Eugene Monroe feeling positive about chance for return

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Ravens left tackle Eugene Monroe is still limited, but he sounded an optimistic note after going through some more extensive work with line coach Juan Castillo Wednesday.

Making some pretty good progress,” Monroe said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “It’s definitely positive. I feel like time is on our side. The game isn’t until Saturday midday. I’m taking it day by day and seeing how this thing ends up. Very optimistic, but it’s a tricky little deal. We’ll see how it plays out. Today was a major step.”

Monroe has missed the last two games with an ankle injury.

While he hasn’t been everything the Ravens hoped for when they traded for him, he beats the alternative. Undrafted rookie James Hurst started in his place last week and allowed six hurries against the Steelers.

“I’m not going to press too much,” Monroe said. “If I’m not ready, I’m not. I’m doing everything in my power to be back.”

Getting a player with some experience back should help, even if he doesn’t have as much playoff experience as many of his teammates.

8 responses to “Eugene Monroe feeling positive about chance for return

  1. We need you Eugene and hope you can contribute this week.

    Go Ravens, Play Hard, Destroy the Competition!

  2. Monroe may not be “everything the Ravens hoped for” but this O line in 2015 has kept Joe clean. 2nd least sacks allowed in the regular season.

    And while Hurst may have allowed 6 hurries, Joe was only sacked once last week. And that is with TWO rookies on the O line- a 5th rounder and an undrafted rookie. Not too shabby.

    Of course the Pats have a better pass rush than the Steelers do, so hopefully a return is coming Saturday and they can shuffle this line around more, not necessarily for protection reasons, but moreso for running game reasons.

  3. Having him back could help the run game, if he’s healthy. Or, he could be a 6th OL in heavy sets. This is a game that will be determined by the Ravens ability or inability to run the ball. If they can’t run effectively, it’s game over – Browner & Revis will shut down the passing game. But if they need to commit to stopping the run, the Pats are vulnerable & we could see an upset.

    Here’s hoping both teams are 100% healthy at kickoff.

  4. Ravens d-line needs to win this game. Hope he’s back, but last week’s o-line can get it done.

  5. Monroe will play, but so will Urshall. I think the line which gives the Ravens the best chance to win will be Monroe, K.O. Zutah, Urshall and Yanda.

    The Ravens need better protection this week as getting open on those DBs is a lot tougher than the ones they saw last week…

    Still it’ll be a great game and I look forward to seeing what happens soon!

  6. Fortunately the patched up line did well last couple games.

    Teams did have some success in passing against NE (ranked 17th pass defense) but establishing the run will be vital even to control time of possession and that may be ok if they need to use the rejiggered line again. Defense needs to play lights out with constant pressure and Gronk needs to be kept in check on short routes where Ravens can be vulnerable.

    Kudos crown, new found respect for you

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