Rodney Harrison reacts to Shula’s use of “Beli-cheat”

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Recently, legendary NFL coach Don Shula referred to Patriots coach Bill Belichick as “Beli-cheat.” The story created plenty of buzz — and generated a large stack of approved (and deleted) comments from PFT Planet.

On Friday’s edition of PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison defended Belichick against Shula’s remark, and also gave Belichick high praise.

“I just think it’s flat-out disrespectful,” Harrison said. “I always have respect for Don Shula. I don’t think that Bill Belichick deserves that. People make mistakes and do things, but Bill Belichick has proven that he’s the greatest coach of all time. You can look at the last decade of what he’s done, what he’s been able to accomplish. But it’s one of those things where as a coach, another well-respected coach, you don’t come out and say those things like that about another coach. I think it’s flat-out disrespectful.”

Shula’s comments, rooted in the lingering fumes of Spygate, overstate the value of the infraction (videotaping the opponent’s defensive coaching signals) and overlook the reality that plenty of mild-to-moderate (and worse) cheating occurred throughout the sport before, during, and after Shula’s coaching tenure. The bigger question is whether Harrison accurately pegs Belichick as the greatest coach of all time.

I have a feeling a few of you may be chiming in on that one below.

277 responses to “Rodney Harrison reacts to Shula’s use of “Beli-cheat”

  1. Greatest coach of all time and fined a half million for cheating. Have fun splitting that baby……

  2. No he deserves it because he’s a know cheater. Just like Pete the cheat and the PEDhawks. Why do we have to sugarcoat things?

  3. Spygate will always be with the Patriots and Bill Belicheat. It’s like an old scar from a wound. They cheated and got away with it.

  4. I find myself saying this a lot …….. Shut up Rodney and please just go way. The only people that can do right in his book is anybody that was a patriot player or coach. He’s just like Willie McGinnis.

  5. I agree with Shula and his comment. It seems to me that for years it is not just the NE coach, but refs that the Patriots own that also deserve the same moniker.

  6. Belichick has indeed won several AFC East titles over the last decade, the weakest division in sports, and has been to 2 Superbowls. That is impressive. HOWEVER he hasn’t won the big one since being caught which logical minds would conclude that his cheating, regardless of who else was doing it, had at least something to do with those wins previously.

    And enough justifying illegal actions by saying other people do them too. What are we, 5?

  7. Here come the trolls from there mothers basement who wait day after day For PFT to post anything about spygate. It makes them feel better bc the team they root for stinks every single year. In other words, trolls are saying my team stinks and I am miserable!!!!!

  8. Shula may not have “cheated” the same as the Pattiots but his Dolphins got wayyyy more than their fair share of calls back in the day because Shula was head of the competition commitee. So it’s all the same. And does anyone really care what Shula thinks anymore anyways ??

  9. “Shula’s comments, rooted in the lingering fumes of Spygate, overstate the value of the infraction (videotaping the opponent’s defensive coaching signals) and overlook the reality that plenty of mild-to-moderate (and worse) cheating occurred throughout the sport before, during, and after Shula’s coaching tenure.”

    Florio making some sense today.

  10. The bigger question is whether Harrison accurately pegs Belicheat as the greatest coach of all time.
    No, maybe if he passes Shula in the win column……

  11. Rodney Harrison was a Patriot, so he’s going to say that. I am sure there are plenty who don’t like him, and don’t agree he is the greatest coach of all times.

  12. He has won exactly ZERO Super Bowls since Spygate. The division they play in hasn’t had another viable contender in a decade. If he was that friggin great, he would’ve produced a winner in Clevland. OVER-RATED (clap clap…. ClapClap clap)

  13. 95% of non-Patriot fans would kill to have BB as their teams’ coach, “whether they admit it or not” (to paraphrase Rex Ryan).

  14. He’s damn good, and i dont like to admit that since i dislike him.

    But he has 0 rings since spygate.

  15. Bilicheks (and Brady’s) greatest accomplishments have all come while CHEATING! I’m tired of most of the media giving them a pass.

    Without that run, they would be known as “the greatest regular season coach and QB combo” because they have NEVER won a championship while not cheating.

    Have they had great years in the regular season and won a crappy division multiple times? Sure… but there are a LOT of teams that have had great regular season runs over the past decade… Colts, Saints, Packers etc… They would have been the only one of the “elite” regular season teams without a SB if they didn’t get their SB wins without cheating.

    Sorry, but usually people who get caught cheating to accomplish something don’t still get the credit for those “accomplishments”.

    Kids fail out of class and can kicked out of school if they are caught cheating. They don’t get credit for their “A” that they “earned”. But Pats fans would tell you that it didn’t matter because they were “A” students anyways… and other people were cheating too. So therefore they should allow the kid to keep his A?? Right… try running that logic past the deans office. I don’t think so… stupidest logic ever. But the Pats and their fans sure have convinced themselves it makes sense… and the media has completely given them the free pass too.

  16. Best coach- best team…Simple. Always respectful of other teams, work hard and show flashes of brilliance. Despite nasty comments from simple-minded people, they stay focused. It is so unsettling that so many people consider a video tape worse than paying players to actually injure other players and ruin their careers…what kind of mentality is that?

  17. Then they should call him Shula-cheat since he cooperated with the Dolphins tampering to steal him away and Baltimore was rewarded the Fins first round draft pick the following year.

    That clearly taints everything Shula did with the Fins.


  18. If the shoe fits, wear it. In my opinion, Bill Walsh and Chuck Knoll head the lost. Both took perennial losers and both became dominant in there time. Belichek is top tier but not the best. Everyone gains illegal advantage in the NFL. Few get caught. Ie; Patriot & Saints.

  19. If I am not mistaken, the Patriots have not won a Super Bowl since they were caught cheating. Still, Shula should not make comments like that. He has always been above that.

  20. I used to have nothing but absolute respect for Don Shula. Not any more. What a classless jerk. And yes, Belichick IS the greatest coach in NFL history. And for people who hate the Patriots, just try to put your hate (envy?) aside for a moment and look, and I mean REALLY look, at what he’s accomplished in his career, including his time as DC of the Giants. Put aside the hate and look at his body of work OBJECTIVELY.

  21. Of course Rodney “HGH” Harrison is going to defend belicheat. But to sit there and say its disrespectful to call him that is hypocritical. Belichick has no respect for anyone including the nfl and its rules and he would cheat again in an instant to win another superbowl.

    Belichick is a great coach but would not be where he is if it wasn’t for having tom brady as his quarterback.

    Perhaps pft live could invite marshall faulk this week to ask him how he feels about the whole belicheat spygate costing him a ring

  22. Saying Belichick is the greatest of all-time is just flat out disrespectful to Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Paul Brown, Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, et al. Belichick deserves to be in the conversation, especially if he can earn a fourth ring, but he’s not a consensus pick as greatest of all-time and his record is appropriately tarnished by the video tape issue. Pats fans hate hearing that, but it’s the truth.

    As for Shula, lord he can be ingratiating at times.

  23. Top 3-6 at least for BB (along with Shula, Walsh, Lombardi, etc. in no particular order) – needs one more SB to be considered #1. Same for the Patriots dynast. Top 3-5 all-time (#1 in salary cap era), but need one more to enter GOAT area.

  24. To call Bill Belichick the greatest coach of all time is a joke. He’s had a great run, during his second time around as head coach…..with one of the top 5 QB’s of all time. Nice job, but definitely not the best.
    In my opinion, Joe Gibbs is the greatest coach of all time. He won 3 SB’s with 3 different QB’s, none of which will ever be in the HOF. That’s never been done. Then he comes back after a 12 year football retirement, and takes the most dysfunctional franchise in the league, and gets them into the playoffs in 2 of his 4 years, with a shot Mark Brunell, and a combination of Jason Campbell and Todd Collins. Now, top that!

  25. Belichick will be the greatest coach of all time by the time he’s done.He’s already in the conversation.

  26. Belichick is a great coach and I respect his ability to plug in no-name players anywhere and they execute. Problem is that since he was caught cheating he has not won any Super Bowls, and that’s why he’s not the greatest coach ever.

  27. I’d like for Don “get off my lawn” Shula to explain why he couldn’t win a single championship with arguably one of the best QB’s of all time. And without a salary cap mind you. Give me the dark hoodie any day over Mr. Steakhouse. Hey Don, You food tastes horrible.

  28. Shula didn’t need to cheat, he was chairman of the competition committee as an active coach – he made the rules. No conflict of interest there.

  29. How can one supposedly “overstate” something when you don’t know what that something is, or was?
    The secretly taped videos that assisted the Pats were destroyed under the orders of the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
    If the Pats secret video taping wasn’t really that bad, how come the NFL never allowed them to be shown publicly and MORE IMPORTANTLY:
    How come the Pats have not won a single championship since then??

    Oh, on the contrary, I think the Patriots are like the LA Rams of the late ’70’s, they play in a weak division and have the benefit of a Hall of Fame QB!
    Ever notice how all these supposedly great head coaches also have a great QB? Do you think that’s just a random note?

  30. Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of the 21st century, hands down. Greatest ever? I’m not so sure. Walsh, Lombardi, Gibbs, Landry, Shula, Parcells could all be considered the greatest ever, from one standpoint or another. I’ll say this about Belichick: What he has been able to accomplish in the salary-cap era is truly remarkable. He is a consistent winner year after year.

  31. So, Mike, if your kid gets caught cheating on a test at school, it’s OK because lots of kids cheat…and, anyway, teachers overstate how bad cheating is. Cheating is cheating. What kind of a lesson do we teach kids if we say some cheating is OK?

  32. Even without a perfect 19-0, the Patriots 2007 season exposed and tarnished the reputation of the 72 Fins. Every journalist began analyzing the Fins schedule for the first time.

    What? They were only playing a 14 game regular season schedule back then? In the modern 16-game era, it’s around the 13 or 14 game mark that a few undefeated teams lost their first game.

    What? The Fins played only 2 teams during the regular season that would finish with a winning record and both at 8-6?

    What? The Pats in recording their 18th victory to no defeats went where no team — not even the 1972 Dolphins — went before? And to get there they beat a 5-0 Dallas team IN DALLAS (remember the “Duel in Dallas?”). A 7-0 Manning-led Colts team, IN INDIANAPOLIS. A playoff bound Redskins team, 52-7. A playoff bound Steeler team by 3 TDs (despite a guarantee of victory by a Steelers player). And they beat the eventual SB champion Giants in the final game of the regular season (when the Giants were starting to heat up) IN NEW YORK. They beat San Diego TWICE, the second time while San Diego was on an 8-0 run.

    What? All this winning occurred AFTER the videotaping was revealed and stopped?

    No wonder Don Shula is mad.

    Many homer fans of rival teams amuse me by floating the argument that the videotaping is the difference between winning 3 Super Bowls by 3 points and losing 2 Super Bowls by 3-4 points. When in actuality, there’s a confound. The Patriots also turned over their all-world defense between 2004 and 2007. Belichick was never able to find the right mix of players to duplicate the skills of Bruschi, Vrabel, McGinest, Law, J. Green (who always had that timely sack of Manning in relief of Seymour), Pfifer, etcetera.
    Most dynasties end after 3 in a row or 3 out of 4. (The Cowboys were nowhere to be found for years and the Steelers were dormant in the 80s). Belichick’s teams continue to threaten year after year.

    How does he do it? Many other Patriots fans can probably provide more compelling answers than I, but to me it’s all about designing a new game plan every week to target an opponent’s weaknesses and anticipated strategies. (“This is what THEY are going to try to do, knowing this is what OUR weaknesses are”). And it’s drafting and developing the talent to be able to morph into whatever the defense needs to become from one game to the next — from one play to the next — to give that play the best possible chance of a favorable outcome.

  33. Florio,
    Another mystery of television is why Rodney Harrison is even on an NFL TV show? He is very, very average and typically offers nothing but conjecture and tired phrasing that we’ve already heard scores of times before.
    I would wager my home that Don Shula doesn’t care one iota what someone like Rodney Harrison thinks. And neither do most of us…

  34. The spy gate argument is a pathetic attempt by haters to dig at the Patriots. The only infraction was the placement of the camera. Cower was video taping signals from the stands. Jimmy Johnson was tapping voice calls with live wires on his defense. The point is your a blinded moron if you think your team is “clean.” Juiced up Seahawks and on and on.

  35. Shulas last worry should be Belichick….then again hes probably jealous of the sustained success BB has had in a different time when the game has changed making it harder to succeed. Theres no love loss between the organizations back to the Mark Henderson snow plow game ….it is what it is … will side with there teams………move on

  36. Well, to put it in perspective, Pete Rose did not even cheat on his sport and got banned for life. Rules get made because of what people have done in the past, no question; that is just how rules often come to be.
    Be it a professional discourtesy aside, Shula is above an away the best coach ever in the game and has the right to make such a statement, whether or not it is considered proper or is even accurate.
    BB did what he did. We all know about it. We know he got a slap on the wrist for it too. This was not just a game, it was the Super Bowl. Fans do not often get to see their favorite team in a Super Bowl and it is possible that his actions tipped the outcome. To me personally as a fan of teams in several sports, that is the single worst offense any coach or player can ever make. I would say the very same thing if he was the coach of MY favorite team. The NFL makes billions of dollars off of hard-working people who should be able to expect integrity in the product at the least. Belichik will always carry that mark with him now, like Roger Maris’s asterisk. Is it fair? Yes. People who cheat in the real work are marked for life as criminals and must live out the rest of their days with that label. Belichik does not deserve better than that because he coaches a football team or wins a lot. Harrison just made himself look ignorant.

  37. He did get caught cheating. How much it helped is open for debate. But the fact that the NFL (Goodell) destroyed the tapes always left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, we all saw how they tried to cover up for the Ray Rice situation. You mean to tell me they wouldn’t go above & beyond for Robert Kraft? Where there’s smoke there’s fire folks. They DESTROYED the evidence!

  38. Belichick is without question GOAT. Multiple Super Bowl wins, dominated his division like no other, has taken his teams to the playoffs for over a decade (including that year when Brady was lost), and patching together generally above-average defenses from undervalued players (converting WRs Troy Brown and Edelman to DBs!). All this with a revolving (and subordinate) front office. You can hate the Hoodie, but cannot deny his achievements…

  39. Pondersucks, just because they haven’t won the Super Bowl since 2004 season doesn’t mean there still hasn’t been tremendous success in the organization. I bet many teams wish they had that level of consistent excellence. But since they’ve won 9 division championships and two AFC Championships since then, I guess saying they haven’t won the Super Bowl is the only thing you have going for your theory.

  40. Shula is an old fool. And like all of those geriatric Dolphins he’s hung up on that perfect record back when the league was young. I’m sure he feels kids now days are not respectful. And that everyone should get off his lawn.

  41. I don’t have a problem with the Patriots, but you’ll never convince me that Belichick hasn’t been benefitted by all the videotaping/signal stealing/Ernie Adams clandestine operations. People forget that Belichick coached the Browns and was terrible. I think the Patriots are a class organization but I do think from a coaching standpoint they’ve engaged in some anti-competitive nonsense.

  42. Shula coached during the 60s, 70s, and 80s when the NFL was basically the wild west. I’m sure he did much worse than using a video camera instead of binoculars and a pen and paper to try and pick up other teams signals.

  43. Unless you can prove that the Patriots cheated to win those SuperBowls, mentioning 0 SB wins since ’04 is irrelevant. I’ll let more knowledgeable people debate who is the greatest of all time, but I think BB’s body of work before and after is impressive enough to put him in the conversation.

  44. but Bill Belichick has proven that he’s the greatest coach of all time

    No he hasn’t. That would be Tom Landry, an actual innovator.

  45. screw belichick. personality of a turd. coaching record proves he can’t win without brady. he sucked before brady and the same thing when brady is gone. which by the way isn’t to far away. looking forward to it. shula made winners no matter who was behind center.

  46. Chuck Noll has to be mentioned, but Belichick is, hands down, the best coach. His teams won 3 SBs and appeared in 2. His team was punished for Spygate – lots of trolls on here refuse to move on.

  47. It’s clear that Shula is a very proud and competitive person, and one who is willing to try to elevate his stature by belittling Belichick’s accomplishments.

    Shula has also been known for expressing glee when other great teams finally get their first loss.

    And Shula had many comments expressing a mixture of joy and spite when Jimmy Johnson’s stint in Miami was less than impressive.

    One key note: Shula was highly ineffective when faced with the changes resultant in the salary cap era (i.e., the MODERN era). Belichick is anything but ineffective.

    Observant Steeler Fan with No Dog in the Fight

  48. I disagree with coach Shula and I’ve been a fan of the Dolphins since the mid-80s. Belichick has coached the Patriots to excellence for over a decade, which is tough to do. Mind you, I don’t think there has ever been a great coach (over a period of time so I’m not including the Buccaneers and Ravens when they won their SBs a decade ago) and without a pretty good QB to help him out.

  49. Rodney you are sadly mistaken, or uninformed. Belicheat is N O T the greatest coach of all time.
    Mr. Pete Carroll is the greatest coach of all time, ans will end up with the most Lombardis EVER.
    Belicheat has not even earned a single LEGITIMATE Lombardi.

    BTW…… Chuck Noll, Vince Lombardi, Jimmy Johnson and Hank Stram are all better coaches and have won more legit titles also.


  50. The last time Shula and his Phins played a meaningful game was in the ’85-’86 AFC Championship, AT HOME, where he, Dan and the Queen B’s were obliterated 31-14 by a Patriots team led by Raymond Berry and Tony Eason. Don has never gotten over this or his many other failures.

  51. When was it most difficult to coach? Pre or post free agency?
    Taking into account that belichick’s record is right on par with the others in the conversation and include his GM responsibilities…. Is there really an argument?

  52. These comments show you how stupid the haters are.

    When other coaches defend BB they haters are very quiet as soon as some coach says “cheater” they pounce.

    And as for the ” weakest division” argument that’s flat out wrong.

    The “weakest” division since 2001 has been the AFC south.

    And you know what other HOF QB had a lot of success in a “weak” division? Joe Montana.

  53. The greatest coach of all time was Hank Straham … He looked so classy is his Blazer with the logo, and laughed and had fun.. He knew long ago,hell I’m gonna make some coin doing this.. X’s and O’s my arse.. It’s a business… And he knew it and laughed as he was cashing in… A true legand

  54. I love the “Patriots haven’t won a super bowl since spygate” arguments. Stupid, they have been in the super bowl twice and have been in the conference championship 4 straight years and average 12 wins per year. They are the most dominant force the league has ever seen.

  55. Why is Rodney’s comments even given weight on this?
    He was suspended for violating NFL’s drugs policy & voted “dirtiest player” several times by players so BB approach to the game is similar to his..
    “If your not cheating, your not trying is The Patriots Way”–
    LaDainian Tomlinson

    Giving credibility or attention to Rodney on this subject would be like interviewing Warren Sapp on how to be a financial responsible athlete or having Titus Young talk on being a great teammate.

  56. @jamesflacco

    has taken his teams to the playoffs for over a decade (including that year when Brady was lost)

    Uh, no……….that was 2008. The Dolphins won the division that year and the Pats were OUT of the playoffs

  57. Let me remind Ravens fans that your first superbowl was won with a lot of Belichick’s staff and personnel from the Cleveland team. Your beloved Ray Lewis? Scouted and picked by Belichick’s minion Eric Mangini. Don’t tell me Belichick was a failure in Cleveland. He was turning that team around before Art kidnapped the team and stuffed it in Baltimore. Belichick took the rap for Art’s short comings as an owner. I love the hate Bill and the Pats get, it means they are just that good.

  58. Ignorant idiots if u think videotaping signals would give u that much advantage , besides it was legal till 2006, bill cower said he did it also how is it cheating when it is legal, idiots ? Still patriots have won more games since 2006 anyway been to the super bowl twice, perfect season, playoffs every year greatest coach in the history period

  59. The “Greatest Coach of All Time” never should’ve had to cheat. He’s not even close to the greatest of all time.

  60. While reporters do have to stop shoving a mike in The Shula’s face as he’s buttering his buttermilks at the IHOP, Rodney’s reaction is misplaced.

    Did the old man misstate facts? No. Belichick is a documented and repeated cheater. Indefensible. It may be inconvenient and out of the blue that Don told it like it was, but reminding the world of the Patriots’ years of cheating is not disrespectful.

    Asterisks on those Super Bowls, Patriot Nation. Don’t blame Shula.

  61. Harrison must be on drugs. Why does he think a football coach is beyond being insulted, even disrespected? In a free society, no one is shielded from criticism.

    If Shula thinks the man cheated (he was fined for something), he can say so. Belichick & Goodell have no defense. As I recalled he was fined $500,000 for some reason. Goodell did destroy the evidence. His hands aren’t entirely clean.

    Shula not only called out Belichick, he called out the Shield for how the cheating was dealt with. Good for him.

  62. The Patriots have been in 5 Super Bowls that all came down to the last minute.

    Like the flip of a coin.

    It came up heads, heads, heads, tails, tails

    It could just as easily have come up tails, tails, heads, heads, heads.

    The coin wasn’t rigged.

  63. @titansbro

    I agree with you 100%. When the league destroyed the evidence, I immediately realized that it must have been a severe enough infraction that fans of all the other teams, not just the Rams, would have demanded that the title be stripped from the Patriots………..and the league did not want that. It would have caused a financial backlash against the whole of the NFL and severely damaged the popularity of the sport. I do not think it is any secret that the NFL is going to put $$$ before integrity……..every time. You get rid of evidence because there is something you do not want seen by everyone else. Case closed.

  64. I think Belichick is an awesome coach. And I’m a Colts fan. The issue I have is we’re asking a known cheater (Harrison) how he feels about BB being called a cheater.

  65. Without Tom Brady Belichecks record is 10 games under 500, to call him the greatest coach is idiotic, joe Gibbs won 3 Super Bowls with 3 average QBs, not saying he is better but just saying that when you have one of thebest QBs who ever lived, makes it easier to win

  66. Hard to say. Would he be the greatest coach of all time with a decade of Drew Bledsoe? Without players like Harrison PED’ing it up and breaking the rules? If he coached a warm weather or dome team?

    None of this happens in a vacuum. (Although he did get the Browns to the playoffs…)

    His wins/losses say he’s a great coach –I’ll give him what he’s earned– but “greatest” implies he changed the game fundamentally and/or did something no one else has ever done. But…

    He’s not the author of the modern offense (Coryell), he never went undefeated (Shula), he doesn’t have the most Super Bowl wins (Noll). He wasn’t the guy who kicked the whole shebang off (Lombardi).

    Plus… have to wonder why Shula said it in the first place?? The NFL Coaches fraternity is small and there’s a lot of dirt in the water.

    I suspect Shula knows more about what happened (and other stuff — didn’t Belichick have an affair with a married woman?) than he’ll say to the press.

    GREAT Coach but NOT the Greatest!

  67. Rule changes in 2006 do not invalidate the superbowls of 2001, 2003, and 2004 no matter how many times you wish it.

    They also don’t invalidate the winningest record since then.

    Haters gonna hate, cause your team stinks.

  68. Greatest NFL coach of all time would be the one who won the most Super Bowls. Hmmm, let’s see… who could that be… and don’t let me hear how the old guys would have won (before the Super Bowl era) or how the new guys have to contend with so much hardship (free agency, salary cap…) there was only one emperor, and Chuck was his name.

  69. 0 superbowl wins “since spygate”.
    But I guess the AFC championships, most wins, and other accolades mean nothing in that stretch?

    Man those 90s bills teams sucked…

  70. Patriots 100-28 after Spygate. Lets not forget Spygate was during week 2, and still went on to go 16-0. And for all you “WEAKEST DIVISION” Clowns. Tell me how many times you see the AFC East?

    The lowest over all records of each division each year. footballoutsiders.costat-analysis201/nfl-division-strength-2004-2013

    2004 NFC West 13-27
    2005 NFC West 16-24
    2006 NFC West 17-23
    2007 AFC West 14-26
    2008 NFC West 10-30
    2009 NFC West 12-28
    2010 NFC West 13-27
    2011 AFC South 14-26
    2012 AFC West 13-27
    2013 AFC South 12-28

  71. When I was a young man I remember my favorite baseball team and
    what most thought was the art of ” stealing ” or ” spotting ” the other
    teams signs. Many of time there were whimsical newspaper stories
    of how a manager or third base coach had deciphered a sign or a pitch
    that the catcher had called. If you think Belichick was the only coach
    who tried to read the other teams signals you are mistaken. Why do we observe offensive coaches hiding behind their playsheet? I’m sure
    Coach Shula never tried to take advantage of another team or situation. Coach Shula should be ashamed of himself . His statement was a cheap shot.

  72. I think Shula is just a bitter old man because he realizes he had one of the best quarterbacks of all time and he squandered the opportunity with only one Super Bowl appearance and no titles.

    He is held up as a great coach because he won the big game once in 1972 and then in 1973 then rode the legacy for decades.

    In the end Shula was a failure not because he failed to win a title with Marino but because he failed to build a team that could at least reach the game more than once.

    It is sad when supposed legends of the game end up being bitter when others have success and are overshadowing them because they are flat out better at doing the job.

  73. I think Belichick cheated AND I think he’s the greatest coach since Shula as well. Both possibilities can coexist.

  74. It’s like none of thee other things ever happened? Just spygate right?
    Bounty gate!!
    Trip gate!!
    Broncos in the 60’s placing hiding microphones in opposing teams locker rooms.
    The Jets busted for doing the same thing a year later.
    The Seahawks and Ped’s
    Wahhh wahhh wahhh Get over it or lets put all these other teams in the same category for cheating

  75. Laughing at comments about zero titles since spy gate!….. How many titles do Cowboys Eagles Denver Minnesota San Diego Cincinnati et all have???? Exactly my point… Possibly the greatest HC ever as numbers don’t lie and I hate the Pats

  76. People whine about spygate. But the reason we havent won any super bowls since then is our defence or lack there of. No McGinest, Harrison, Brewski, etc. Also the fact that Brady’s been hit way to many times in his career. A couple of good whacks and he’s throwing the ball into the ground. This year is basically the first where the D’s good enough. Now if they can just keep the model upright and smiling….

  77. 85 year old guy’s comment should not have been reported. Don knows he should not have said it – probably a cheap attempt at a joke but the reporter should know that senility and grumpiness happens in the elderly.

  78. If you’re still worried about Spygate this long after the fact, you probably have very little in your life anyways. A lot has happenned since then, lmao.

  79. Not the WEAKEST division…but close to the WEAKEST. Clowns all over recognize the 16-0 year also included the only game that really mattered and the Patriots lost that one. A stat you might have wanted to mention.

  80. Hey Pats fan: Belichick cheated and got rings- Brady cheated, left his pregnant wife and ended up with the Brazilian.

    Two upstanding individuals, not to mention their owner who runs around with prostitutes.

    Did you ever see the Brady 6 bit they did on ESPN about Tommy being drafted late and the other QB’s that went before him?

    My favorite part is when he cried wearing a turtle neck sweater- that was awesome.

    Forget about SpyGate- let us not forget that The TUCK RULE was the call that launched a dynasty.

  81. “..and Goodell is puke face, monkey breath turtle slime for letting them get away with it.”


    You mean Goodell’s predecessor. The NFL has had a culture of rule-bending for years. This sport was predicated on metaphors to war, and covert operations and intelligence gathering fit right in. Look at what the Cleveland Browns are being accused of right now. The 12 teams cited in 2007 for violating coach-to-QB headset communication rules (the teams were not identified by the league by the Pats were ruled out as one of them). The Saints hiding a player in a building while he cleared waivers. Player tampering. Signing opponent’s freshly cut players before a game against the opponent (this SHOULD be restricted). Cap violations.

    Belichick was just keeping pace with the league. When you consider the sum total of infractions, this is just a matter of keeping up with the culture. The mistake the Patriots made was winning 3 Super Bowls. Had the Patriots not been as successful or had the Browns been more successful, we’d be talking about TEXT-Gate.

  82. Coming from a guy who would take out knees for a living. This means nothing to me. Zero Super Biwl wins since spygate speaks for itself.

  83. The only people, notice I said people, not FANS, that still have an issue are jealous followers that have won nothing!!!
    When you do not have something, it is easier to criticize than praise the others. You will always live your life is misery hoping others fail so that you will feel better about your environment or situations!
    GO Rodney, Willie, Tom and Bill! Greatest TEAM of the Free Agent Era!
    I supposed they cheated again this year!
    Get Real!!!!!!

  84. Patriots are favored by 7 points today with a week of rested players and playing at home. If they screw this up then what?

  85. Shula can say whatever he wants, doesn’t make him right…but he nailed this one on the head!
    Rodney Harrison is garbage.
    Patriots have become one of the greatest teams in the last two decades regardless of spy gate, belicheat, or my ultimate hatred for that team due to the “tuck” game.
    The 2 cents of a straydogg

  86. Shula is a overrated coach with overrated steak houses with horrible food. Hey Don! I was cheated out of a big stack of cash eating at your restaurant. Check please…. Old curmudgeon.

  87. He’s only had a perfect regular season, won the division 10 times and won 2 Super Bowl championships since this faux overblown event. The haters are jealous and if they think what he was doing would have an impact on the game of the magnitude they claim, then they know nothing about Football.

  88. Shula went from Baltimore to Miami under shady circumstances. Miami had to forfeit their first rounder they were so guilty

  89. I am a big fan of coach Belichick, his knack of taking away a segment of the game most important to the opposing team is legendary.

    Never the less it’s clear he cheated. For those that say “no big deal” the only answer is then why do it?

    I don’t know how how much it changes his record or not, but to me it is a smear that is hard to erase.

  90. Waaaaaaaaaah! Belicheat! Spygate! Asterisks!!!
    All the haters would looooove to have Coach Belichick and Tom Brady on their team. What Belichick has down with the Patriots since 2001 is nothing short of incredible, try having Shula keep that 3 headed running in tact during free agency. What would Knoll do today if he had that defense in a free agent market? How much would Joe Greene get? Could they then afford to keep Ernie Holmes? L.C Greenwood? Could they then afford Mel Bount? Jack Lambert?
    Probably not. The fact is that the way Belichick as been able to keep a competitive team on the feild for so long is remarkable. For all the haters in here: you all really show that how shallow your thinking process is. You can’t objectivly look at something and simply say,”that’s good”.
    Your own prejudices cloud your thinking and you show your ignorance through these postings

  91. Glad to hear what the confirmed PED using Harrison has to say in defense of his confirmed cheating coach. I wonder if Harrison still recalls that he was brought in by Belichick specifically because he was good at getting away with defensive holding? Doesn’t he realize there’s still video available of him showing young DB’s how to hide your hands from the ref while you’re holding?

  92. “People make mistakes”? Cheating is a way of life for Belichick. No arguing he’s a good coach…..but the only way he reaches the “elite” level is by constant cheating.

  93. A very effective coach is a very good coach, and this one is very effective at inspiring and motivating his players to win at any reasonable cost even if he has made a few minor miscues along the way. That being said, I think Shula was just trying too hard to show that he’s hip with internet lingo by indicating that he was familiar with the phrase. I doubt he intended it to hurt anybody or to be received as mean-spirited.

  94. Greatest of all Time? Not even close.

    The Pats have been virtually guaranteed a playoff berth for the last decade due to the lack of competitiveness by the rest of the AFC East. Combine that with the fact that they caught lightening in a bottle when they drafted Brady in the seventh round and it’s no secret why BB looks like a genius.

    If he keeps winning after Brady retires then I’ll be impressed. Until then, he’s just riding on Brady’s arm just like Mike Shanahan rode Elway in Denver.

  95. If the shoe fits, wear it. Belichick obviously didn’t feel like he could win it all without cheating, and in fact, hasn’t won a Super Bowl since. Point is, other coaches won the Super Bowl without cheating their way to get there.

  96. wow you guys are a joke and really must have winners that much I mean I would to if a team my team played always beat me lol pathetuc to say he chheated when everyone was doing the same thing read up on facts before you think you know anything and also the Pats are a way more winning team then during spygate but they cheat right
    t!?… lol id hate the best team to if the best killed my team everytime they played lol DYNASTY TB BB GOAT…

  97. My opinion on spy gate is that the offensivelYl had to go out on the field and make plays. Maybe they were able to get an edge gameplanning but st the end of the day their defense had to stop the opposing offense, brady had tobmake the right throws, his receivers need to makes catches, and vinatari had to hit last second field goals.

    Plus they were argubly better team offensively after their superbowl victories. It wasn’t until about 07 when they started putting up big numbers on teams. Sure their defense took a hit but thats what happens when you lose great players that aren’t easily replaceable.

  98. I’m really sick of all the people who continually bring up spygate as a reason for the Patriot’s success over the Belechick era. So let’s look at what happened:
    1) The Patriots filmed other team’s benches during games from a location which was prohibited in 2006. Filming from other locations than this was still permitted and the activities being filmed were in full view for anyone who wanted to to see. So the question is other than a technical violation (the location) what possible advantage did the Patrriots gain by their filming?
    2) Since it was legal to film from the location where the Patriots did (and any other location too) prior to 2006, how was anything gained that helped the Patriots win the three Superbowls?
    3) After the filming from the prohibited spot was stopped, the Patriots continued to win games and titles (other then the two Superbowls, one of which hinged on a play that bordered on the supernatural) at a pace unmatched in the league.
    How did this happen if the “cheating” was key to their winning?
    The entire premise espoused by the trolls who continue to bring this up is illogical and demonstrates their total inability to apply analytical skills and reason to come to a conclusion that would stand up to any scrutiny.

  99. Chuck Noll road the pharmacology of the day to several Superbowls. He cheated way worse than Belichick.

  100. Bencoates57:
    Actually: Unlike the 18-1 Pats, the ’72 Fins got their perfect season with NO byes (vs three for the Pats), having to play and win a playoff game on the road at Pittsburgh (steel curtain, Bradshaw), with a backup quarterback starting for virtually the whole season in an era when the only way to build a team was through the draft (free agency actually helped the Pats assemble that roster…). They went on to win the SB the next year and were poised to be a true dynasty until an upstart league bought their best players away from them. Ask anyone who played the game whether they’d chose to play a 19-game season with three byes or a 17-game season with none. Your “analysis” is dead wrong. People who feel the Pats attempt at a perfect season (which deserves MAJOR props) equal a reason to the ’72 Fins achievement just don’t get it (at best) or a jealous and bitter losers, which IS how that Pats team went out.

  101. BB IS the greatest of all time! Just look what he has done in the age of free agency? Yes, spygate was bad. But are we to believe that there weren’t other coaches who spied and figured out the other teams signals and used them to their advantage? Every team tries to get an edge one way or another. And just because the Pats haven’t won the SB the last 2 times doesn’t negate BB as a coach. The 2 he and the Pats lost were very close games that they almost won. The same type of close games that led them to win 3 SB’s. Haters just want to hate and are jealous!!

  102. Just wondering why everyone keeps saying BB only has the record he has because he has had Tom Brady?

    The Pats went 11-5 without Brady starting a guy who hadn’t started a game since High School.

    He also was in the process of turning Cleveland around when the franchise was moved in the mid 90’s.

  103. Read the “spy gate” book, it was much worse than the media let on, Goodell like he did with the Ray Rice incident covered it up in hopes it would go away (he was successful here)

    Goodell didn’t cover it up because it was just a little illegal videotaping on the sideline, IT WAS MUCH WORSE, the depths of their cheating was/is vast.

  104. Really?

    Someone who benefited from cheating doesn’t think anyone should disrespect the primary cheater?


    Sorry Rodney.

    Ofer after getting caught.

    That’s just the facts.

  105. it is Belichick who disrespected the game of football with his actions Rodney…and Rodger The Dodger let him get away with it….he should have been suspended for the year but nope it didn’t happen…that was also disrespectful to us fans…

  106. shula has dementia should not be taken seriously. and rodney loves belichick for recognizing what s.d. didnt, and putting those rings on his fingers.

    right or wrong, belichick will always have just that little bit of taint on his resume for the taping episode.

    and he should thank his stars every day goodell
    destroyed the evidence before the world got to see all they uncovered, or my guess is we would all have a different opinion of his genius.

  107. I agree but the fact still remains 13-0 isnt 18-1 we won 18 straight blowing teams out nobody discredits the dolphins they won but I doubt they would of won 18 games with that team

  108. it s done now, look at Cleveland texting plays in during a game, how about N.O. GM BUGGING THE VISITING TEAMS PRESS BOX.

  109. He’s a very good coach, but would he even be considered to be great if he wouldn’t have lucked into Brady? Look back at his record with Cleveland and his first year with the Patriots before Brady.
    Did he really need to videotape opponents with the team and QB that he had at the time? He is also a very sore loser and often doesn’t even shake hands with opposing coaches when he loses.

  110. Taping the other sideline from your own sideline instead of the press box makes a huge difference. That is definitely the reason they won so many games. They must have the best record since then for some other reason I guess.

  111. Is there anything more misleading than the “0 rings since spygate crowd”?

    I suppose if the Patriots fielded the same exact team for a decade, you guys would have a point. But, I haven’t seen Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison, Willie McGinest, Ty Law, Mike Vrabel, or Richard Seymour in a Patriots uniform in a long time. Remember those guys? Huge part of them winning those 3 Super Bowls.

    Oh, and it also seems to forget them being within 1 play of winning 2 of the past 7 Super Bowls. LOL. Tyree drops a pass and Welker catches one and your ridiculous blanket statement goes up in smoke. It’s ok, we’ll see you all here Monday February 2nd saying “Yea, yea, but they’ve only won 1 Super Bowl since spygate.” Ha, love it. 14 years and counting you guys are obsessed with the Patriots.

  112. Slow down here… Belichick has proven to be the GOAT? He’s a great coach, and he is in the conversation.. but I think most people (myself included) put him a few notches under Lombardi.

  113. The Patriots have averaged 13 wins a season over the last 12 years. Bill Parcells only success came when he had Belichick as his defensive coordinator. Belichick teams have been to seven Super Bowls, winning five. Players want to play for him and other coaches have avoided the AFC East so as to not have to compete directly with him. His peers, Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher have called him the greatest coach of all-time and dismiss “spygate” as something everyone did. As a Patriots fan, we feel fortunate to have had Bill and Tom for all of these years.

  114. Belichick didn’t luck into Brady. He drafted him despite having three quarterbacks on the roster. He kept him as a fourth QB when he normally only keeps two. He developed Brady and played Brady when Bledsoe was still a star. At that time, Ron Borges, the main Patriots beat writer, slammed Belichick for staying with Brady as a stater in 2001 when Bledsoe got healthy. When fools questioned whether it was time for a QB change after the Chiefs game this year Belichick dismissed the media’s questions with disdain.

  115. If you step back and take all the hate out of it, can’t you just say it was a “Rules Violation” that the team paid a penalty for and then happened to win 18 games in a row that season?

    Also, correct me if I am wrong, but if the team bought the camera man a seat on the 50 yard line and he filmed the same signals from that location it would not have been a rules violation.

    I know the facts can take the fun out of hating sometimes.

  116. Pot? Meet kettle. A little history lesson: Shula “cheated” to get out of the Baltimore Colts coaching job and take over in Miami. The league fined Miami a 1st round draft pick. You can look it up. I guess when you get to be 85 years old you get to remember only what you want to remember. So wipe the smug smile off your fat face Shula and then shut up about other people.

  117. Is the reason the AFC East is weak is because these teams have to play the Patriots twice every year? These people that say the Patriots have accomplished nothing since spygate have not done their research. 18 and 1 that year alone and made it the Superbowl. They are just jealous because their team can’t compare to the Patriots record since Belichick took over.

  118. Still amazes me that people think what it was actually cheating. Do you morons really believe that teams use the same signals week after week after week? And if there WAS a team doing that they deserve whatever they got.

  119. belichick and Harrison benefited from cheating ,Harrison thinks that everybody should just keep quiet ,the hell with that !!!!

  120. It doesn’t take a great coach to do what Brady has done against the weakest division in football every year. No team in the afc east has had a qb in the past decade since Belichick or Brady started. Dolphins + Jets + Bills + suck + Brady = greatest coach of all time? Harrison is a idiot. Shula shouldnt have said that either.

  121. Disclaimer: I’m a Pats fan, but not a homer. I have a hard time calling ANYONE G.O.A.T for anything in any sport, but here’s why Belichick is certainly in the discussion.

    Let’s address some things people are saying here…

    1. Shula calls him “Beli-Cheat”

    Shula = Mud Bowl

    Look it up. All coaches try to get every advantage possible. Should Shula really be saying anything?

    2. Belichick lucking into Brady? (tonysr55)

    …Or did Brady luck into Belichick?

    People get opportunities. They make the most of them or they don’t…

    3. “Belichick didn’t win in Cleveland.”

    Fact. Although, he didn’t have much of a team to work with to start and didn’t have much time to build anything that would last.

    Yes, he inherited some talent when he came to New England, but he’s sustained success for 15 years. That’s really hard to do, even if the division isn’t the most competitive.

    See # 3 for further comment.

    3. AFC East is a weak division.

    There are still 8 other games to play outside the division each year… They’ve won most of those too.

    Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells both came to the AFC East at one point and both failed pretty terribly.

    Don’t forget how futile of a team the Pats USED to be prior to 2000. The AFC was pretty strong for a while The Bills went to 4 super bowls, the Dolphins had Marino and went to a few…

    Division competitiveness goes in cycles.

    4. Yeah, Spygate happened.

    Players still have to execute. Players, high profile and more importantly, complete nobodies have come in, executed and THRIVED under Belichick – I’ll include Brady in that.

    Also, remember the year Matt Cassel, who had started only one or two college games, stepped in when Brady was hurt and they missed out on the playoffs on a tie-breaker? Yeah, that happened too.

    5. His personality

    If you don’t like him because of that, I won’t argue. I cringe myself from time, but personally think the way he handles things is pretty brilliant. I’m sure we’ll all get a different take on him once he’s 10 years removed from coaching.

    Happy debating

  122. I wonder how this will all go down when Hall of Fame voting comes about for Belichick?

    Baseball cheaters like Bonds and Clemens aren’t even close to getting in despite having playing records prior to their know steroid use that would easily qualify them for the hall.

    I wonder if the same standard will apply to Belichick? I doubt it. I would argue that what he did was a much worse form of cheating that what the likes of Bonds and Clemens did.

  123. The argument that Belichick was a bad coach in Cleveland no doubt comes from those who look up his W-L number and came to that conclusion. And it’s a perfect example of why being an expert on looking up numbers and drawing half baked conclusions from those numbers isn’t being an expert on the league and its history.

    Belichick turned the Browns from a team that had exactly 1 good player on it into a Super Bowl contender. And then Modell pulled the plug on the franchise, the team went into the tank and he was a dead HC walking.

    Only someone who just looked up his W-L record without knowing squat about what really happened to him in Cleveland would conclude he was a bad coach with the Browns.

  124. tigerlilac says:
    Jan 10, 2015 11:10 AM
    Belichick didn’t luck into Brady…

    Yes, he absolutely did. No one drafts a QB in the seventh round expecting them to be an all world franchise QB. BB does deserve credit for realizing what he had and taking advantage of it but that doesn’t make him the GOAT.

  125. Way to go Rodney stay loyal. Its the Patriot way and dont forget it. Patriots team and coach are the best franchise ever. Go Pats. Whup some ratbirds would ya?

  126. Patriots are .788 against AFC East from 2001-2013. They are .742 against rest of the league from 2001-2013.

    As for the old ‘they haven’t won a SB since Spygate’ – that’s the infamous “post hoc ergo propter hoc” logical fallacy (after this, therefore because of this). It’s simply bad logic.

  127. I find it very refreshing that Harrison managed to disagree with Shula and offer an opposing position without insulting, disrespecting or denigrating Shula or his accomplishments.

    It is a lost art; people can and should take a lesson from this example.

  128. The Haters are out today. For you that say that he couldn’t win in Cleveland you need to remove your head from your anus. He took a sub 500 team and won 11 games as well as a playoff game in 1994. He was deep sixed by Art Modell when after a 3-1 start in 1995 the rumors started flying that the team would be leaving Cleveland. The rest of the season was a horror show as players, fans and coaches were all negatively impacted. Modell announced after the 9th game that the team would be leaving Cleveland. The Browns only won one game the rest of the year.

    As far as the cheating on Spygate. The infraction was not the fact that they were taping their opponents signals. The infraction was where they were taping from. The NFL had changed the rule before that season that did not allow teams to tape from the field. The Patriots continued to tape from the field. They were caught fined and had a draft pick taken away. A pretty excessive fine.

    It really doesn’t matter because all the haters will never give BB any credit. They say he hasn’t won a SB since Spygate. He lost one on the luckiest catches in history on a play in which any of 3 penalties could have been called on the Giants offensive line or in the grasp.

    They say how weak the AFC East is. The fact is the Patriots win 12-14 games a year so they are beating everyone not just the AFC East.

    BB is an excellent coach. Many of his beliefs come from the man I consider the greatest coach and innovator in the history of the NFL, Paul Brown. Brown was running the “West coast” offense long before SF was with Bill Walsh. He ran it when it was a run first league and with Otto Graham he lead his team to 9 straight championship games. he than came back as an old man and started the Bengals and had them in the playoffs before he was done.

    The fact is BB already has won more SBs than Shula and he was very close in two others. It’s not easy to win the SB. You have to be lucky and good. The facts that NE is always right there speaks to the greatness of BB and the organization.

    So Haters can continue to hate and squeeze all they want out of their sour grapes even all the way down in Miami. The fact is the Patriots will be in the SB again this year and be contending again next year.

  129. Harrison is right, it is disrespectful. And I’m sure The Don meant it as such.

    You win the most games in NFL history, a record which is just about the most untouchable in the sport, you’ve earned the right to speak your mind without apology.

  130. The NFl burned all the evidence and never made it public… The NFL covers up anything damaging to the league look at this year ray rice .The NFL by not releasing it proves that it was a lot more then just video taping signals way more they burned it ……………CHEATERS Some said they taped into opponents head phones and new what plays were being called …So bad the nfl wouldn’t come clean that in itself speaks so bad about NE …..

  131. it’s funny how the trolls always come out and say the Patriots cheat, Belichick cheats ….. but they never say how they cheat ….. oh yeah, because they DON’T

  132. “If the shoe fits”. Look, BB is no stranger to trying to gain every possible advantage he can for his team, rules be damned. I am sure he still does it today, just gotten better at it. The mantra is, ‘you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’, which is fine for some folks, but not for me. The fact that the NFL destroyed those tapes only fuels the public into more distrust. If the tapes were innocuous, why not reveal them? If they weren’t so bad, why the 500K fine and loss of draft pick(s)? His legacy, that of the Pats and Brady will always be stained, regardless of how their careers finish.

  133. Shula’s undefeated team didn’t have a star qb. In fact they had to win most with the 2nd string qb. Belechick going to match that with Garapolo?

  134. Harrison has to stick up for Belichick, as Belichick is the only reason he has that job at NBC. God knows he is not erstwhile anymore qualified than any number of other guys to fulfill that role. I don’t take Harrison seriously here. If he can constantly spew his bitterness about the Tyree catch on air, then he has to live with the fact that Belichick’s Super Bowl wins all come with asterisks due to cheating.

  135. “Ask anyone who played the game whether they’d chose to play a 19-game season with three byes or a 17-game season with none. ”


    I’d take the 17-game season with cupcake competition over a 19-game season facing 6 playoff bound teams and three other teams with an axe to grind:

    1. a Rex Ryan led Ravens defense in Baltimore that dedicated to their game to the recently slain former Miami U teammate

    2. an Eagles team fomented by Arlen Specter’s claim the videotaping robbed them of a SB title and warranted a Congressional inquiry).

    3. Eric Mangini’s Jets

    Yep. It’s like Ohio State and having a choice between a schedule filled with teams like Youngstown State and Louisiana-Lafayette versus teams USC and Florida.

  136. “The fact that the NFL destroyed those tapes only fuels the public into more distrust. If the tapes were innocuous, why not reveal them?”


    There’s been some speculation that the tapes may have picked up the opposing team’s camera on the other sideline.

    This is a can of worms the league does not want opened.

  137. I always notice Rodney stewing whenever another person in the studio disparages N.E. in any kind. He’s a real homer, that’s for sure.

    Belicheat is so overrated, it’s not funny.

  138. But what excuse will everybody use if Bill and the Pats win another?

    No, they haven’t won one since. So? People make it sound like it’s easy to win a Super Bowl year after year. You are smarter than that.

    You can’t sit there and say it is because they haven’t been cheating anymore. They have gotten to the big game again, they have repeatedly made the playoffs, they have won their division over and over, and continue to prove they are an elite team by beating the power house teams from the other divisions.

    People despise this team but wish they had their success. Haters will hate, Patriots keep on winning. Bill and Tom have 5 SB appearances together. There are plenty of teams that wish they had even just one during their time together in the NFL.

  139. Harrison is an idiot. I always wonder why he’s on NBC. Then I look who’s next to him, and I stop wondering. Can someone please tell Dungy that stopping, rewinding, and forwarding the tape back and forth constantly is FREAKIN ANNOYING! Is Dan Patrick even a real human being? I think he’s a robot for sure. And then, Harrison. Anything the Patriots do is the best thing ever. Belichick can do no wrong, ever. That’s pretty much his take on football. Belichick is NOT the greatest coach ever. IF they win the SB this year, maybe that debate can start, but 10 years of no championship ends that conversation today.

  140. Kinda of a low budget move by a great coach from the NFL. Shula was always a class act, and more of a manager than a coach as he was always surrounded by great positions coaches. His teams were usually loaded with talent. And all were products of the pre free agency NFL. Today Shula would be hurting to duplicate his success. In his last seasons he was starting to look lost with changes in offenses. Belichick has survived those old days and developed a team that wins even with the free agency of today. He’s a darn good coach and his players generally believe in him and what he does. I’m not sure if his taping signals is that big a deal, but it certainly was trying to gain an advantage. I’m not a big fan of that. And Shula was right; he did ‘cheat’. But as Harrison noted his calling out the Pats coach wasn’t a class act, or something you’d expect from a guy who set such high standards. Shula did go into stupidville back in the 60’s over the AFL, in particular Namath, and called the league everything you could thing of. That’s why us AFL fans enjoyed his Colts getting beat, on the field and sidelines by the Jets. Shula has had a bone to pick with the Pats since that snowplow incident as well.

  141. There’s been some speculation that the tapes may have picked up the opposing team’s camera on the other sideline.

    This is a can of worms the league does not want opened.

    Yep. In fact I bet a tell-all book on spygate will be written someday by someone who was “in the know”….and then we will know what was on those tapes. It will be a fascinating read….

  142. Don Shula could win 100 Super bowls and never live down his greatest embarrassment!
    While coaching the great John Unitas and Earl Morril, Shula LOST to the lowly AFL, (American Football League) in 1966-67 to Joe Namath and the New York Jets.
    Let us not forget that Shula signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins while under contract with the Baltimore Colts. Further, the comments made about not using the Raiders playbook and losing the game is hard to swallow.

  143. “…rooted in the lingering fumes of Spygate, overstate the value of the infraction (videotaping the opponent’s defensive coaching signals)…”

    Except they weren’t fined for filming the opposing defensive coaching signals.

    They were fined for the location from which it took place.

    It’s still not against the NFL Rules nor the NFL By-laws to film the opposing teams sidelines. It simply has to be from a booth.

  144. Don Shula coached when football was football
    And there wasn’t a flag thrown fir every little hit. He has won more games then any other coach and didn’t need to cheat. He knew the game of football. He took the Dolphins to a perfect season with a back up quarterback. He is the greatest coach of all times, just like Joe Montana is the best QB of all times.

  145. The famous Bum Phillips quote tells you what you need to know about Shula. But he should not have said this, unless it was meant as satire. And even then, he should’ve known that satire goes over the heads of most. Coach’s judgment seems a little poor in his old age.

    This longtime Dolphins fan puts Bill on the short list for GOAT, along with Shula, Halas, Lombardi, Brown, and Walsh.

  146. Like Brady, BB needs that 4th ring to enter any “greatest” conversation.

    Personally I think his legacy has been damaged a bit in recent years by the fact that a defensive “genius” like him could have teams that were so bad on that side of the ball. A 4th ring will help fix that.

  147. The person who blew the whistle on this was silenced by the NFL ASAP that’s all you need to know they tapped into the other teams headphones ……………pretty easy when you know what play is called…

  148. A bunch of sore losers on this site it seems. “Spygate” hasn’t changed anything, Pats still make the playoffs every single season (except the one where we had a rookie quarterback).
    And to Vegasbearfan who seems to think we bought out the refs: Pats are the 7th most penalized team in the entire NFL, so that wasn’t money well spent I guess.

  149. Lest we forget the Jets were caught doing the same exact thing to New England. The stinkin Jets! How the hell can you argue that taping equals winning? Yes I’m a Pats fan and yes I know the championships are tainted for all time but for goodness sakes let’s cut the crap that it was a huge advantage if any advantage at all. All teams continue to tape to this day, only from different vantage points. It was small potatoes blown up in typical Goodell fashion due to the media outcry. The media loved jamming it to Belichick punishing him for being a dick and not making their job easier. Yes, no Super Bowl wins since but no one can deny that every year they are in the mix. A tremendous feat in the salary cap era.

  150. Let’s be real. If you are a Patriot fan Rodney is right. If you are a Dolphin fan Shula nailed it.

    Time to move on.

  151. The proof is in the statistics. He did absolutely nothing in Cleveland as their head coach. Was on his way to doing nothing in New England, when I would assume, he had nothing to lose and everything to gain and he cheated. A mark of a great coach/teacher is that it can be replicated. Look at Bill Walsh’s coaching tree, or Bill Parcell’s, but every coach who has left to go on has been a failure (except Saban) who was with Beli-cheat in Cleveland. So if he is so great, why do all his assistance fail. Maybe, because they start to believe that they are awesome and without being able or willing to risk cheating, not sure of whether their owner would reward that kind of behavior like the Krafts did. Then they find out that they are not so brilliant.

  152. New England Patriots win because as stated before. Over the years they have dominated that division due to the fact it is one of the weakest divisions in the NFL. The Patriots cheat and always will. If there not cheating then they have criminals on the team or the ones who can’t play unless they use PED. Rodney…you was a good player, leave it at that and stop with the Sunday night football analysis.

  153. Lest the ageism, partisan disrespect and ignorance of NFL history gets out of hand, consider the following from Wikipedia re. Shula:

    “In his seven NFL seasons, he played in 73 games, intercepted 21 passes and recovered four fumbles…

    Shula was a member of an Ohio National Guard unit that was activated the following January amid the Korean War. Military service in Ohio and at Fort Polk in Louisiana kept Shula away from football until the unit was deactivated that November….

    Shula set numerous records in his 33 seasons as a head coach. He is the All-Time leader in Victories with 347. He is first in most games coached (526), most consecutive seasons coached (33), and Super Bowl losses (4, tied with Bud Grant, Dan Reeves and Marv Levy). His teams won seven NFL conference titles: 1964, 1968, 1971–73, 1982 and 1984. Shula’s teams were consistently among the least penalized in the NFL, and Shula served on the Rules Committee, to help change the game to a more pass oriented league. He had a winning record against every coach he faced, with three exceptions: Levy, against whom he was 5–14 during the regular season and 0–3 in the playoffs; John Madden, against whom he was 2–2 in the regular season and 1–2 in the playoffs for a total of 3–4; and Bill Cowher, against whom Shula was 1–2 late in his career.”
    Shula also holds the distinction of having coached five different quarterbacks to Super Bowl appearances (John Unitas and Earl Morrall in 1968, Bob Griese in 1971, 1972 and 1973, David Woodley in 1982 and Dan Marino in 1984) three of them (Unitas, Griese and Marino) future Hall of Famers. He also coached John Unitas to another World Championship appearance (in the pre-Super Bowl era) in 1964. The only other NFL coach to approach this distinction is Joe Gibbs who coached four Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks (Joe Theismann, Doug Williams and Mark Rypien), winning three times.

    Guys like this (and Chuck Bednarik) not only built this league, they built this COUNTRY.

  154. So if what Belicheat did was not a big deal why the big fine, why lose the draft choice and why did the NFL destroy the tapes? Who really knows what advantages NE had from the illegal tapes. The NFL has a real issue regarding cheating, abuse and drugs to contend with. I think he had a big advantage in the SB with philly. And probably would not have advanced to the other games without spygate. Just like baseball players who took steroids their records should have an asterik

  155. I like Shula and Belichick equally. I am a Patriots fan, but always liked Shula and Marino – especially since the Pats stunk during their tenure. But I’ve got to say, the only person who has anything to lose is Shula, by Belichick beating him for the amount of wins.

    Sounds like Shula is defending his record. He really doesn’t have to – he was great, and was a coach in a different time in the NFL. Both coaches are great. Seems like Shula is having a moment of weakness and lashing out.

  156. Bunch of BLOWHARDS all of you! Shula won half his games before the merger and could not win a title with one of the greatest QB’S EVER. most of you commenting are passed cuz Pats kick your team’s ads every year. 4 team’s have made playoffs every year since then I’m sure the team’s of you HATERS are not one of them as for Shula he should just die while he has some credibility left when the game got Modern he began to suck. He wouldn’t be a watering today! Adam Sandler has that job LOSERS!

  157. I would not put it past BB to cheat at any of the Patriots games. Can’t stand BB or the Patriots. If that is the only way that the Patriots and BB can win a super bowl then neither BB or the Patriot players have any business in football. Bad enough the officials cheat and they only cheat because they favor one of the teams that is playing. Here is hoping that the pats and BB lose the next game. Wouldn’t that be nice. Go Packers and Broncos. Hope the Seattle Seahawks lose too.

  158. I guess the Patriots cheated again Saturday again! That is the only reason the Non patriot fans can justify the Pats going to another AFC championship game! You are all losers!
    By the way, the Ravens played a great game and Flacco was superb!

  159. Yes, Belichick and the Pats cheated. That’s not debatable. But Shula does sound kind of petty like his stupid former ’72 players that pop champagne after every undefeated team loses every year. I guess it sucks being a Dolphins fan right now…

  160. Don Shula has every right to call Bill Belachick a cheater. Just like everyone else in America has the right to freedom of speech. Even if they’re wrong. Besides he’s 100% right. If Belachick makes it to the Hall of Fame I’m never watching football again, because it’s a sham. And if he does then Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame too because what he did was a lot less unethical. What Pete Rose did was bet against his own team when he knew they were going to lose. Yes he was wrong but he didn’t influence the game just to win money. Pete Rose was one of the best baseball players of all time and he got that way not because of cheating because of the hard work and dedication. Belichick will have gotten there by cheating. And the reason the patriots are still winning is probably because they’re still cheating. They’re just not getting caught. Don’t get me wrong I think neither Belachick or Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. And for the same reason ethics.


  161. Wait until the Pats play the Hawks in the SB, then see how good Belichek is. Remember what happened the MVP Manning last year! That look on his face on the first snap was priceless.

  162. The Patriots are not going to win a Super Bowl this season or next season. They almost got beat by the Ravens last night and had to resort to trick plays to win because they couldn’t do it without using them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they beat the Ravens and did it by punking them. But, Belichick exposed his hand when they got caught cheating and they Patriots are not a Super Bowl championship team at this point.

  163. My comment is directed at Bencoates57 and others that think what miami did in ’72 was < what NE did in '07.

    1. Regarding schedule – you do realize that Miami team was a dynasty not a one-season wonder. They were in the SB the year prior and after the undefeated season. They were in SB contention in '70, '71, '72, '73, '74. It was a dominant team. Every year half the teams in the league play a schedule that is below .500 the prior year. That's how the math works. If it's so easy, how come no one else has done it? But this isn't the strongest part of the argument. Did you know:

    2. In the '72 season, Miami's version of Tom Brady in his time, Bob Griese (HOF) broke his leg in game 5. A 38 year old backup QB, Earl Morrall (good player but old) came in and led the team to the next 9 wins plus the first round of the playoffs. 10 straight wins from the backup QB. Talk about facing adversity. The team was so good they could overcome their HOF QB going down for the season. And finally:

    3. Miami had to play the AFC Championship game ON THE ROAD even though they had the best record in football. In fact, they and to go into a cold Pittsburgh stadium and play a budding dynasty in the Steelers. Trailing in the 3rd, Shula pulled Morrall for Griese who was just back from the broken leg and he rallied the team for 2 TDs and the come from behind win. The rest is history.

    When morons spout off about easy schedules it exposes their ignorance. I think BB is one of the greatest coaches ever. I think Don Shula – until someone can break his win record – was the best coach ever in football. He coached 33 years and only and TWO losing seasons. Two different teams he took to SBs. He coached in 6 SBs. He won w ground and pound and w aerial acrobatics. He adapted through 4 decades and went out after taking his team to the playoffs yet again in his last season. His longevity and ability to adapt through generations of rule changes etc is remarkable. BB and Shula are in the same class IMO. But let's not try to minimize what Shula did – just because an 85-year old guy said something insulting. Shula has always been above that type of thing but if you know anything about the man, the won thing he could never deal with well was cheating. I believe the only time he refused to shake an opponents hand after a game (and older Pats fans will recall this) was after being victimized by Ron Meyer in the snowplow caper (cheating). Personally, I found it funny and the It didn't hurt the Dolphins that year as they still made it to the SB (behind David Woodley at QB – how many coaches could have pulled that off). Point is, BB cheated. It's not debatable. Shula's hot button has always been cheating. For me it doesn't take away from who Shula is as a person, nor does it take away from the fact that BB IS one of the top five coaches of all time – w/ Shula, Walsh, Lombardi and Halas.

  164. Rodney Harrison is a cheater himself for using a banned substance better known as steroids so it don’t surprise me a known cheater come to the defense to his cheating coach

  165. GOAT? What was his record with the Browns again? And not only did he record the coaches hand signals, they recorded the Rams red zone plays at practice before the Super Bowl. Shameful. Asterisks everywhere!!!

  166. You do the crime you have to do the time. The worst part is that Bill is a great coach and may not have needed to cheat but he did. A lot like Bonds was a great hitter before he took PEDs, but both reputations are tarnished. If he wins this year it helps solidify his greatness; and I do believe he is one of if not the best coaches in the NFL. But they haven’t won since and cost some teams Super Bowls by cheating so he deserves the criticism.

  167. You people who dislike the patriots and keep bringing up the spy gate scandal are so ignorant and stupid. You obviously have jealous tendencies for the lack of wins and recognition the team you root for gets. During the time that the patriots got caught for stealing defensive signals, everyone was doing it! Former Steelers head coach bill cowher admitted that during an interview that even his assistances were trying to steal signals. Even with every team having their own methods and secrets trying to have the upper hand to predict how an opposing defense is going to react once the ball is snapped, the patriots will be the lone team to suffer all the criticism because they got caught. The fact remains, players and coaches still have to approach the field and execute every play and perform, Along with making tough decisions. The patriots are hated solely based off them being this generations best football team to take the field. To bypass all the accomplishments Brady and belichick have achieved in their tenure together is just plain ignorance on the haters part. Yeah, they haven’t won a super bowl since 04, ok? they have posted the best record year in and year out, Brady owns the best win percentage of any quarterback in nfl history, they have been to 5 super bowls and have won 3, and could of been 5 for 5 if it wasn’t luck on Eli manning’s part and a miraculous catch made and some other crucial plays. Credit to Eli though, he played excellent and also had an amazing defense, but where is he now? Peyton manning gets all this praise because he can put up great REGULAR season stats, but people neglect to put emphasis on what matters most, WINS! He now owns the most losses in nfl history in the playoffs. Brady owns the most WINS in playoffs in nfl history thanks to his competitive edge, his lack of folding under pressure when the prime time approaches him. Yah a season is worthless unless you win the super bowl. But with Brady and belichick together their is ALWAYS a high chance the pats will go far in the playoffs. But no, everyone just wants to trash on them because LIKE a bunch of other teams who have cheated in the past whether it be trying to steal offensive or defensive signals, Steelers coach mike tomlin trying to TRIP a player running on a kick off, (which by the way no one brings up anymore, and that sure is more severe putting the health on the line of a opposing player) The saints BOUNTY to hurting players. Does the saints super bowl win get any critism for trying to hurt players!? Who knows how long that went on for. it all goes back to spy gate. SO much cheating has gone on even if they didn’t get caught for it, cheating is cheating. But to take away great season accomplishments and to say super bowls were won because they cheated? that’s just stupid on your part. The nfl every year changes slightly with players getting better and stronger and coaches getting smarter. the pats still have made it to two super bowls since 04 and all the stupid spy gate went on, and because they didn’t win, you say they actually played and not cheated? Your stupid. The opposing team was the better team that day. so many teams haven’t even had the luxury of smelling the playoffs for years nor have won a super bowl or even been to the super bowl in years and you criticize the pats because they haven’t won a super bowl in 10 years? So all you ignorant people who want to call BELICHICK belicheat, go ahead. All you do is fuel his fire and motivate him to come up with more sophisticated and smarter players and loop holes he exposes within the rule book like the play they did that had them use 4 offensive linemen in last nights win over Baltimore. Like brady said, maybe you should read the rule book more and study it because truthfully they outsmarted the ravens. Keep bringing up the spy gate whenever the patriots are in talks of winning the super bowl or in any discussion for that matter in regards to super bowls, they still are the best team to play football since 2000 when belichick and brady formed to be the best coach and qb duo to ever play the game. Any by the way, Jealousy is a female trait.

  168. I really try to keep myself from these Spygate posts, but honestly how many teams have won a SB since Spygate??

    The fact is that its extremely difficult to win a SB even if you are a great team/coach. The year of Spygate his team went 16-0 and were narrowly edged out of a perfect season by a miraculous play that was made by a person no longer in football.

    I think the main point is that people who say the Patriots have accomplished nothing without cheating are simply ignoring facts. The Patriots have been the class of the NFL under him.

  169. tsuscrumhalf says:
    Jan 10, 2015 8:19 AM
    ….If he was that friggin great, he would’ve produced a winner in Clevland. OVER-RATED (clap clap…. ClapClap clap)……


    You obviously spent some time researching the history of the real Browns seeing that you’re not old enough to remember how it all went down.

    Next time, try “google” first.

  170. Since Spygate (and over the past 20 years, too), no AFC team has been to more than 2 consecutive Conference Championship games.

    Next Sunday, the Patriots will be in their FOURTH straight post-Spygate Conference Championship game, three of which are/were HOME games.

    Anyone who tries to argue that the Patriots have accomplished nothing since Spygate is a fool, a moron, a crybaby. And an ignoramus.

  171. Haha the difference between pats fans and any other fan of a different team, if anyone hasn’t noticed, is that a pats fan won’t trash on another team for winning. And yes, you now look more stupid criticizing the length of my post when every point I made in it is facts. Just goes to show the type of people that are being accustomed to this “disrespectful generation” and not giving credit where credit is due. I feel bad for you.

  172. Also to further this, Belichick used the footage after the game and not during, many other former head coaches admit to using this tactic many times but saw it as useless (Jimmy Johnson who was a former KC Chiefs Scout). Even the coach of the Jets Eric Mangini who was the one who started it all sided with the Patriots in saying “Its pretty obvious that it didn’t play any type of significant role in the victories they had” THE PERSON WHO STARTED IT SAID THAT! I honestly this Spygate is blown out of proportion, one for the inordinate amount of penalties. Two Spygate implies Belichick was hiding secret cameras when they were actually in plain site. Three he admitted it was a grey area and said he misunderstood the rules, while I take that with a grain of salt. I was never a head coach for an NFL team so I have no say on the crazy amount of rules they have to be knowledgeable of. They immediately stopped and took it as a learning experience. I hope you guys take this info and somewhat of a rant, find it useful and hopefully open yourselves up to other possibilities. The Pats are honestly still a great team by the numbers. Hope yall have a great day and enjoy the playoffs!

  173. My vote is for another Bill. Bill Walsh. He revolutionized the game with his X’s and O’s which has influenced almost every coach there is today.

  174. How can anybody in their right mind call Belichick the greatest coach of all time when the greatest of all time was Bill Walsh, followed closely by Chuck Noll. Belichick will never even crack the top two!

  175. Bill Belichick, is a great coach.. If the Giants did not have Tom Coughlin, I would love him coaching the Giants again. While they did punish him for the “recording procedure” (lol I still get a kick out of Bill saying that in his press conference) I don’t believe it was a written down rule, other than some sort of sportsmanship bull crap.. No different than a baseball player stealing signs.. I also love how people say the Browns stunk yet forget he was the last coach to take them to the playoffs, and the reason Ray Lewis, and Jonathan Ogden were drafted by the Browns was because Belichick made trades and had an 2 first round picks the year after they fired him. The whole Belichick tree is in Baltimore, Bill began that process while he was in Cleveland.. While he has not won since, the win loss record speaks for itself.. Its just ridiculous.

  176. Can we ever put this to rest? EVERY team was ‘cheating’ and ‘videotaping’ because it was LEGAL. Goddell sent that memo about videotaping to EVERY team in the NFL, not just the Patriots. That’s because EVERY team in the NFL was doing the same thing as the Patriots. And the facts show that the Patriots have had a far better winning percentage after the bogus Spygate non-scandel (.758) than before Spygate (.598). So people can take the bogus Spygate BS and shove it.

  177. “How can anybody in their right mind call Belichick the greatest coach of all time when the greatest of all time was Bill Walsh, followed closely by Chuck Noll. Belichick will never even crack the top two!”

    Two words can do it: free agency. (Or is that just one word, free-agency?) Either way, it’s that easy.

    How anybody in their right mind can ignore the coaching challenges posed by free-agency when comparing eras is the real question.

  178. I would like to see a non-Patriot fan succinctly and intelligently post exactly what the Spygate Scandal was, just so we can all be enlightened.

    I only ask for this because it’s pretty clear that about 99% of fans that post about ‘Spygate’ and ‘Beli-cheat’ actually have no idea what it was.

  179. From a Patriots fan, I will give it to you straight:

    We cheated, we got caught, and we havent won a SB since. We can argue it to the end of time, but when its looked at like that, its a pretty standard assessment.

    Our coach, although a brilliant mind, is a prick who treats others like they are below him, many times people in our own organization. Although I love the game of football, I sometimes find it harder and harder to watch the sport. I have never understood why these coaches and athletes dont realize that they are multi-millionaires due SOLELY to the fans that support them.

    I hate seeing the video replay of the Tuck Rule play because the ruling was basically made up on the spot (I truly believe the NFL hated Al Davis THAT MUCH).

    I hate seeing the Patriots organization represented on TV by the likes of Rodney Harrison, Willie McGinest, etc etc….

    That being said…

    The play against Baltimore was legal, not our problem that Harbaugh doesnt know all the nuances of the rules. Thats how trick plays are discovered, they are sprung on someone when they have no clue about it. Same way the Dolphins unveiled the Wildcat on us years ago and destroyed us, it was something we simply had no clue was coming and was totally unprepared for.

    And I dont understand the hate for Brady, the guy is a Hall of Fame Qb that delivers time and time again. Any fan that says they wouldnt want him as their Qb is lying, period.

  180. Glad to see that there are fans in Patriot land who agree. Belichick cheated and got caught. And unfortunately it places a pall over his entire career and all his Superbowl wins. He can never be the greatest coach ever because of this. It is what it is.

  181. Reminds me of Lance Armstrong ( Greatest cyclist EVER )- 7 consecutive Tour de France titles……all for not because of doping allegations

  182. Win a bowl without cheating, then talk to me about greatest of all-time. Look and how pathetic the AFC East has been. Cupcake division and he still hasn’t won a bowl, and they won’t especially if they play the Seahawks. I can see Sherman clowning Brady now.

  183. They hate us cuz they aint us.

    Seriously though, since Spygate the Patriots have the best record in the entire league (by far). Yes they play in a weak division (well QB weak, not defense) but they ROUTINELY beat the top tier teams in the league throughout each season. They routinely make the AFC Championship game or Super Bowl. Sometimes people need to give credit where credit is due. He is definitely the best coach and I’m sure any team would love to have him.

    This is exactly how I was told to do it 18 years ago by a Kansas City Chiefs scout. I tried it, but I didn’t think it helped us. Bill Belichick was wrong because he videotaped signals after a memo was sent out to all teams saying not to do it. But what irritates me is hearing some reactions from players and coaches.

    “These players don’t know what their coaches are doing, and some of the coaches have selective amnesia because I know for a fact there were various teams doing this. That’s why the memo was sent to everybody. That doesn’t make Belichick right, but a lot of teams are doing this.”
    -Jimmy Johnson

    “We consider the tapes of our coaching staff during our games against the New England Patriots to be a non-issue. In our opinion, they had no impact on the results of those games.”
    -Pittsburgh Steelers Chairman, Dan Rooney.

  184. Pat’s are a great franchise, great ownership group and the class of the AFC in winning percentages for so many years that every fan of every other team has to believe there’s something going on there, they can’t be as good as their record, they must be cheating!!! The need something to hold on to until BB retires and they have a chance to make the playoffs and win, not just one and done playoff year again.
    Rodney is right, Shula needs to censor himself, he’s starting to sound like a fan of a losing team!!!
    There’s ample evidence of EVERY team doing the same as the Patriots, they took one for the entire NFL when they allowed the scandal to be swept under the rug so as not to expose the league as a bunch of cheaters, worse than that done by the Pat’s and their coaches. Belichick is who he is for a reason, he doesn’t say too much, he keeps his opinions to himself to allow the other teams to use him as a whipping boy because he doesn’t care what anyone thinks!!!

  185. Comment is beneath the dignity of Shula and almost smacks of him wanting some attention in his dotage. Belichick has earned legendary status at this point in his career and will be in Canton as soon as he becomes eligible, but designating him the greatest coach ever, while certainly still attainable, remains a slight bit of a stretch at this juncture.

  186. Don Shula coached my team when I was a kid…the Baltimore Colts…and he was a great coach. Then the team was STOLEN out of Baltimore and brought to Indianapolis by that scumbag thief Irsay. Having no team, I became a Patriots fan and have been one ever since. The spygate thing is a joke…Bill B is a genius who has been able to adapt to an ever changing game and constant turnover from free agency and produce a winner EVERY year. He does not have more rings because of two incredible plays…Tyree’s catch and Manningham’s catch. Not a thing to do with Spygate…which by the way, has been done by every other team in the NFL in one way or another. He can be a jerk, has a real poor rapport with the media and the fans, but when it comes to football…NOBODY has ever done it better. Put Shula and Noll, and Landry, and Lombardi in today’s NFL and they would not have the same success. They would have never been able to keep together the steel curtain, the doomsday defense, or the great packer and dolphin teams today. Free agency would have spread those guys all over the league. Belichick has to do that every YEAR and still competes for a Super Bowl. Weak division??? what about the playoffs…still gotta go through the Indys, Pittsburghs, Denvers, and San Diegos of the NFL each year. The Spygate argument is a lame excuse for teams who simply can’t compete because the Patriots just flat out do it better.

  187. And as for the “weak division” whine that so many mindlessly repeat, leaving aside the Patriots’ four consecutive Conference Championship appearances, only two AFC teams have even been to as many as two consecutive title games since Spygate – and one of those teams was the AFC East Jets. Y’know, from the “weak division.”

    And in the past 20 years, only Pittsburgh’s been to two consecutive title games twice (and the Pats). Denver, Baltimore and the Jets have been to two consecutive title games once. That’s IT. No one since the Bills’ streak of 4 ended in 1994 has a franchise been to more than two consecutive AFC title games. Except the Patriots.

    The Patriots have been to two consecutive title games twice, and they’re in the midst of an active run of FOUR consecutive title games.

    There’s no question – to any rational, thinking, objective analyst, the Patriots over the past 2 decades, and especially over the past several years, have been the premier AFC franchise and one of the few premier NFL franchises.


  188. I get sick of hearing how Belicheat is the greatest coach of all time. How many Super Bowls did he win before Tom Brady arrived. Funny how one player can make you into the greatest coach since Vince Lombardi. Similar to how Peyton Manning made Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell and John Fox great. We saw how good Jim Caldwell was when he didn’t have Manning. He goes from 14-2 to 2-14. Rodney should check Bill’s winning % before Brady before making his comments.

  189. How many Super Bowls did Vince Lombardi win? The first 2, when the AFL was in its infancy. So, big friggin’ deal. And he won 5 NFL titles when there wasn’t even an AFL or AFC. So, big friggin’ deal.

    And yet he’s got the SB trophy named after him, and folks like you wet their panties at the mention of his name.

    Bill Walsh won 3 SBs, just like Belichick. But he only went to 3 SBs while Belichick has gone to 5…so far. And Walsh had the benefit of Hall of Famer’s Montana and Young under center. I guess we should revoke Walsh’s HoF plaque, since he didn’t win ANY Super Bowls without the benefit of the greats Montana and Young. AND he did it in the pre-salary cap days.

    The year Brady went down with a season-ending injury in the first quarter of the first game of the season, Belichick guided the Patriots to an 11-5 record with Matt Cassel. The next year, Brady returned and the Pats went 10-6. Yep, without Brady at QB Belichick is nothing. You fool.

    Keep crying all you can, keep misrepresenting or ignoring all the relevant data you want. Fact is, Belichick is among the greatest coaches in NFL history.

  190. Vince Lombardi? He won the first two Super Bowls when the AFL was in its relative infancy, less than 10 years old. He didn’t even GO to another one. His 2nd Super Bowl was in a season when his NFL record was an ordinary 9-4-1.

    His 5 NFL championships included the 2 Super Bowl years, and 3 other years when the competition wasn’t nearly what it is today (plus, no free-agency and no salary-cap issues to work around).

    He does have one particular record to his credit: he coached the Packers to win nine straight post-season games. That record stood for 4 decades.

    Oh, BTW, it was broken by…wait for it…Bill Belichick, who won 10 in a row from 2002 to 2006.

    No doubt Lombardi was a great coach. But not greater than Belichick.

  191. Does anyone recall Belicheats protégé Josh McDaniels recording 49ers practices before game in London in 2010….he learned from the BEST….the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree

  192. Gibbs. 3 SBowl wins w/ 3 mediocre QB’s at best. This from a Cowboy fan. Belichek is best of Salary Cap level hands down but it is a FACT that he has not won it all since he got caught cheating. And he has a better than average QB through the whole time.

  193. “jtbsteeler says: Jan 13, 2015 9:02 AM

    Win a bowl without cheating, then talk to me about greatest of all-time. Look and how pathetic the AFC East has been. Cupcake division and he still hasn’t won a bowl, and they won’t especially if they play the Seahawks. I can see Sherman clowning Brady now.”

    Ok, the first 3 Super bowls were won without cheating as it was only the Jet’s game in Sept 07 that they made their error. Prior to that it was LEGAL to tape. So, let’s talk about greatest of all time now. As for the Cupcake division, have you seen the NFC South? You know, the Panthers that went on to the playoffs with a LOSING record? THAT cupcake division?

  194. And the GOP hasn’t won the presidency since “he got caught cheating.” I wonder if his getting “caught cheating” also has kept the GOP from winning the presidency, to use your logic.

    You need to look up and understand the post hoc ergo propter hoc logical fallacy, because you suffer from it.

    What’s also a fact is that Belichick’s winning percentage is MUCH better post-Spygate than it was pre-Spygate. Would you mind sharing with us your explanation for THAT oddity, if in fact his prior success was BECAUSE of “cheating?” C’mon, give it a go. If getting “caught cheating” has prevented Belichick from winning it all, how do you explain his greater success post-Spygate compare to pre-Spygate?

    And he’d have 2 more SB wins – both post-Spygate – but for 2 outrageous, out-of-this-world, couldn’t-do-again-in-a-hundred-tries catches…I suppose Belichick getting “caught cheating” helped those Giants receivers make those insane catches, right?

  195. For all the “Belichick cheated” commenters, let’s think about this logically.
    1) What’s the FIRST thing authorities do when they bust someone? SHOW THE EVIDENCE. Ever see the drugs, guns and money spread on a table after a big drug bust? Ever see the video of the armed bank robber after he’s caught? Did you see one second of video? Thought not (and don’t give me the, “they got rid of it” crap… if you buy that you’re more gullible than I thought).

    2) Belichick was said to have been fined a half mil. Operative phrase, “Said to have been.” Was he really? He certainly didn’t say a word about it.

    3) And this is most important… EVERY team in the NFL has security – EVERY. TEAM. Now, a Pats employee was accused of videotaping the Rams goal line offense practice from the end zone stands. BUT. The ONLY video that was shown of that practice CLEARLY showed NO ONE in the stands at EITHER end of the field. Even the Rams coaching staff AND their security admitted they saw no one in the stands —- ANYWHERE. So, how did this mysterious figure pull it off? By masquerading as a seat?!

    4) Bill Belichick has head coached in FIVE Super Bowls. FIVE. He’s an Eli Manning prayer pass and a mistake by Asante Samuel PLUS the greatest lockbox catch in SB history from five rings. Yes, I said mistake by Samuel. Belichick has ONE dictum for corners when the QB scrambles: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR RECEIVER until the QB crosses the line of scrimmage. Samuel dropped off Tyree to run toward Manning. Samuel choked and left the WR to Rodney Harrison (plus, Samuel let an easy pick go right through his hands just before “the catch”). NE has appeared in NINE AFC Championship games. And he’s won the majority of his games with god-awful offenses and mediocre defenses during a time in NFL history – the salary cap era – that’s tailor-made for teams to yo-yo between two or three great seasons combined with two or three so-so to poor seasons.

    5) Shula has more wins than Belichick because he coached longer – period. And Shula coached in an era where players couldn’t run for the money every time they had a decent season.

  196. johnnyquick, don’t be quick. Take your time and explain (if you can) what “Shula is 2-0 v. BB in head to head competition” means. State your point (which presumably is that Shula was a better coach than BB, but state it, anyway), and then defend it.

    I sure hope you got more than the “head to head” trope.

  197. Wow, that is about as pathetic a defense as a school child could muster. ‘cuz nothing has happened in the football world since 1993 that might affect the comparison between Shula and Belichick.

    Do you dress yourself in the morning?

  198. I impugned you personally because you failed miserably to defend your argument rationally, logically, or by refuting any the facts in this thread that argue in favor of Belichick. You’ve earned the insults. They haven’t validated your “facts”…because you haven’t provided any!

    Now, if you’d like to debate like an adult, defend your argument that Shula’s better than Belichick and do so with more than the simpleminded “head to head” citation.

    Can you do that? Or do you deserve the scorn I’ve heaped upon you? Only you know the answer to the first question; how you answer it will provide the answer to the second question for the rest of us.

  199. “johnnyquick says: Jan 16, 2015 2:41 PM

    Shula owns BB!”

    LMAO!!! Really?!??! Shula OWNS BB because of two games back in the early 90? PULEASEEEEEE! Shula today probably couldn’t SPELL football! and Certainly is nowhere close to the current BB. If Shula coached today, and played BB 10 times, I’m fairly certain that BB would win ALL 10.

  200. “Coach” Shula is the architect of the two biggest choke jobs in NFL chapionship history: The Browns dismantling of the Colts in 1965 and, of course, Super Bowl III.

    He also conveniently omits any discussion ever of his poor post-season record or his own “cheating.” In direct violtion of NFL rules, he ordered the tarp left off the field before the AFC title games against the Jets and of having too many players in the huddle during games.

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