Fritz Pollard Alliance seeking answers on Tannenbaum hire

The Miami Dolphins recently hired Mike Tannenbaum to serve as the team’s executive V.P. of football operations. As explained originally by the team, G.M. Dennis Hickey will report to Tannenbaum.  Then, after questions were posed to the league and the team regarding whether the Tannenbaum hire complied with the Rooney Rule, which requires at least one minority candidate to be interviewed for a team’s senior football operations position, the league explained that the Dolphins didn’t mean to say what they said when they said Hickey will report to Tannenbaum.
Now, the Fritz Pollard Alliance wants someone to say more about what precisely the Dolphins have done in hiring Tannenbaum.
“We believe the Dolphins need to clarify Tannebaum’s role such as what role he has controlling the draft board and his overall duties and responsibilities,” Fritz Pollard Alliance counsel Cyrus Mehri told PFT via email on Saturday.  “Further, they need to explain, given his title, why they think the Rooney Rule does not apply.  It appears the Rule applies given his title, but they mistakenly thought it didn’t.  If they made a mistake they should own up to it.   At this point they have a lot of explaining to do and the FPA is  working with the League to try to get answers.”
Mehri, who was instrumental in creating the Rooney Rule more than a decade ago, appears to be right.  The Dolphins may have simply not considered the potential application of the Rooney Rule to Tannenbaum, forcing the team and the league to scramble once the issue was raised.  Instead of admitting the error, the Dolphins and the league arguably have worked together to  navigate around it.  Whatever the actual truth, it’s good that Mehri and the Fritz Pollard Alliance are working hard to figure it out.

27 responses to “Fritz Pollard Alliance seeking answers on Tannenbaum hire

  1. I believe the Dolphins brought Tannenbaum in to negotiate contracts with the players agents. Not to evaluate talent.

  2. Ross spent a billion of his dollar for that team. It’s his. He can hire whoever the hell he wants.

  3. Fritz Pollard Alliance actually hurts people of color. A superior candidate will rise to the top regardless of race

  4. It wasn’t a requirement when they hired Parcells mid-season. This is no different. Parcells had to wait to hire Sparano and Ireland because of the Rooney rule. Tannenbaum is essentially doing the same thing. The Coach and GM are still there. Why should it matter what the duties are as long as Hickey still does GM duties. It shouldn’t matter who checks the mail, takes out the trash or checks on the interest level of free agents.

    The FPA needs to take their racially divisive mindset somewhere else. The fact they even exist is ridiculous.

  5. Can anyone show me one example of the Rooney Rule actually getting someone a job? All it does is make a team have to interview a minority candidate. If that candidate was anyone the team thought was worthy of the job in the first place they would already be on the list of candidates. I guarantee you that all the minority candidates in the league (coaches or front office) who have gotten jobs since the Rooney Rule took place, would have gotten those jobs anyways because they were the most qualified. Not because they got an interview they presumably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

  6. While the Dolphins and the NFL screwed up…

    The Political Correctness that is killing America is killing everything in it including the NFL (e.g., “Redskins” and “Rooney Rule” to name 2).

  7. Always found it funny that here we are in America being told as business owners who we have to interview for our companies. I thought that was something that only happened in communist countries.

  8. What’s next? Maybe teams should be forced to give a minority a tryout at QB every time they workout a white guy? Racism sucks, but I don’t hate white guys either.

  9. Why is the Rooney rule imposed on teams that have a history of advancing the cause of minorities? Steeelers have had an African American coach for nearly 10 years. The Raiders hired the first Hispanic head coach (Flores), hired Art Shell (twice), employed a female senior executive for many years, and have Reggie McKenzie as a GM. Ravens have had a black GM for I don’t know how long.

  10. Every team should be forced to interview a man AND woman of every race for every job. Only way to be fair!!

    Or the teams can hire the person they think is the best candidate like they always do anyway

  11. The Rooney Rule is one of the most insulting rules ever made. Its basically telling everyone that you are only getting this interview because of your skin color. Not based on your merit.

  12. So FPA, you wish that the Dolphins had used race as a way to qualify their candidates? Yeah, that sure makes sense.

  13. I doubt Pollard would’ve wanted his name associated with this nonsense.

    Funny that in an era when blacks weren’t granted equal rights, Pollard was still successful and without the help on any alliances. Yet today, some believe minorities need the level playing field tilted in their favor to achieve success.

    Working for success…it’s a lost art.

  14. Screw political correctness! But I really do hope the Fritz Pollard Alliance CAN force the Dolphins to remove this guy, one because he screwed the Jets a bunch (and thus will screw the Dolphins) and two, because they do not need some bogus head of football operations a year after Dennis Hickey did well in the draft and fairly good in free agency, and finally, if Philbin is to be fired after 2015 (does he really deserve an extention?), I’d want someone a whole lot more competent than Tannenbaum doing the firing! And does Hickey go with him after only two years?

  15. give me a break. lets trot a minority in here just for a sham interview so they satisfy a “rule?” he was already a consultant within the organization and was given a new title. i understand the goal for fairness when a job is opened up and people are interviewed, but no one was interviewed for this job. so if NO interviews took place how can it be in violation of breaking the rule?!

  16. Who the hell wants to interview for a job they have no shot at and your only getting it to satisfy a rule. That would be the most uncomfortable interview and a bigger slap in the face than not getting the interview IMO. So now Tannebaum and the Phins are forced to try and dance around the new hire to avoid looking like racists because they didn’t interview a black man. What if they interviewed an Asian, or a Mexican? Would that satisfy the Rooney Rule? That rule is as outdated as the Rooneys, enough already.

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