rex getting the job, turning around the Falcons, winning 11 games, getting into the playoffs, playing really well there, looking like they might win and then getting shafted by a terrible referee’s call.

  5. I’d like the hire. Atlanta already has a good offense (for the most part, when they are on, unlike the last game of the year against Carolina) and Rex will definitely improve the defense if the manager allows him to.

  6. The NFC South is a sad joke, there’s no Tom Brady and Brees is finished. Rex would eat that division alive.

  7. Mike Smith formerly of the Falcons would be a perfect fit the players all like him and play hard for him. He knows football. And he stay out of the limelight. The perfect type of “corporate” coach the 49ers like.

  8. Revis is great but Rex has had some good defenses without him. He’s always been able to gameplan. I think this could be a good hire. I mean he took Sanchez to 2 straight conf title games. Mark freaking Sanchez. And a good defense isn’t good because of 1 player, even if he is the best db in football.

  9. Good luck Atlanta. He’ll be expecting a season-ending Gatorade shower no matter what the record…

  10. Rex had the #6 defense with FedEx drivers at CB this year, so the Revis talk is laughable.

  11. I wonder how these obligatory minority candidates feel about going on these interviews, knowing that they have no shot at getting the job….that the owner is just interviewing them because they “have to” interview a minority candidate. Its really a stupid rule that the NFL has in that regard. Plenty of minority candidates would get hired anyway, without that rule. This is not the 1950’s, with George Preston Marshall leading the bigotry. For those of you who don’t know who that is (was), he was the owner of the team in Washington soon to be formerly known as the Redskins.

  12. Trufant is a great CB also. He might suck at interceptions, but he’s still very good at shutting his WR down. Not saying he’s Revis or Sherman (who by the way loves Trufant), but he’s still very good.

    Rex will have a field day with the defense. Lot of cap room to fix what he thinks needs fixing. Lot of young guys who Nolan didn’t give a chance (Hageman, Massaqoui, etc).

    And if he just lets Dirk and Matt run the offense, a lot of positive things just might happen for him and the Falcons.

  13. I can’t believe all the idiots who find Rex Ryan to be the answer. To me it’s like hiring Andy Reid who already has KC on a downhill path.
    The smartest hire in the last couple if years was Philadelphia hiring the Oregon coach.

  14. @ kegrun: Well said. I agree with you 100 percent. I feel Johnny Mass. could be great if given the chance and with Rex coming in I could see that. I also feel Bryan Cox will be retained seeing how his physical coaching style meshes well with Rex. I think he keeps Armstrong as special teams coach as this was our only bright spot.

  15. The Atlanta Falcons will win the 2016 super Bowl.

    Rex Ryan , new Atlanta Falcons head coach

  16. I’m sure Rex is elated at the thought of working in a much warmer climate.

    Probably drooling at the mouth just thinking of all the bare feet and painted toenails on full display 9-10 months a year

  17. Falcons fans – get ready for a defense that compiles statistics in meaningless situations and lets you down time and time again in big situations. Then, get used to this guy citing said statistics in his post game pressers loss after loss, as if they mean anything.

    This guy is a complete fraud as a head coach. Additionally, hire a cigar smoking monkey on roller skates to consult and improve upon Rex’s acumen on the clock, time outs, and challenges.

  18. Perfect fit. ATL needs a better defense and Rex always lacked a top tier QB and he no longer has to worry about that side of the ball. Now if this time he can avoid feet videos and Super Bowl proclamations……

  19. Ryan should also want the Falcons, since they have a franchise quarterback and a pair of guys who helped Bill Belichick put together a team that won three Super Bowls in New England.
    Yeah, why would he do that again when he’s just had 2 GMs who weren’t exactly on the same page with him. Not to mention, Rex’s way of doing things is pretty much the opposite of what Dimitroff and Pioli come from in New England. If Blank actually would hire him, and that’s a big if as it is with the personality conflicts, I think some people need to be getting their moving vans.

  20. How is the Rooney Rule not being mocked when we don’t even know if Keith Armstrong is the best special teams coach in football???

    If they wanted to interview special teams coaches they should’ve just interviewed the following guys: Rich Bicaccia (Cowboys), Dave Fipp (Eagles), and Darren Simmons (Bengals).

    And Arthur Blank is one of the good guy owners??

  21. Matt Ryan is no Rodgers,Brady, or Manning but also is not Cutler, Sanchez, or Orton. As a true falcon fan I would rate him somewhere in between 7-10 in the league. Just being honest. Yes he does need more arm strength but he can read and run no huddle offenses above average. I think a few of his ints. The past few years are from two factors:
    1. Offensive line
    2. Matt pressing trying to make a play.

  22. The NFC South is a sad joke, there’s no Tom Brady and Brees is finished. Rex would eat that division alive.
    Brees finished? The same Brees that tied for most yards in the NFL this season, broke his own NFL record and made NFL history this season, that Brees? Future first-ballot HOF Brees?

    Right, I’d take Brees any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Brees is far from finished and if you really knew anything about football, you would already know that.

  23. Would not be a bad hire. I would hope that he gets a really good offensive coordinator but with Matt Ryan as the QB in that division he may be able to make some hay.

  24. Speaking not as a Falcons fan, watching Hard Knocks made it was obvious that Mike Smith and most of his staff needed to go (especially Mike Tice).

  25. Saints fan here, I hope ATL hires Ryan even though I am 100% sure that it will make the Foulclowns a better team. It’s just horrible to watch them struggle with bad coaches. Even I want to see what they can do with a real coach behind them! Plus, Rex is crazy and will talk smack, which seems kind of fun. The NFC South has been depressing this year and Rex vs his brother would be exciting.

  26. If he goes to ATL he’ll finally have the QB and star WR’s he never had at the Jets. But he wont have an O line so lets no pretend the offense is perfect. I would like to know what his plan for the offense would be.

    I’d also expect his defense to take a few years to get up to scratch. They need a big injection of talent and likely have to make a scheme change as well.

  27. What “preferred candidates”? If Rex Ryan , whose team has been an embarrassment the past 3 seasons, is the most attractive candidate out there the NFL is in a sad state when it comes to head coaches. Oh, I forgot Doug Marone. Two seasons, no playoffs, runs out on his team, average college coach and he’s a hot commodity too? It’s laughable.

  28. No way..the hiring can’t start yet. The Raiders private investigator hasn’t located Wayne Fontz or Rich Kotite yet so they can interview them for the head coaching vacancy… Smh

  29. I’m loathe to judge this without knowing who his OC would be. On the surface, I get why Blank would be intrigued – the personality Rex brings is different, and he brings an aggressive, attacking defense. Of course, his personality seems to run counter to the culture Dimitroff has tried to establish, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing … but it would be something to watch. I like Rex, and I think it would work, but it seems an odd marriage for the key football people in some respects. Beyond that, gotta fix the OL for anything to matter, and unless Dimitroff/Pioli suddenly figure out Belichick’s “touch” with mid-round OL guys, that will still be an issue.

    Personally, I still think McDaniels (if McDaniels wanted to go) and an inspired defensive coordinator choice (Mike Vrabel comes to mind as an interesting fit) would be the better fit (yes, even considering McDaniels disastrous run in Denver … Matt Ryan would seem a perfect QB for him to work with).

  30. Honestly surprised he’s getting so much attention. I thought he’d get another shot, but I thought he’d have to either take a TV gig, or a D Coordinator job to the the NYJ stink off of him a bit.

    One of the more entertaining guys out there IMO, so I’d love to see him in the league. Although not working for my team unless he’s just coaching the D

  31. I thought about the minority interview process. While I do agree it should go, I don’t think now is the time to do it. With all the racial tension in our society (such as Ferguson), I think if the NFL removed it, it would create major tension, which is something the NFL does not need right now (after all the domestic violence stuff). I would wait for the race stuff to settle down and then explore it. As of right now, I counted 4 African American coaches off the top of my head (Tomlin in PIT, Smith in TB, Lewis in CIN, and Caldewell in DET) plus another minority coach (Rivera in CAR). Not totally diverse, but teams are proving they will hire minority coaches.

  32. Why does the NFL teams continue to try to drive with retread tires? Once I see my tires can’t do the job anymore, I don’t seek out retreads, I buy new ones.

  33. @tyfreeroy33 Really? Bill Bellicheck, Pete Carrol, Andy Reid, Lovie Smith, Jeff Fisher. Any of those decent coaches to you? Because by your definition they are all “Re-treads” and have been the head coach for different teams previous to where they are now. Sometimes it’s just not a good fit, doesn’t mean you can’t coach a successful football team.

  34. As a life long Falcons fan I think that bringing Rex to the ATL would be the best move the team has made since Leeman Bennett was the coach here, or the sell of the the team to Blank. And I would love to see the hard nose attitude and take no prisoners mentality he gives to the team. I would not be scared to bet that he would bring the fans out to the Birds Nest
    (new stadium) to see a team with a kill or be killed attitude that the players respect and love playing for. And with the right O.C. and a healthy O. Line I can see us Super Bowl bound by year 2 of his tenure. If they do hire him I am increasing my season tickets package!

  35. SOOOO Pissed with the falcons right now, though I am sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Blanks mother, we should have at least called Rex and explained to him that he was still in strong consideration. We keep making the same mistakes when it comes to becoming a major contender and a big market team in a big market city. I hate to say it because I love my team but we are afraid of the national stage and are more than likely doomed to be a second tier team.

  36. It doesn’t matter who the new Falcons coach is now they could never bring the excitement or help the team as much as Rex would have. I know for sure now that I will NOT be purchasing a PSL and probably not be attending may games in the future. Damn Author you missed the boat again!!!

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