Tom Brady has an interesting answer to cold questions


Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knows exactly how to dress.

And how to have a little fun with the annual questions that come when you play in a part of the country where it gets a little chilly.

Brady said frigid temperatures didn’t bother him, though he said it while wearing a black headwarmer that covered everything but his nose and eyes.

“I know exactly what to wear,” Brady said, via Tom Curran of “I know how many layers to wear every degree.

I’m a [bleeping] machine, man, I’m a [bleeping] machine! C’mon baby!”

Clearly, being fired up helps raise the body temperature.

The Patriots love using weather to their advantage, and with temperatures expected in the mid-teens for Saturday’s playoff game with the Ravens, they’re making sure to let people know it’s not a big deal to them.

Coach Bill Belichick scolded players during practice for using hand-warmers, telling them he didn’t want to see it the rest of practice, as part of the build-up to the psychological advantage of not letting it bother them.

“I do what I’ve been doing for 11 years – go out there like I’m playing in 80 degrees,” defensive tackle Vince Wilfork said. “I’m a big believer in, ‘I’m not playing the weather,’ so I’m not going to switch my routine up just because of what’s going on outside. Deal with it.

“I think at that point in the game, I don’t care if it’s minus-two or 98, you have to be able to play that football game, and the more you can just focus on your opponent and everything else just block it out, the better you’ll be, the more successful you’ll be. I’m not going to change much going into this game.”

And having plenty of [bleeping] layers will help too.

22 responses to “Tom Brady has an interesting answer to cold questions

  1. Considering it’s below 0 today in the Boston area not allowing players to protect extremities might be against OSHA standards. It’s cool though.

  2. your not playing Miami….baltimore isn’t south beach this time of year either…Also does’nt help you that the Ravens are not the least bit afraid of you either…..

  3. It’s probably a good thing that Brady will have multiple layers. This will soften the impact as he hits the ground about 7-8 times.

  4. It’s too bad their not forecasting a blizzard, cuz Brady has shown over his career that the worse the weather gets, the better he plays. And I just don’t understand all of the Brady hate. It has to be jealousy. Rich, super model wife, wins an average of 12 or 13 games every season, considered one of the best QBs in NFL history….take your pick. He’s the consummate professional. Hard working, humble, can be funny (as seen in his comments above), and is all about the team. What’s not to like? Like I said, it’s obviously jealousy, that’s the only logical explanation.

  5. You’re not playing some team from Florida or California, it’s the flippin Ravens from frigid Maryland. Weather will neither be an advantage or disadvantage. It just will be.

  6. Im nervous about this game, but the comfort level of both Brady and Belichick tells me they are not… Which leads me to believe they will not only win, but cover…..

  7. The cold weather will affect the game, though. That ball is going to be very hard and slippery. FG’s won’t be so long or as easy to make. Those one-hand catches, made possible by today’s special gloves, will not be likely, either. Fumbles may be prominent. Long bombs are unlikely ( sorry, Joe). I think the cold will make for a more conservative approach to offense, a slug-it-out style. It’s gonna hurt, down there, on the field. Go Pats!

  8. As a Pats fan I generally love the advantage the weather gives them in home playoff games……but they are playing the ravens this week. Its not like Maryland is a warm winter climate….

  9. The Patriots, along with the Packers, are the best bad-weather team in the NFL. Compared to the Snow Game against the Raiders back in 2002 this will be a piece of cake (with ice cream, of course!).

  10. I was at the playoff game against the Titans in I think it was 2004. The coldest game in New England history.

    Someone in my section had a thermometer with them and it was consistently -12 the whole game. My beers froze by the time I could get them half down, and I only got through the game by plastering myself with a dozen or so hand warmers under my 7 or 8 layers of clothing. When they kickers were out there it sounded like they were kicking a piece of wood not a football.

    The forecast for Saturday is 20 degrees before wind chill so it won’t be as bad as the 2004 game, but its going to be awfully cold up in the cheap seats. All of which should drive the fans into a frenzy.

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