Tim Jennings arrested on DUI charges in Georgia

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It may be a while before we take another run at 40 days without resetting the arrest tracker.

There have been several arrests of NFL players since the end of the regular season and that number grew on Wednesday morning. Bears cornerback Tim Jennings was arrested in Gwinnett County, Georgia on charges of DWI, speeding and reckless driving.

Multiple reports cropped up on Wednesday afternoon about the arrest, which Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times reports was the work of a Twitter user who tipped off several Bears beat writers to both the arrest and existence of a mug shot. According to the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s website, Jennings was booked at 12:44 p.m. and released after posting bail at 3:41 p.m.

There are no further details regarding the arrest nor comments from the Bears or Jennings at this time. Jennings has three years left on his deal with the Bears.

UPDATE 4:48 p.m. ET: The Bears have released a boilerplate-style statement about the arrest. “We are aware of the reports regarding Tim Jennings’ arrest.  We are currently gathering information to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the situation.”

27 responses to “Tim Jennings arrested on DUI charges in Georgia

  1. Yea, but drunk in the m-o-r-n-i-n-g?(!!). And then taking that out on the road? C’mon man.

  2. If he was driving anything like he covered wide receivers, I’m surprised he was even on the road.

    He played well in Lovie’s system, and most of the time this year, he thought he was still in it. Most of the wide open receivers deep were due to him not carrying them downfield to help the safety.

    I hope they get rid of him. I would rather re-sign Tillman for a year than pay this clown to play another year. There is a $1.4M cap hit to cut him now, but it’s worth it.

  3. Just another Lovie Smith holdover who didn’t earn his keep on that historically bad defense this year. With a new regime coming in and the Bears desperately needing more youth and talent in their back 7, this is about the worst possible thing he could have done. Is he trying to get cut?

  4. Interesting article and all but what’s this got to do with the picking up of the PI flag, no holding calls etc during the Lions/Cowboys game. I mean, I don’t think you’ve beaten that horse dead yet.

  5. One more headache for the new Bears GM to deal with, and he hasn’t even been hired yet.

  6. Welcome to Georgia:

    Come on vacation and leave on Probation. All you NFL’ers need to stay out of Gwinnett County when you’ve been drinking, we have a very active DUI task force here.

  7. It’s the offseason for most NFL teams right now. Expect 2 or 3 of these a week until August.

  8. Call Uber bro. You can request pimped out rides now. No lose situation. I do and I don’t have a four-year, $22.4 million contract to pay for it. Dummy.

  9. We need to know his BAC. In my opinion the legal limit for alcohol is way too low. I am all for cracking down on drunk driving, and if you are at fault while buzz driving then throw the book at them also. But if a guy has a couple beers with his friends after work and is driving home cautiously, his life should not be ruined bc a checkpoint was set up on his way home. I am guessing Jennings had way more than a couple of beers but just saying a 3 beer dwi should be different than a 10 beer dwi.

  10. Wow!!! So many haters!! He refused a breathalyzer test. Not drunk at noon. C’mon ‘merica what happened to innocent until proven guilty? lol haters.

  11. I watched every snap of every Bears game this season, and I don’t think I saw any player on that entire defense who fell off a cliff talent-wise more than Tim Jennings.

    He constantly got beat, out-hustled, out-muscled – he missed assignments, was out of of position, wasn’t making plays on the ball anymore, not breaking up passes…he seemed tired and uninspired and mentally checked out.

    As the season wore on, his ineptitude and apathy seemed to stand out more and more. I haven’t seen a drop-off like that – from intense, high-impact player to bum in one season – since the likes of Nathan Vasher…

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