Jerry Jones sidesteps Chris Christie’s ethics issues, embraces the mojo


In the aftermath of New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s orange-sweatered soiree with Jerry and Stephen Jones, a serious question emerged regarding the decision of the Cowboys owner to pay for Christie’s plane fare and ticket to the Lions-Cowboys playoff game.

Jones co-owns Legends Hospitality, which does business with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. As a result, Christie’s acceptance of those gifts raises ethics questions, because he runs the Port Authority along with New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

Since the controversy first emerged, the International Business Times has reported that “government documents show Christie personally pushed the Port Authority to approve a lucrative contract” with Legends Hospitality.   New Jersey ethics rules prevent public officials from accepting gifts from persons whom public officials “deal with, contact, or regulate in the course of official business.”

On Wednesday, Jones appeared on ESPN’s NFL Insiders.  And he was asked about the controversy.

“There has been some controversy out here on the East Coast, the fact that you are picking up the tab for Governor Christie and they are disappointed that he would take advantage of that,” Chris Mortensen said to Jones.  “How do you respond?”

While the question didn’t specifically mention business interests or ethics rules, Jones completely avoided the subject of paying for Christie to come to the game.

“Let’s be true,” Jones said.  “One thing about him, does anyone think he doesn’t tell it like it is and tell the truth?  Now, the truth is he’s been a Cowboy fan his entire adult life.  He and his wife used to on a vacation use their money to come all the way to Texas to come to a Cowboy game.  [They] were so limited on their money that they couldn’t even buy parking.  They had to park far enough away to walk without paying.  Now, all I’m saying is that’s a Cowboy fan.  But more important than anything, and you hit it right, Mort, is the mojo.  Let me tell you, if he’s got enough mojo to pull this thing off for this Cowboy team this year, I’m for him being president of the United States.  U.S. could use mojo.”

Jones also made it clear that Christie and his mojo will be in Green Bay.

“Yes he will, if I’ve got anything to do about it,” Jones said.  “And I’m going to try to have a lot to do about it.  And I want that orange sweater.  We want him there.  You know, we’ve had him in the locker room.  It feels good to have him there.  And we do need all hands on deck to get past these — come close to these Packers.”

It’s unclear whether Jones once again will pay for Christie’s plane fare and/or ticket.  If neither believed there was anything wrong with it last weekend, they presumably think it’s OK this weekend.

Meanwhile, we’re asking for both Jones and Christie to appear on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio to clear this issue up.  The orange sweater is optional.  Especially since Christie would be appearing by, you know, phone.

95 responses to “Jerry Jones sidesteps Chris Christie’s ethics issues, embraces the mojo

  1. If Christie still wants to run for president, he’s got to be secretly praying that the Packers win this Sunday and put an end to all this.

  2. Most every politician around that level and above is corrupt. The better you can hide/downplay your corruption, the higher you can rise.

  3. Jones has asked for Christie and his mojo to be in Green Bay. He has also asked for the same group of officials from last week. I’m sure the NFL would love a Cowboy/Seahawk NFC Championship game. They will make sure it happens!!!

  4. Yes cause politicians love doing shady things out in public where everyone can see them doing it. Why not post articles about the real corrupt politicians. This is just a case of rich hanging out with the rich, why is this such a big deal? Lol

  5. These politicians just can’t keep there hands out of the cookie jar. You’d think someone with presidential aspirations would be a little smarter…..

  6. What???? A Florio article without a gloryhole reference? I thought he was required to have those as often as I have read them over the past year . . .

  7. Christie looks like a 300-pound, unripened tomato in that sweater. And about the only mojo he specializes is in mojo potatoes. The Jerry Jones’ entourage is getting more geek show by the minute.

  8. They had to park far enough away without paying? Jerruh, think it through. A LOT of Cowboy fans do the same thing because you charge an asinine amount to park. SMH….

  9. Just another cog in the massive wheel of political corruption that has taken over this country. Totally corrupting the process and committing treason is pretty much a daily exercise of every politician on the national level.

  10. That earthquake earlier was from Christie jumping on the bandwagon. Anyway…GO COWBOYS!!

  11. Everybody’s been saying that Jerry Jones needs to hire “football guy” to run his team. No way the Cowboys can ever win with Jerry running the show. Now all those “experts” have no credibility. They’re standing there looking pretty stupid. Looking for a hole to climb into. Just hoping something comes along to distract everybody. Ah Ha! It’s Christie. It’s the referees. It’s a ghost. It’s the boogie man. Lol. How bout them Cowboys!

  12. What Jerrah is trying to say is the the rules usually don’t apply to the rich and when they do you get your high priced lawyer with connections to smooth things over.

  13. There’s no flip side to this story, no gray area. Elected officials have an affirmative duty to not engage in inappropriate behavior AND avoid all appearances of Impropriety. Accepting gifts and gestures from someone in the private sector when one is a public figure and has advocated for that private person to receive publicly funded contracts is all forms of wrong.

    So…Greed. Graft. Disregard for rules and ethics? In other words, he’s perfectly suited for the presidency.

  14. Ethics concerns around Chris Christie? Next you’ll be telling me the sky is blue.

  15. I’m not a Dallas fan nor do I live in NJ, but this as clear and as public as any breach of ethics rules that come to mind.

  16. I don’t blame Jerry Jones for any of this – any businessman with the opportunity would be somewhat dumb not to try. Still, if Christie doesn’t face corruption charges in the next year, it won’t be because they aren’t merited. This isn’t the first questionable story about Christie’s ethics, and I doubt it will be the last (assuming he doesn’t face charges and lose his job). Is he really the best option the Republicans have to offer?!

  17. That answer made no sense and didn’t answer the question. Maybe Jerry should run for office. Textbook dodge.

  18. I still have to believe in the good of the people to vote an obviously corrupt politician like Christie out of office.

    America’s Team will win this game – The Green Bay Packers.

  19. Don’t worry, Romo’s quarterbacking. That’s as far as the ‘Boys are going. He’s had his one and done playoff win for this season.

  20. The former Governor of Virginia just got sentenced to two years in jail for pretty much the same type of high rolling that is connected to state contracts.

    But this is different, because it was the Virginia Governors wife that was the “friend”.

    How low have we sunk that this is not anything but blatant corruption?

  21. It’ll take more than mojo to beat Green Bay, Jerry. It will require a miracle and some mojo. Even then, it is a long shot.

  22. The thing is, Jerry Jones is very superstitious. That’s the reason he wants Christie there in the same sweater. It’s also the reason he won’t extend any contracts until after the season. He thinks it will directly affect the game.

    Superstition is the reason for many of his quirks.

  23. Chris Christy has no ethics problem. Everyone in NJ knows about his love for the boys. Everyone now knows about JJ’s business in NJ. Everyone knows he has attended the games. Now everyone in NJ can decide for themselves if they want to support CC. The ethics issue would be anyone could show favoritism toward JJ in NJ business dealings.

  24. So he’s a true fan because he couldn’t afford the parking? And that gets him into Jerry’s private box, with Jerry picking up the tab? Well then, if that’s the case, tens of millions of Americans look forward to Jerry hosting them at a Cowboys game one day soon, because not only can’t they afford the parking, they can’t afford the game ticket or anything else associated with attending the game.

    Seriously. this guy is truly brain dead. You have to wonder how someone so drop dead stupid became so obscenely rich.

  25. This is simple. Business people like Jones don’t pay for a politician to visit, unless Jones wants something from him. It’s the same reason Jones put the head of officiating on his party bus.

    I’m not implying Christie or Blandino are corrupt. But by putting themselves in situations like this they are inherently creating a conflict of interest. By nature of the relationships developed—by taking these favors from Jones—at the very least they may unwittingly begin to develop a favorable bias toward Jones. It happens in business all too often, and it is why reputable companies establish strict rules against this very thing.

    Put another way. Does anyone think Jones would have hosted Christie if he weren’t a politician or Blandino if he weren’t the head of officials. No.

  26. Did anyone else see that Dallas had an earthquake?? I’m not the only one pissed about that call!!! ‘God’ is as well 😇

  27. Bottom line: that game was the Cowboys’ Super Bowl. Winning a playoff game has their fans talking and tweeting like giddy schoolgirls. That’s what happens when you essentially do nothing for 15 years. They’ll be annihilated this weekend in Green Bay and all these stories will fade away.

  28. For all the people that want Goodell fired… Be careful. Jerry might want to push this slime ball for commish.

  29. Jerrah is so desperate that everything is allowed and anything goes.

    Until his face falls off, again.

  30. Chris Christie is a very skilled politican. Unfortunately his skills are limited to making all of his cronies rich and verbally belittling anyone who doesn’t agree with his views.

  31. Look out Jerruh, Chris has a bridge he wants to sell you.

    NJ, Christie, and his Port Authority slush fund, Perfect Together.

  32. Jones and Doughboy are both complete idiots, it is nothing more than a comedy show and the Packers will end this comedy show for this season.

  33. Well, if the mojo is going to be there, I assume Emmitt Smith, Darryl Johnston and Alvin Harper are going to be there also, since those guys were on the Cowboys active roster the last time anyone used the word “mojo” as much as Jerrah does. Somebody drag Jerrah into the 21st century!

  34. Jones and Ethics… hahahahahaha…….
    Ask the Lion fans…. They’ll tell you all about it..

  35. Speaking for all the people that were stuck in traffic due to ‘bridgegate’ — I am sure that their hearts bleed that Christie had to walk a few blocks to the stadium.

    Christie needs to publicly reimburse Jones for the cost of the trip and pay his own way to WI or ‘Cowboygate’ will be his downfall.

  36. Pennsylvania is a swing state and now he pretty much guaranteed that he has no chance at it, his opponent just has to run that clip of him fondling jerry jones and he’d prob lose all 50 states and since when did men start having group hugs at football gatherings?

  37. That comment that Fat boy didn’t have enough money to pay for parking what a laugh. His wife worked and made millions on Wall Street. Christie is lucky if he can walked across the street.

  38. Chris,
    FYI eat light on the plane ride. Lambeau has a 3.5lb “big game berger” waiting for your snack before the start of the big game.

  39. I’m sure the fine citizens of New Jersey are happy that the lug they elected to, you know, run the state, is too busy going to NFL games to, you know, run the state.

    And as far as Jones goes…money can’t buy you humanity.

  40. How is this any different than our president taking air force one on his vacations and costing the american people over a million a flight, while never paying for a round of golf?

  41. I hope the pumpkin Christie goes to the game and then we can all see a big fat puss on his face as well as the classic Jerry Jones look of yet another letdown of a season.
    Of course this all depends on how many parties and money Jerry can throw at the officials to fix the game. And its unreal how many loser Cowgirl fans are trying to justify how lucky you got to win the game. You got some major gift of non calls. Three calls could have been called on that one play and at least one should have. This woudl have severely altered the game. Stop your whining and making it seem like “THE NON CALL” was payback for the tainted refs that didnt make a call in favor of the ‘Girls. After this week we wont have to hear from you and your corrupt owner and team and orange sweater pumpkin.

  42. Funny how this site allows all these fat jokes. Christie is a republican so that explains it.

    It is tolerated as long as it fits the tolerant’s agenda.

  43. So let me get this straight, Jerrah co-owns Legends Hospitality, then Christie, who runs the Port Authority, pushes for a lucrative contract that benefits Legends Hospitality, then Christie shows in the owners box huging and almost kissing Jerrah, and some people don’t see nothing wrong with that? Seriously?

  44. NY and NJ politics being the cesspool of corruption and influence peddling that it is, Christie is being shrewd. Since he can’t run from it, he’s doubling down. His best bet is for the voters to get “corruption fatigue” by the time the presidential election comes around. It helps to depress voter turnout, which favors the incumbent and the well funded.

  45. Nothing will be done about any of this, our extreme rich, corporations and politicians are playing their own game of life. They do whatever they want, when they want and know nothing will be done about it because we are too easily distracted by social media and the hot button issue of the day and its #hashtag.

  46. The parent company of this site, NBC, has a cable news network, MSNBC, that has an entire day of hosts and shows dedicated to the left. As a result, this website must be politically left leaning and this is nothing more than an attempt to make people dislike Christie. Not sure why they need to pile on, no one likes the guy anyway.

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