Tannenbaum hire in Miami creates awkward situation for the Jets


The Dolphins have now announced that Mike Tannenbaum will become the executive V.P. of football operations.  The employment relationship, as expected begins on February 1.

So what does that mean in the interim?  It means that things could get awkward soon for Tannenbaum, his former employer, his future employer, and his current top coaching client.

Tannenbaum represents Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, with whom the Jets reportedly are smitten.  So what if the Jets decide to hire Quinn?

On the surface, it’s awkward.  In multiple ways.  For starters, Tannenbaum would be negotiating with the team that fired him.  At a deeper level, he’d be helping to place a client with a team that will play Tannenbaum’s next employer twice per year.

The awkwardness will be reduced by Tannenbaum taking a back seat.  Per a league source, Rick Smith of Priority Sports will take the lead in the negotiations.  Which is a smart move.  If Tannenbaum believes Quinn is destined to become a great coach, he may be inclined to steer Quinn to a place other than the Jets.

Further reducing the awkwardness (and potential conflict of interest) is the fact that the situation has been disclosed to all parties involved.  Of course, the announcement that Tannenbaum will be joining the Dolphins in a high-level capacity now places everyone on notice of an unusual set of dynamics in the AFC East.

45 responses to “Tannenbaum hire in Miami creates awkward situation for the Jets

  1. Keeping Quinn out of New York is the only plausible explanation for Tannenbaum getting hired in the first place. Remember, this is the guy who signed Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez to big extensions with guaranteed salary.

  2. Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum
    You riuned my Dolphins franchise.
    Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum
    How much more cluttered can it get.

    You were a Jet now claim the Fins
    You are a threat to future wins

    Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum
    What will become of this mess!

  3. It’s almost hard to believe that the Flippers and New Jersey Jets once met for the AFC Championship, albeit about a thousand years ago.

  4. Tannenbaum is as back stabbing and slimey as they come. Pats catch the jets filming at the end of the 2006 season and ask them to leave the stadium- tanny sets up a sting at the start of the 2007 season, gets the ex jet employee Goodell to over react and the rest is history. only good thing to come out of that is the Pats keep winning and the jets are still the jets.

  5. Apparently, Stephen Ross knows a bit more about real estate than he does about running and building a football organization……..

  6. Tannenbaum hasn’t exactly been the best making great decisions so him advising in any capacity whatsoever shouldn’t be a problem.

    Unless Quinn was dumb enough to listen to him.

  7. The Dolphins are as clueless as the Jets. Tannenbaum did a lousy job with the Jets, so what makes them think he’ll do a better one with the Dolphins?

  8. Ross doesn’t seem to understand that the idea is to make your fan base happy with the organization …not pissed off. Will somebody please pull his head out of his own butt.

  9. I was starting to have hope the AFC East was getting stronger but now Miami hires this loser, the Bills coach walks out and leaves them in the lurch and the Jets are the Jets.

    Looks like the Patriots run will continue for a while longer.

  10. What’s a little conflict of interest among competing businesses have to do with anything ?

    Oh wait…..

  11. Uh, Rex? This is Woody.

    I think I screwed up. Can I have a mulligan?


    Reenact the great George-Billy Lite Beer commercials…you’re hired…fired…etc.

    Only in New York. (and this isn’t even talking about the NYFG supposedly retaining all of their assistant coaches…)

    Only in New York.

  12. I’m surprised the NFL allows him to be an agent for a coach and an NFL executive. This seems to be a major conflict of interest. The NFL has so many rules for the players, but no rules for management personnel.

  13. As a Jets fan, I am very happy about this.

    Take a look at the Jets drafting from 2009-2012. Even if Rex was bad at talent evaluation, the GM is still ultimately responsible. The boss can’t claim “I did what my subordinate wanted”.
    Tannenbaum also traded for Tim Tebow, which was awful.

    However – in his defense – he didn’t leave the Jets in Salary Cap hell as the media said he did. The Jets were easily able to cut some older veterans with huge contracts and get under the cap.

    Tannenbaum was ok on the business side, but not the talent evaluation side, which is more important.
    There are worse GMs out there, but I wouldn’t want him for my team.

  14. He should immediately be forced to stop acting as agent for all of his clients or he should have refused the Dolphins offer. This is a major conflict of interest.

  15. I never thought in 35+ years of being a Dolphin fan I would give up. But with this hire and his constant surrounding of Jet scum it maybe time to find something else to do on Sunday’s next fall. This is absolutely repulsive and clearly show that Ross is out of his league and the Dolphins will never ever be successful under his ownership. IN essence I QUIT Mr.Ross, no more money for you.

  16. It almost makes you long for the good ol’ days when Parcells and Co. were winning division titles, hosting Playoff games, and setting the league on fire with innovation… Almost.

  17. Utter nonsense.

    Rivalries live in the hearts and minds of fans only. These teams are all franchises of the same corporation. The different management groups are colleagues, not rivals. They meet with each other all the time at meetings and conventions, play golf together, do business together.

    They exchange players and coaches and management, work together to set rules, even collude with each other to hold down costs.

    Every team in AFC East has done business with every other team and will continue to do. There is absolutely nothing “awkward” about any of this.

  18. So, if I’m guessing right, then you neglected to mention that Tannenbaum, in addition to formerly working for the Jets, was/is an agent for coaches – among them Quinn?

    Maybe I haven’t been keeping up with all of this. Is there any reason this WASN’T a problem when he worked for the Jets? I get the interesting new dynamic in the AFC East. But it would have been good if you had mentioned that he is an agent as well as a once and future executive for an NFL team.

  19. I see no one gave him credit for building teams that went to two straight AFC championships… The guy can get the deals done albeit not always a good thing but he never loses out on his man, he finds a way.

  20. I’ve never felt this bad about anything bad this organization has ever done or ever experienced. Mr. Ross disgusts me now. I could not and would not say that before today. The thought of Mr. Tannenbaum being part of the Dolphins has made me ill. Being a Dolphins fan all these years has not been easy and Mr. Ross just gave me a way out.

  21. This is all very interesting but there has got to be another holding call, pass interference, illegal block in the back, something that got missed in the Cowboys/Lions game that the media can dig up. What say you?

  22. The Patriots window is closing, another year or two and then Brady and Belicheat ride off in to the sunset together. The Patriots will become bad once again and it may take 5 wins to win the AFC East.

  23. I just keep reading and not one of you even understand that Tannenbaum is NOT the GM! Sure he will have some input on FA and the Draft, but keep in mind the guy has been around a long time. He is a buddy of Ross and it was a buddy deal. I am not saying this is a good hire, but it is not that bad either. Keeping Philbin is Bad.

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