Darrell Bevell didn’t even talk with owner in Raiders interview

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Some candidates for the Raiders head coaching job get the John Madden treatment.

Others might not have even merited the Joe Bugel treatment.

According to Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said when he interviewed for the Raiders head coaching job, owner Mark Davis wasn’t even in the room.

Presumably, he was talking to General Manager Reggie McKenzie, but it’s not necessarily a good sign considering the treatment other candidates got.

The Raiders rolled out their Hall of Fame legend when Mike Shanahan interviewed, so it naturally looks like Bevell got the short shrift here.

15 responses to “Darrell Bevell didn’t even talk with owner in Raiders interview

  1. At least he still had a chance to get his foot in the door. If he has a strong case to make for being the HC, then Reggie will be able to appreciate that and convey it to the owner for a strong chance to be invited back for an opportunity to close on that door the next time.

    Maybe they were just testing him to see how he responds to the pressure of operating as a perceived underdog. The right HC that Oakland needs would know how to respond with confidence and succeed at cutting through it.

  2. Bevell is a hot commodity who is much sought-after. Therefore he probably doesn’t possess the ‘communication skills’ that Son-of-Al seeks (ie. he doesn’t feel the need to ingratiate himself to the owner to score brownie-points). On the other hand, Sparano is a proven failure as a HC but Son-of-Al likes him because he does possess those ‘communication skills’ (and of course he’s popular with the players…like Joe Bugel was).

    I hope I’m wrong but it looks like the Raiders are going to probably keep Sparano (an inept clown) or bring in another retread wash-out. The course that has worked for the Raiders in the past (Rauch, Madden, Flores, Shell(1st stint), Gruden) is to take their chances with talented young coordinators with no previous experience as a HC. None of the retread HCs have worked before. But taking lessons from history is part of rational thinking – which is foreign to Son-of-Al.

  3. Darrell Bevell’s Playbook

    1. Marshawn runs over people

    2. Russell Wilson runs around from sideline to sideline until someone gets open downfield

    3. There is no Play 3.

  4. Of course! Because Bevell was the OC for last years SB champions and is in the same position for the team during their current chase and Shanny has all those rings he won without Elway…..wait……huh? Shanny is a mockery of what he once was as a HC. They’ll give him that job and let him control all the talent evaluations and drafting and what you’ll you’ll get is Winston and no 1st round picks for 4 years. 13 combined wins in the next 3 years and a NEW HC after that…..

  5. I’d take Bevell over Shanny, Sporano, Holmgren combined. As a Pack fan he was loved at GB (Favre and others), did great with nothing at MN, and obviously knows how to use his weapons well at SEA.

    OAK drop the tired, used retreads and go with someone fresh. You would be getting rid of those 3 in 3 years anyway, lets see what you can do with a younger talent.

  6. As a Seattle fan I hope someone wants Bevell. As OC his too predictable always run on 1st down displays a total lack of imagination and frankly for the past 2 seasons has driven me nuts.

  7. I dont know why everyone is thumbs downing the comments that are critical of Bevel, any Hawks fan you talk to over here thinks his play calling is questionable and teeters on the predictable, sometimes the credit these Coordinators get is unwarranted, we got a beast in the backfield and a slippery super athletic playmaker for a QB. So that must mean Bevel really knows what he is doing?? I am pretty sure most qualified OC’s could pull off what he does, look how Gus Bradley was such a genius and gets a head coaching position (and how many games has Jacksonville improved by?) and then Dan Quin steps in the defense is equally as formidable I guess he must be on the same genius level. Or maybe just maybe it has something to do with the players and a lot of the accolades the coordinators get it kind of dumb luck because the scouts and personell departments have done a great job of making a talented team. Thumbs down this all you want, and I am wrong A LOT, but on this I am right

  8. Dear skawh

    So the past two Seahawks seasons have driven you nuts?

    I suppose you mean the 2012 season (11-5, lost in Divisional round) and the 2013 season (13-3, SB champs), not the current 12-4 season (#1 seed in NFC)?

    Yea, we really suck and we should definitely clean house and start over. LOL !

    Here’s to you going friggin nuts for a long time.

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