Report: 49ers, Jed York named in age discrimination lawsuit


It hasn’t exactly been a banner year for the San Francisco 49ers.

The list of issues for the 49ers since losing the NFC Championship game last January has been extensive. Aldon Smith and Ray McDonald’s off-field issues, a power struggle with now departed head coach Jim Harbaugh, and apparently reneging on an agreement to replace local soccer fields adjacent to their new stadium in Santa Clara are just some examples of the dysfunction over the last 12 months.

It appears you can add yet another item to the list.

According to Kale Williams of the San Francisco Chronicle, the 49ers and owner Jed York have been named in an age discrimination lawsuit by two former employees.

Anthony Lozano, 56, and Keith Yanagi, 59, claim that they, as well as other older employees, were terminated from their jobs due to York’s alleged desire to bring in a younger work that matched the workforce at tech companies in the Silicon Valley area.

Lozano, a facilities manager, and Yanagi, director of video operations, said they were told the team was “going in a different direction” with no further explanation of their dismissal despite strong evaluations over the their time with the franchise.

The pair are suing for damages stemming from wrongful termination, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The 49ers declined comment to the Chronicle. Nevertheless, it’s yet another bad look for an organization that can’t seem to keep out of their own way. York said in a radio interview with KNBR that it wasn’t just important to win, but to win with class. If these accusations are accurate, York probably shouldn’t look in the mirror if he’s trying to find class.

54 responses to “Report: 49ers, Jed York named in age discrimination lawsuit

  1. Couldn’t be a better time to be a 49er hater.

    I almost feel bad for them. In a year they went from NFC championship to losing their good coach and a laughing stock like Cleveland.

  2. Age discrimination unfortunately is quite rampant in Silicon Valley. I see this every single day. Most tech companies encourage employees who are 50+ by giving them a very attractive packages. My previous company offered 1 year salary + 2 years of benefits.

    This lawsuit will be settled out of court. They always do.

  3. Long term, my loyalty still lies with the 49ers. But damn it’s hard to support my team right now.

    But now that you mention it, I’d like to fire Jed York for being too young to do his job effectively. He’s out of his depth.

  4. York is a classless silver spoon punk that has no idea what he’s doing.
    Lifetime Niner fan here grieving hard over this franchise. Will be really hard to route for a team run by this loser.

  5. I was impressed with Jed York initially.
    Not anymore!

    York’s problem is that the team has achieved a lot of success recently under his watch and it seems to have gone straight to his head.

    The FIRING of Jim Harbaugh (don’t believe that ‘mutual parting’ nonsense) was nothing less than stupid. You just don’t go out and fire a HC with whom you’ve have so much success. Have they forgotten how awful things were in San Francisco before he arrived?

    This is just another black eye on an organization that doesn’t seem to be able to handle its own success.

    Jed York is starting to show himself as a tool!

  6. Social vampires but deserving to Jeddie who doesn’t have a clue or would spend the money to obtain a clue about how to run or coach a billion dollar franchise

  7. Read the article about how the niners strong armed a local youth soccer league.. These guys got a lot of bad karma coming. The football gods already started this year and I have a feeling they’re not done.

  8. Unless someone commits a crime, its never a good idea for an NFL team to fire somebody with no explanation. An enterprise worth billions of dollars should find a way to bring in new people without tossing out current employees. Otherwise, they will be subject to costly litigation that makes it more expensive than keeping someone on the payroll.

  9. Unless of course they hire Fangio and bring in a credible OC, and put great importance on passer blockers, particularly having a capable reserve Tackle.

  10. After 35 years, it may be time to find a different team to support. I can’t support people like little Jed. How do you hold someone like this accountable when all that spews from his mouth is a bunch of lies?

  11. Every day it is harder to root for this team while the current owners are in place.

  12. Niner fans , I genuinely feel bad for you guys . Apparently your team owner is a jackass .

  13. Hard to prove unless have written or taped admittance. Most likely younger cheaper and better doesn’t mean discrimination l

  14. Or…maybe you guys were dead weight?

    Every company has losers hanging on while making you believe that their 70% effort is actually 100%.

    If you were valuable, the company would keep you.

    Time to shovel seal poo at the wharf.

  15. What a dumpster fire organization. You’d think they’d have gotten less sleazy after ridding themselves of classless charlatan Jim Harbaugh but when the ownership is so rotten it continues to poison the entire franchise from the top down.

  16. You can’t win with class if you don’t have any!!!!! It’s like there’s some secret race to be the most dysfunctional franchise. Step your game up Woody, we’re losing by a good margin!!!

  17. Oh how the whiners have fallen. When it rain it pours. HAHAHA!!! Go Hawks!!! just wanted to rub it in.

  18. Doesn’t surprise me, corporations all over the United States are guilty of that. I just hope the former employees can prove it.

  19. Class act 49ers. When are you going to resign McDonald? Alden needs his buddy back. McScrooging those soccer mom and dads is great publicity. Keep up the good work Jed York. You will replace Snyder and Jones as the most notorious NFL owner.

  20. At what point will the NFL allow it’s member franchises to be owned by corporations rather than individual owners? Its current rules are archaic. Under a corporate organization, the CEO in charge of the 49ers would probably be either fired or reassigned . Under the cureent model, fans and employees of the team are forced to endure York’s mismanagement.

  21. The true nature of this guy is coming out. It’s time to take the toy away from sonny boy before he breaks it.

  22. The Yorks have no business operating the San Francisco 49ers franchise…Nothing but chaos and bush league mistakes, executive decisions gone bad…Keeping the 49ers in San Francisco…Some of the quality players were released…Went on to be stars on other teams…Ted Ginn, Josh Morgan, others…
    Either sell the team to local Bay Area business group…or hire only expert football people that will bring the 49ers to the Super Bowl…Nothing less…before its too late!

  23. “At what point will the NFL allow it’s member franchises to be owned by corporations rather than individual owners?”

    Never I would think. They loathe the non-profit format of the Packers, and would never want to open the door for that model to be accepted by other teams which they’d have to do if they allowed corporations as owners.

    Furthermore, you’re talking about billionaires having to willingly give up ownership and direct control that could be taken away from them under the model you suggest.

    The best thing the league could do is require a team to be sold on the owner’s death. Do not allow these silver spoon idiot sons who never worked a day in their lives to inherit. Prime example Mark Davis.

  24. If the 49ers have a case and have written reports that make the 2 employees dispensable they’ll win. I think they will too because this case is too difficult to prove.

  25. I’m always a faithful Niner fan but this guy is killing me. We win games, we lose games…I can live with that. We’re the class of the NFC West, now we can’t beat Seattle….it happens.

    But this guy…..

    SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!

  26. Ginn and Morgan were stars after they left the 49ers? I did see Ginn make a pretty great play on a kickoff the other day. There’s legitimate reasons to attack the 49ers these days, no need to make up bs.

  27. Those kids may be better off the 49ers didn’t build them soccer fields.

    49ers couldn’t even get a proper playing surface in place in the Jeans Palace.

  28. Looking for crew to work on the Titanic. Please apply with in.

    Smh.. who is going to want to work for these guys?

  29. I’ve seen this in business before. A young person inherits the ownership of an organization and is annointed CEO. They’re young, seriously green, seriously unqualified, and seriously did not earn the station to which they’ve been annointed. They tread lightly at first, learn a lot quickly….then just as quickly develop ‘Swollen Cranium Syndrome’. All of the sudden they’ve got everybody kissing their butt and making them feel like royalty. Mix a teeny-tiny little bit of success into the equation and the cranium size triples….they think they’re a brilliant business crackerjack. They can’t relate to an older generation, consider them an impediment to their future “vision”, and want to surround themself with people (sycophants) of their own age bracket. Ego makes one do such things.

  30. I’m trying so hard like many 49er faithful not to leave..this lap dog Yorkie is making it so bad for the Niners. If reports are correct he NOT Harbaugh was responsible for keeping McDonald playing and keeping silent. He made it hard for Harbaugh to stay….York you idiot! he’s a graduate of Dan Snyder’s school of football owners. Whatever he is giving out he will get back. Not trying to sound Hippyish but he’s giving out bad vibes man…to paraphrase a line from the famous Bills former HC, “York you over privileged Jerk!”. I have been through J.Brodie, S Spurrier, J.Plunkett , then Joe Montana (angels singing). Now you brought this great team into this muck. Remember York you too will grow old if you’re lucky…sell this team back to Eddie D!..and most important….Let the door him you on your way out! Fix this mess, I will remain faithful to the Niners…Go Niners

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