Dorial Green-Beckham, big-time talent with risks, enters the draft


Dorial Green-Beckham will be one of the most talented players in the 2015 NFL draft. And one of the riskiest players in the 2015 NFL draft.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops confirmed today that Green-Beckham is entering the draft, leaving school without ever playing a down for the Sooners.

Based on talent alone, Green-Beckham is not only one of the best wide receivers in the draft but one of the best players at any position. At 6-foot-6 and 225 pounds with impressive speed (he was a state champion in the 100-meter dash in high school), Green-Beckham is a physical freak who has been compared to Randy Moss and would easily be a first-round draft pick if there were no character questions.

But there are significant character questions. Green-Beckham burst onto the scene at Missouri as a true freshman in 2012 and had an excellent season as a sophomore in 2013, but he got into trouble off the field so many times that Missouri coach Gary Pinkel finally kicked him off the team, leading him to transfer to Oklahoma.

Perhaps most troubling to NFL teams is that one of Green-Beckham’s off-field incidents was an accusation that he pushed a woman down stairs in a domestic dispute. The NFL is particularly concerned about allegations of domestic violence after the Ray Rice case, and the team that drafts Green-Beckham will face significant criticism if he gets in trouble again.

But despite those concerns, some team will draft Green-Beckham. A guy with his talent will get a chance in the NFL. Here’s hoping he doesn’t throw it away.

95 responses to “Dorial Green-Beckham, big-time talent with risks, enters the draft

  1. Any GM who gambles more than a 4th round pick on this kid is taking his job in his hands. DGB has off-the-charts physical ability but is about as big of a zero on the character and maturity scale as you’re ever gonna find.

  2. He has all the talent in the world…..

    Hopefully a team with that doesn’t field any diva WRs and can actually have someone mentor him will take a gamble on the kid

  3. Josh Gordon 2.0

    I’ve been dreaming of the Raider filling that #1 WR spot in the 4th or 5th round with this kid for a while. Crazy physical specimen but it’s a definite risk…one we should take.

  4. Yes, he compares to Randy Moss with regard to talent and character issues as well as draft risk/return. Moss, however, proved consistently in college that he could play up to his talent. DG-B has yet to do that.

  5. I’ll laugh at the team that takes this shady character. You think he gets in trouble now, wait until he had loads of money.

  6. His football abilities are only comparable to his stupidity. Both of which are endless.

  7. Bengals line him up with aj green. As long as green is on the team its not as big of a risk because if he can’t play oh well. He would learn well from a non-diva like green.

  8. He will get “a chance”? Let’s be honest, this is the NFL, if he is as talented as people say.. He will get ‘many chances’.

  9. Everybody else said Seantrel Henderson wasn’t worth a draft pick as a troubled 1st round talent last year…but I’m sure glad the Bills took a chance on him in the 7th.

    This dude fits exactly what they tried to fill with Barden, Rogers and Mike Williams.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Buffalo take a chance on him in the 3rd or 4th round.

    And I’d be happy with it.

  10. Not a Hawks fan but he could be a good fit there. They need a solid #1, Carroll seems like the type of coach that would get you excited about coming to work and, at the end of the day, if it didn’t work out then he could always trade him to the Jets for a draft pick. It’s not like it’s going to cost anyone a high draft pick to get this guy anyways. I think that anyone with a good coach could take a flier on this guy (post fourth round) and feel comfortable that they’ll be okay in the end (with or without Beckham).

  11. “Belichick is on the phone with him right now!!!”

    Uh, no. Belichick is working on the Ravens game plan and doesn’t give a flying crap about some idiot who is declaring early for the draft at the moment.

  12. If he does well at the combine he will go in the first round probably, but no later than the second round…. unless he gets in trouble between now and the draft. Lets face it, this is not a star studded draft. More teams will be willing to take a flyer on this guy this year than they would have in last years draft.

  13. He’ll go end of round 1 or early in round 2. Too much talent not to. It would be better for him to be drafted late in round 1 by a playoff caliber team with a solid locker room (New England, Seattle) than it would to go at the top of round 2 to a struggling franchise.

  14. If these kids only knew how much money they were leaving on the table by not knowing how to behave… Yes he will be drafted but the endorsements will be a long time coming.

    Step 1 – get a PR/life coach now. Someone needs to remake his identity before the draft. Every dollar spent will increase his wallet 10 fold.

  15. He’ll be drafted in the 3rd-4th rounds, put up a few big seasons causing people to question why so many other teams passed on him, then get into an altercation and be suspended on and off for two seasons before finally flaming out of the league.

    Forgive me, I’ve just heard this a few times before.

  16. Bills Soldier- While I love the Seantrel Henderson selection in the 7th round this guy seems like a totally different animal (and I do mean ANIMAL). This guy’s track record is more like a Josh Gordon (who i wouldnt take for free at this point), and we see how that is turning out.
    P.S. For the guy frusturated by “accusations” I would just like to warn you that when enough “accusations” arise you are going to be treated like a criminal, and rightly so. By the 10th accusation on this guy I think any rational human can assume he is garbage.

  17. He is a dream

    The few snaps a guy plays the better in some cases Beckham is one of those.
    I’m not saying he isn’t a sick talent , but the less tape the scouts have the more they can fill in the blanks with ‘the dream’. . . . . and that is what this kid is.

    So a team will greatly over reach, but it won’t be a team that is run by wise men.

  18. Stupid to not take appropriate risks on these guys…. just be willing to cut them quickly if needed. As long as you are OK with that, its worth it. 3rd round pick would be a good move, knowing you may still lose it.

  19. sounds crazy but I hope with all that I have the Eagles trade McCoy and his contract, our first round pick this year and next year to Tampa Bay to get Mariota and then use their second round pick to get this guy..Then resign Maclin…he and Maclin, Mariota, and a great offensive line locked up for years to come on the cheap would go a LONG way and enable us to spend money where we need the most help….the secondary

  20. We’re definitely not taking him. We already filled our Beckham quota with not only the best Beckham in the league but by this time next year, the best WR in the league entirely.

  21. You see, if I had top draft pick talent, I would intentionally develop character issues so I would be picked later in the draft so that I can work with a team with real potential.

  22. He sounds a little like Da’Rick Rogers……..can’t miss prospect who the Bills took a chance on, went to the Colts and the Colts cut him because he got into trouble again.

  23. If he goes to a team with a legit vet like Ravens(Steve Smith would kick his ass), Colts if Wayne is still there, Pats because of coaching, and maybe Chargers.

    But with his luck he will go to a young dumb team and be in trouble before the season.

  24. Josh Gordon comparison is unfair. While a knucklehead, Gordon doesn’t come across as a bad person, just immature. This guy seems nasty.

  25. Jerry Jones will be tempted to take him. He is still said to regret passing on Moss.

  26. The vikings already have their draft card filled out. He fits both of their two most important criteria.
    #1. Raw talent that will need years to develop(see Patterson)
    #2. Multiple run-ins with the law(see long list of viking offenders)

  27. With the new changes to the Player Conduct Policy this guy should be setting off all sorts of red flags. Reminds me too much of Josh Gordon – stay away Browns.

  28. I’m a huge Missouri fan and this kid was a beast there. That said he was a huge headache off the field not only in the robbery and domestic violence issues but he also got popped for marijuana possession to and not just a small amount of pot either it was like a pound. I would love to see the chiefs take a flyer on him if not in round 1 the round 2 but really buyer beware aldon Smith had a lot of these red flags out of Missouri to and sf took a shoot at him it worked for a year or two and then he went right back to his old ways.

  29. Sad thing is, if NE drafts him then the narrative is Bellicheck is a genius for getting such value, any other team will be crucified for picking a bad character guy.
    Can’t build an NFL team with choir boys. Look at the Ginger choir boy leading my Bengals. He’s one and done, but the rapist (allegedly) wins Super Bowls. Hope the Bengals draft him.

  30. packerbackernj says: Jan 6, 2015 1:05 PM

    Belongs on the Lions with class acts Raiola and Ndonkeykong suh

    You, sir.

    You win the internet today, at least for me.

    I CANNOT stop laughing at Ndonkeykong Suh!!

  31. for what it’s worth, everyone points out the guys who were drafted as high upside but problems off the field that were in fact problems…nobody mentions the Vontaze Burfict who fell from first round talent to undrafted rookie to pro bowl selection…nobody mentions cris carter who signed with an agent before leaving college, became ineligible his senior season, got cut after 2 years in philly due to alcohol and drug issues…look at the career he ended up having…not saying this kid will be a success but don’t write him off just yet…for now he’s just a kid…he just made himself eligible for the draft and needs to mature really quickly. With proper guidance anyone can change and this kid has the physical abilities to be great

  32. Bengals may very well be a prime team for him. Look what the team and Marvin has accomplished with problem players in the past – Adam Jones, Chris Henry, Burfict to name a few…if any coach and team can mentor him, the Bengals could be in the mix.

  33. He has a clean record, only being accused by an angry ex once. I am not seeing what the problem is. Maybe if he stole some crab legs, screamed obsenities in a campus common area or was accused of rape a few times, he’d be a number 1 pick?

  34. 49ers should draft him and assign Aldon Smith to be his mentor. 2 Missouri guys. What could go wrong.

  35. Dr.McStuffins says:

    Him and dez would be money

    You mean Dez and he would both demand more money than one another.

  36. There needs to be stricter standards to enter the NFL draft. Playing in the NFL should be a privilege, not a right. And kids with this kind of past shouldn’t be able to enter the draft.

    What’s the saying? $1M talent, $0.10 brain?

  37. Top of the 3rd round to the Raiders where he will shine for a game or two. Then he will get suspended for some off the field incident which will start his decline, leading to his release prior to the ’17 season.

  38. Marshawn Lunch says:

    Jan 6, 2015 1:27 PM

    He’ll make a good Raider.


    I ask this question not to be critical but out of curiosity: Where do comments like this about the Raiders come from?

    They have not been the place for wayward NFL players for 25+ years. The days of Lyle Alzado and his kind are long gone, They have had 11 player arrests over the past 10 years. Somewhere around 21 teams have had more over the same period, with at least 6 teams having twice as many.

    Anyone care to enlighten me?

  39. Only teams with strong locker rooms can take this guy on. Even though Ravens have a strong locker room. Not sure you want steve smith mentoring anyone…. He hasn’t done anything for the current group of WR there except outplay them.

    Pats, Bengals, Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, Cardinals, Seattle, Colts, and Packers are all equipped.

    I think Dez wouldn’t let another guy flourish in Dallas. Same for Brown/Ben/Bell in Pittsburgh. They are all similar to Ravens in that regard.

  40. i think Carolina should consider drafting him in round 2, but likely won’t. if not them, i think it should be a team who needs WR talent, but doesn’t take him in round 1, so the Raiders also make sense.

  41. Teaming him up with Gordon and Manziel is just too good for the circus in Cleveland to pass up.

  42. Whatever team drafts him, just give him the Dez Bryant treatment. Hire a couple babysitters to watch him 24/7.

  43. Sounds like a great fit for Cleveland, a Johnny Football WR. He’d fit right in with their group.

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