Jameis Winston’s dad now says he will enter the NFL draft

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Jameis Winston is heading to the NFL.

That’s the word from Winston’s dad, who told David Hale of ESPN that his son will enter the 2015 NFL draft. That contradicts what Winston’s dad said yesterday, which was that his son wouldn’t make a decision until next week.

But while the contradiction is strange, the decision is not the least bit surprising. Winston is a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at Florida State who is an NFL-ready talent. And given the off-field problems that have put him in hot water with the law, with Florida State and possibly with the NCAA, it always seemed like a given that Winston would make the NFL millions as soon as he’s eligible to do so.

Now the question is which team will want Winston. The Buccaneers, owners of the first overall pick, might take him. But it’s also possible that those off-field issues will scare the Bucs and other teams off, and that Winston could slide on draft day. He’ll be the draft’s most closely scrutinized prospect over the next four months.

128 responses to “Jameis Winston’s dad now says he will enter the NFL draft

  1. If he starts rookie year it could be to his detriment.
    However if he is drafted by a team that has a starter and sits a year or two (all while collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars) he may have a chance in the “Not For Long” NFL.

  2. You don’t draft stupid people and hope they become great NFL QBs. That just doesn’t happen. Even if you are smart and athletic it is not a given that you will have success at the next level, but we’re yet to see someone who is dumb do it.

  3. Bucs fan here. Forget Winston. Take Mariota and then push for some O-line support. We don’t need any more off-field issues, not to mention there is an obvious gap between his maturity level on the field vs. my man Mariota.

  4. He couldn’t handle Oregon’s defense, now he’s going to take the guaranteed signing bonus afforded to a top pick. Not a bad decision

  5. Leave the decision to Jameis and please just butt out. Why do I get the impression that his Dad is looking forward to getting paid? Hope I’m wrong.

  6. Bills should draft him and sign Ponder then have a 3 way QB competition with Winston, EJ and Ponder for worst Florida State QB. Although in a competition there needs to be a winner and there would be no such thing with those choices

  7. This guy is bad news and he will have issues in the NFL. Maybe he should sign with the Bad News Bears.

  8. Winston would be a great fit for Lovie and Evans, a better fit than Mariota;

    itd also be a phenomenal business move taking a florida guy for a team that desperately needs someone to sell jerseys.

    but who takes a QB at 1st anymore? why wouldnt they take a lineman or trade down? i dont see them taking winston, maybe theyll try and fit mariota into their system.

  9. Washington will trade a number of top draft picks to move up since RG3 isn’t working out.

  10. This guy has “bust” written all over him. Take all the worst qualities of Vince Young, Cam Newton & Akilli Smith and you’ve got Lameis Winston. DO NOT DRAFT.

  11. College players are adults. It is time these young men eschew their meddling fathers and speak for themselves; it is proper to consult with parents, but the parents should never be the ones speaking for the athlete.

    We’ve seen this with Ginger Rogers Griffin in Washington – his father has tainted public relations for his son ever since day one.

    There is no need to draft Rapist Winston – he should be rewarded with an undrafted position – he’s done nothing as a player other than to choke when it means something.

  12. Anyone see the movie Psycho? My guess is Jameis is Anthony Perkins (or Vince Vaughn in the remake). Someone should see if Jameis and his father are ever in the same room.

  13. This dad ought to get hold of RGIII’s dad because having his dad speak for him really accelerated RGIII’s career. But, given the circumstances it sounds like he may already have done that.

  14. He’s got a ton of talent but there no doubt in my mind that we are just months away from the first negative wonderlic score in history.

  15. His Dad must have just gotten done with the family budget and realized he could be having live Maine Lobster instead of Crab legs if his son hits the Draft…

  16. Mariota is the best QB in the class, Bridgewater would’ve been a close second and Winston would be a distant third

  17. Jameis Winston will be a huge draft bust as a QB and as a man. He needed to have daddy speak on his behalf to make the announcement because he was too busy rapping girls and stealing crab legs while screaming inappropriate meme’s.

  18. i sense an aaron rodgers type situation on draft night. but less feeling bad for the guy waiting and more laughing at him.

  19. Bust indicator #1…One of your parents is talking to the media more than you are talking to the media.

  20. IF he goes to a team with strong leadership (coaches & teammates), the possibility CERTAINLY exists for him to change quarterbacking in the NFL; like O. Beckham is going to do to the receiver position. Falling in the draft may be his blessing in disguise…because those teams picking first are picking first for a reason!

  21. A team can’t just draft this kid and not invest in the position by hiring a top notch qb coach, a player development coach , sign vet qbs both young and old to teach him the ropes. The guy will need professional structure around him, yes, he will need to be almost coddled until he proves he can stand on his own in the NFL.

  22. what position is he going to enter the draft as? Hopefully not qb Savannah State doesn’t play in the NFL…maybe Safety I always see him chasing guys after he throws picks and he has recorded a forced fumble. 25/18 is not a good TD/INT ratio for NFL bound prospect maybe he proves us wrong but I see “bust” all over this.

  23. You know you have a real, matrue grown up on your hands when you need your dad to speak for you. Next thing you know, he’ll be in the locker room after a loss hugging him just like RGBust.

  24. Was there ever anyone who believed he WOULDNT follow the money?
    Never a chance he was going to say in school. Never.

    (Nothing wrong with that, his decision, just wish someone would say it for once.)

  25. I can’t wait to watch the draft now. It’s going to make the entertainment that was watching Johnny D-bag pout while his draft stock fell look pale in comparison.

    BTW – isn’t this the same guy who blamed FSU for all of his son’s troubles because they didn’t have someone to babysit him 24/7?

  26. I think Jameis Winston is exceptionally unintelligent. I would not be surprised to learn he can’t read. As many commenters have said, stupid people cannot play quarterback in the NFL. This has been proven over time.

  27. It will be interesting to see how far he falls in the draft… which might actually help him if he goes to a team with a better chance of winning and where he may not have to play straight away…

    1. Tampa – likely will go Mariota
    2. Tennessee – do they want Vince Young 2.0?
    3. Jacksonville – have Bortles
    4. Oakland – have Carr
    5. Washington – that would be interesting wouldn’t it? But can’t imagine they’d take him if RGIII is still in the picture
    6. NY Jets – GeeeEEEno… WOOOOooooh
    7. Chicago – Cutler
    8. Atlanta – Ryan
    9. NY Giants – the fake Manning
    10. LA Rams – does Fisher want Vince Young 2.0?
    11. Minnesota – Bridgewater
    12. Cleveland – stop it
    13. New Orleans – Brees
    14. Miami – Tannehill
    15. San Fran – Kaepernick
    16. Houston – probably the first team where he COULD go realistically speaking
    17. KC – Smith
    18. San Diego – Rivers
    19. Cleveland – again… stop it
    20. Philly – over Chip’s dead body
    21. Cincinnati – Dalton
    22. Pittsburgh – Big Ben
    23. Detroit – Stafford
    24. Arizona – $ committed to Palmer. But they COULD take a chance here and have him sit for at least a year.
    25. Carolina – Cam
    26. Baltimore – Flacco
    27. Indy – Luck (yeah no kidding)
    28. Dallas – Romo
    29. Green Bay – Rodgers
    30. Denver – Manning and that really tall guy
    31. Patriots – Brady and Garapololol
    32. Seattle – Wilson

    So when you break it down… I think the first round teams that have the chance to draft him if he slides are Houston and Arizona. The Jets could do it at 6, but depends on the new regime there and how they see Geno.

  28. Wait… has the title of this still not been fixed? His dad isn’t entering the draft, is he?

  29. Jameis is a knucklehead, but if Johnny Flag-Football can get drafted in tlhe 1st round, than Jameis is definitely going in the first round. Unlike Johnny, Jameis has an arm, knows a pro-style offense, and despite off-field antics he’s a smart kid.

  30. Reading all these negative comments takes me back to when Cam Newton came out and the same manure was flowing in the PFT comments section. Right down to the disparaging comments about his father.

    You don’t know. Most of you have no idea how any of this will turn out. So why do you have such glee in trying to act like you do?

  31. Lots of people down on this kid, but he’s still 10x the NFL QB that Johnny Foot Tall will ever be.

  32. I think Jameis Winston is exceptionally unintelligent. I would not be surprised to learn he can’t read. As many commenters have said, stupid people cannot play quarterback in the NFL. This has been proven over time.

    Not a fan of Winston however that’s the thing, he is not stupid, at least as a student. He had nearly a 4.0 gpa in high school. Allegedly he is maintaining around 3.0 in college. He isn’t stupid, he is just immature and lacks common sense.

  33. A little boy dressed as a pirate rings the doorbell and his neighbor answers.

    ” Hi Jimmy! I see you’re a pirate. Where are your Buccaneers?”

    Little Jimmy says “They’re on the side of my head, where are your buccaneyes!”

    Jameis “Geno Smith” Winston

  34. so Jameis Winston’s dad is entering the NFL draft? Hope he has more character than his soon to flame out first round draft pick kid.

  35. For those saying he was horrible against Oregon either don’t know football or didn’t see the game. He wasn’t throwing screen passes everywhere and getting his passing yards up from WR’s YAC like Marriotta.

    Secondly, he lost 1 college game and not to mention won a National Championship.

    Yes he did some immature things, but who didn’t at 19 and 20y/o. Winston will be a very good NFL QB. He can read defenses, has a strong and accurate arm, and has feel in the pocket.

  36. Winning the Heisman + being from the state of Florida = Bust.

    See Tebow, Chris Weinke, Danny Wuerffel, Charlie Ward, Gino Torretta

    Having “the tools” doesn’t mean squat if you are dumb, immature, and unwilling to work hard.

  37. I predict bust on the scale of JaMarcus Russel, because there are SO many similarities, staring with being an idiot.

  38. I can’t wait to see what this idiot actually does when he gets paid! It won’t be on my team though, thankfully we have a quarterback. In some perfect world where I won the lottery, he gets drafted by the Redskins (who trade a ton of future picks for him) and we get to watch RGIII and Winston duke it during their simultaneous but separate from the team, independently conducted press conferences. Can’t wait to see these to empty brands go head to head.

  39. Winston will not make it as an NFL QB. He’s EJ Manuel 2.0 just as Mariota is Kaepernick 2.0.

    Neither Winston nor Mariota are accurate in the pocket or can go thru progressions which are necessities at the next level.

  40. Calling Winston “NFL ready” is more than a stretch. Kid’s got talent, sure, but he was a turnover machine this year, and really makes a lot of bad decisions.

  41. Whichever G.M. drafts him in the first round has got to know they will be fired within 3 years. He will set back that franchise for 5 years. He’s just not going to be a franchise QB. Not that talented and he’s not too bright as well.

  42. Allegedly he is maintaining around 3.0 in college

    Not buying it. He can’t speak properly, for starters.

    Whoever wants to make that the face of their franchise deserves what they get.

  43. I think Tampa is a good spot for Winston. Solid leader as a coach. th worst thing the bucs could do is draft Mariota. he will fail just like RG3 and any other spread QB that goes to a traditional under center pro set.

  44. I Like how everyone on here is comparing Jameis Winston to all of the other black quarterbacks that didn’t work out.
    Just because he happens to be black doesn’t mean he is the same type of quarterback as Vince Young and Jamarcus Russel.
    He is a gunslinger who sometimes forces passes but Andrew Luck was the same way. He just didn’t have the Off-field issues that Winston does.

  45. Glad my team has a young QB (Teddy). I would not want this dude on my team at all….. he could be the next Brett Favre, but he just as easily could be the next Ryan Leaf.

  46. Far too immature, so good luck with that. Marcus Mariota (2012; 2013; 2014): 103 TD, 13 INT (8:1 TD/INT ratio). That’s your guy!

  47. I’m betting that Jameis’ dad is not going to get drafted. Maybe some team would sign him as an undrafted free agent for some publicity stunt.

  48. If Antonor Winston should had done a better job raising Jameis into a responsible man, then he would be the consensus #1 pick without debate.

  49. To all the haters that life has passed you by:
    1.He will be the #1 pick
    2.He will be a top 5 Qb his first year.
    3.who ever takes him will make the playoffs his 1st year
    4.he will wear a HOF jacket when he calls it a career.

    I like marcus but he is the 2nd coming of Alexis Smith!

  50. The old man spends way too much time seeking out cameras and microphones for my taste. Kind of reminds me of Cecil Newton that way.

  51. Winston is this year’s Johnny Manziel, only with more physical talent. They’re both head cases. The team that selects Winston as their QB of the future will be very, very sorry one day, just as the Browns are now regretting choosing Manziel in the draft. Talent is key in the NFL, but so is being able to stay out of jail. Leopards don’t change their spots, and Winston isn’t going to turn into a Boy Scout (or act like a professional) anytime soon. This guy’s issues have issues. Wait and see. Within a year, maybe less, problems will begin to arise. He just has that aura about him–and that ain’t good.

  52. So much crazy junk in this thread.

    Let’s be clear. Winston is a pro-level talent. He’s proven he has the arm strength, the decision making (in game), and the physical intangibles to succeed in the NFL. The Oregon loss and FSU’s inability to put teams away this season is not wholly on Jameis. Saying he’s this year’s Manziel or an automatic bust is ridiculous. Winston has the tools to succeed sooner rather than later. He’s much less a project at QB than the majority of QB’s drafted over the last few years. Only Luck was “more ready” than Winston over the last 3.

    Compare him to other “dummies” in his his same position that have been taken highly. Cam Newton was not a perfect citizen. He got thrown off the UF team for stealing a laptop. The bottom line is that they’re still kids. Winston JUST TURNED 21. Its up to Jameis to mature and there’s no reason why (depending who takes him) that he cant. He has the best football IQ at the QB position since Andrew Luck. He’s a better prospect at QB than Mariota as well, especially considering the offense he’s coming from compared to Mariota’s. It all depends on who Winston has around him and if he’s willing to focus on the game.

    I’m not a fan of Winston at all (I went to UF lol). I think where he goes is the most important aspect of his career. But to deny his ability is to his opponent’s peril. If Winston grows up (and theres no reason he cant) and goes to a team that plays to his strengths on-field, they’ve got a franchise quarterback.

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