Peyton Manning feels good about health, offensive balance


Over the final weeks of the regular season, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning dealt with a thigh injury and mounting questions about why the team’s passing game wasn’t as prolific as it had been earlier in the year.

Manning threw 10 touchdowns and eight interceptions over the final seven weeks of the season, a period that also saw his effectiveness in the red zone drop dramatically from where he was in September and October. On Wednesday, coach John Fox again said he didn’t see any change in Manning’s play while Manning said he felt fine and said the Broncos have focused on their running game of late in hopes of developing ideal offensive balance.

“I feel pretty good physically. Like all players, I’ve battled through some injuries. I think the bye week came at a good time for us, gave some guys a chance to get healthy,” Manning said, via “We’ve tried to find different ways to win football games, and hopefully that prepares us well when we get into these playoff games and anything can go on … You never know what it’s going to be, and [I] think we’ve proven we can win games different ways. Hopefully that serves us well potentially on Sunday.”

The Broncos threw 194 passes in the final six games of the regular season while running the ball 186 times, so they’ve done much more than just pay lip service to creating offensive balance. More of the same won’t do anything to stop questions about changes to Manning’s game, but those questions will be a lot easier to parry if the balanced effort leads to another trip to the AFC championship game.

10 responses to “Peyton Manning feels good about health, offensive balance

  1. The NFL seems to have people with short memories all around it. It wasn’t that long ago that people were wondering if Peyton Manning was human with the way he was performing at QB then a couple of off games and suddenly his health etc comes into question.

    Same with Tom Brady this year.

    Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X.

    The Broncos have got a run game now…it only helps.

  2. Obviously every season is different, the opponents are different, etc. But last year, in Mannings final 7 regular season games he threw 22 TDs and only 4 INTs

    Yes, the Broncos have been remarkably balanced, but I am not buying what they are selling. Looks to me like they were forced to run the ball in order to cover up for Manning’s “tired” arm late in the season. And they are just conveniently saying “we needed more balance so we focused on the run game”. If Manning’s arm was capable of another 50+ TD season, you can guarantee he would have had another 50+ TDs…

  3. He has certainly looked a much different qb the last half of this season than he has through much of his career. Weather that is due to injury, age or an intended desire by the coaching staff to have the Bronco’s be a more balanced offense going into the play-offs is the debate. I guess we will know more after this weekends play.

  4. Lolz wonder what the media had just asked him to get that look on his face. It looks like a cross between “Are you kiddin’ me man?” and “What was that nasty thing I just ate?”.

  5. Manning will not win the SB by himself. If he couldn’t when he was at his best many years ago, he certainly will not do it now. He is still a very good QB (near the middle if you rank the QB’s left in the playoffs?) but the Broncos will need very strong play by their defense and special teams if they are to reach the SB again.

  6. There are a lot of people hating in these comments but I know there are at least 20 teams that would love to have Manning get them 12 to 13 wins a year!

    Good luck to Peyton and the Broncos

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