Instant replay command center goes on the road in the playoffs

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Some of you have asked how NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino was involved in a replay review from the Lions-Cowboys game (as he mentioned on Monday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio) if he was in Indianapolis for the Bengals-Colts game.  It’s a fair question, given that all referees conducting replay reviews received real-time assistance through a command center at the league office.

For the postseason, the show is going on the road, with Blandino.  On Sunday, he worked from the replay booth in Indianapolis.  Since the stadiums are all connected, and with only one game on at a time in the postseason, Blandino was able to communicate with the referee in the same way Blandino did it throughout the 2014 regular season, the first year of the new system that gives Blandino direct input in the replay process.

This weekend, Blandino will be at the Ravens-Patriots game.  Then, from the replay booth at Gillette Stadium, Blandino will be available to participate in any replay reviews occurring during the Panthers-Seahawks game on Saturday night.  For Sunday’s games, he’ll be back in New York.

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  1. Blandino says it should have been a penalty if the shirt grab was seen, and the referees didn’t see it, yet he can see it from his vantage point of not being on the ground. It’s pretty clear that the officials on the ground can’t be expected to see everything and get every call correct. It would be nice to see this disconnect addressed.

  2. The Blandino Mobile B.S. Center: goes from zero to “I know you don’t believe this crap but hey, I said it with a straight face didn’t I?” in seconds.

    I suuure hope he doesn’t get locked in a porta-potty on route 1.

  3. Great, by this weekend the replay system should be hooked up from the Cowboys party bus, one moment looking at Jerry’s girls, the next at replays…everyone wins!

  4. The head of NFL Officiating needs to be independent. Not only in fact but in appearance as well. Blandino needs to go because he has shown so much bias and incompetence this past year. This is just the icing on the farewell cake.




  5. Why are they traveling just for post-season? Are they promoting a brand? Is Blandino signing autographs? Charity work? What is it about this system that dictates that being on site is an advantage to the New York Mission Control they are used to working at?

  6. That makes zero sense. I’m guessing this wasn’t Blandino’s call. Sounds like a genius League office decision. And why set up in stadium just for Saturday and watch another game in an empty stadium? And then have to fly home to watch Sunday’s games. I hope there is a huge snowstorm. Maybe he can set up base at the airport. Why is this needed? Brilliant idea.

  7. This is completely stupid. First off centralizing the thing to start with was a bad idea, as it allows the league to influence all games in real time. Second why would you add another variable of being remote and something not working during the most important games. We need far less rules with interpretation, if the ref isn’t sure it’s a penalty don’t throw the flag. We need independent reviews at every stadium to reduce the ability to rig the games, cameras positioned down each and every line… (why this doesn’t exist today is a joke), and almost everything that is game changing needs to be reviewable. We already have commercial breaks between what seems like every play, we might as well get all the calls right. The integrity of the game is at stake, hence the massive revenue generating business of the NFL is in jeopardy. No excuses, fix it already.

  8. Blandino is already getting his free house from Jerrah set up for the next party with the entire Cowboys franchise and Christie.

  9. Just why does a guy with NO on-field experience whatsoever run the officiating for the NFL?

    I Googled him and can find no time period where he actually officiated a game at any level on the field.

  10. For almost 2 days all that’s been talked about is how the “bad” call cost the lions the game. So instead of continuing to bitch and moan about it, what do you purpose the NFL does about it? Or what they should have done about it. Should they just say, OK we screwed up so we are just going to assume that the lions would have gone on to score a TD, so they win. Or, instead of moving on to the next round we are going to replay the last 9 min. and see what happens. If that is the case then I want them to go back to the 95 NFC championship and call PI on deon sanders against Michael Irvin because I believe that non-call cost the Cowboys from going to their 3rd straight SB ( which they would have won) and they would have been the only team in NFL history to win 4 straight SB’s. Sounds pretty stupid huh? My point exactly.

  11. Patskrieg dot com says:

    “I suuure hope he doesn’t get locked in a porta-potty on route 1.”

    I suure hope he does!

    On Sunday we all saw how well the whole concept works. To my eyes, the quality of NFL officiating has noticeably declined since the whole ‘centralization’ thing was instituted – I know that seems like an impossibility, but it’s a fact.

    As if the league itself isn’t doing enough to screw up a great game, the officials now have a built-in ‘wasn’t my fault’ or “I was miles away” cop-out to use when they royally screw up as they did Sunday.

    I’m no Dallas fan, and I can buy the ‘no favoritism’ argument re. the PI call, but there’s no way around it when you look at the fact that out of seven officials on the field, not one had the balls to throw a flag at Dez Bryant. Instructions to those officials (to give Dallas a little extra nudge) had obviously come from somewhere up the food chain.

    Whatever the source of the favoritism (Jones/Goodell, Blandino/party bus or game results purchased by outside interests such as big league gambling), that was some flat-out, hands-down, ass-kissing, let-me-suck-your-big-juicy-lollipop favoritism folks.

    The system in general, and Blandino in particular, are a joke; Blandino being the officiating equivalent of Johnny Manziel. If it looks like an impropriety Dino, it’s an impropriety. Just as Manziel should know by now that hanging out in bars never ends well for him, you should know enough not to be found in any situation that could be remotely construed as compromising. The question is the same one I would ask Manziel: What don’t you understand about this?

    And if you don’t understand this, what are you doing at the head of a system that either has absolute integrity, or none at all? There is absolutely no way that officials should be hanging out with owners, under any circumstances. And with the presence and influence of big money gambling always on the periphery (we hope it’s on the periphery!), we’re never more than a bad decision away from anarchy if only one official has a weakness that can be exploited.

    By the way, whatever happened to the female officials we were hearing so much about two or three years ago. Seems like there hasn’t been a peep since. Wha’s up with that?

  12. Lions are a crybaby DIRTY garbage organization, gimmie a break with the PI call, you lost because Stafford can’t score in the 4th Qtr and he fumbled twice with the game on the line…..what a joke!

    suck failure Lion’s!

  13. One more big screw up and I think some protesting needs to be done. Goodell needs to be fired and a new set of officials and a new system needs to be put in place. I swear if they do somethin to make sure that it’s manning vs Brady in the championship for ratings I will be hot. The way the divisional match ups turned out is already a little “strange” , but probably a coincidence. I don’t know what’s worse – the officials rigging games or just being plain incompetent?

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