Boom: Raiders brought Madden in for Shanahan interview


In what could be a sign of the legitimacy of the candidacy — or at least an olive branch — the Raiders brought in the big guns for a recent interview.

According to Scott Bair and Fallon Smith of, the Raiders had Hall of Fame coach John Madden sit in with owner Mark Davis when former coach Mike Shanahan interviewed for the job.

It’s unclear if Madden has been a regular participant in other interviews, or what his role would be moving forward.

If nothing else, it’s a sign of one family member breaking the ice with a guy whose relationship with the organization was frosty.

Mark’s father Al fired Shanahan four games into his second season coaching the team, and the tensions between the two continued for years.

But if Madden was present for Shanahan’s interview, it helps bridge the generations between the father who couldn’t get along and the son who might want Shanahan to help fix things.

Madden also sat in when Davis interviewed eventual General Manager candidate Reggie McKenzie in 2012.

80 responses to “Boom: Raiders brought Madden in for Shanahan interview

  1. In his day Madden was one of the best ever. Now?

    Next they’ll be digging up Al to sit in on the Art Shell and Mike White interview.

  2. “I think you would be a great fit! Judging by your bright red skin showing that your constantly intense , and intimidating. you clearly know that 90% of the game is half mental.”

  3. Madden was brought in to help the Raiders pinpoint and eliminate the recent outbreak of fungal infection known as Shanahan that was seen spreading around the team office.

  4. Madden is a link to the legacy of the organization and Mark would be wise to listen to him. Although I resist the thought of the Rat coming back, if John Madden approves of Shanahan my mind might change. Maybe.

  5. Knowing the Raiders, they probably thought they had Madden, but instead brought in Frank Caliendo.

  6. As Mike Singletary would say, “Can’t do it.”

    Al is looking down, or some would say up, and just fuming. I don’t think he would approve of anyone even saying “Hi” to Shanahan.

    I get that Mark and Carol are running team, but the Raiders will always be Al’s team. There are some things that just can’t happen, like Shanahan coaching the Raiders or Marcus Allen lighting the Al Davis Torch. Oops.

  7. And then Mike said BAM, and I said BOOM, BANG, POOM, and Mark was like HUH? because he didn’t have his contacts in and I started in on the Mike, who wins? And he hits me with, “the team that scores the most points” and BAM I’m back on the bus eating turkey legs and Mark is like….. well, I dunno because I couldnt see him but I betcha they were going over Mike’s playbook because he’s got two kinds of plays in there — run plays and pass plays — and I think Mark needed to hear that we weren’t talking about movie football, cause that’s not real football you know?

  8. if the Raiders hire Shanahan, they better hope that he’s just coaching and not being the GM….also hope he doesn’t meddle with defense and let’s his defensive coordinator just coach.

  9. Its funny the people that comment on here that no nothing about interviewing. They just know how to work a keyboard.

    Getting Madden’s help is a very wise move.

  10. Been a loyal Raider fan for many years and the one thing that would make me walk away would be the re-hiring of an egomaniac named Shanahan.

  11. lnfinite says:
    Jan 6, 2015 5:05 PM
    That madden clown is still alive????????
    I see your parents did a wonderful job raising you.


  12. It makes it a mockery for the other 8+ candidates that were interviewed for the Head Coach position if Shanahan is the only one interviewed by John Madden and he gets the job.
    I have zero confidence in Mark Davis being able to make a decent coaching appointment, even if the best candidate landed in his lap.

  13. I think this is kinda sad. Mark Davis doesn’t really know who to listen to, and he doesn’t know enough about football to trust his own judgement. One thing he does know is that there are a lot of self-serving “friends” out their willing to “help” him out. At least Madden has enough repect for Al Davis to stand beside Al’s son. That’s what a real friend does. Hats off to you John Madden. This says more about Madden than all the trophies and awards he’s won.

  14. Wow. Just Wow. Can’t believe the posts on this article.

    Sounds like PFT followers (as I’ve suspected) is made up almost entirely of 11 year olds who have no friggin idea how great Madden was as a coach and for a VERY long time a commentator.

  15. What has Shanahan done since the Denver era with Elway? Seriously?

    Since being fortunate to have a few studs win him a SB (or two) he’s ruined teams and set them back years. He doesn’t have what it takes anymore and the new age players don’t care for his schtick.

    I know the Raiders are having a rough time but what makes them think he’s the answer? They just need some stability and stay with a regime long enough to celebrate an anniversary and maybe things will come.

  16. joetoronto says: Jan 6, 2015 5:25 PM

    lnfinite says:
    Jan 6, 2015 5:05 PM
    That madden clown is still alive????????
    I see your parents did a wonderful job raising you.

    But Joe, it’s OK for you to call Elway “Horse face” every single time you refer to him?
    Did your parents teach you about hypocrites?

  17. Only my Raiders go to such great lengths to continue to embarrass themselves. I’m sure Shanahan walked in the room..saw madden and thought to himself ..yeah..nothings changed since ’88. Might as well bring in Willie brown and Jim Otto to evaluate Shanahan coaching expertise while your at think the bears are bringing in dick butkus to help interview potential coaches? Of course not. Only the Raiders do goofy..corny stuff like this. What the heck does madden know about modern football? Smh.

  18. Al just rolled over in his grave…..why would a son interview a hated rival of his dad? Its one thing to shake hands and be civil to one another but totally different to roll out the red carpet and drag Madden out of his grave to do the recruiting smh…..

  19. Maddenisms ……..

    “Hey, the offensive linemen are the biggest guys on the field, they’re bigger than everybody else, and that’s what makes them the biggest guys on the field.”

    “Ruben Brown made that play there….well I mean he missed the guy completley but he was able to create just enough room for Thomas Jones by whiffing. The air he created on the miss gave Jones enough space to score”

    “90% of the game is half mental.”

    “The team who scores the most points will win the game.”

    “If they don’t score any points, then they’re probably not going to win the game”

    “They’re either going to run the ball here, or they’re gonna pass it”

    “The play would have been much greater if he did not make the tackle, so it was not so great.”

    Al: “John what do the Vikings need to do to get back into this game? ”

    John: “Well Al, to get back into this game…Daunte Culpepper and the Vikings have to get back into this game. ”

    “When your arm gets hit, the ball is not going to go where you want it to.”

    “A fumble is a fumble when he fumbles, and that my friend was a fumble!”

    “To get more yards, it’s best to move the ball from the line of scrimmage down the field.”

    “If the quarterback throws the ball in the endzone and it is caught, that’s gonna be a touchdown.”

    “When a guy runs he goes faster.”

    “From the waist down, Earl Campbell has the biggest legs I have ever seen on a running back.”

    “Not only do you get a first down, but you get a whole new set of downs!”

    “Now here’s a guy that, when he puts his glasses on, he can see better.”

    “The best thing would be a touchdown and the second best thing would be a fieldgoal.”

    “Whenever you talk about a Mike Shanahan offense, you’re always going to be talking about his offense.”

  20. commonsensedude says:
    Jan 6, 2015 4:35 PM

    Question #1: “What’s your opinion of Brett Farve?”


    Thats hilarious!

  21. I think the Raiders still owe Shanahan some of his pay from his previous stint as head coach. I hope that Mike uses this chance to collect his back pay with interest.

  22. Wasn’t Madden critical over Shanahan’s handling of RG3 and his health on a broadcast of Madden’s XM/Sirius show last year? That seemed like the ONE time Madden would bash at an NFL head coach on the air.

  23. Most of the comments trolling Madden are coming from millennials who’s only knowledge of Madden stems from his career as a game analyst and playing his popular video games. Look him up on Wikipedia.
    In his 10 years coaching the Raiders, he won his division 7 times and came in 2nd the other three. He never finished a season below .500 and had a .763 career winning percentage (regular season), and won Superbowl XI. I love the guy. To me he’s like the Bob Uecker of football.

  24. It would be nice if Madden could find the fountain of youth and patrol the Raider sidelines again.

    Since that won’t happen, it would be good if Big John remembered that he became a HC with no previous experience in that capacity but that Al Davis took a chance on him and it succeeded brilliantly. Same thing also with Flores, and to lesser extents Gruden and Shell (1st stint). Yes, Dennis Allen didn’t work out but that shouldn’t dissuade the Raiders from gambling again on a young coordinator considering the past successes. Certainly a much better option then going with a retread failure.

  25. Interview list:

    1. Joe Bugel

    2. Ted Cotrell

    3. Mike White

    4. Art Shell

    6. Rusty Hilger

    7. June Jones

    8. Kevin Gilbride

    9. Butch Davis

    10. Bruce Coslet

    11. Rod Rust

    12. Les Steckel

    Resign Jamarcus Russell.

  26. Why wouldn’t they want Madden to be a part of this. He’s forever linked with the Raiders. Best coach in the teams history.

    He could probably come back and coach the raiders back into contention again!

  27. So how would such an interview go after Shanahan starts by saying that he demands total control of everything?

  28. Dogsweat says:
    Jan 6, 2015 6:54 PM
    Interview list:

    1. Joe Bugel

    2. Ted Cotrell

    3. Mike White

    4. Art Shell

    6. Rusty Hilger

    7. June Jones

    8. Kevin Gilbride

    9. Butch Davis

    10. Bruce Coslet

    11. Rod Rust

    12. Les Steckel

    Resign Jamarcus Russell.


    Don’t forget Rich Kotite! Best coach ever!

  29. Hell if they’re going to use the way-back machine to hire a senile geriatric coach, they should give Tom Flores an interview too.

  30. Shanahan is an interesting fellow. He was the first hired head coach outside the Raider family and almost immediately got into it with Al regarding his assistants. He was/is very much like Al himself, competitive, competent, and a micromanager. They both also had a passion for the game and a memory of transgressions against them. I don’t know if Shanahan still has the fire or if commands the respect worthy of the owner and GM giving him carte blanc to hire his own assistants, really a must for any experienced HC with some say from ownership. His career winning percentage as a coach is 55%. Not outstanding. Not Dungy or Martz, but not bad subtracting out the Redskin years.
    I would ask Shanahan about what the weaknesses he perceives in the Raiders now and historically (he holds the second best winning record against the Raiders), then I would ask about what went wrong with RG3.

  31. Mckenzie was interviewing Pep Hamilton at the time. That’s why Mark brought Madden in. Not sure why people assume that it’s a move to undercut Reggie.

  32. With a knuckle dragger like Big Reg around, you have to bring in anything you can to help you. Even a senile old goat like Madden.

    As far as the rat goes, the two deserve each other.

  33. The Raiders haven’t done much right lately, but bringing in Madden is a good idea. You can pull plenty of examples of him being wrong, but he was a great coach & a great analyst despite the comments. He knows football & he loves the Raiders. That is a good start.

  34. Hell no!, The RAT tried to injure Al Davis by demanding that his 3rd string QB, Elvis Gerbac hit Davis in the head with football during a pregameback in the days when AL walked the field.

    The RAT also likely ended RGIIIs career (complete ACL tear) by not pulling him out of a Redskin game when it was obvious RGIII was already injured.

    Is there no amount of insult Raider Nation must endure? Just bring in Scot McCloughan as the new GM and let him hire the new HC. Problem solved.

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