Christie’s free trip to Dallas raises ethics concerns


Before New Jersey governor Chris Christie made the trek to Willie Wonka’s football factory looking like Augustus Gloop in an Oompa Loompa sweater, Christie apparently had ripped open a candy bar that included a golden gloryhole ticket.

As it turns out, Christie’s trip to Texas was bought and paid for by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.  As explained by the Wall Street Journal, Christie’s aides have defended his acceptance of the plane fare and ticket to the owner’s suite by citing a New Jersey policy that permits gifts from “relatives or personal friends that are paid for with personal funds.”

“Governor Christie attended the game [Sunday] night as a guest of Jerry Jones, who provided both the ticket and transportation at no expense to New Jersey taxpayers,” spokesman Kevin Roberts told the Wall Street Journal.

The problem for Christie comes from Jones’ business relationship with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which is controlled by Christie and New York governor Andrew Cuomo.  Jones partially owns Legends Hospitality, which will operate the soon-to-be-opened observatory at the new One World Trade Center.  It’s a deal that is expected to generate $875 million in revenue over 15 years.

Obviously, the appropriate people are denying that Christie had any influence over the situation.  Regardless of any actual impropriety, there’s a clear appearance of potential impropriety.

The next question becomes whether Christie will continue to accept free travel and a free tickets at Cowboys games.  If he thinks it’s permissible once, then it’s permissible again.  Christie has said he hopes to go to the Cowboys-Packers game in Green Bay; if someone else is paying for the travel and if the ticket results in admission to the owner’s box, don’t we all?

195 responses to “Christie’s free trip to Dallas raises ethics concerns

  1. It shouldn’t be a concern, Christie, like the majority of politicians has no ethics or morals.

  2. If it is the case that our elected officials cannot be trusted further than they can be thrown, and they need to be baby sat like this, maybe we should look at ourselves and ask “why are we electing these people?”

  3. Given that the Clinton and Obama regimes are the most corrupt in recent American history, I’m not worried about Christie parking his fat a@@ in Jerry Jones suite to watch a football game.

  4. Christie is the same guy who trapped thousands of people on the New Jersey Turnpike for hours over a minor political dispute. Not to mention the fact that he grew up in New Jersey and identifies as a lifelong Cowboys fan. PLEASE STOP electing this scum.

  5. I have more of a problem with him cheering for the Cowboys, when 2/3rds of his state roots for divisional rivals. To Iggles and Football Giants fans, that’s basically political suicide

  6. Fatty killed his presidential hopes by being friends with the crypt keeper and cheering on the scummiest franchise in the league. In addition he got lap band like 2 years ago… Put down the sandwich chunk!

  7. Ayiyi. More money than God, and these billionaires just can’t think past a buck and a half.
    Perception is a fat part of reality.

  8. “looking like Augustus Gloop in an Oompa Loompa sweater, Christie apparently had ripped open a candy bar that included a golden gloryhole ticket.”

    While I’ll admit it’s funny but, a little shocked at the attack on Christie. If Obama was at an owners box, I doubt we’d see such attacks on his appearance…

  9. Chris Christie was an advocate for legalized sports betting in NJ. He was also in the owner’s box embracing Jerry Jone’s in hugs after the most controversially officiated playoff game in recent memory. Head of NFL officiating, Dean Blandino, was seen partying with Cowboy execs this summer.

    These are all facts…

  10. Christie can kiss goodbye to several of the Republican primaries based on this little freebie… not so much the freebie but the fellatio act he performed on Jones as he slobbered all over the Cowboy owner. Plenty of Cowboy haters in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and so on… he will never win that Republican nomination and this will play a part.

    He look foolish and out of shape and wholly like Jones’ bitch.

  11. R-E-L-A-X

    At least he’s not like the former governor of PA that used his authority at tax payers expense caravanning a dozen cars up and down the turnpike at 90 mph with a police escort for every Eagles home game and then wasted our time doing a post game show afterwards only to do it again over and over again.

  12. Chris Christie is an embarrassing charlatan and complete fraud fan. This dude was literally born in Newark, New Jersey. He says he started rooting for Dallas because of Roger Staubach despite the fact that he could’ve easily rooted for the hometown Giants.

    There are pictures of Christie hoisting the Lombardi Trophy with the NY Giants, but he’s a Cowboys fan. Literally a fan of two different teams. You can say, “OK…he was part of the celebration of his state, but they’re called the “New York Giants.” And maybe, he wanted to celebrate…” fine. But did he have to hoist the Lombardi acting like he was a Giants fan? No.

    How can you trust a guy to run for the President of the United States when he can’t even stay loyal to a football team? And he’s wearing the same damn sweater that he wore Sunday in that pictures of him hoisting the Lombardi! And if it isn’t bad enough that he’s a fan of two teams, he’s a fan of two teams that are divisional rivals!

    Just SMH!

  13. Chris Christie is an embarrassing charlatan and complete fraud fan. This dude was literally born in Newark, New Jersey. He says he started rooting for Dallas because of Roger Staubach despite the fact that he could’ve easily rooted for the hometown Giants.

    There are pictures of Christie hoisting the Lombardi Trophy with the NY Giants, but he’s a Cowboys fan. Literally a fan of two different teams. You can say, “OK…he was part of the celebration of his state, but they’re called the “New York Giants.” And maybe, he wanted to celebrate…” fine. But did he have to hoist the Lombardi acting like he was a Giants fan? No.

    How can you trust a guy to run for the President of the United States when he can’t even stay loyal to a football team? And he’s wearing the same damn sweater that he wore Sunday in that pictures of him hoisting the Lombardi! And if it isn’t bad enough that he’s a fan of two teams, he’s a fan of two teams that are divisional rivals!

    Just SMH!

  14. First Blandino and now Christie, who’s next in Jerrah’s world of greed and fraud?

  15. But then again, Floriduh elected Rick Scoot and reelected him for another 4 even though the guy stole billions from Medicare outright in a scheme like no other and then took the 5th some 73 times during his deposition, refusing to answer any questions.

    Settled by paying a record gargantuan fine the likes of which dwarfed every other. HE IS A THIEF AND A CROOK AND TWICE A GOVERNOR OF ONE OF THE LARGEST STATES.

    So maybe Christie still can be on the end end of the Jones’ glory hole and win a primary or two where there are Detroit fans…

    What you think pilgrims?

  16. I’m sure Christie makes enough to pay for the trip and ticket out of his own (not tax payers) pocket. The rich get richer & the fat get fatter. Christie doubles down.

  17. hahah what does this have to do with football? Good article MSNBC…oh wait this is PFT

    Keep hating folks…you are going to have to all stop watching football once your Darth Vader hoists that Lombardi

  18. If it were any other team,this would be a non-issue. Everyone hates success when it’s not themselves or their team. Keep on hating, because we know we are doing good! #envy

  19. My goodness Florio. Your ridiculous liberalism is frothing through your writing. Please stick to actual football. There are plenty of important compelling storylines going on right now that don’t beg your unwanted political nonsense.

  20. Crispy Crème looked like a fat little kid
    in the owners box. Do New Jersey a favor…stay there!! You certainly haven’t helped us out at all!!

  21. Come on PFT don’t you know about the good ole boy network???

    Jerry is a smart man, party buses for league officials and free trips for politicians.

    May it is Jerry’s World after all…. (sarcasm)

  22. Never did anyone mention all the politicians who’ve attended games as guests of owners before….But since Christie is no favorite gov of the Democrats, we drudge up a non-story…
    I won’t be voting for him either, but just saying….Leave politics to news channels, we come here for football!

    BTW, anyone notice Alan Greenspan in Dan Snyder’s box behind Joe Gibbs 2 weeks ago?

  23. The ethics concerns are the least of Christie’s worries. Looking like a complete ass in front of 40 million+ people will prevent him from ever being president.

  24. I used to work for the new Jersey dol and 5 he helipad was in our parking lot. It was always funny to watch this awful man get out of the chopper because it would jump just about 4 feet off the ground when this planet sized person stepped out.

  25. Poor Florio. His buddies the Obama take multi-million dollar vacations every week to somewhere nice and exotic at the taxpayers expense, but God forbid Christie goes to a freakin’ football game.

  26. Another Liberal whiny rant. There is no conflict of interest, he accepted a gift from an NFL owner. But of course since Jones is part owner of a business in NJ that actually makes money he is automatically the Devil and Christie is his lackey. These clueless Liberal morons need to move on, nothing to see here.

  27. If we are going to single out one politician for ethics, let’s look at them all. Oh wait, that’s probably a can of worms we don’t dare open. We all would be in for a shock!

  28. Well a playoff win certainly seems to have reignited this website’s obsession with the Cowboys.

    Oh well, let the haters hate.

  29. Mike Florio has turned another dumb NBC vehicle political. Insult a man by calling him fat. John Chancellor would be proud. Individual bias only makes one look stupid

  30. Can we please quit with the fat jokes and the insults. I may not be his biggest fan, but it it’s getting kinda old. If you don’t have anything new to say, don’t say nothing.

  31. Florio, I don’t know what’s better, the oompa Loompa reference or the fact that you hyperlinked Gloryhole.

    Already a better star than yesterdays 172 articles on pass interference

  32. Wow, leave the man alone already. We get it, he is from Jersey and is a Cowboy fan. How many of us on here live in different States and root for teams out of State? I am guessing plenty.

    He received a ticket from a friend, with airfare paid for. Not illegal. People need to mind their own business he was at a game watching his favorite team.

    Focus on how the NFL is fixed and ruined under Goodell

  33. people need to get over it. CC has always been a cowboys fan…

    Noone should fault for being human and being caught up in the moment when his team wins

  34. I’m just not that bothered by this as long as it isn’t partisan politics.

    Politicians don’t get paid nearly as much as a businessman in actual salary. They get paid more through benefits and perks than through taxpayer dollars. Christie can and will make more in the business sector than he does as a governor; I just see this as a perk of the job.

    And I don’t really even know if Christie is a Repub or Democrat, nor do I care. I’m just talking money and sense, not taking a political side. And yes I said sense not cents. Just let the guy go have some fun, it’s not hurting anybody.

  35. Neither JJ nor CC has ever seemed to be overly bothered by the ethical propriety of what they do, so why would JJ’s partial ownership of a cash cow in CC’s pasture now be of any concern?

  36. Was it unethical?…yeah, it kinda is.

    Is it a punishable offense? No. This behavior is perfectly legal in the state of NJ.

    What makes it unethical is the “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back” type of scenario this could pose in the future. Politicians in general should pay their own way like anyone else. But some don’t and sometimes they get caught.

    Say ‘ol Jerry wants to set something up in NJ…

    But again, in this instance the people of NJ apparently don’t have a problem with this.

  37. It might be free for Christie but for his security detail that would be with him it would be taxpayer paid. Unless he reimburses the state treasury like he did when he used a state helicopter to go see his son’s baseball game. That was a pr debacle as well.

  38. Wisconsinite here: This piece of crap is not wanted any near this state. Stay in NJ where you belong. Who votes for any of these people?

  39. Everyone trying to keep the Cowboys down. PFT writing all these articles that say the same thing just to produce “news” that is everything but news. We have known for years that the referee situation was bad, so why make a big deal now? Because it’s the Cowboys and we know you hate them. That’s why you come up with these articles talking about something that pertains nothing to football other than talking bad about an owner you don’t want to see succeed. Am I right?

  40. How’s the anti-Cowboys click-bait pogrom going? You guys need anything? Want us to pick you up some McDonald’s? Need some blankets? Just let us know!

  41. He just garenteed that he will never become president with that nausating video of him humping on Jerry’s leg after being ignored with his hi 5 and also since when do men hug each other after A touchdown

  42. Florio, that first sentence is a classic. Thanks for the chuckle on an early Tuesday morning.

  43. Must we bring politics into football?

    Its the playoffs, save this stuff for the off-season when there is nothing to talk about.

    Go Pats!

  44. watching him awkwardly man-hug Jerruh & bounce up and down looking like Santa in that red sweater was cringe-worthy television.. he’s not just an embarrassment to “America’s Team,” but to America, period.

  45. “Before New Jersey governor Chris Christie made the trek to Willie Wonka’s football factory looking like Augustus Gloop in an Oompa Loompa sweater, Christie apparently had ripped open a candy bar that included a golden gloryhole ticket.”

    Just when you think you’ve read it all…

  46. There’s plenty of legit reasons to criticize Christie, can we dispense with the fat shaming?

  47. One World Trade Center is in New York state, not New Jersey. Still trying to understand the implied connection …

  48. NJ Gov rooting for hated Cowboys and practically French kissing Jerrah. Unbef*%#inglievable! No wonder Springsteen can’t stand him.

  49. Why is the mayor of New Jersey’s favorite team a different team in the same division as a team that plays in his state?

    That’s just not cool.

  50. Christie is a throwback politician – back to the days when threats, favors, back room deals and lavish perks were everyday activities for political powerhouses. Oh wait, those days have never ended – my bad.

  51. Most people are more worried about what team he cheers for. Which is why corruption runs rampant.

  52. Isn’t there any rule or statute in New Jersey that gives the people the right to impeach any government official that is found out to be a Cowboys fan? If not, that should be put on the books.

  53. I bet the right wingers on here would be thrilled to know that Chris Christie attended the Giants Super Bowl victor in February 2012 and then appeared on stage smiling during the victory celebration. So is he a Giants or a Cowboys fan? He’s actually just another pathetic politician.

  54. Amazing how people just can’t get over this, especially in the Philly area. How cares who he roots for??? If you are baseing your vote on what NFL team a certain politician roots for, then do us all a favor, and don’t vote.

  55. Christie courtship of Jones, and vice versa, has nothing to do with the Port Authority. It has everything to do with 2016.

    You can’t get elected President in this country without a billionaire behind you. Obama had Buffett. The Koch Brothers want nothing to do with Christie because he’s too moderate. So he is trying to hitch his wagon to Jones.

  56. what a politician doing something unethical I don’t believe It lol . politicians line there pockets with the rich people money then the politician gives the rich person tax payer funded funds that’s how are government works. did not surprise me in the least to see christee there kissing jerruh ring

  57. Man, you liberals sure do love to pounce on anything that could even be remotely considered unethical for republicans. Michael Strahan did the same thing, pouncing on this opportunity during the OT after the game. Just keep your politics to yourself. You aren’t nearly as intune with them as you think you are. Stick with football.

    Note: I can’t think of one republican that I know of that likes Christie. No point trying to bring down a media made superstar.

  58. As much of a scumbag that Scott Walker is, even he would never do something THIS dumb. How embarrassing for the football teams on the east coast.

  59. “Awkward Man Hug” <—-I threw up in my mouth a little… Maybe Christie can just pay for his own expenses… Christie had already pissed off all the Eagles fans when the Cowgirls played the Eagles a few weeks ago at the Linc, and there he was, the Governor of NJ, sitting in the suite with Jerry Jones. So a few miles from his home state, where there are basically 3 NFL team within cheering distance, this traitor sits with the enemy – Cowboys owner Jerry Jones..Took a lot of balls to sit at the home of the EAGLES and kiss the butt of the Eagles mortal enemy.

  60. As an Italian from NJ I know it’s going to be next to impossible for this guy to prevail in the South. The Dallas Cowboys is apparently his “Southern strategy.” There are more electoral votes in TX than NJ, and he’s not afraid of alienating Giants fans in NJ by jumping on the bandwagon in Dallas.

  61. if only we could have more video of elected officials hugging billionaires in states of ecstasy, that would be great. it’s good propaganda for the plutocracy

  62. I am NOT surprised this right-wing political mobster would be hanging out with Jerry Jones and his 1 percenters. As a Steelers fan, I have always despised the Cryboys; going back to the Steelers dynasty years when we destroyed them twice in the 70’s for the Super Bowl title.

    The only thing left for me to say is, GO PACKERS!!

  63. Maybe Christie was responsible for all those traffic jams in Dallas when they had the Super Bowl there. I hear Christie is a master of engineering traffic jams.

  64. I love how people on here think that Christie not rooting for the team that happens to play closest to where he lives and works (which would be the Eagles, by the way. Thank you for understanding east coast geography), makes him somehow less electable as a Presidential candidate.

    There are lots of reasons not to vote for Christie. What NFL team he roots for should NOT be one of them.

    Have a little perspective.

  65. Anyone knows it’s a conflict of interests. His favorite team? So what. When you become a politician, you have to sacrifice certain things to save face. Poor judgment. Who would vote for this guy again?

  66. Chris Christie = Augustus Gloop

    Stephen Jones = Willy Wonka

    Tony Romo = Charlie

    Jason Garrett = Grandpa

    Jerry Jones = Umpa Loompa # 2

  67. Lets take a trip back to the days of Staubach. ESPN did not exist. Blackout rule was if a team in your market is home, you don’t get a double header game. So Northern NJ got the Jets at 1 and the Giants at 4.
    The Jets played at Shea.
    The Giants were in such disarray that the league got involved in having them select a head coach.
    They had the plane flown over the game “15 years of lousy football, we’ve had enough.”
    When good football was broadcast in NJ it was typically the Cowboys. Two Giants games, Thanksgiving, Monday Night Football and on the rare occasion both the Jets and Giants did not play at home on a given Sunday, the double-header game was usually the Cowboys.
    Who is a new football fan in NJ in the 70’s going to root for, Jerry Goldstein and Joe Pisarchic with a washed up Larry Czonka, or Staubach?

    This is how many from Northern NJ became Cowboys fans. Many remained loyal to them after the Giants became great. Some also were glad to also have a local team to root for.

  68. Seriously… What is with the gloryhole references on this site lately?? That said, I admit it made me laugh hard. Then I clicked the link to youtube and saw Jerry Jones make the bizarre statement. WTH was THAT all about?? But really… It isn’t always about WHAT you do it is about HOW YOU APPEAR and what people PERCEIVE. If you are doing bad things but keep it on the down low, typically you stand a chance of pulling it off. If you are doing stupid things in public, even if your intent is innocent, it looks horrible and people talk. The thing recently that came out about the head of officials on the cowboy party bus… LOOKS REALLY BAD. The governor of NJ fatter than ever and practically slerping Jerrah in his private box shown over and over and over on national TV LOOKS BAD, and honestly, sort of nauseating… I’m sorry but Christy is just a disgusting fat slob… I don’t need to see that gross bowl of jello unwillingly over and over, and neither do my kids. Seeing him HUGGING Jerrah… ICK!!! Almost made me barf the FIRST time, don’t even ask me about the TENTH time… Of course this will bring up lots of controversy and the disgusting part of it is that these filthy rich SOBs and corrupt politicians are so aloof and so damn arrogant they don’t even CARE about perception anymore – they will just put it in the SPIN CYCLE with the rest of their dirty laundry. But we do have this potential headline to look forward to if this corpulent pig of a NJ governor shows up in Green Bay this week…. Packers win big, and Lambeau Field for the first time EVER runs out of bratwurst during a game…

  69. I wonder when making fun of fat people will be considered just as prejudiced as making fun of black people.

  70. A lot of butt hurt RWNJ’s on here, no doubt some far left liberals jumping up and down with glee. The rest of us in the middle think it’s funny as hell and y’all need to get over yourselves.
    BTW when I watched the game (while working on the house) I didn’t realize it was Chris Christie, I thought it was a fat oaf relative slobbering all over Jerrah.)

  71. I don’t care about politics. It doesn’t interest me in the least.

    That being said, I do think it is really pathetic in this day and age, that people who represent the media in one form or another can’t get past the cruelty of fat jokes. I shouldn’t be surprised, the Weather Channel airs a show called Fat Guys in the Woods.

    Even Greenberg on ESPN occasionally makes fat jokes about Golic.

    If you are going to go down the road of political correctness, go all the way with it. If not, drop it entirely.

    Naming a team the Redskins is considered offensive, yet calling people fat isn’t? When is calling someone fat not offensive?

    What if it turns out that there is a fat gene, or something that triggers people to eat, something they have no control over, then what? Is that what it takes for people to treat other people with decency and kindness?

    That is why I can’t take those:” More You Know” PSAS seriously. Maybe they ought to look at their own programming on their own networks, before they start rolling out the PSAS. Maybe then they would realize the hypocrisy.

  72. Perhaps I don’t understand politics but I don’t see the big deal about Skeletor personally flying Christie to a football game. It’s his money, and he’s allowed to spend it as he sees fit. Just because Christie is a public figure means people can’t buy him a ticket to a game?

    That being said, the outrage is not his attending the game on The Crypt Keeper’s dime, but that the NJ-born Christie being a “lifelong” Dallas fan. He has many teams within a few hundred miles that make up the cornerstone of the NFL – the Giants (1925) and Steelers (1933), two of the original football teams, come to mind. There are also the Eagles, Jets, and Bills for example. Sports loyalty is very much a regional thing… I was born in northern NJ but moved to NC at a very young age. Despite that, I am still a Giants fan and do not pull for the Panthers (even though I am stuck with their games on TV every Sunday).

    It’s reprehensible.

  73. Shouldn’t he be rooting for teams in Ohio and Florida? I know he needs Jerry to donate a few million to his campaign, but he’s gotta get his priorities straight. I’m sure Shahid Khan would give him a high five at a Jaguars game and he’d be on his way to 29 electoral votes.

  74. You think that Jerry would put in one way glass or at least announce, at a candid moment, “Plebians, there’s nothing to see here, just go back to your little nothing lives”.

    But of course, we can count on the wealthy looking out for the interests of the average American.

  75. I don’t understand why a NJ politician would want to be seen rooting for the Cowboys publicly, but I really can’t understand why people are upset that he didn’t spend any of New Jersey’s money. Something tells me that the same people who are upset now would be just as upset (if not more) if he had used taxpayer money.

    The truth is that he didn’t lose any potential electoral votes. The people who don’t like him still don’t like him. If he wins the republican primary, republicans will still vote for him just to keep Hillary out of office.

    Also, can someone please explain to me what the port authority of NJ has to do with an observatory in a building in New York City? Yes, I understand that NY and NJ share a harbor, but how does that relate to a tourist attraction on land in a different state?

  76. I have lived my entire life in New England and was a Dallas fan growing up and remain one to this day. Baseball is much more of a regional sport than football is. Crazy to criticize Christie for not being a fan of his “local” team.

  77. This is fantastic free publicity for Chris Christie. Millions of average American voters look forward to seeing the brief shots of Chris enjoying himself in Jerry’s box. This appeals to middle America and it has nothing to do with politics.
    Jerry understands marketing and believe it or not he is helping to market a future President. In a field of boring, dull right wing extremists, Christie will appear normal in displaying his passion for his Cowboys.

  78. My first thought was… “What the hell, is that Chris Christie?”

    My second thought was… “Well, I guess he wasn’t planning on running for President because that dream is now over.”

    The fact that we have the clown currently in the White House for not his first, but his SECOND term means that I wouldn’t be surprised if the American public elected an actual penguin in 2016.

  79. commonsensedude says:
    Jan 6, 2015 8:23 AM
    One World Trade Center is in New York state, not New Jersey. Still trying to understand the implied connection …

    WTC is run by the NY and NJ Port Authority.

  80. Such anger–impressive kids! Let me spell this out for you–the more heat the media (and gossip blogs like this) can generate against the most hated team in sports–the more people will watch to root against the Cowboys–its as old as the game since TV–however, just note–its your anger and outrage they are tapping into–and all you little lemmings lap it up hungrily just as fast as they can sling it out.

  81. Maybe he has close family ties from Texas? Or his father was a Cowboys fan? I’m a SF Giants fan because of cousins out that way, and I’ve drank the purple Kool-Aid since I was old enough for my dad to take me to games. That and none of the “local” NJ teams are in the playoffs right now. Pretty simple to explain why he might be a Cowboys fan.

    I don’t care who my politicians root for, as long as they don’t try to run my teams out of town or jack up my taxes.

  82. Wow – this is a stretch.

    While I don’t put it past Jones to try and bribe or any politician to try and accept, don’t you think if there 878 million on the line that it might take just a wee bit more than a plane ticket and a trip to the owners box for a football game?

    If we are to take this article seriously, we would have to think that Christie is a cheap date so to speak AND that Jerry would openly try to bribe a politician.

    Don’t most bribes get done out of plain sight?

  83. If this football game is the incident that raised ethical questions about Christie, it’s fair to say that you have not been paying much attention to his career.

  84. …at this point Christie is Jerry Jones & the Cowboys ‘good luck charm’. The Cowboys have had one of their best seasons in years …and I’ve seen big ol Christie riding the bandwagon. Heaven forbid if the Cowboys win the SUPERBOWL nad we have to see Christie up on the stage hugging the Lombardie trophy

  85. Amazing how people just can’t get over this, especially in the Philly area. How cares who he roots for??? If you are baseing your vote on what NFL team a certain politician roots for, then do us all a favor, and don’t vote.


    Obviously, you’ve not spent much time among fans of the Giants or Eagles… particularly the Eagle fans. It’s more than a cult at this point. It’s tribal. In the words of GWB, you’re either with us or against us.

    Christie voting patterns in northern NJ may not take a hit (or much of one), as the Giant fans are a bit more understanding. But this is a MAJOR faux pas on Christie’s part relative to southern NJ Eagle fans. They WILL remember come election time.

    Trust me on this one…

  86. Was that a big fat guy going to watch a football game on a Sunday. Outrageous behavior.

  87. “If it wasn’t Cowboys this would be a non issue.”

    Wow, you sure don’t get it do you? It has just about nothing to do with the Cowboys. It’s about a NJ Governor with Presidential ambitions who has recently had a midlevel scandal involving his staff screwing over a million or so people by closing entrances to the George Washington Bridge during rush hour to extract political revenge on a Mayor. And it’s about the really bad ethical judgement he showed then and his claims knew nothing about it. Then he goes and takes freebies from Jones while he is trying run for President. I used to think Christie was a smart guy and would make a good President. He has shown me and other reasonable Republicans we are wrong. This kind of stupidity is exactly what we are hoping he would stomp out. Oh well!

    BTW, no one gives a rat’s ass that it’s the Cowboys.

  88. Um, you missed the part of the deal where a few years ago Christie pushed the Port Authority for Jones’s company to get the deal in the first place. Makes the tickets, plane rides, etc., look much more suspect.

    Politicians make deals, but they used to be a bit more circumspect about showing off the payola attached to the deals. They’ve figured out no one cares and no one reads the news before voting.

    Once the Supreme Court made prosecutors prove a direct quid pro quo for bribery charges, only the most inept politicians get caught.

  89. I’m thinking, if Christie ever runs for POTUS, Jerrah could be his Veep. Should it ever happen, that’s a parley I’d never bet on. (LOL)

  90. Do you really believe that Governor Christie would be a “personal friend” of Jerry Jones , if Christie was not the governor?

    And no one actually gets close to Christie. I may never be able to get the image of that earth-shaking group hug out of my brain.

  91. This entire Dallas thing just stinks. You just can’t make this stuff up:
    #1. Glory hole, are you kidding me ?! Glory hole ???
    #2. “Oh,thanks Jerry ,I’m the governor of N.J. and I can’t pay my own way to big D. Of course I will let you pick up the tab.”
    #3.”All aboard the party bus “.
    #4. Repeated stories on what and who Jerry is paying for. Note : the list is long and includes a “glory hole “, also includes NFL officials .
    #5. The worst call (playoffs) in N.F.L. history. Now, tell the head coach to tell all of us that we are talking about the wrong things.

  92. When they were celebrating at the end of the game I imagine it was because they had wagered big money, not just because it was the Cowboys.

  93. The good news is that the stadium’s big screen was large enough to capture an image of Christie. Ordinarily, he doesn’t fit on stadium big screens.

  94. I didn’t think Jerrah could get any sleazier until last weekend happened. He’s taken it to a whole new level this postseason.

  95. Jones pays a couple thousand dollars so Christy can go watch a game.

    American tax payers pay $8M so Obama can go play golf.

    Where is the ethics article about the 2nd one?

  96. Christie loves traveling on the expense account. Heicopter rides to his kids ballgame (undoubtedly official business), refusing to properly report just who paid for his many trips, and actually being indignant when questioned.

    He’s entitled.

  97. Ethics violations are serious business.

    It is time to investigate Fat Christie and to prosecute him. He can even have a roommate – former Governor of Virginia, McDonnell. And after the term of the most dishonest man in America is over, Terry McFluffy, current Virginia Governor is over, he’ll be joining those two in prison as well. It is impossible to be cleaner in office than you were out of office – and McFluffy has a chain a mile long of wrong doing in his career.

  98. Everyone, please spare us the outrage. For any simpleton out there that doesn’t believe that every politician, at every level in this country is up for sale…..wake up and grow up. We were sold down the river years and years ago to corporate and oligarch interests. They’re just not trying to hide it anymore because they know they can create enough rancor among the uneducated bases to win when they need to. Both parties do it and it will never be fixed because they will resist a three (or more) party system and campaign finance reform with their dying breaths. Neither side cares about anything but power and money for the chosen few.

  99. government officials and anyone with money like Jonesy don’t go to prison for wrongful actions that’s for criminals like us. they get luxury suites at a high end hotel casino there families have to visit them remember.

  100. Ok, if Saturday Night Live doesn’t do a skit on those rich, windbagged men hugging at the end of the game, I am going to be very disappointed.

  101. Please. This isn’t one game he has been to. It’s now been 4 straight games. This is gone beyond a one time “friendship” trip and it’s definitely JJ trying to score some favors from Christie.

  102. BTW, Christie will need Jurrah’s money, as he has to run for President. He probably could not get re-elected in NJ after that whole bridge thing — and the Cowboy cheerleader gig doesn’t do anything but make it worse for him…

  103. Clearly Christie is willing to be bribed. And Jerrah is more than happy to oblige

  104. Ok, if Saturday Night Live doesn’t do a skit on those rich, windbagged men hugging at the end of the game, I am going to be very disappointed.

    We need Da Superfans commenting on the man love..that d be hilarious…” Ditka would never do dat”

  105. But what does Bob Costas think? We need leadership on this issue, and he’s soooo courageous!

  106. Christie now says “Philly fans are the worst”. What a dumbAzz. 1/3 of his state is Eagles territory. Regardless of what you think of his politics, the guy is a moron. Not presidential material.

  107. Oh gosh. Leave Chris Crispy Cream Christie alone. He’s just a fan just trying to be normal like the rest of us. Jerry Jones is the only politically twisted mind in this

  108. Please Gov, dont come to Wisconsin to watch the game as they have no owner and its awfully cold out there on those aluminum bleacher seats and you wont be giving Jerrah a big hug after the game to warm up,you will shed tears thus making your face even colder at the end of the game. stay in NJ and do what Governors are supposed to do in office,Govern and not cheer lead with Jerrah.

  109. Enough of the “worst call ever.” Was it a bad call, yes. But the Lions could have gone for it on fourth and one, or stopped the Cowboys on fourth and four. Or the Lions could have scored a touchdown with over two minutes and 2 time-outs. Hell, after Demarcus Lawrence handed them a gift, they gave it right back. Plus, you can’t guarantee that the Lions would have scored. Probably, but not for sure. Bottom line, the Lions let a bad call become their excuse. They didn’t step up and win the game.

  110. Ethics are not an issue with NFL. Ray Lewis, Terrel Suggs, Josh Brent, Ngata, Chris Collinsworth being allowed on TV, Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin, Patriots cheating, Officials who cost two teams playoff wins…. Roger Goodell favoring big markets over small ones. The list could go on, but it won’t matter. NFL lives and breathes with criminals on and off the field. But Goodell is policing the league! LOL…

  111. If I were a citizen of New Jersey, I would be asking if Jerry Jones also paid for any personal security or handled the OT for Dallas police/Sheriff to cover Christie’s security detail. Certainly that is not cheap to the NJ taxpayers even if transportation and tickets are covered.

  112. If enough media types want to make a big deal about it, it becomes a big deal. There are football fans who are plugged in politically and understand exactly what the implications of a free trip to a football game for a politician mean. There are football fans that couldn’t give a fig and don’t have a clue. Right, wrong or indifferent, there are those with those with political leanings right, left and center, most likely in inverse proportion to one another about what is most important. If it’s unimportant to you, you may be the only one who feels that way. Either way you’re not likely to win any hearts or minds here at PFT ranting about what you feel is most important. I don’t live in the NE, I’m no particular Cowboys fan but I’ve got to admit the whole thing kinda gives me the creeps.

  113. Green Bay should give him tickets. But only if they are general admission and he has to be shirtless.

    Chris Christie is a bully and an authoritarian. He knows nothing, he just barks and bullies and people bend over and take it. He tries to humiliate people, and in truth, only the morons think he does. Just about every time he tries to humiliate others, I laugh at his non-logic and idiocy. Once you understand this, you realize he isn’t actually winning an argument, he’s playing his cult-of-personality, and morons buy it hook, line, and sinker.

    If you love Bush or Obama (basically the same policies) you’re going to LOVE Christie or Hillary or Jeb.

    More of the same. Except with a pompous moron attitude.

  114. who cares? so now if you are a politician, you can’t be friends with jerry jones and take a gift? really?

    I’d love to know how many “gifts” our President has taken from various celebrities for his kids, give me a break

  115. so we can’t say we are OK with it, and you want to sit there and tell us that it gives you the creeps?

    how the heck is that any different than our opinion? its YOUR opinion.

  116. “Why have ethics concerns about individuals who have never demonstrated having any in the first place?” — IndyBear

    Shoot, why have ethics concerns over ENTIRE STATES which have never demonstrated having any in the first place?

  117. Politics makes strange bedfellows of polar opposites.

    Obama is a fan of Joe Flacco and the Ravens. That is because Joe Flacco and the Ravens are a winner.

  118. my boy Jamie Logsdon,were he a sports fan,would likely dub Christie “Slobber Boy” for his drooling all over Jerry Jones and Co.Perhaps instead of running for Presdient,Chris should run for Texas Governor.Compared to Dummy Bush and Cowboy Ricky (Perry),Christie’s ALMOST intelligent!!!!!!!!

  119. 400 posts for the bad call and only 180 for the Chris C. freebie. Tells us where PFT fans have their interests.

  120. You might not like him but Christie probably has the best chance to beat Hillary. Wake up, GOP, unless you want another democrat in the White House.

  121. Gov. Christie will never be president. He won’t last through the debates …and what Republican actually likes Christie? HOWEVER… can we leave politics out of football here… as much as we can? This NOT the place to post your political opinion. … that includes me.

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