Browns could be interested in Charlie Weis, of course

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Sometimes the Browns seem like they’re kidding the world, waiting for us to realize it’s all been an elaborate prank.

So as they begin yet another search for yet another offensive coordinator, they may be interested in one of the hottest names in the business — 10 years ago.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, one name which could be on the Browns’ list is Charlie Weis.

Weis has a long tradition of successfully grooming NFL quarterbacks, from Tom Brady to, well, Tom Brady. There was that one year where he made Matt Cassel look competent in Kansas City, but he’s otherwise spent the last decade leading Notre Dame to a 35-27 record and Kansas to a sharp 6-22 mark.

So naturally, he’s a hot property.

48 responses to “Browns could be interested in Charlie Weis, of course

  1. LMAO this clown has been a failure since leaving New England. As long as he doesn’t go back to ND its all good.

  2. Not a head coach, but do you think he forgot everything he knew about offense? You could do worse IMO

  3. Oh please Jimmy Haslam, dont do this. But who else would work for Jimmy and the Browns?

    Then again, I thought you wanted to bring stability to the Cleveland Browns.

    Jimmy Haslam–coach killer.

  4. Only way I can explain this is the Brown’s front office was PISSED they lucked into 7 wins this season and want to return their long tradition of 3-4 wins every. damn. year.

  5. I think people forget what Weis’ Notre Dame offenses were like. The Irish could score (Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen, Golden Tate, tons of good TE’s), but he never recruited or developed defense. The Irish never lost by more than a TD and never scored less than 20 points. He also worked magic with the Chiefs during his last OC stint in the pros. Kansas is Kansas sadly, but I’d put my money on him improving the offense anywhere he goes as an OC.

  6. So homeless guy says to owner pick Manziel. Manziel text’s qb coach during draft and talks his way into being drafted in 1st round even though he is a 3rd or 4th round talent. Owner forces coaches to play Manziel when he isn’t close to being able to be successful on an NFL field. Manziel repays owner by not being prepared and throwing a party in which he gets so hammered he doesn’t show up for work the next day. O.C. and said qb coach are out of here and now it’s Charlie Weis. Ahhh the good old factory of sadness…

  7. Why does this team insist on hiring Bellichick coaching tree cast-offs over and over…? It’s like they think by continually hiring former New England coaches they can somehow redeem themselves for letting Bill walk out of their building before he went on to become a HOF coach haha

  8. Terrible head coach, Great Offensive Coordinator.

    Cleveland, Jacksonville, heck even Atlanta and San Francisco could do much worse. If you can stand the ego, he’d be a great hire to run a flagging offense.

  9. Thanks, Cleveland. You are always there to make me laugh when I’m having a bad day.

  10. I like Charlie. I hope the Browns do hire him and that he is able to find success with that team. I wouldn’t say that I expect that to be the outcome, but there is always hope.

  11. This is ridiculous. G-d himself couldn’t make Johnny Manziel a competent QB… They should just hire whomever will work for minimum wage. THIS FRANCHISE IS A JOKE!!!

  12. Great idea, hire the guy who was the OC during the spygate cheating years, he’s not a complete fraud or anything.

  13. If they hire Weis it has to be an indication that they are going with Hoyer in 2015 and not Manziel. Why bring in a classic pro style offensive coordinator to coach an option QB.

  14. I find it hilarious that PFT sneers at Charlie Weis for being out of date, and yet constantly hypes and promotes senile teamwrecker Mike Shanahan for every open coaching spot.

  15. Its just not funny anymore. But you can’t have a factory of sadness without the proper amount of sad.

  16. Just another guy that can’t win without Beli-cheat. The same thing will happen with McDaniels when he leaves and the same thing will happen when the bearded DC leaves.

  17. What is it with the NFL? Recyling coaches who are proven losers. Get rid of the Rooney rule b/c it’s a joke. How can the Browns even consider this old fart when guys like Hue still can get considered….just sayn’

  18. Bring back Paul Brown and Otto Graham. They could play and coach better and they are dead (rest in peace). At least find Paul Brown’s play book.

  19. if the Browns hire Weis, then i think people will question their thinking. Weis was a good offensive mind at one point, but he’s fallen. he did well in KC, but not great. he was not good in Florida as OC. his best years were with Brady. if they hire him and he gets something out of Manziel, then that’s the biggest shocker in nfl history. with that said, i don’t see the hire working out (if they hire him).

  20. Terrible HC, Terrible OC.

    Patriots was all Belichick grooming Brady. All Weis did was support them and the team – and he did that well. He organized meetings, took the notes, coordinated practice. But he was not the “coach” of that offense. He was Belichek’s “administrative assistant”.

    Everyone seems to forget that Parcells stripped Weis of his responsibilities when he was the OC of the Jets. Everyone conveniently forgets how terrible he’s been in every situation that didn’t involve him carrying Belichick’s and Brady’s water bottles.

  21. I’d pay some good money to see an all out eating contest between weis, mangino and friedgen, at golden corral!! They can really put it down!!

  22. Charlie Weiss for head coach. Then bring along dear friend, Mark Mangino, as offensive coordinator and personal mentor for Johnny Manziel.

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