Browns announce resignation of Shanahan, departure of Loggains


The offseason dysfunction in Cleveland was operating on a one-week delay.

Just when it seemed that a team desperately in need of continuity would finally be getting some, the Browns officially are looking for a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterbacks coach.  The Browns have announced that offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has resigned, and that quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains will not return.

“After conversations with Kyle this week we’ve determined that it would be in the best interest of the Cleveland Browns that he pursue other opportunities and we have accepted his resignation,” coach Mike Pettine said.  “In Dowell’s case, it was a difficult decision but one that we felt we had to make.  We wish them both well.  Our focus quickly turns to finding an outstanding coach to lead our offense and I am confident we will bring in highly qualified individuals to help us develop, improve, and achieve the success we are all seeking.  I look forward to working with the staff as we go through this process to bring in coaches committed to helping the Cleveland Browns lay a strong foundation to take our offense to a consistently high level in the 2015 season and beyond.”

While not characterized as a mutual parting, it appears that the Browns will not be preventing Shanahan from pursuing other work.  Normally, a resignation means that the assistant coach could be blocked from accepting employment elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the release announcing Shanahan’s departure includes a confusing quote from the former coordinator.

“I appreciate the opportunity Mike Pettine, [G.M.] Ray Farmer and [owner] Jimmy Haslam gave me to lead the Browns offense in 2014,” Shanahan said.  “The Browns organization is committed to improvement and winning.  I regret how the inner workings of the organization were represented publicly over the last few days.  Ray and Mike both have the work ethic, experience and talent to work together to turn this organization into a winner.   In light of the circumstances, I have decided to resign.  I’m grateful for my time with the Browns and wish them great success going forward.”

So everything is great, and they’re doing what they have to do, and all things considered, I am getting the hell out of here?

From the moment the Browns drafted Johnny Manziel (after he sent a “come get me” text to Loggains), it was clear that Shanahan and Manziel wouldn’t mix.  Shanahan is a joystick coach, micromanaging the quarterback through every step, hitch, read, and throw.  Manziel is the exact opposite of that, a button-mashing cluster of commands that (at the college level) somehow led to good things.

As to the “inner workings” of the organization, one specific leak regarding texts sent from upstairs to the sidelines during games about play calls has sparked a league investigation, since such communications are prohibited.  The Browns would have been smart to secure a signed agreement from Shanahan and Loggains to not share any other information regarding the “inner workings” they witnessed over the past year.  Otherwise, there could be a very interesting streams of reports from unnamed sources about the bizarre things that happened with Manziel in the house.

Of course, even if Shanahan and/or Loggains signed confidentiality agreements, there’s still nothing that prevents them from being anonymous sources, if they trust the reporters to keep their mouths shut.

26 responses to “Browns announce resignation of Shanahan, departure of Loggains

  1. Soooo, Shanahan and Loggains said Manziel sucks and the Browns management said no he is a future HOFer. Goodbye. Sounds like the RGIII deal at the Redskins. Coachkiller

  2. I hope we can get Trestman in here so we can run a more spread out offense, that would be closer to the AIR RAID Manziel ran in college.. Shannahans Zone-blocking WCO is excellent for the run game, but it is the EXACT opposite of what Johnny ran in college, he never had a chance.

    Really Kyle.. a QB Sweep?

    Johnny didnt run the option or zone read in college, his runs were mostly freelanced, not designed.

    The Air Raid is a spread out offense giving the QB vision and space to work with..

    Kyle ran the Pistol Full House formation with Johnny in… which is the Exact opposite of spread out.

    Go Johnny!
    Go Browns!
    Go Cleveland!
    We will make it right!

    Thought that the Browns were turning the corner, but it sure seems like more of the sake CHA, CHA, CHA, CHANGES.another year another starting quarterback another year another offensive cordinator, another year, another Offensive system. another year another high first round draft pick 42

  4. Interviews because of Nepotism OR because it’s an Old buddy big time losing former head coach are ok…… BUT the Rooney Rule, He’ll No, That’s unfair! lol

  5. Who ever thought Shanahan would stay more than 1 or 2 years anyway. He’s always had bigger ambitions. Plus, Loggins is a fool who had a man crush on Manziel. But, please don’t bring in Charlie Wies–over rated and outdated. DeFilipo has my vote.

  6. In the first part of the season when Alex Mack was heathy the offense moved. When Alex went down the offense changed. Kyle is not a bad OC, the situation in Cleveland is. I thought this was a new regime, but they act like all the others. Drafting Manziel is the same reach as Weeden except that Weeden is better. Think about that.

  7. Well Shanahan wants to leave because he and his dad will be able to work together somewhere else for a few more years.

    The QB coach was probably redundant because at the article says, Shanahan was hands on with the QB himself.

    Cleveland has had a bunch of issues, but I think adding this to that pile of dysfunction is reaching….the guy wants to go coach with his dad.

  8. It is coming to the point for me to jump ship on the Browns. I have been a big fan of theirs since the early 80s. I can take a team struggling to get wins for lack of talent and such but when you throw in ownership who doesn’t seem to know how to run anything it gives me pause. Their drafts constantly make me shake my head. Johnny Football really annoyed me. Hell he is on my team and I root against him. Too immature and simply a tool as far as I am concerned.

    I keep thinking they can right this ship but I am about to sink. Uggh…..

  9. A demand by the league office for Shanahan to provide information during its investigation should trump any confidentiality agreement between the Browns and Shanahan.

  10. picking ryan leaf over peyton manning
    is like picking joanie manziel over teddy bridgewater

  11. What Johnny ran in college is irrelevant now that he’s in the National Football League. That’s why so many Heisman-winning quarterbacks have been pro busts. It’s a different game. The Browns were fools to invest so much in a quarterback who hasn’t demonstrated the ability to run a pro-style offense.

    As a Steelers fan, I’d love nothing more than to see our old rivals truly competitive once again. But I just don’t think Manziel is the guy to get them there.

  12. What Johnny Football ran in college is irrelevant now that he’s in the National Football League. That’s why so many Heisman-winning quarterbacks have been pro busts. It’s a different game. The Browns were fools to invest so much in a quarterback who hasn’t demonstrated the ability to run a pro-style offense.

    As a Steelers fan, I’d love nothing more than to see our old rivals truly competitive once again. But I just don’t think Manziel is the guy to get them there.

  13. Shanahan’s lawyer wrote a weird PR statement. Let’s see how he REALLY feels about the Browns. It’s not good, that much is clear to anyone who ignores the PR stunt.

  14. Good grief, as I see it, we may have NO offense for 2015. Don’t you need like QB’s, WR’s, TE’s and the like, maybe a bull FB to make some holes?

    Gordon’s just a test away. Next best WR is what, 5’7″? The last several GM’s have thought the Browns didn’t need any WR’s. Cameron will probably play elsewhere. Hoyer’s gone after this experience. We almost lost Alex Mack. Joe Thomas is getting long in the tooth. We don’t even have a legitimate PK!!!

    Johnny Football may pan out someday but, what about next year? He can’t even go home without getting drunk and getting into trouble. Is Connor Shaw our starter and who backs him up? Rex Grossman didn’t want to come back, even for 1 game. Rex Grossman!

    At this rate, the players on Defense will have to play both sides of the ball, ala George Blanda, Pat Summerall & Refrigerator Perry.

    I’ve supported the Browns since the late 40’s, and even I’m ready to give up.

  15. This smells more and more like some serious flaws exist among the management trio who were already in a watershed year to bring a winner to Cleveland.

    More and more the drafting of Manziel may be the catalyst that sees a negative turn for the Browns as they head into the off season.

    Yes the 2015 schedule is brutal and Josh Gordon is his own serious nightmare, however, there appears to be some serious questions concerning the capability of the owner, GM and HC to work together constructively and intelligently.

    There is definitely more to follow.

  16. Draft o line in first and second round just need two more oline and tjen the Cleveland nrowns can habe any quarterback at the helm just as a rookie ben Roethlisberger winning the super bowl as a rookie

  17. youreinthejunglebaby says:
    Jan 10, 2015 2:39 PM

    The best high school team in the NFL.

    Mighty high-fallutin’ of you for a team that goes “1 and out” every year. Worry about your own circus, buddy. Nice 100 million dollar QB you have there….

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