Nine teams possible to be drafted into Hard Knocks


Teams can always volunteer to be on HBO’s training camp reality show Hard Knocks if  they choose.

But with some teams not eager to be filmed 24-7 in recent years, the league came up with a draft pool of teams that could be compelled to participate.

Via Richard Deitsch of, a list of nine teams meet the qualifications for next year: Washington, the Giants, Vikings, Bucs, Rams, Browns, Texans, Jaguars and Titans.

Teams exempt from the duty include teams with first-year coaches, teams that have made the playoffs the last two seasons, and teams that have been on the show the last 10 years.

Many coaches consider it an unwelcome intrusion, but others take a bigger-picture view, opting for the ability to use it as a marketing tool.

Of course, since winning consistently can keep you off the show, coaches who don’t want to participate always have a chance to never be on it.

57 responses to “Nine teams possible to be drafted into Hard Knocks

  1. As NFL fans and viewers we want the franchise with the most turmoil, the most dysfunction and the absolute best for comic relief….

    Dear NFL please draft the Redskins !!!!

  2. The Steelers haven’t made the playoffs in back-to-back years, don’t have a new coach, and haven’t been featured on the show. Why aren’t they on the list?

  3. Would love to see any of those teams sans the Bucs and Titans. Actually, I’d even enjoy watching the Bucs now that I remember they’ll almost certainly have Mariota/Winston on the squad.

  4. If Rex goes to Atlanta they should volunteer. Although last season Atlanta was on hard knocks and they didn’t seem to have a lot of “characters” on the roster.

  5. Why arent the Ravens compelled to participate in the show? They havent been in the playoffs the last 2 years (they missed last season), they dont have a first year coach and it has been a lot longer than 10 years since they have been on. I would like to see how one of the best teams in the league does it and since they will probably be a perennial playoff team, seems like this year may be the only shot “Hard Knocks” will have at getting a team like this. Would be a good way for Goodell to get back at the Ravens after the hassle created by the whole Ray Rice thing that almost cost him his job.

  6. I vote we put the Washington potato skins on there. Watch Gruden and RG3 have a “who does Dan Snyder like more” tug of war. Should be fun to watch that circus. That’s what TV is all about right?

  7. You list the options as: Washington, the Giants, Vikings, Bucs, Rams, Browns, Texans, Jaguars and Titans.

    For the reason of: Teams exempt from the duty include teams with first-year coaches, teams that have made the playoffs the last two seasons, and teams that have been on the show the last 10 years.

    Wouldn’t the Lions qualify? Not a 1st year head coach, haven’t made playoffs the last 2 seasons, haven’t been on the show in 10 years.

  8. Say what you want but it makes you be on your game at all times. Everyone pays more attention o detail when you are being video taped 24/7… coaches and players etc.

  9. Browns would obviously be the most-watched option, but I can’t see the Browns front office wanting cameras on Johnny 24-7. He wouldn’t mind, of course.

  10. I can’t watch it if the Titans are on. It would be too depressing for the show to make it seem like we are a good football team & getting my hopes up that maybe, just maybe, Whisenhunt isn’t an awful head coach. Of course, when the real games start, those hopes would be crushed.

    Who am I kidding? I’d definitely watch.

  11. My guess is that it will be the Texans because JJ Watt and the ability to play up the fall of No. 1 Clowney and his attempt at reviving his career.

    The only other one might be the Giants.

  12. It’s pretty stupid that only teams that don’t make the playoffs can be pushed to do the show amoung other qualifications. Would you rather watch good team practice or a poor team? But i’m sure this was just so to the co-commishers Kraft and Goodell could not make Billchick do the show.

  13. Funny but I think it will be the Giants. Never thought they would do it, but they did that finding Giants thing for the NFL network last year so it seems like they are coming around.

  14. Why aren’t the Steelers or Ravens on the list? Both coaches have been there for several years, both missed the playoffs last year, and neither have been on the show in 10 years.

    The front offices for both teams would hate being on Hard Knocks, so of course I like the idea. But honestly, either of them would be more interesting than most of those teams listed.

  15. It’s gonna be the Browns. Like it or not, Manziel = ratings and Gordon is a sideshow. And maybe having the cameras around would push/motivate them to actually do the right thing and be professionals – at least when they’re at the team facility.

  16. klabuckeye says: Jan 6, 2015 9:16 AM

    It’s gonna be the Browns
    Good point, head coach Mike Pettine has already been on with the Jets so he is very familiar with it.

  17. Because the Ravens, Steelers & Cardinals all made the playoffs THIS YEAR so they are ineligible for next season of Hard Knocks.

  18. dallasdominates says:
    Jan 6, 2015 8:59 AM
    Why aren’t the Cardinals included on this list? 2nd year under Arians and they didn’t make playoffs last year.

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    Because they made the playoffs? Why is Dallas in the playoffs? They suck after barely squeezing by Detroit. Your going to get demolished in Green Bay then you’ll wish you were in hardknocks.

  19. Probably either the Browns with Manziel and the whole circus there, or the Vikes with Zimmer, who they know is entertaining, and Bridgewater, plus some AP storylines that could be interesting. I suppose Giants with the big NY market, or Texans with Watt would be the next likeliest. For sure not Washington with the name controversy, neither the league nor HBO would want that to be the dominate storyline.

  20. @Anonymous:
    The article spells it out pretty clearly dude..:

    “Teams exempt from the duty include teams with first-year coaches, teams that have made the playoffs the last two seasons, and teams that have been on the show the last 10 years.”

  21. I can’t believe the NFL buys into this show — what a millstone this show is, it takes away from the time when a team should be trying to get ready for the new season.

  22. “I can’t believe the NFL buys into this show ”
    Really? The NFL is all about getting as much exposure, aka revenue, for itself as it can. If it were humanly possible they’d be playing 162 games a year just like baseball.

  23. I vote for the Texans. Besides the entertainment JJ Watt brings, there would be the O’Brien, the biggest sour-puss not coaching in New England. We could all put forth our best Spacebook and Tweeter jokes…

  24. I’m a Cleveland fan, and I am both thrilled and terrified by the prospect of Johnny et al on the show.

    Watching up close Johnny either rise to the occasion or bomb out has to be too good to pass up.

  25. It may not be worded properly.. but the requirement to be eligible is obviously that you must have missed the playoffs in BOTH of the previous two seasons. Therefore the Lions, Cards, Cowboys, Eagles, etc would NOT be included in the draft.

    Not that tough to figure out

  26. “Teams that have made the playoffs the last two seasons” can easily be interpreted as each of the last two seasons, so I see where all the confusion is coming in.

  27. If I weren’t a such a Texans fan, I think I would love to see Watt in action in training camp. Was really cool to see him going against Jake Matthews in Hard Knocks this year.

  28. I think this could be the season the NFL tells the Giants to step up and take one for the league. Any back talk and they need to simply imply the first Super Bowl at Metlife will also become known as the last if they don’t do it. Also the Giants are a team on the edge with almost the entire coaching staff in a win now or find a new job situation. That’s made for TV drama right there.

  29. HBO likely to be largely disappointed to have Texans on since BOBrian will censor everything.
    “Day To Day”
    “Great Team Player”
    “Works Really Hard”
    “Good Guy On And Off The Field”
    “Really Intelligent And Smart Team Member”
    “Best Teammate I Can Be”
    “In The Bubble Today”

  30. It will end up the Browns, yet HBO will want to change when at the first taping, Manziel gets cut because of being drunk at a nightclub for the 22nd time this off-season.

  31. This is such a “Jerruh Jones” idea. Yah, let it be the Browns, and they turn around and rid themselves of Shanahan, Manziel and Gordon. Hopefully, the ratings would be low enough to implode the show forever.

    Goddell really sux, he’s ruined the NFL.

  32. I know some of you just like to post so you can see your own name. But please go back and re-read the criteria for the show. A team that has not made the post season the past 2 years (2013 and 2014). This is a show that will air in 2015. So no the Steelers, Ravens, Lions, Cardinals, Eagles would not qualify. I know 2 is a pretty high number to count to. But I’m sure you can handle it.

  33. I have a feeling Zimmer would welcome this. He’s already done Hard Knocks twice with Cincinnati. He’s not afraid to let the players know how he feels, and the players respect him for it. He also has an interesting side story in the fate of Cordarrelle Patterson. And Patterson himself is an entertaining guy. If Peterson returns, there’s a story in that as well.

    But I guess the Browns are the low-hanging fruit this year. If Josh Gordon is suspended without pay (for alcohol consumption), they’d probably have to bring the cameras to his house. I think they could really help rehabilitate his image. Same for Manziel.

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