Kroenke may not have the votes to move, and he may not need them

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After months of saying nothing about whether he’ll keep the Rams in St. Louis or move them, owner Stan Kroenke has made his intentions clear by announcing that he plans to build a football stadium in Inglewood, California.

The NFL believes that, whenever Kroenke applies to move, he’ll need a total of 24 votes approving the maneuver.  “Any decision on relocation in 2016 or later is subject to approval by the 32 clubs,” the league office told PFT on Monday.  “An affirmative vote by 24 of 32 clubs (three-fourths) is required.”

Per a source with knowledge of the current dynamics in Southern California, it’s not believed that Kroenke currently has 24 total votes.  Eventually, he could.

As the source explained it, if Kroenke does the right things this year in Los Angeles, spending the resources necessary to trigger sufficient fan support for the return of the Rams, and if no other team provides with another viable alternative,  it’s believed Kroenke eventually will get the 24 votes needed.

Even then, he’ll likely face opposition from the Chargers, and possibly from the Raiders.  Both teams have interest in the L.A. market.

But even if Kroenke doesn’t get to 24 votes, it may not matter.  According to the source, Kroenke has informed the mayor of Inglewood on multiple occasions that he’ll move the team with or without the approval of the other clubs.

That would be an aggressive, risky move.  If Kroenke moves without approval, he’d be entitled to no financial assistance from the league, and his stadium would be blocked from hosting Super Bowls.  He also would avoid paying the relocation fee.

The matter could end up in court, as a sequel to the barrister’s brouhaha between the Raiders and the NFL in the 1980s, arising from the league’s efforts to keep the Raiders from moving to Los Angeles.  The Raiders eventually won a $34.6-million judgment, which reportedly was settled for a payment of $18 million in 1989.

The dollars, and the stakes, are much higher this time around.  If the “B”-level NBA team in Tinseltown is worth $2 billion, what would the Rams be worth?

78 responses to “Kroenke may not have the votes to move, and he may not need them

  1. If Kroenke moves without approval, he’d be entitled to no financial assistance from the league, and his stadium would be blocked from hosting Super Bowls.

    He already has the thing 100% financed, and the threat of holding Super Bowls in Jacksonville, Indianapolis and London must really have him convinced that he’d never get one in LA……ya right.

  2. The NFL isn’t stupid they aren’t about to block their second largest TV market from hosting Super Bowls.the move to LA will be approved and the Raiders will join them as well.

  3. I can’t believe this guy is an owner. His glasses and ‘stache look like they are right out of the 70’s. All he needs is a ‘fro and some bell bottoms. Keep on truckin’ dude!

  4. I’d like to see him move the team without the votes just because of the storyline and the “no NFL, you can’t tell everyone on the planet what to do” – factor.

  5. Did Robert Irsay have majority approval when he moved the Colts from Baltimore or did Al Davis have majority approval when he moved the Raiders from Oakland to LA and back to Oakland? The NFL talks tough but then does nothing to the billionaire owners.

  6. There are owners who may not want a team in LA, but I think in the end it will happen. The other owners may not have a choice because reports have since come out there are potentially major problems with the Edward Jones Dome and the maintenance costs of the stadium may eventually doom it anyway, potentially forcing a build of a new stadium to replace one that is not even 20 years old (the Edward Jones Dome originally opened as the Trans World Dome late in the 1995 season).

    What also is not said is the area where Kronke intends to build it is not considered the best of areas anyway. Hollywood Park is in an area of Inglewood that had long not been considered to be safe and that has been considered a big reason why the racetrack finally closed in 2013, eight years after Churchill Downs, Inc. sold it to Real Estate interests. A stadium on that site could prove to have similar problems that plagued Hollywood Park in later years with people want to go to games there.

    Then there is the matter of the Lakers, who have dominated Los Angeles Sports pre-dating the Rams going to Anaheim in 1980 and the Raiders coming to LA in 1982. The Lakers are why the Rams and Raiders left after 1994 and that problem still exists. Then there is the Dodgers and USC and UCLA Football, all of which also were bigger than the NFL in the past (there are many who go to college games that will NEVER set foot at an NFL game).

    Many of the problems that were in LA in 1994 are still there, and even with a new stadium won’t change. It could easily turn into a case of “Be Careful What You Wish For,” and I still think it’s mainly network executives who want a team in LA so stars of their shows can “be seen at the game.”

  7. Exiled1 says:
    Jan 6, 2015 8:11 PM

    He looks like one of the Beastie Boys in the “Sabotage” video.



  8. If I recall correctly in the case of the Raiders the judge said all the NFL needed to do was change their approval vote to a simple majority to avoid losing in court over this matter in the future.

  9. The Elephant Hunter (whose name shan’t be spoken) moved the Seahawks to L.A.

    He didn’t consider that the other owners didn’t even like him, much less accept him as part of their fraternity. I think he got one vote besides his own (guess who it was…), and was informed in no uncertain language to take the team back to Seattle.

    I have a feeling the other owners like Kroenke a little better than that…

  10. In regards to the Wallyhorse’s claim of…”Many of the problems that were in LA in 1994 are still there….”

    Sir, The Two Main Problems…that LA had with its Pro Football teams aka the Rams and Raiders…..are Long and Thankfully Gone……Georgia and Al Davis……The other problems could be worked on…..P.S. Bet there a lot who WILL go to College and Pro Football Games….

  11. This guy is well on his way to taking over the world. He owns the Rams, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Rapids. To top it off, he’s not even the breadwinner of his own family. His wife is an heiress to the Wal-Mart fortune.

  12. If they move, I really hope they return to the old school LA Rams uniforms. In any case, the NFL, as a business, is more valuable with a team in LA. I was hoping for an AFC team in LA (thought it would be the Chargers) but Kroenke has the money to do this on his own and taxpayers won’t be out a dime.

  13. That huge stash of Wal-Mart cash will get Kronke anything he wants. That franchise in L.A. Will be worth more than the whole city of St Louis.

  14. If he moves without approval, the NFL can just schedule the LA Rams home games in St. Louis!

  15. Hey I’m all for him moving that team back to la. Anything to prevent the governor of Missouri and his st Louis cronies from making me pay more taxes to build a new stadium in there beloved town. Here is a hint people of st Louis do what the people in Jackson county did for the chiefs build it urself and stop getting the rest of the state involved in ur inability to do so.

  16. LA is a dump, get out of this fair weather fan city as quickly as possible. California is great, but LA is a dumpster dump! LoL @ the Doyers, Kings and Lakers, so to be the Rams! I’d rather live in Detroit than LA!

    I wonder what all the Wagon jumping Packer, Patriot and Cowboy fans will do when their real team comes back.

    It’s sicking how many fans are actually full of you know what out in LA, they need a team.

  17. Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Rapids.
    that are the teams Kronke owns and the NFL can’t OR won’t enforce it’s own rules.

    The NFL BYLAWS to not move until all other avenues are gone is just a Public Relation shtick

  18. Shoutout to the people still believing that pie in the sky fairytale of my Jags are moving to dying city of St Louis. Hahahahaha!!! You guys are funny!!! Keep on dreaming….

  19. Have you ever been to a party and didn’t like someone just because they were the richest person in the room and put off that ‘I can do anything I want’ attitude? Yeah, that’s what the rest of the other NFL owners probably think of Stan.

  20. If He moves to LA with State of the Art facility, the value of his Team goes up Beyond any penalty the NFL can levy. And if you think they will Keep a Super Bowl out of LA very long you are crazy.

  21. YtownJoe said:

    >>First the Cardinals, now the Rams. What gives?>>

    St. Louis has ALWAYS been a baseball town first. The baseball Cardinals have arguably one of the largest fan bases in ALL of sports and one that spreads out over considerable parts of the midwest dating back to when St. Louis was the westernmost MLB city prior to 1958. That was why the Football Cardinals left after 1987. Baseball has always trumped the NFL in St. Louis

    With regard to the problems that are still in LA since 1994, most people I know from LA don’t care at all about the NFL and didn’t even when the Rams or Raiders were there. The LAKERS are who matter to people in LA and have for years. There’s a reason LA is the one city where the NBA trumps the NFL and always has.

  22. That one Rams fan I saw when I watched the the Neon Dion Atlanta Falcons play the LA Rams at the old coliseum is pulling the old Dodge Ram truck, complete with the full size ram with football helmet hood ornament leaping over the cab of the truck, out of storage. The drought is almost over!

  23. Guy’s worth 6 Billion and his wife is a Walton as in Wal-Mart…something tells me the only word he doesn’t understand in English is no.

  24. “Even then, he’ll likely face opposition from the Chargers, and possibly from the Raiders. Both teams have interest in the L.A. market.”

    Living in LA for over a year now, I cant tell you one thing, the Chargers have no business in LA. Los Angeles has and always will be Raider Nation.

    With the situation in Oakland at hand, this should prompt the Raiders to move to LA as fast as possible.

  25. Go for it….I will say this rtight now…not only will you be sued by the NFL, but you will also be sued by the Raiders, who contrary to what most say, the Raiders will claim they own the right s to LA

  26. If someone is going to do something, just do it already, enough of this goofing off, this that and other. Whether people like it or not, this guy doesn’t really care, neither does the NFL. The NFL is all about the money these days. Why else would they be considering a London franchise? Logically speaking, it’s an awful idea, financially speaking, it’s a gold mine. That’s the engine that drives this truck.

  27. If Stan the Man is building and financing this stadium project without any assistance, what does that mean for the Chargers or Raiders? Will they have to look at Anaheim, or will Kroenke charge the AFC team rent?

    I think the Rams are long gone, and though I feel bad that St. Louis will have lost two teams, I’m all for a stadium with no public financing, and I have to imagine with all of the money Stan and his wife have (they’re each worth over $5 billion individually), and partners they can bring in, that they can completely reshape Inglewood and get the fans to come out.

  28. Staples Center, LA Live, and ESPN’s LA studios are thriving in an area that was considered a “dead zone”, a “bad area”, and was in a gang infested area that was blocks from skid row. People thought no one would go there. The naysayers have been proven wrong, but they still keep putting forth the same lame arguments.

  29. All decisions should be in the best interest of the NFL. Move the Rams back to L.A. In fact, move two teams to L.A. The Chargers might not like a team in Oakland or San Francisco either, but that’s just crazy.

  30. I’m done with the Rams. Move that sucky bottom feeding team back to LA for next season. I’m not renewing my 50 yard seats and saving the $1500 each.

  31. And the Jags are moving to London for the same reason the Rams are moving to LA – $$$$

  32. It might be worth it to build his own stadium and not host a Super Bowl if it means he doesn’t have to pay the relocation fee.
    Go to LA and double the worth of your team. Not a bad idea.
    People who say LA won’t support an NFL team know nothing!

  33. LA doesn’t impress me as a place that can fill a stadium on a weekly basis.

    But I guess who cares if they have a large TV market that might keep the game on in the background on Sunday.

    It would stink if the fans in St. Louis get screwed for the imaginary “what if” of LA.

  34. I grew up going to Rams games in the Coliseum and it was awesome.

    Then that nutty showgirl, Georgia Frontiere, gained full control of the team when her latest husband, Caroll Rosenbloom, a daily swimmer, died in a foot-and-a-half of surf. No more suspicious than her previous husband dying in a bizarre car accident.

    First she moved the team to Anaheim, which suddenly made going to a game like driving halfway to San Diego, nothing but a nightmare. Then she showed us and moved the team to St. Louis.

    The Raiders never viewed L.A. as anything other than a Motel 6. Although I no longer live there, I would love to see the Rams return. There would be a certain symmetry to the Rams being the team that ends up there.

  35. The Raiders won’t oppose.

    Why Mark Davis is (sadly) hated enough. Why make enemies when he can “pay rent” to landlord Stan Kroenke?

    Doesn’t Mark Davis want a home where toilet water doesn’t leak in random areas.

    The Rams will get the NFC West, the Raiders, Cowboys, Texans, NFC North (why all the bad weather?), Broncos. Now they just need locks from the AFC North, South, and East and the rest of the NFC East and they’ll be good.

  36. Folks, all that really matters is if you win or lose.

    Am I to believe if the Patriots were actually the LA Liberty ( or whatever)… That they wouldn’t sell out every single game ?

    If they win, the fans will come…. In droves

  37. You left out the GREAT AL DAVIS name in your last paragraph. They said no and he did it anyway. Al NEVER lost in court. RIP Godfather. A true Maverick.


  38. Wallyhorse… nice write-up on the history of LA. Of course, saying the Laker’s caused the move of the NFL out of LA is wishful thinking, but I’ll let it go. FYI: Magic Johnson is retired now and the Lakers suck and will suck for at least the next 5-6 years (Kobe + 3)

    You, know it’s been 20 years. A lot in LA has changed. The internet and cable TV were in their infancy. LA changes it’s ‘people’ inventory every 12 years, meaning there a lot of NEW people living in LA, who just might become fans or go when ‘their team’ comes. You’re only talking about 60-70,000 out of what, 15 million in the area who could drive or take a train in. As long as they connect it directly to the freeway and hire a lot of guards, I would go.


  39. The Rams never should have been allowed to leave L.A. Georgia Frontierri was one of the worst owners in sports. I’m glad to see Kroenke correcting this error and hope he does it by thumbing his nose at the NFL.

    As a 49er fan, I look forward to the revival of one of the NFL’s best rivalries.

  40. If there was an owner who would do it and would be successful, it would be this guy. To almost every other owner, the NFL is almost a hobby and probably used for bragging to each other. This guy has made his fortune on sports. This isn’t donald trump or jerry jones looking for headlines. He sees dollar signs.

  41. In the Monty Python movie “The Meaning of Life”, an obese man at a restaurant keeps eating until he explodes. Stan Kroenke’s apparent obsession to own sports franchises is reminiscent of that howlingly funny scene.

    If the perilous nature of its neighborhood is what doomed Hollywood Park, Kroenke has fair warning of that possible pitfall, unless, of course, season ticket prices include bodyguard escorts from the parking lot.

    Mark Cuban’s warning about hogs getting slaughtered is sounding more and more prescient.

  42. Yeah, they say he won’t get the votes for PR sake, but they want a team back in LA. Does this light the fire for expansion? Another team for St Louis and one for London? Another realignment, playoff expansion and more money.

  43. Will St Louis sue to keep the Ram’s name like the Browns did? I hope so, because it took me years to get used to saying “St Louis Rams”.

  44. The Cleve/L.A./St. Lou Rams will go back to L.A. and the league will not expand.

    Why split the pie anymore ways?

    An L.A. team means the league is everywhere it should be.

  45. Suppose Stan just wants to be the most powerful man in sports. How about forcing St. Louis/Missouri/NFL to build him a state of the art stadium there for the Rams while he co-owns the stadium that will house 2 expansions teams in LA? That’s mighty powerful.

  46. He’s the ONLY owner being PRO-ACTIVE getting his ducks in row to move his team back to LA. Too bad if the commis or the other owners don’t like it. He’ll move the team with or without their stupid approval. What are they going to do? ……The Raiders and Chargers have la-lee_gaged around enough. LA deserves the Rams back.

  47. And all this time I thought that was Dave Grohl dressed as a male flight attendant and pilot among other parts in the Foo Fighters “Learn To Fly” video. It was Stan!

  48. I hope he does it… it may not be in the interest of the Raiders, but I love this Raider move. Oh yeah, screw the Chargers.

  49. He looks like Ron Burgandy’s stunt double. And someone needs to tell him that using Al Davis as a role model isn’t the most effective way to get things done.

  50. The new Al Davis. Al Davis was a hero because he had the guts to tell the Kremlin(otherwise known as the NFL central office) to go to the warm spot. If someone is going to invest his own money(haven’t heard the word taxpayers yet) and do the NFL’s dirty work by finally putting a team in the SECOND largest market in the U.S., you’d think the Kremlin would be grateful? Instead, “you need 24 votes”. Roger and the rest of you phonies, go take a leap. It’s a tough break (again) for St. Louis fans, but it makes sense. I’ve always laughed at the idea that LA wouldn’t support a franchise..they like UCLA and USC football do they not? Not having a franchise in LA is again prime evidence that the scene when Toto pulls the curtain back to reveal the real Wizard of Oz is the NFL office all over again in real life.

  51. Stuff like this proves once again that the NFL is a cash machine for billionaires. It wasn’t any less gauche when Georgia Frontiere moved the Rams to St. Louis, or even when the Reeves family moved them to LA. Nor when Art Modell, Robert Irsay, and Al Davis flounced and pouted and got their way and got even richer. Or when countless other owners extorted cities–communities that faithfully supported and enriched them–into publicly funding new stadiums, merely by threatening to move to [insert name of unlimited scab cities willing to assist them in their shakedown]. It’s appalling but as predictable as another sunrise.

  52. The Rams will be celebrating their 50th Year Anniversary when they get back to L.A.
    Wish Deacon and Merlin Olsen where with us to celebrate. Make it happen before we lose any others.

  53. Don’t believe the hype about all the NFL’s “rules”. The league is just as powerless at stopping relocation today as it ever was and there is no way they are going to risk another anti-trust suit which could cost them billions this time. The NFL does not have an anti-trust exemption and has no legal grounds whatsoever at blocking relocation to an open market.

  54. @seahawkboymike says:

    Jan 6, 2015 8:14 PM
    I look at Roger Goodell the same way I look at Obama: If he’s against it I’m for it.

    You’re pretty much everything that’s wrong with governmental debate today. Not because of who you oppose, but because your only level of research is “Is [person] for or against it?”

    Signed- Someone happily married to a person at the opposite end of his political spectrum.

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