Cam Newton’s not thinking about past Seahawks games


The Panthers have been able to play the Seahawks close lately, but close won’t count Saturday night.

At least not to Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Newton said he wasn’t dwelling on their near-miss past with the Seahawks, which includes three losses the last three seasons by a combined 13 points..

I don’t mean to be blunt, but the last three years don’t matter to me,” Newton said, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “They were a different team, and we were a different team six games ago.

“They may run the same scheme, they may have some different clues that we can go off of, but this game Saturday is not going to be based on what’s happened in the past. It’s going to be about the team who seizes the moment and makes the most of each and every opportunity they get.”

Newton has every reason to claim amnesia against the Seahawks. He’s averaged just 145.7 passing yards a game against them, with just one touchdown in three games.

Of course, Newton’s a different player lately as well.

With stability up front, the return of fullback Mike Tolbert and the re-emergence of running back Jonathan Stewart, the Panthers have won five straight. Newton’s thrown just two interceptions over that span, and he’s only taken three sacks.

“I can’t make it personal because this game is not about that,” Newton said. “It’s not about me. It’s bigger than me. It’s about going into a hostile environment and not only proving to people, but proving to ourselves that we belong here.”

That’s the other factor. The Panthers have played the Seahawks close, but the recent games have all been in Charlotte. Saturday night, they’ll get a chance to see if things are really different.

29 responses to “Cam Newton’s not thinking about past Seahawks games

  1. I hope they pull off the upset so Dallas doesn’t have to go to Seattle again. I mean we beat them easily in Seattle once but twice might be tough.

  2. There are 3 quarterback’s left in the postseason that can give Seattle’s D a long day. Cam Newton isn’t one of them. Quinn will spy him with an LB to eliminate his run threat and make him beat them throwing downfield.

    Only chance Carolina has is to hold Wilson and the SEA offense to around 200 yards. Turnovers will be a huge factor. Panthers will compete but chances are they lose by 10-17 points.

  3. Let’s not get too excited about Newton. He was brutal against the Cards. Horrible footwork, far too many times throwing off his back foot. He got away with it against a brutal Cards team but he won’t against the Seahawks.

  4. It will be a Dallas-Seattle rematch, with the same result as last time. The Lions can watch it on television. AMERICA’S TEAM

  5. Seattle – green bay in the nfc championship game. So the announcers can continuously bring up the fail Mary

  6. Scam Newton will start the game with that happy clown face like usual, then at some point in the game, he’ll have a towel over his head while he cries.

  7. Offensively, it’s like looking in the mirror, both teams play a conservative run-based attack, with a few vertical strikes down the field, strategic use of the TE, with a premium placed on the kicking games.

    Defensively, they try to play the same, but the back 7 for the Panthers is inconsistent. Solid play by Thomas Davis is imperative to get it close.

  8. Cam, just take some of those magical Seahawks Skittles and live the Seattle football experience for a winning performance.

  9. Carolina’s D has done a nice job holding down Seattle’s offense in the last couple games. The problem this time is that the big guy on Carolina’s line is missing: Star Lotulelei. He’s been tough. Kuechly won’t be able to cover as much ground without him. I think that’s the key. Being in Seattle it probably adds 6 or 7 points to the spread but it’s still played closer than that. Likely a Seattle win in a beat em down, drag it out fight. Can’t expect anything different between these two.

  10. Panther fans I am not trying to be one of those arrogant fans but this isn’t the match up you wanted. Green Bay in the cold versus an immobile Aaron Rogers would have been an easier feat.

    Every NFC West plays Carolina style of offense/defense. Byron Bell has struggles with Bruce Irvin already and add in the crowd noise with Michael Bennett blasting off inside/Cliff Avril coming off the opposite side. Seattle at Century Link is a whole different animal.

  11. Does anyone pay attention to history here? Crush and embarrass? Last three seahawks W’s against the panthers.



    +7 (touch down with less than 1 min remaining in the game)

    We’ll see what happens this time around. It’ll be one of the closest games this weekend I can guarantee you that.

  12. I love how no one in the world is giving the Panthers a chance. Seattle is the best team in football, I will give them that, when people like Colin Cowherd laugh and say Carolina has “zero chance”, is a little extreme. Seattle is awesome and the line is probably about right (10-11 pts) but NO finished with the Number 1 offense in the league and the Panthers held them to 10 points. The Falcons had the number 8 offense in the league and the Panthers held them to 3 points. Seattle had the number 9 offense and yet people are giving the Panthers no shot? Trap game….

  13. One last thing from me:

    They’ll never admit it, but the Panthers are THE LAST team the hawks wanted to play. Even if they do get the W they’ll be spending the better half of the week in the tub.

  14. Look forward to this one! Every time these teams play it is always so close and a physical game. No Pressure here for Cam or the Panthers because lets be honest…technically the Panthers wasn’t even suppose to BE HERE! It was a team with a QB that hasn’t been 100% all season but respect to Cam for toughing it out with the Ankle, Back and a bunch of other things I’m sure. Offensive Line is not that great, Receivers are Average besides the Rookie Benjamin. So Panthers Win or Lose gotta be THRILLED with the way they finished the season. That being said, they’re BUILT to beat the Seahawks, 4 Man Rotation at Running Back, a QB that can move and a Defense that is ON FIRE right now. As for the Seahawks, just play Seahawks football and let the 12 Man try to confuse Cam and his Offense.

  15. He’s averaged just 145.7 passing yards a game against them, with just one touchdown in three games
    Nuff said…..

  16. I am a hawks fan, but I am a tinsy bit worried about this game. Carolina is going to be playing for their lives. Not that the hawks won’t, but as a second half team, I hope they don’t let Carolina get an early lead.

    That being said, hawks obviously have a huge advantage playing at home, and being healthy. I look forward to playing the cowboys next week. 😉

  17. Playing Carolina at C-Link for the first playoff game, as opposed to any other playoff team remaining, I’d pick them as a first choice to play. I’m not worried in the least. Time to saddle up Seattle Fans!

    Go HAWKS!!

  18. Hope the Seahawks team is a little less arrogant than the Seahawks fans. Playoff football is not easy. Ask everyone who thought the Steelers were going to steamroll at home last week.

    Panthers have all the tools to make this a close game. If Cam and the offense win the turnover battle and keep field position respectable, it will be a 4th quarter push. The 12th man and CentLink home field advantage is the best in football, but that doesn’t help Russy Wilson and Seattle’s often anemic offense. They that haven’t been able to move the ball against the Panthers the past 3 years and Saturday night will be another grudge match.

  19. Seattle is favored to win for several reasons. They’ve had a much better season, better stats, great homefield advantage and several others. But what absolutely kills me is how 95% of the Seattle fans believe that this is going to be such an easy game for them. As a Carolina Panthers fan since our inception I am realistic and know that the line is probably right and we have maybe a 20-25% chance of winning this game. You Seahawks fans will disappear back into the shadows if Carolina pulls the upset and beats you in almighty C-Link and if that happens and you guys are no longer littering these message boards with your drivel we will all be better for it. Have a little humility, you may little better if and when you lose. There’s not enough room for all of you to jump off the space needle…. Go Panthers!!!

  20. I read through football message boards all the time and I can’t figure out why people think the Seahawks fans are any more arrogant than any other teams’ fans. Seahawks fans have a lot of confidence in their team and so do Packers, Cowboys, Patriots, Ravens, Broncos, and any other fan base you can name. The rudest comments I see on any message board are the things other fans say about the Seahawks and their fans.

    Of course we think the Seahawks are going to beat the Panthers. They were 12-4 and the panthers just made to 8-8 last week. And now we finally have them at home. I think it’ll be like the 49ers. Close games in San Francisco and a blow out at the Clink. I’ll be surprised and disappointed if it doesn’t turn out that way.

  21. Seattle has a great opportunity to make an offensive statement this game…It may well be end up being the overlooked storyline no one is talking about.

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