Galette’s lawyer says claims against player are false


If the Saints were preparing to play this weekend, the NFL would have a mess on its hands.

Linebacker Junior Galette has been arrested for domestic violence.  Under the league’s new personal conduct policy, the NFL would have been forced to move quickly in order to determine whether Galette should be placed on paid leave pending the resolution of the case.

Complicating matters for the league would have been the fact that Galette’s lawyer claims the allegations are false.

“We are confident an investigation and a full hearing of the facts will reveal that Junior Galette behaved appropriately given the circumstances and in no way committed domestic violence or battery,” attorney Ralph Whalen said in a statement, via Evan Woodbery of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

The incident occurred, according to Whalen, after a guest in Galette’s house refused to leave.

“She then grabbed a knife and threatened Junior and four other people in the house, including Junior’s girlfriend,” Whalen said.  He contends that the alleged victim’s injuries occurred when a dog reacted to the ruckus.

“This was not from any contact with Junior Galette,” Whalen said. “There are four witnesses to corroborate this event, including Junior’s girlfriend.  The incident was videotaped by Mr. Galette himself.”

The problem is that the league’s new personal conduct policy will, in some situations, keep a player from playing pending the “investigation and full hearing of the facts” that Whalen mentioned.  Regardless, the NFL is fortunate that the Saints aren’t playing, because the league would have to decide on an expedited basis whether a player arrested for domestic violence should get the Adrian Peterson/Greg Hardy treatment.

10 responses to “Galette’s lawyer says claims against player are false

  1. “Galette’s lawyer claims the allegations are false.”

    Well, I’m convinced. And to think all this time I thought he was guilty, but now that his well-paid mouthpiece has announced Galette’s innocence, I really can’t see any other possible conclusion. Case closed.

  2. The nfl isn’t the national moral compass and never should have put itself into this position. They totally messed up and everything going forward is further showing their inability to deal with the elephant they birthed.
    Let the legal system deal with the law. NFL has difficulty dealing with the business of football.
    How bout working on your officiating.

  3. I have no idea what happened here but this is the pickle the league is in. If the saints were preparing for Seattle this week, the word of an angry stripper would be enough to keep the saints best pass rusher out of a playoff game? Sure I don’t think this could ever go wrong…

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