Report: Three teams want both the Shanahans


Two teams so far have asked the Browns permission to interview offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan for their head coaching job.

But those teams might be trying to lure him as part of a package deal with his father.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Bills, 49ers and Raiders are interested in Shanahan the Younger as an assistant with his father Mike as head coach. The Bills and 49ers have asked to interview Kyle for their head coaching job, so far.

Though the appeal of working with family is a wholesome American story, the Browns wouldn’t be obligated to let Kyle out of his contract to go as an assistant.

That’s likely why the Bills and 49ers are using head coaching interviews for Kyle as cover for their actual intentions.

Father and son worked together four years in Washington, and you understand why they’d like to do so again.

98 responses to “Report: Three teams want both the Shanahans

  1. Why anyone would want either Shanahan, much less both of them, speaks to the sorry nature of NFL coaching retreads. There are plenty of assistants out there who should get a shot before these two jokers.

  2. I can see why teams would want both. They were a superb 24 and 40 with the Deadskins and those offences were divine – ranked 23rd, 4th, 26th and 25th in points and 9th, 5th, 16th and 18th in yards. They are almost as good as the Ryan brothers for crying out loud and their trophy case is full of spots for Lombardi trophies they haven’t won.

    And some teams wonder why they are perpetual losers.

  3. no… i don’t think so… the son nows… it his time now… any decent guy will sooner or later… time to venture out on his own…

    maybe Kyle would bring in his dad as an advisor ! or Quality Control ! nah…

  4. i’m sick of losing, do it Mark Davis! wth do we have to lose? as long as they hire a smart DC to fix this swiss cheese defense, idc who coaches the team

  5. It worked So well in Washington, why wouldn’t you want them to team up to guide your team. Shanahan the elder is overrated, without Elway as his QB he has done little.

  6. The same guys getting job after job after job.

    Meanwhile owners use the Rooney Rule to appease people and never give a second glance to those coaches.
    The Rooney Rule aside, there great assistant coaches out there who’ve put in their time and the old guard won’t give them a nod.
    When The Texans hired Bill O’Brien, I was happy, not because of the Rooney Rule obviously, but because they found a guy who bust his butt for a chance.

    Leave the Shanahans on the heap, go find a guy like Harbaugh who bust his butt to get there and not some “legacy” coach whose daddy taught him the ropes.

  7. As a Bills fan please no. I do not want a HC that won a Superbowl or had great success who was working with a hall of fame QB. or any relatives of those guys and then to make it worse no success anywhere else.

  8. Wow, I hope that’s not true…I can see Bills and Raiders making bad decisions but if this is the 49ers plan b after Harbaugh they should have paid him the money and put up with ego….

  9. I’ll believe this when I see it, not until then.

    The rat manipulates the media to his favor, always has.

  10. As a Skins fan, it was mostly nonstop drama with these two at the helm, with all sorts of reports coming out, including everything from Kyle being allowed to pick his players (cough, Grossman, cough) all the way to the point of Mike pretty much letting Kyle run the show as if he was a head coach with Mike focusing more on helping the defense with Jim Haslett (we all saw how that went with/without Mike).

    Long story short: I think it’d be great for both of them to stay separated from each other to avoid drama. But then again, drama seems to follow Mike around wherever he goes, and a lot of it is his own doing (leaks via media mouthpieces, etc.), especially when relationships go south and he goes into “personal protect mode.”

  11. As a Browns season ticket holder, I’m not sold on Kyle as the quarterback guru he purports to be. Hoyer regressed and Johnny Football was lost.

  12. “Father and son worked together four years in Washington, and you understand why they’d like to do so again.”

    Uh…their work was so bad they were run out of town, so why would Shanahan & Shanahan Act II be on anybody’s wish list?

  13. As a Redskins fan, I gotta tell you…..Bad idea…
    It is my opinion that the combination hurt Washington because the family dynamic overrides other important considerations..Dad will always favor the son when it comes to say, drafting & trading for offensive guys over defensive, etc…He’s more interested in making his son look good than doing what’s best for the whole team….It’s only natural. But no nepotism, if you ask me. Have a guy you’re not afraid to fire if he doesn’t get results!

  14. “Father and son worked together four years in Washington, and you understand why they’d like to do so again.”

    Because it was such a success before?

  15. The Shanahai should thank Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen. Their complete mishandling of the Redskins in 2014 makes many people believe, falsely, that the Shanahai weren’t part of the problem in DC.

  16. Please, please, please let the 9’ers “win” this competition. The chaos of the Redskins + the chaos of the Browns + the chaos of the 9’ers = An epic implosion in Santa Clara

  17. I think ‘Shanahan’ is officially the most powerful name in sports. How else do you explain that joke of an offense being run by sonny boy last season and he’s STILL getting interviews?

  18. No way the Niners sign either one of them. But York is an idiot, so anything is possible. I want to see Fangio as HC, Tomsula as DC, and someone who can come in as an OC and groom Kaepernick, because he needs a lot of work.

  19. If a guy wants out of his contract for the same position on another team, I say let him go. He obviously wants to be somewhere else, and if working for his dad is what he wants, go for it. After a few times of asking to be let out of a contract for a lateral move, teams will start to notice and will not hire him for fear of no loyalty. It will be him damaging his own career.

  20. They seemed to work well together with the Redskins and I think they would be a good fit with the San Francisco team too.

  21. Unfathomable. Mind-boggling. Ridiculous. Insane. Incomprehensible.

    Hang on, I’m checking my Thesaurus for more…

  22. Didn’t Kyle say in 2013 that he wanted to leave his father in 2014 (regardless of whether Mike stayed) to pursue his own interests?

  23. Why would you want Mike. Take Kubiak or Kyle you’d get the same thing but younger more energetic open minded. Unless you just wanted him as a scout.

  24. Please, please, please tell me that Mike “the game left me decades ago” Shanahan gets the gig in San Fran, Hotlanta, or in Chi-town.

    This guy will do nothing but implode any team that he touches…ala Holmgren.

    Does he somehow qualify for Rooney Rule status in an interview? Otherwise, I just can’t figure it out. Hell, check out Mike Sherman while you guys are at it too.

  25. If they both end up with the Raiders, one end zone can be the Black Hole and other can be the Rat’s Nest

  26. Looking back on it, Kyle’s offensive game planning for Griffin his rookie year was pretty brilliant. PReviously he had worked with Matt Shaub in a drop back system and he had to devise a whole different system to work with RGIII. Being able to devise a game plan based on your talent is a pretty decent skill if you ask me. I think Kyle is way underrated.

  27. Yay.. the return of another 9 years without a playoff birth for the niners if they are stupid enough to hire the Shanahans. Way to go Jed.. you should have kept Harbaugh and sent Trent packing if he didn’t want to work with him. Trent got to work with Erickson, Nolan, and Singletary and none of them had a single winning season or playoff birth… you got rid of the wrong guy!!

  28. This guy will do nothing but implode any team that he touches…ala Holmgren.

    Holmgren seemed to do okay with Green Bay and Seattle……

  29. Yes because it worked out so well with the Washington team that these three can’t wait to fail in the same ways.

    Lolz that anyone would think Shanarat can be successful at this point. And Kyle seems to be doing better on his own than with Daddy.

  30. As a win, lose or draw REAL Raider fan for nearly 30 years, I feel that it’d be blalantly disrespectful to Al to hire this guy Mike or ANY of his offspring for ANYTHING. Also, Mike Shanahan is NOT THAT GOOD. What has he won since having a HOF QB with Elway? Go ahead I’ll wait…

  31. It took Terrell Davis to get Elway there, so Ratman needed both a hall of fame QB and RB to get it done.

    This is karma coming back to get you Mikey. Crawling into Oaktown begging for a job has got to be humble pie of the most vile flavor.

  32. If anyone hires Mike, fans of that team should quote George in Hoosiers: “I don’t know why (insert GM name here) drug your tired, old bones in here, he musta owed you somethin’ fierce.”

  33. I don’t understand the fascination with this family. Shanahan Sr’s ‘day’ has long since passed. + he’s supposedly a pain in the ass to deal with. Shanahan Jr. has accomplished what….hear the crickets?

  34. The fact that the Bills and Raiders want Shanahan shows why they are continually dumping quarterbacks and coaches every few years.

  35. “As a Browns season ticket holder, I’m not sold on Kyle as the quarterback guru he purports to be. Hoyer regressed and Johnny Football was lost.”

    Or neither Hoyer nor Jamboogie is an NFL caliber QB…go figure. Only so much a coach can do with a bare cupboard.

  36. LOL again at all of the “Shanny has never won without Elway” comments.

    He coached the best seasons out of Elway, STeveYoung, RG3, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler and Brian Griese. He’s done it with pocket passers and mobile guys, Hall of Famers and borderline-starting talent (Griese).

    He led Washington to their only playoff appearance in 10 seasons!

    And does anyone know how Elway and theBreoncos did in the Super Bowls BEFORE Shannahan?

    Blowout losses, each and every one. The Broncos in the Super Bowl (before Shanny) was a punchline to a joke no one asked.

    What about his running game? He made stars out of late-round picks, like Alfie Morris, Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson, etc.

    He was also innovative.

    He ran HIS version of the West Coast Offense, which featured the Zone Blocking Scheme in the run game. No WCO had a run game like Denver.

    Shanny is a HALL OF FAME COACH.

  37. pretty ez to get him from the browns…make Kyle the Head coach, and Mike the OC/Asst Coach if you really want them both.

  38. The only place it might work with Shanny 1 & 2 would be in Oakland. I mean, Al Davis (Gawd rest his soul) is no longer gumming up the coaching process and I believe Al’s son can be regulated to stay away as long as he has a strong-minded HC. If Shanny 1 is allowed to run the program then it would be his last great attempt at redemption (post the Elway, plug) to make something happen. If he doesn’t then “Set Sail Shanny !!” No more excuses, no more HC jobs, no more blamming the QB, just simply pack yer shyte and leave the NFL for good. Amen……………

  39. mike shanahan is a good coach. not sold on kyle yet as a coordinator, certainly not as a head coach.

  40. When the Shanahans are successful in the next chapter, maybe the Skins fans will FINALLY see what the rest of the educated football world already knows. The problem was NOT with the Shanahans but with a diva coach killer and the most meddlesome owner not named Jerry Jones.

  41. The Washington Post’s front page photo of him walking off the field in bitter defeat is one I cherish to this day.

  42. The DC mess is bigger than any coach. Do people realize that only one single player from any draft prior to 2010 received a second contract from the Skins? Cedric Gholston a back up DL. One. A backup. Fans outside of DC do not realize what a mess Snyder has made of that organization. With that track record you would think Scott Campbell Director of Player Personnel would have lost his job by now. Nope instead he is going on his 14th season with the organization. 2010 picks are still under their rookie deals and if any of them stick around that is because Shanahan was picking the players. People can hate on the Shanahans all they want but his failure in DC was like trying to mop up the water on the Titanic. That organization is rotten from the head down. No coach is going to change that.

  43. I think Dad is a great offensive mind.

    I dont see anything in their track record to show that the two as a package deal are good together, however.

    From an SF standpoint, Montana and Young have BOTH come out publicly and said they are very much for Mike being HC. As much apprehension as I had previously, who am I to argue with guys who know a thing or two about these matters.

  44. This sounds like something from Shanahan’s PR folks.

    “See it’s not nepotism. They like me, they really like me. And my kid.”

  45. All the people stating Shannahan hasn’t done anything without Elway. Elway didn’t win superbowls without Shannahan.

    Furthermore, how many coaches have won superbowls with different QBs? That list is very, very short. I think seifert, parcells, and gibbs are the ones I can think of. All those other coaching legends had that franchise qb too.

  46. It’s funny to me that the Redskins and Raiders think the coach is the issue. 2 worst front offices in football. Jacksonville laughs at you. Matt Millen laughs at your front office decisions.

  47. wny49er says:
    Jan 6, 2015 1:23 PM
    How much success has any coach had without a QB? Slim to none!
    Brian Billick comes to mind.

  48. 3 losing seasons out of 4 in washington.why would anybody want to bring anybody with a record like that back together? shanny can’t win anymore unless he can bring elway back as his qb!!!

  49. Mikes record at Denver was 138-86-0 with back to back Super Bowl winds. Terrible record with Redskins of 24-40-0. Ya think the QB might make a difference?

  50. I give up.

    What on earth does a coach have to do to NOT be immediately offered another job?

    First I have to read that Rex Ryan, who presided over an absolute dumpster fire in New York, was the favorite in Atlanta. Now I hear that Shanahans (Shanni?), who presided over the dumpster fire in Washington and the elder of which has not won squat since the mid-90s, are wanted by THREE TEAMS!

    I knew the NFL was obsessed with retread coaches, but this is ridiculous.

  51. Why the fuss/interest over the Shanahan’s?

    Has anyone paid attention to Shanahan’s record before and after Elway and Davis…and Kyle? look no further than the joke that was the Browns office…move on from these clowns.

  52. Shanahan’s going to Chicago kind of makes sense. Their run-first, zone-blocking just might fly there.

    Just get Kyle, along with Manziel, out of Cleveland.

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