Belichick one away from Tom Landry’s postseason win record


Patriots coach Bill Belichick can add another significant achievement to his Hall of Fame resume on Saturday.

If the Patriots beat the Ravens, it will be the 20th postseason victory of Belichick’s career. That would move Belichick into a tie with former Cowboys coach Tom Landry for the most postseason wins for any coach in NFL history. Belichick could then have the record all to himself if the Patriots win the AFC Championship Game.

Belichick won one playoff game as the coach of the Browns following the 1994 season, and he’s won 18 with the Patriots. If he wins three more this year, he’ll also join Chuck Noll as the only head coaches with four Super Bowl rings.

Landry coached the Cowboys from 1960 to 1988 and got to five Super Bowls, winning two of them.

96 responses to “Belichick one away from Tom Landry’s postseason win record

  1. It’s a good thing Bilchick and Brady won all those SB’s 10-15 years ago while cheating…

    Otherwise the story on them would be… “Yea, they’re always great in the regular season, but they can’t seem to get over the hump”.

    See kids, it pays to cheat. Take the shortcuts in life and it wont be held against you.

    -The National Media-

  2. Again, every team was ‘cheating’ and ‘videotaping’ because it was LEGAL. Goodell sent that memo about not to videotape to EVERY team in the NFL because EVERY team was doing the same thing as the Patriots. Too bad the Pats had to take the hit for every team in the NFL doing the exact same thing. Spygate will go down as the most bogus non-scandal in the history of sports.

  3. For all you guys talking about cheating.. see how many games your team has won in these 10 years. teams like jags, titans, raiders, jets etc would love to reach 3 consecutive championship games even if they lost every single one of those games. Give them credit where it is due!!

  4. Oh that’s right -the rest of the league was stealing signs too (FACT), but they got dominated by NE regardless. Must have been Bill and Brady after all.

  5. Another reason for Browns fans to hate art model for moving

    The most fortunate thing to happen to Belichick is Bledsoe getting hurt. He was 5-13 with Bledsoe at QB, a seasoned QB.

    If he were responsible Bledsoe never would have started once they drafted Brady. Instead the winds of fate were blowing straight up Belichick’s sphincter.

    Imagine if the Browns had drafted Brady. Belichick’s always underachieved with all of his QBs, except Brady of course.

    So Gee, I wonder if it’s more Brady or more Belichick. Yeah, that’s a toughie.

  6. If the Patriots make it to the AFC championship game, Belichick will be wearing a grey suit and fedora on the sidelines…

  7. I actually feel sad for the Patriots haters. Most of their teams haven’t made the playoffs in years, and all they have to do this time of year is hate the teams left, especially the Pats.

    Meanwhile Patriot Nation is laughing at you because your squawks, squeaks, whimpers and tears of outrage are just sweet nectar to us.

  8. Belichick will be around Foxboro for at least another 10 – 12 years and smash all known coaching records in the NFL.
    He is simply the greatest of all time and we are privileged to watch his team play.

  9. Opening line in Belichick’s HOF fame speech.

    “I’d like to thank Matt Walsh, my other camera operators and Tom Brady for it not for them I would not be standing here today before you.”

  10. There’s no denying it

    Belichick knowingly broke a 2006 rule in 2001-2004

    Yes he’s THAT amazing and can see the future – and because he knew that eventually that rule was going to be made in 2006 we have no choice but to take back those Super Bowl rings

    Interestingly if he wins it all this year, there will be an asterisk as he is currently violating a rule that will be implemented in 2021.

    (This, by the way, all sounds about right to those asserting Belichick was cheating in 2001-2004)

  11. And the difference between the two is it never even occurred to Landry to cheat, it never occurred to belichick not to.

  12. “Belichick* one away from Tom Landry’s postseason* win record”

    There fixed it. Thumbs down doesn’t make the cheating go away, nice try though NE fans!

  13. Five playoff losses to lower seeded underdog teams in the past seven years – also a record. Only the loss at Denver last year and one non-playoff year have kept him from being a perfect 7-for-7.

    The Ravens can make it six in eight years this weekend.

  14. If only ‘Belicheat’ were the coach of my team. Because no other NFL coach even comes close. I’m so jealous I can’t even sleep.

  15. Poor trolls, when it comes to Belichick and the Patriots, you’re spitting in the wind.

  16. What the haters don’t understand is that the hate just adds fuel to the fire in the bellies of Belichick and Brady to win; not that they need any additional motivation.

  17. The “Hat”

    and The “hoodie”

    Who would’ve predicted this after the way things went in Cleveland??

  18. Attention Patriot haters: this is the headline you’ve been waiting for. Please insert your shrill comments below and be sure to use the term “cheat” as frequently as possible. While you are doing that, those of us who are Patriots fans will be looking forward to Saturday, paying attention to what happens on the field. However, if whining about an incident eight years ago makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, then by all means just go ahead and pile on. No sense in dealing with today when you’re still living in the past.

  19. The word last week was the steelers were going to win because the Ravens were 0-3 in playoff games in Pittsburgh.

    Now the word is the Ravens own the pats in NE because they are 2-1

    Well here is what’s going to happen

    Revis, Gronkowski, edelman are pluses

    Lewis, reed are gone

    42-21 pats

  20. Patriots fans…

    Don’t bother responding to the hate & jealousy of so many out there, instead just bask in it like I do!!!

    Patriots are going all the way this year so enjoy the ride!!?

  21. Life long Cowboy fan here- all I can do is tip my hat to Belichick and his accomplishments. Nothing but respect. To do it in the free agency era makes it almost unbelievable. Landry did have so pretty stiff competition year after year and found a way to get it done for 20 straight winning seasons though. Respect.

  22. The Patriots are well documented cheaters.

    Bill Belicheck will have an asterisk next to his name in Canton. He may even be black balled just like Barry Bonds was. After all, in the Patriots three championship wins, they all have asterisks in the record books.

    The Seattle Seahawks meanwhile are kicking ass and taking names.

    We have Christine Michael who’s already a top five running back in the league and Russell Wilson who is better than Tom Brady ever was. He does not have Vinatieri on his team.

    Robert Kraft’s biggest mistake was getting rid of Pete Carroll.

    We are on the road to a five peat. Acknowledge it, haters.

  23. Simply amazing. I have hated on the Patriots many, many times as a Steelers fan. But give credit where it is due.

    That’s some historic mojo right there.

  24. “Here we go Patriots, here we go!”

    Ohhhh, I thought that was “Here we go Steelers, here we go!” ….. well, we all know that the Steelers bellied up in the playoffs, and, along with the Bengals, will be watching the only, one Real contender from the AFC North advancing towards the SB. Steelers are has beens; and, the Bengals neither can advance in the playoffs, nor beat the Steelers – lowest of the low!

  25. It really puts some perspective on things when you realize Landry coached the Cowboys for 28 years….and came away with only two trophies. Not knocking Landry, he is a legend – just can’t imagine any coach ever having that tenure with a team in todays league and the need for an immediate result.

    On point though is this: it won’t matter to the people in the NFL what the idiotic general public thinks about Belichick.

    He has long been, and will forever be, more respected than not by the league because of his acumen and achievements. His is a legacy that will last the test of time, and it won’t ring of “spygate”.

    Stop hating, and be grateful you’re witnessing a great era of football.

  26. They did not have 18 playoff teams and 5 rounds of playoffs in the day. Don’t be a statboy.

  27. 2001,03,04 prove pats were greatest team of the past 14 years. Couple plays go there way in 07,11 and were are talking about greatest run ever. Pats stay healthy this year they win it all

  28. Gee Pats leading in the first half against the Giants and Colts, and all of a. Sudden these turkeys are winning? They had to be cheating and stealing signs.

  29. The record, like most NFL records, don’t mean anything anymore.

    How many rounds have been added to the playoffs since Landry stopped coaching? That makes a difference, that matters. You can’t compare apples to oranges.

    As for the whole Spygate thing. Really? I am supposed to trust anything that went on in the NFL given how they handled the Rice fiasco? Give me a break.

    IMO, everything the Patriots have done since Belichick took over the team deserves a big asterisk. If people want to get upset about that, then they should be blaming the Patriots and the NFL for it, not the people that bring up the subject.

  30. Guys saying cheating = just jealous fans of other teams trying to make yourselves feel better about your own lousy teams

  31. With all due respect to Belichick, there are a ton more post-season games, so the record is hnot nearly the same.

  32. No question Belichick’s 2001-2004 Super Bowls are tainted by him breaking a 2006 rule

    If he wins it this year there will also be an asterisk as he’s currently violating a rule that will be written in 2021

  33. I have my issues with Bill Belichick the GM but you can’t deny his abilities as a football coach. Hate him or love him Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches in NFL history and a first ballot hall of famer.

  34. First of all… any win after the cheating scandal should not be counted. This guy should be permanently banned from the NFL. What he did was worse that what Pete Rose did. NFL has to stop protecting these scumbags.

  35. Here’s my question: did Belichick not receive a SB ring for the two years he was defensive co-ordinator on the Giants when they won? Technically speaking, has he not been part of the coaching staff on five Super Bowl teams, and not three?

  36. Landry should’ve won more. Controversial calls favoring Steelers and Colts in the other three Super Bowls. The Packers and 49ers just barely beating the Cowboys. People think you have to win it all always, but just imagine how hard and what an achievement it was for Landry to be the runner-up that many times?

    To me, he’s in a way underrated as a coach. The media talks more about his innovations and his hat than how many teams he had that were that good.

  37. Landry should’ve won more. Controversial calls favoring Steelers and Colts in the other three Super Bowls. The Packers and 49ers just barely beating the Cowboys. People think you have to win it all always, but just imagine how hard and what an achievement it was for Landry to be the runner-up that many times?

    To me, he’s in a way underrated as a coach. The media talks more about his innovations and his hat than how many teams he had that were that good.

  38. Being a Cowboys fan, I could think of no other coach (except maybe Walsch or Nole) who is more deserving of breaking the record. Love him or hate him, Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time.

  39. For the whiners complaining about filming opponents signals, get over it already. It’s not against the rules.

    In fact they are still filming the opponents sideline and never stopped since it’s not against the rules.

    Come to a game in New England and I’ll even point out to you where the camera/s are located.

    Give me a few minutes in any other stadium and I should be able to point out where their camera/s are.

    Your team is doing it too to this day.

    It’s nothing more than a crutch for the whiners because their teams haven’t been able to do what the Pats have done for more than a decade now.

  40. Imagine the Ravens 2000 defense paired with Tom Brady and coached by Bill Belichick. In an alternate universe, this was the Browns.

  41. winning in the NFL playoffs is the hardest thing to do in professional stick and ball sports. The other three sports all get a second, third and now fourth chance to win a game. Look at Bill Parcells play-off record without Belichick, 0-3. Even HoF players like Marino and Manning (Peyton, Eli misses the playoffs most years) have .500 records in the playoffs. If you have a good playoff run you go 1-1, a great one is 2-1, and only one team can go undefeated.

  42. Belichick may get the record but he’ll NEVER have Landry’s class and widespread respect.

  43. Watching Pats games in the 1st half of the 2000’s I’d always say “Wow, it’s like the Pats know what plays the other team is going to run before they even run them”

    All made sense after 2007

    Bonds *
    Brady & Belichick *

  44. As soon as you bring up cheating in regards to the Bill Belichick and his sustained success with the Patriots over the last decade plus you immediately expose yourself as an ignorant football fan.

  45. And Tom Landry doesn’t have any asterisks next to his wins (technically Belichick doesn’t, either).
    And Landry didn’t play in a trash division that contained six games against Buffalo, Miami, and NY Jets each year, something else New England benefits from.

  46. I’d like to thank Matt Walsh

    Yeah, the Pats fired him in 2002. I’m sure he’ll be up there on the list.

  47. When the Cheater comes close to Don Shula’s won-loss record and percentage as well as 347 wins, let me know.

  48. Landry didn’t coach much against Lombardi, as VL retired in 1967.

    And to the guy who said the AFC East was a cake walk for the Pats, he must not be old enough to remember that when Landry coached in the NFC East, the Giants, Cardinals and Eagles were for the most part, the same as the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets of the past 10 years. Really bad teams who every once in awhile had a good season. The Giants were dreadful, I should know, I had to watch them every week. Even the Redskins were bad from 1960-1973 or so.

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