Report: Bears to interview Mike Shanahan when they hire a general manager

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Mike Shanahan interviewed for one of his old jobs when he spoke to the Raiders about their head coaching vacancy and he may also get a shot at taking a walk down memory lane in Chicago.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Bears are expected to interview Shanahan after they hire a general manager. There’s no word on when that will happen, although reported favorite Chris Ballard is interviewing with the team on Wednesday after passing up chances to interview for other openings recently.

Shanahan never coached the Bears, but he did coach Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in Denver when Cutler first hit the NFL. With Cutler’s contract difficult to trade and cutting him prohibitively expensive, it may be a plus for Shanahan that he’s worked with the quarterback (and wide receiver Brandon Marshall) in the past.

Shanahan is drawing a lot of other interest around the league, though, and he may get a chance to go somewhere where there isn’t quite so much toxicity in the relationship between quarterback and fan base.

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  1. I think Shanahan to the Bears makes perfect sense. He knows Cutler well, he can actually communicate with Cutler and he’s from Illinois. Plus, I’m a Niners fan and I don’t want him or his son anywhere near my team, but him to the Bears actually makes sense.

  2. This makes me wonder if they have already reached a handshake agreement with their next GM and have vetted Shanahan with him in advance.

    The ONLY reason Shanny makes any sense at all for the Bears is because of the Cutler/Marshall connection, which is a pretty weak basis on which to base a HC hire that will affect the whole team for long after Cutler and Marshall are both out of the picture.

    If the Bears are going to interview Shanahan, I hope it’s solely with the idea he is the last-ditch option if all of the other younger, more relevant prospects turn them down.

  3. Shanahan is a Fraud. I wouldn’t hire him to sweep my floor. Without Elway at QB he has been average at best. Not worth the hefty contract it would take to hire him.

  4. The Bears came so close to finally doing something right when they cashiered Trestman and Emery, just to revert to form and “Bears” everything up. Of course they will hire the GM that was a Bears scout for a decade (see: Emery, Phil). Of course they will hire a head coach that has not been worth anything since he lost John Elway. Of course they go out of their way to coddle their bum quarterback.

  5. 3 Year Deal is perfect to for Shanahan as Bears HC…make a run for the next three years while Bears have Cutler, Marshall, Forte, and Bennett in contracts. Don’t forget LB DJ Williams was a Shanahan player in Denver.

  6. Dear Bears,

    Please hire Shanahan. 1 playoff appearance, 2 winning seasons, 1 8-8 season and 4 losing seasons in his last 7 years as a head coach.


    The rest of the NFC North.

  7. I’m not sure its entirely accurate that Shanahan can’t coach without Elway if you look at the 6 years right after Elway he was 54-42 with QB’s like Griese and Jake Plummer? The Redskins were a mess before he got there and he actually got them to the playoffs in his 3rd year with a decent QB in RG3. If I am the Bears I try to get Quinn or Bowles first but if they balk or take other jobs then hire Shanahan and try to restore Cutler and win sooner rather then later. I wouldnt give Shanahan more then a 3 year deal with his age and Cutler contract and if he sucks after two years then just can him!!

  8. I like when people comment that Shanahan hasn’t won much without Elway.

    So you’re telling me its hard to win with scrubs for QBs? You don’t say….

  9. When you look back at Shanahan’s career he’s thrived when he was in a good environment (San Francisco & Denver), and didn’t look so good when he was in a bad environment (Washington & Oakland). I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a good QB too. The guys as good a coach as there is when given the proper support. So if you have a good front office and just need a good coach, nobody is going to out-coach Shanny.

  10. I would be surprised if Shanarat was picked over the younger, more aggressive talent out there. What’s not being talked about is Chris Ballard becoming the GM, which almost seems to be a foregone conclusion. This would be a huge mistake. He has a history with the Bears, went to KC for a spell, has no GM experience and no track record of high quality talent evaluation. How is this not Phil Emery 2.0? SMH

  11. Here’s an idea!! Hire Mike as the GM and Kyle as the HC!!! What could possibly go wrong???!!!

  12. 3 Year Deal is perfect to for Shanahan as Bears HC…make a run for the next three years while Bears have Cutler, Marshall, Forte, and Bennett in contracts. Don’t forget LB DJ Williams was a Shanahan player in Denver.

    make a run for the next three years…..Did you actually watch Chicago play this year, or notice their record? …make a run for the next three years..right..

  13. It’s so funny that the Bears are now catering to Cutler yet again by bringing in an old coach who just happened to be his coach when he threw for 4500 yards.

    What nobody seems to remember is that those yards were a product of a ridiculous number of passing attempts because they went through like 5 starting RB’s that year. The rest of his stats were actually pretty pedestrian. But the yards stood out so people think he was better than he ever has been.

  14. Yeah, making team decisions based around keeping Cutler seems like a mistake.

    Trestman was supposed to be the Cutler whisperer. Didn’t happen.

    Looking to repeat the past with Shanahan sounds like a bad prospect… but the other part of me thinks, “Well, he’s bound to be better than Trestman…”

  15. make a run for the next three years…..Did you actually watch Chicago play this year, or notice their record? …make a run for the next three years..right..

    All you need to do is look at the Seahawks. In 2010 and 2011 they had a 7-9 record. The following two years they finished 11-5 & 13-3. It took Pete Carrol 3 seasons to go from a NFC West joke to a Superbowl.

    All I’m saying Coaching can turn things around quickly when there is chemistry.

  16. Yes, I hope the bears do this. With John Elway not making a comeback any time soon this will relegate Chicago to obscurity for at least several more years.

  17. Fans forget Elway also never won SB without Shanahan. Name a coach that has success without a stud QB. Sure there may be one year flash in the pan type years. Why he failed in Washington? Snyder failed him. Not even fair comparison but I don’t expect logic from fans. Shanahan will commit to actually using Forte as a, you know, a running back. Cutler will still be Cutler, but slightly more efficient as he was under Shanahan. Cutler was very close to breaking out in Denver and then Mcdaniels happened and rest is history. Cutler isn’t elite and I admit that but Bears are stuck with him. Makes sense to pair him with best possible coach and see what happens. Landry never won after Staubach. Troy never won after Jimmy. Knoll never won after Bradshaw. Holmgren never the same after Favre. Bill is TBD after Brady, but you know it won’t be the same. So stop with all the shanahan can’t win after Elway. Few could. And no one in Minn needs to be stating otherwise with your stellar history and all.

  18. Wont happen. Bears will hire Chris Ballard tomorrow, and he will hire Toub as HC by Monday. The Bills will hire Shanahan, then they will trade for “Pick-6”. This…. Is my hope…

  19. In 49 years, 6 Head Coaches have coached 2 different teams to the Super Bowl (Shula, Parcells, Reeves, Vermiel, Fox, Holmgren). NONE have won with both teams. STOP RECYCLING these guys !!!!

  20. “Why he failed in Washington? Snyder failed him.”

    Excuse me. Shanahan was the one who mortgaged the future on a QB that can’t get past his second read. Shanahan is the one who continually put said QB in harms way. Shanahan wanted Haynesworth and then cut him.

  21. Shouldn’t the yet-to-be hired GM be the one making that call? If a GM is going to eventually have to answer about his team’s performance, they should have the power to hire their own coaches.

  22. Only three coaches have won a SB with a different QB: Parcells (Simms, Hostetler), Seifert (Montana, Young), and Gibbs(Rupien, Theisman, Williams).

  23. You have to let the GM pick the coach, so that he feels vested in the choice, and to pick a coach he can work with.

  24. Shanahan is a good coach, but just okay on the talent evaluation. If he can go to a team that has talent and just needs to be coached up or have good half-time adjustments made he will do great. He will probably end up in San Francisco. The real question is he going to be able to get his son away from Cleveland?

  25. Here is the name you don’t want to see in Chicago: Bob Slowik. He follows Shanny the Elder and usually stinks. Look at his D ranks back in the late ’90s when he was Disco Dave Wandsted’s DC. Yeesh.

  26. The elder of the Shanahan crew hasn’t won anything worth mentioning without a guy named Elway (some people may have heard of him) and he didn’t turn around the Redskins either even with a #2 over all pick in RG3…. So why and what exactly has the elder old game has past him by coach going to do for any of these other franchises who are interviewing him? Exactly 0… Nothing big goose egg

  27. Gary Kubiak. Come on Chicago. I wanted Licht, you hire Emery. When Lovie was let go, the first name I thought of was Arians, saw him in the paper, and then didn’t choose him. I was dead wrong about Alshon Jeffery, as I was about Ryan Mundy (for 6 or so games).
    Don’t hire Toub as a head coach. Special teams, no brainer though.

  28. Toub will not come back to Chicago just to do the same job he’s doing in KC now (and with much less talent to work with in Chicago on top of it). If the Bears don’t hire him as HC, they will need to at least offer him an assistant HC add-on to the ST role.

    That being said, Bowles, Quinn or Kubiak as HC and Toub as ST/assistant HC would work for me very much.

  29. They just keep recycling these coaches, no matter how long ago they won. League has changed a lot. Time for new perspectives and fresh blood.

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