Jameis Winston won’t decide until after title game


Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has nine days to make a decision on his NFL future. He’s apparently going to use most of them.

According to David Hale of ESPN.com, Winston’s father said his son won’t decide on whether to enter the 2015 NFL Draft until after next Monday’s college football championship game.

Of course, Winston won’t be playing in that game after his Seminoles were thrashed by Oregon in the semifinals.

But waiting to declare will also guarantee all the focus is on Winston, after the game he’s not playing in concludes.

Winston going pro seems assumed by many, though he’s talked about playing college baseball this spring. If/when he comes out, he’ll be one of the top picks, though perhaps the most thoroughly scrutinized because of his pattern of questionable decision-making off the field.

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  2. I feel like he’s in one of those situations right now where whatever decision he makes is the right one. If he stays he gets to perfect his craft, mature some, and possibly win another championship as well as play baseball. If he leaves, he will be paid millions.

    There is no wrong decision here.

  3. I think he is in one of those situations where whatever decision he makes will be the right one.

    If he stays, he gets to perfect his craft, mature some, play baseball, and maybe win another title.

    If he leaves, he will be a millionaire.

    Either way he goes, he will be making millions at some point in the NFL.

  4. Maybe someone close can advise him that one advantage to coming out early is that he can pay for his lobster at the front cash register like the rest of us.

  5. He’s trying to steal the show here. You lost. Go away. Try next year, or go pro, son. Either way, shut it.

  6. I think something he might be waiting to see is who Tampa hires as an OC before he makes a move, as from all indications, Lovie was sold at the Rose Bowl. That’s kind of important if he’s coming out. If Lovie hires Trestman, I’d tell him to go as the biggest FSU fan, but if he hires Mike Tice, I’d advise him to stay away from that train wreck.

  7. Don’t care — as long as the Giants don’t go after him, which I believe it would have to be a cold day in hell.

  8. This guy has more warning lights, than Manziel did.

    Whomever drafts him, just remember, he has been incredibly immature in college, and when he lands big money for getting drafted, he won’t mature.. he will just become a immature rich person.

    Can’t believe anyone would take him in the first round…he has bust all over him. He isn’t going to change his stripes, anytime soon.

  9. Had he declared already, the claim would be that he’s trying to take attention away from the game. Can the kid get a break?

    It’s the right move to wait. The media should focus on the game. He’s got enough issues without people fabricating more.

  10. I won’t defend nor disagree with what is said about him off the field.

    What can not be denied is he throws the ball and is a better pocket passer than 60 maybe 70% of the STARTING QB’s in the NFL, fact. The reward is just too great to pass up because of the possible risk. He can change a below average team into a contender overnight.

  11. He is a good pocket passer at the college level. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and say he is better than any pro quarterback until he plays in the pros. Wow….

  12. This guy is waiting to see if Mariotta gets injured (or shamed) in the finals. If Mariotta performs par or above, Winston falls out of the top ten. Too many solid defensive players and Cooper in the 1st.

    Winston is a franchise killer – which equates to a coach killer. Lovie was just loving him up because he wants to bait the Jets into a jump, let the Titans grab Mariotta, pull an OT at #6, use the extra picks to grab that QB from Colorado state late in the 1st or early in the second.

    If McCown can’t get it together, or the Colorado QB kid doesn’t show development under the new OC – then there is the additional 1st rounder next year from the Jets to make a move on what should be a better QB class

  13. He had one of his worst games on the biggest stage. He wants to show himself/and the world he can do it again. I see a guy who should stay one more season, because he just isn’t good enough to be a NFL QB right now. But, if he does come out he will just have to ride the pine for a while.

  14. Winston is “smart”, everyone keep saying. However, his behavior and comments portray a delusional idiot with absolutely no character or integrity.

    Jets will probably pick him up, disfunction is their hallmark.

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