Panthers were 750-1 to win Super Bowl 49 in December

Getty Images

On December 6, the Panthers were 3-8-1. As we know, they were, incredibly, still in playoff contention.

And if bettors wanted to get their money down right then and there on Carolina to win Super Bowl 49, they got a heck of a price.

At the William Hill U.S.-run sports books in Nevada, the Panthers were 750-1 to win it all on December 6, one day before Carolina played at New Orleans, the oddsmaker said Friday.

The next day, the Panthers proceeded to rout the Saints by 31 points, and they have not lost since.

Currently, William Hill quotes the Panthers at 28-1 to win Super Bowl 49 — the longest price of any of the eight division-playoff entrants playing this weekend.

The 750-1 odds, alas, are long gone.