Rams are snubbing St. Louis

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Silent Stan is giving St. Louis the silent treatment.

With Rams owner Stan Kroenke announcing plans to build a football stadium in Los Angeles, the powers-that-be in St. Louis still intend to propose a new building that would keep the Rams in Missouri.  But the powers-that-be in St. Louis allege the Rams won’t communicate.

Via ESPN.com, the city will now work directly with the NFL because the Rams won’t return their calls.

“[Kroenke] hasn’t responded, he hasn’t called back, he hasn’t done anything,” said Maggie Crane, a spokesperson for St. Louis mayor Francis Slay.

“After a while, you sort of get the hint,” Jeff Rainford, Slay’s chief of staff, added.  (Keeping with the whole “no talking” trend, a Rams spokesman declined comment.)

If the Rams leave (like the Cardinals did before the Rams), St. Louis hopes to attract another team.

“The NFL can make money in St. Louis,” Rainford said.  “It may end up being the Rams with this owner, the Rams with a different owner, a different team with a different owner.”

That attitude makes it hard to feel badly for St. Louis, which has twice lured NFL franchises from other cities.  With St. Louis and Missouri previously doing enough to get the Rams to ditch L.A. in 1995 but not enough to keep the Rams around, St. Louis and Missouri know how to play the game.

As of right now, they’re losing.

But they won’t lose until the Rams move.  If St. Louis is persistent and, ultimately, competitive with a proposal for a new building, it could become harder for Kroenke to get approval to move.  Still, some believe he’ll move without league approval.

It all becomes easier for Kroenke and the Rams if St. Louis simply gives up on keeping the team in town.  That seems to be exactly what Kroenke hopes to do.

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  1. And where does Commissioner Roger Goodell stand on all of this? This is a major issue for the NFL to deal with and his absence in front of a camera is duly noted.
    One can only surmise that he is probably behind the Kroenke plan to get a team in LA.

  2. And what exactly is wrong with the really nice fairly new building they have now?

  3. Wow… have some guts and man up Kroenke. Just tell the people that you want out. It’s been a so-so ride since the early 2000’s and now you want to move it all to big bad LA. I feel bad for the people of St. Louis, for them to be on the verge of loosing a franchise, while a team like the jaguars continue to be in Jacksonville is shocking. Good luck st. Louis rams fans…

  4. Just how safe, in the eyes of potential season ticket holders, is the area where Mr. Kroenke hopes to build his L.A. stadium? Apparently, Hollywood Park succumbed in part to a sense that gang activity had made that part of town into a war zone.

    Will stadium security be delegated to TSA? Will former Blackwater operatives be available to add a feeling of safety as fans move in and out on Sundays?

    The Meadowlands, in New Jersey, where the Giants had a stadium for several decades, was built upon a former landfill; the horse race track in that same locale had a record of mysterious equine illnesses, attributed by some to a festering subterranean environment.

    Long story short–some places are destined to failure as a site for occasional human activity and Mr. Kroenke may walking into such a situation.

    Bottom line, Stan–be careful what you wish for.

  5. They come out in droves for baseball. The problem is the town is full of band-wagon football fans, which is why the Cardinals ended up leaving…and attendance dropped off after the Greatest Show on Turf…and Rams Rules came into being…and Rams Rules Revisited (check youtube)…

    I like how the guy casually tossed out “the Rams with a different owner” as though the NFL would force Kroenke to sell just to accommodate the city.

  6. Rams back to LA, Raiders back to LA and Jaguars to St Louis (renamed Stallions). 2 New expansion teams in London and Toronto to make a 34 team league.

  7. Shouldn’t this headline read “ARE Rams snubbing St. Louis” rather than taking what the Mayor’s office says as gospel? After all, St. Louis hasn’t done much to keep the Rams so far and this last minute effort seems more like a publicity stunt so they are not blamed when the Rams leave.

    As for St. Louis ever getting another team, why? The Cardinals have flourished since leaving and the Rams are looking longingly at their ex. The arguments against L.A. getting another shot at the NFL (which are immaterial since it’s going to happen) apply to St. Louis as well, plus StL has less economic playroom to support a team. It’s a great baseball city….leave it at that.

  8. Wow…the Art Modell approach! I do feel sorry for the fans in St. Louis if they do end up losing another team. I have a feeling they will get an interested team to come in if the Rams do leave. Just hope LA will support the Rams this time. If that stadium complex is as nice as what they’ve been saying, can’t see how fans wouldn’t want to go to those games. Taking the train to the stadium or having plenty of parking really helps!

  9. Silent Stan spoke too soon. The city of St Louis should have acted earlier, now it’s too late, I don’t think Stan is bluffing.

  10. Guy seems like a real d-bag. I’m sure he’ll blame the plummeting season ticket sales on everything else but his stupid “gamesmanship”.

  11. Play with fire and get the devil which is what the city has done. As a Hawks fan I hope they move back to LA because thats where they should have been all along. Teams getting stolen from towns is crap. If this was a team founded in St. Louis I would be the other way but here in Seattle we had the Mets (NHL), Pilots (MLB) Sonics (NBA) all stolen from us and nearly lost the Seahawks in 1998. Flying to LA once a year would be nicer too 😉

  12. All the Rams have done is comply with the lease they and St. Louis signed. The CVC asked the Rams what needed to be done to make the dome a top tier facility. They submitted a beautiful renovation which the CVC turned down, rightfully so as it would have cost as much as a new stadium but then they dropped the ball. That was when the dumb governor should have started working on a better plan. The Rams already negotiated in good faith according to the lease. I still believe Kroenke may be banking on St. Louis building him a stadium with again the best lease in sports and simply being a landlord out in Inglewood. It is up to St. Louis/Missouri leadership to make it happen though.

  13. So the options are: the taxpayers of St. Louis pay for their own stadium or the owner just build his own in L.A.

  14. I’m beginning to wonder if St. Louis might be better off without this guy. He marries somebody else’s money and then starts acting like everyone should bow down to him. Good luck with this, LA.

  15. Why would anyone buy tickets to watch the Rams play in St. Louis now? It’s over. Let ’em go, because Kroenke obviously doesn’t want to be there anymore and is planning to move the team. Why support that by buying tickets?

  16. Yeah, but for how long did the city of St. Louis not work with the RAMS. I’m not a Rams fan, not do I feel bad for Owners when they cry about funding, but at some point the cities with NFL franchises have to realize what they have and how much revenue the city loses, when a team departs. If they build a facility that could host a Super Bowl, you’re talking Hundreds of Millions of revenue coming, for a WEEK.

  17. Learn the facts Mike. STL has done plenty to support the losingist franchise ever over an 11yr period. Kroenke put this plan in motion over 2 yrs before the current lease was set to expire. Learn the fact bro

  18. how come Stan won’t be fined for not talking to St Louis council, but players are being fined for not talking to the press.

  19. Boy, I remember how high and mighty all these owners were towards Al Davis when he moved to LA. But at least he tried to get something done with Oakland first! I feel for these smaller market fans…

  20. Can someone explain how this owner believes he can move the team without approval? I’m guessing there might be one or two small repercussions if he did….?

  21. Not worth it for the people of St Louis. Studies keep showing how much burden is put on tax payers who subsidize these billionaires. Look at Miami’s baseball stadium and how many decades it’ll take to pay that off and what the true cost is.
    Let them build the LA stadium with their own money like they said they would. Call their bluff and you’ll be better for it

  22. I have been through the relocation rumors, ironically enough my favorite team was rumored to be moving to St. Louis back in the day, and as a fan it stinks. But I have to admit I would love to see the Rams move back to LA.

  23. Don’t blame the fans.
    If you put a competitive team on the field, then the fans will show up, but if you continue to put up a bad team year after year, ticket sales will drop off like they have.

    A greedy owner wants his team in LA to get the huge bucks, can’t blame him for wanting the money, but if the product is still crappy, how long before the fickle fans in LA turn their backs again?

  24. The St. Louis Jaguars? The St. Louis Raiders? Whatever team the town poaches next, they’re going to be stuck with a bottom-of-the-league loser for a decade. Don’t they have more important things to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on?

  25. Considering Missouri is ground zero for the escalating race war, I would get out too

  26. Good they should be on the west coast anyway. Sick of these 10 a.m. games in St. Louis when they should be playing at 1. LA is also about 1600 miles shorter round trip. And St. Louis is a baseball town anyway. This will be the 2nd team thats left St. Louis in my lifetime and I’m not even that old.

    Raiders should get in on this action and share the stadium like the Jets/Giants cuz they got a dump in Oakland.

  27. St. Louis is the Beruit of the Midwest. Shame on the city for taking the Rams for granted and they will only have theirselves to blame when they are gone.

  28. Stan has no doubt seen the 1984 film clip of the Colts sneaking away from Baltimore in the middle of night. More importantly, he knows what the outcome was. The Irsay kept their team and the NFL replaced them with the Ravens. The Rams don’t have to sneak away and this is sufficient notice that they are probably going to move.

  29. “But the powers-that-be in St. Louis allege the Rams won’t communicate.”

    That actually sounds like pretty clear communication. When my wife gives me the silent treatment I know exactly what it means.

  30. They are out of there. Kroenke’s a businessman, he’s done the math, he’s going to LA. And the idea that he won’t get the votes is laughable. This is the perfect situation for the league. Team on year to year lease? Check. Team currently in much smaller market than LA? Check. Owner in position to build stadium? Check.

    Checkmate. The Rams are going to LA.

  31. If Kroenke puts his team in LA, it will at least double in value.

    Can’t blame him for doing it, even though I hate seeing fans get shafted by their teams leaving.

    The Rams have a history in LA though, so I am not as broken up about them moving back, as I was for Baltimore and Cleveland fans when their teams bolted.

    Kroenke is doing this as up front as one can do this.

  32. the Rams belong in LA anyway. the LA Rams are an iconic franchise that would be cool to see again. Feel bad for Saint Louis but they got the Rams in the same way so can’t feel too bad for them.

  33. Doesn’t the league’s relocation policy require the exhaustion of all reasonable efforts to remain in St. Louis before the team can move?

    How is non-communication a reasonable effort?

    Make him sell the St. Louis franchise and apply for an expansion team.

  34. Where would you rather live?
    – Thumbs Up: Los Angeles
    – Thumbs Down: St Louis

  35. This is going to fail so miserably with a team in LA, it’s not even funny.

    Oh, it will start out all pretty and nice and then after the Hollywood types with the money get sick of going and watching the Rams get castrated weekly and when they start to fear for their safety because the place will be a complete hell hole in 10 years, they will be right back out to move to stadium X and ditch LA.

    Why is that? LA has a zillion things going on, and football is barely on the radar there. Plus, 99% of LA is so broke, they can barely afford to feed their families, better yet drop $450 on tickets and a few hotdogs every other Sunday.

    I feel for St. Louis, and I almost look forward to watching this collapse. This is like watching amateur auto racing, only because you know the carnage is imminent. Greed is a serious thing.

  36. As a Bills fan, I will never support a team moving, as Bills’ fan we listened to the ‘Bills are moving’ talk for twenty years, but it is a shame that they have not been able to build a stadium there. I hope they stay, but if teams leave twice on that city, maybe it is time to say they are a baseball town and that is it.

  37. It’s like that Christmas Story movie. There’s a protocol for this little dance between egocentric, obscenely wealthy owners and self-serving local politicians. Kroenke skipped some steps and went straight to the triple dog dare, which caught everyone off guard.

  38. As a Rams fan, the Greatest Show on Turf was cool, but the Los Angeles Rams brand was the coolest. Miss those L.A. uniforms too.
    The NFL will be turning it’s least valuable franchise into possibly the most valuable. Its a great move.
    Kinda weird that whole St Louis era happened…
    St Louis, if you get another shot at this with the Raiders or Jaguars, get John Shaw on your side this team. That Rams deal was pathetic for you.

  39. Fan support means nothing in terms of relocation. All about money. If an owner wants to move they will find a way to move. Watch #SonicsGate it will explain it all.

  40. I don’t feel sorry for St.Louis they stole the Rams from LA…. what goes around comes around!

  41. The only thing I don’t want to see is Jefferson city passing taxes on the whole state of Missouri to pay for the rams no place. The citizens of Jackson county rebuilt both arrowhead and the k all on their own so the people in st Louis should do so to. They build the cardinals a new stadium every 20 yrs so why not the rams to if they want football that bad.

  42. The issue is the city of St. Louis CVC rejected the upgrade proposal to the Edwards Jones dome which I get seeing as it would have cost almost as much as building a whole new stadium but they have had ample time to come up with a proposal to build a stadium and they sat around on their butts until Kroenke made the L.A stadium announcement. On the flip side I look at Kroenke viewing this as doubling the value of the franchise…. come on man.. your already worth 5.3 BILLION. How much more damn money do you need??

  43. He’s been planning this for a long time. As soon as Georgia died, he put his plan into action.

  44. I think its funny how people are still talking like the Jags are a possibility for a move. This has been squashed for a year or two now. Lets try to stay current, shall we?

  45. The fans always lose.

    Not a Packer fan, but it would be great if other NFL teams were owned by the community so Dbag owners couldn’t hold us hostage for Taj Mahal stadiums or move our beloved teams.

  46. I’ve been a Rams fan and season ticket holder for the 19 seasons I’ve been fortunate enough to have my Rams here in my hometown.
    Since I was 9 years old I’ve had a group of guys we have gone to the games with, tailgated with. We have a family there. Good or bad, we’ve been with this team. Seen the worst five year stretch in NFL history and have seen the greatest offense in NFL history.
    I’m not saying we we are one of the better NFL franchises, far far from it. Nonetheless, this is my team, it’s all I’ve known.
    I’m sure there are thousands that feel this way here in STL. We are a great sports city. The Blues and Cardinals are supported unconditionally year after year.
    Unfortunately the Rams front office has been a joke for the majority of these 19 years. The Fisher/Snead regime is solid. They are building a beast here if you’re watching.
    And if you have been watching, you’ll know that Stan is the WORST owner in the league. He’s a disgrace to our Rams.
    We just need Stan to leave for LA and build his stadium for someone else, sell the team, and never come back.
    STL v. Stan, lets give him one hell of a fight.

  47. Its like this St Louis, either build a bigger stadium with all the new amenities or your team is leaving for a city that will.
    No offense but that is how the NFL works.
    It happened last year in Minnisota when the Vikings said they would leave if a new stadium was not built to replace the 30 yr old Metrodome. A new Viking stadium is currently being built.
    It happened 6 yrs ago in Indianapolis, Colts owner said he was thinking about moving unless a new stadium was built to replace the 25 yr old RCA dome. The new 900 million dollar Lucas oil stadium was built a yr later and the Colts signed a 30 yr lease.
    Teams want all the latest amenties and as many luxery suites as possible so they can charge the high ticket prices and make more money.

  48. St Louis was dragging their feet, thought the stadium was fine the way it is. They seem a lot more motivated now that the Rams announced they are moving.

  49. The Rams were never your team and you are bandwagon fans. That stadium has been empty since the Warner days. You’ve had 20 years to build a new stadium. Time for the Rams to go home.

  50. The Rams from Los Angeles and then St Louis was originally the Cleveland Rams.

    If the NFL is serious about not letting the Rams leave St Louis, it would put an expansion team in St Louis and schedule that team as it would have scheduled the Rams; and the Kroenke Rams, in LA, be left off the NFL schedule altogether, and could only play with themselves – or form an Independent League and try to entice some arena league teams/semi pro league teams to join.

    Teams taking tax money to build their stadiums should be forbidden to move until all the borrowed money be returned/repaid to the taxpayers.

  51. Ill believe that a team is in L.A when I see it. This could just be Stan gaining more leverage for a better stadium in St. Louis. How many times has a new stadium been announced for L.A and then the plan falls apart?

  52. Revenue sharing.

    LA is a bigger market. Rams will make more money in LA.

    Unless the owners moral compass is greater than their greed, they will opt for the move and more money.

  53. I feel for the fans in St. Louis but people immediately saying “if they leave we’ll steal another city’s team” really ticks me off. I know it is hard to take but if the people of St Louis really cared about NFL football, then the Cardinals would have never left and now the Rams. Building a stadium every 20 years is part of having an NFL team and if you don’t accept that then you won’t have a team in your city.

  54. Two things, 1) All you Rams fans that were so happy to get Jeff Fisher as the coach, now realize that the organization can’t back out of a move to LA. It was promise to Fisher in order to sign him. 2) It should be a rule that if a team decides to leave a city, it must release the team logo to that city for future use. Kind of what happened when the Browns franchise left Cleveland. It should belong to the fans of the city.

  55. Man this could get really ugly fast. Especially if it’s a done deal they are moving but have to play one more season in St Louis. I could see 5-10k max attendance per game next year

  56. Bandwagon fans? The Rams haven’t been to the playoffs since 2005, and the Dome has been at 90% capacity during that time. How, exactly, is that indicative of a bandwagon fanbase? But don’t let the facts get in the way of your argument.

  57. So long to the Rams and “Stan the Scram”. Stl is a two sport market, not three or four. Stl no longer has the economy or corporate presence to support NFL, MLB and NHL teams A local scribe calls STL a “branch office” town. Fans have supported a truly awful team for years, but this move has been planned since Stan bought 49% from Georgia and then screwed Khan. By the way, STL is a really nice city, despite what MSNBC may say.

  58. The Jaguars haven’t had a blackout since 2009. Meanwhile, since 2008 St Louis have been averaging under 60,000 in attendance. The former owner Wayne Weaver literally fought off Los Angeles to keep the Jaguars in Jacksonville, as he refused to answer calls from LA.

    Weaver helped secure the Jacksonville Jaguars a great owner in Shad Khad, a person wanted to own a NFL team. Khan was interested in buying the Rams, but unfortunately for St Louis, Stan Kroenke remained the owner.

    Shad Khan has since moved on with continuing to solidify the franchise in Jacksonville, with stadium improvements, investing into the city, etc. Jacksonville fought off LA, so you mean to tell mean that St Louis is supposed to steal this team from Jax??? C’mon, lets get real here….

    A sport talk radio host in St Louis, Frank Cusumano (CBS radio 920) said that he doesn’t think that STL can support three pro teams (St Louisans can vouch for that). Just because certain people says an absurd meme of ‘St Louis Jaguars’ over and over again, it doesn’t mean that it has any validity. I’m gonna defend my Jacksonville Jaguars thick and thin. Sorry STL, I wish you luck on getting a team, but it’s not gonna be ours.

  59. Forbes values the Rams 32nd (930M) in the league. If the Dodgers and Clippers both sold for 2 Billion – What would be the value of his NFL team in LA? Is it worth the relocation fees – penalties to increase his franchise value? Would the value be the same in St. Louis? What is the value for the league in both options? He’s worth 5.8 Billion – what does he value more – Stadium Deal or Franchise Value?

  60. So what happens if Kroenke moves the team without the support of the NFL or the Owners ?
    Does the Commissioner just not schedule games
    Funny how Kroenke wants to “take his ball and go home” ! and the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.This whole thing could go bust again 5 years after the move to LA. How many times does LA have to lose a team to learn a basic lesson in NFL relocation Economics ?

  61. What about the season ticket holders? Do they get reimbursed for their seat licenses?
    My feeling is they should get what the market value was for those before all of the relocation talk began.
    I paid thousands for my Bengals PSLs. If they were to leave I’d expect reimbursement.
    PSLs in LA would probably pay for quite a bit of the construction of the stadium – maybe 100 Mil. The owner shouldn’t be able to skip town with what the ST Louis fans invested.

  62. As much as we can care less to have a franchise here, until there are a few teams in L.A. every city will be bent over the barrel unless a new stadium is built or renovated for the team that resides in their city. And why? People actually buy a license to have a right to buy a seat. Insanity.

  63. Some of the comments here are just amazing. Such as the Rams did not have support here before. Wrong. Before the city and/or private enterprise would not pay for a new stadium, and a stadium with luxury suites is a must. Next. Folks in LA are too poor to support the team. Wrong. Every pro and college sports team here does very well when it comes attendance. The only problem that I see is that most folks prefer the AEG plan of s downtown stadium as opposed to a stadium in Inglewood.

  64. Even if St. Louis is able to keep the Rams, Kroenke has pushed leveraging Los Angeles gimmick to the point of no return. That well has just about run dry and it is time to quit jerking those people around and get them a team.

  65. Now that the Rams are moving to LA most likely, is it too soon to start wondering where they will go after the LA experiment fails…. again.

  66. Wham bam, thank you Rams.

    Interesting that one of the first threads to pop up was “it was never really your team anyway, St. Louis” — a cautionary note for folks looking to move franchises — gravity may one day pull them right back.

  67. Lets be honest, if the Jaguars moved to LA, would anyone in Jacksonville really care? That entire area is college football heavy.

  68. Turn about is fair play. St. Louis ripped the Rams out of So Cal and people in St. Louis justified it by claiming a lack of support in LA. They justified it by saying that the “fair-weather”, “band-wagoning” LA fans only came out when the team was winning.

    How do you like the shoe being on the other foot now?

  69. I’ve been to STL, been ro the dome a couple times, walked the downtown area.
    On a scale of 1 – 10, the whole experience rates a “backwater” 2.
    And Kroenke doesn’t seem civic-minded about Mo.

  70. Shad Khan invests $100 million in EverBank Field to refurbish the locker rooms (best in the NFL) and videoboards (biggest in the world) and builds pools and a cabana deck and will redevelop the shipyards in downtown Jacksonville just so he can move to St Louis. Makes sense to me. Yeah let’s stay current.

  71. realcnote says:
    Jan 8, 2015 1:01 PM


    St. Louis lost the Cardinals to Arizona in 1987, so they’ve lost a team before.

  72. Kroenke is probably through paying 34 cents on the dollar for unsold tickets to Rams games just so it can be seen on local TV. The atmosphere for the Monday night game vs the 49ers according to Steve Young was sad. St Louis got themselves in this mess by not coming up with at least stadium renovations. They waited too long. Now the ship has sailed.

  73. vetdana says:
    Jan 8, 2015 11:55 AM

    How many times does LA have to lose a team to learn a basic lesson in NFL relocation Economics ?

    St. Louis has lost an MLB team, two basketball teams, and soon will lose it’s second NFL team. What exactly is your point?!

  74. Being surprised at Kroenke doing something selfish and classless is like being surprised that the sun rises in the morning.

  75. catfanatic1979v1 says: Jan 8, 2015 1:16 PM

    St. Louis is a dying city. it is rapidly losing population. No team should go there. They need to be in markets that are GROWING.


    Wrong. The city proper is very slowly losing population – the most recent rate is 300 people annually – but the surrounding counties – the St. Louis metro area, where most of the active sports fandom lives – is growing. The metro area is the 19th-largest in the country, and has grown about 3% over the last decade.

    I have no love for St. Louis, but accuracy is accuracy.

  76. Until one NFL city has the stones to say no, the taxpayers will continue to get bent over.

    It’s time for the citizens of these effected cities to stand up and demand Congress revoke the tax-exempt status of the NFL.

    If you have a decent job with a livable wage, you’re probably paying about 30% on it, plus all of the local regressive taxes (sales tax, property tax, vehicle fees, licenses, permits, etc.). Yet, these billionaire corporate moguls pay little to zero tax on their income and investments. Then they turn around and move their factories, at tax payer expense, overseas and utilize prison labor. Any wonder they expect the same for their sports teams?

  77. Regardless of what happens the Rams enjoyed their most success in St.Louis, 1 world championship, 2 super bowl appearances, and the greatest offense in nfl history. They never had not even close that level of success in tensil town and never will. They’re greatest players ever Faulk, Warner, Pace, Bruce, and Holt all future hall of famers will always associate their greatest memories and achievement s with St.Louis and will always consider this their home. The Rams unfortunately will never come close 2 the success they had here if they do indeed move 2 LA so if this greedy fool wants to move his team 2 the land of the spoiled and rich then let him, lol, in 5 years they’ll be begging 2 return to the place that truly adored them and shared in their greatest success as a franchise

  78. That’s why the Black Panthers refer 2 greedy folks as pigs because pigs never get enough, and like greedy billionaires, once they die they can’t take a dime of that money with them, lol seems these fools will never learn. You’re already worth 5. 8 billion and you’re married to one of the heirs of the Wal Mart retail stores who’s worth 5 billion also, now you wanna move a team who’s more than beloved where they currently reside 2 cash in even further, if that’s not greed , I don’t know what is , dam how much money do you need. What does it profit a man 2 gain everything in the world then lose his soul for all eternity????????

  79. Kroenke is a scumbag. St. Louis built Georgia Frontiere a new stadium when they lured them from LA in 1995. Now its’ no good anymore?

    St. Louis should either 1) completely boycott the Rams next season (yeah, I know, it will never happen) so that Kroenke makes no money, or 2) fulfill all the conditions they need to, and he can then screw himself by still moving the team.

    This kind of thing is bad for the NFL, as far as I’m concerned. If owners can move teams whenever they want it sucks. But of course fans in the new city don’t care. Except that LA is the worst sports city in the world. People just don’t care.

  80. This whole mess is Jacksonville’s fault if you think about it.

    If it weren’t for The NFL awarding Jacksonville a franchise at the same time St. Louis was in contention thereof, none of us would have this conversation and the Rams would have never left L.A./O.C./I.E./Vegas.

  81. Rams going to Los Angeles is only now a formality. And anyone who thinks the Raiders are coming back to Los Angeles doesn’t understand the business aspect. Almost 50% of sponsorship for the Chargers come from Los Angeles businesses. Only 9% to Oakland. The Chargers will follow the money. LA Rams and LA Chargers are a sure bet for 2016.

    And someone said Inglewood is not safe. True. Same as downtown LA was when Staples was being talked about being built. Now look at it. If you build it then the area will become a little.more safer.

  82. Kroenke is all about money, plain and simple. You are all watching a big game of poker that has been going on for years. Kroenke is shrewd has a history of pulling moves in his own interest. It’s simple, he holds all the cards and will use them against both sides to get the best deal for himself. This is nothing new. He screwed Shahid Kahn out of part of the Rams ownership and that came out of left field and helped set the price he had to pay for full ownership of the Rams. Kahn probably got a back room deal from the NFL at the time do he would get the jags. Maybe other cards were played then and Kahn could move the Jags to St. Louis once Kroenke was able to pull out.

    He could very easily use the LA land for an MLA stadium for the new LAFC team. He always holds his cards close and lets others do the work for him.

    As a Rams season ticket holder for 14 years, I can tell you that he hasn’t played all his cards. The price of moving a team is ridiculous and if he does move them, it will be behind the NFLs back so that he doesn’t have to pay over 100 million to relocate. We’ll see how the NFLlikes it when they get screwed too.

    Wether he stays or goes, he is a crappy owner. He’s never splashed his money to get the pieces to make the team competitive…

  83. The Rams belong back in L.A. St. Louis is all about there baseball team. A great baseball fan city for sure. Total different vibe when it comes to the Rams in St. Louis though. Make it happen!

  84. It’s not Jacksonville’s fault. St Louis blew their presentation to the NFL and gave them an extra month to modify and they still couldn’t get it right. Jacksonville hitched their horse to Wayne Weaver, who the owners loved, and the rest is history.

  85. St Louis is a baseball town. They put 75% capacity in EJ Dome. They only sell out when Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas fans fill the seats.

  86. They apparently are not aware that Jesus is coming back and reigning from Missouri, so they should definitely get in on that action instead of cutting for LA and all those heathens.

  87. We St. Louis fans have poured millions into NFL wallets. We got zero subsidy from the NFL for our stadium. My PSL money went straight to the NFL owners. And, except for a couple of years, the NFL product in St. Louis has been terrible, especially lately — 11 straight non-winning non-playoff seasons. Yet we turned out 58K strong for the last game of another losing non-playoff season — more than San Francisco. And all this for an organization that has given its loyal fans total silence on any commitment to the city. We’ve gotten crappy teams and owners twice now from the NFL. We will instantly be the biggest city without a team again. And we know how to take your team if we want it. We’re experienced. Our dome is the only one in the NFL that has not been given a Super Bowl. The NFL put us in a division furthest away from its fellow division rivals to kill away fan ticket sales — nobody from Seattle lives in St. Louis. So darling Dallas could stay in the East. Whaaaat? Imagine what the ticket sales would have been if we were in NFC North with Chicago, Green Bay, and Detroit! Kroenke is insisting the poor working folks of St. Louis must use tax money to build him another new stadium. He will fund the whole thing himself for the filthy rich friends and beautiful people of LA. The Ferguson scuffle was not the fault of St. Louis Rams fans. In fact, the NFL players are majority African American. So great timing on your cut and run with all the money away from your employees race. I didn’t see the Patriots leaving town after its home-grown terrorist incident. So St. Louis has about had it with the NFL and it brain-liquefying fat guys freak-show. Please refund the money I gave you for the last 10 years of my 30 year Personal Seat License.

  88. As a Rams fan that is feeling less loyal lately, (alliteration!) it’s a very frustrating situation.

    For more than 10 years, I’ve watched a horribly run organization that took forever just to hire a single competent coach (thank god for Jeff) just lose and lose and lose due to horrible decision making.

    Fans try to stay loyal to the team but, on top of dealing with the losing, the constant threats to move is maddening. When you combine the losing with an overall lack of loyalty to the area (which we have with the Cardinals and Blues, who we are insanely loyal to) it gets hard to remain loyal to a team. We feel like unwanted step-children, essentially. I think a lot of the decline in attendance has to due both with the lack of success AND the lack of loyalty. If it was just one or the other, I think attendance would be much better.

    At this point, I’m ready for them to leave. The entire situation has really sapped my interest in the NFL and I would like to enjoy football and have a team worthy of fan loyalty to root for.

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