If John Fox is available, he may not be available for long


A persistent theory/idea/whatever has lingered in league circles over the past few weeks regarding the potential fate of the coaching staff in Denver if the Broncos lose on Sunday.

Some think defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio could be in trouble. Others wonder whether coach John Fox would take the fall for a pair of one-and-out playoff appearances in the last three seasons.

The organization invested millions last March in the defense, with the addition of linebacker DeMarcus Ware, cornerback Aqib Talib, and safety T.J. Ward. Rarely if ever has a conference champion done so much to punch through to the next level. Failing to get back to the conference championship game would have consequences.

If one of those consequences is indeed a termination, resignation, or “mutual parting” with Fox, Fox may not be unemployed for long.

“Keep an eye on the Denver Broncos,” said Jay Glazer on FOX NFL Sunday. “That’s what a lot of these teams with openings are doing. There is a thought that, hey, if they lose today, could John Fox become available? If he is, he’ll shoot to the top of many of these lists.”

Five teams still have coaching vacancies: the Jets, Falcons, Bears, 49ers, and Raiders.

Four years ago, Fox wasn’t retained by the Panthers after his contract expired. The Broncos swooped in, and he has taken them to the playoffs in each of his four seasons.

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  1. I’m a Bronxos fan, and thinkFox is a mediocre head coach. But he’s had a ton of success, the players love him, and they JUST extended his deal. This is speculation out of thin airZ

  2. This seems like they might be afraid of losing Gase if they lose today and would rather just promote him to HC should that happen.

  3. as a long time Panther Fans I used to Love Foxy But he can’t win with a young roster he has to have loads of vet which makes him look better than he is & bye the way Bronco fans i told you 4 yrs ago you like him in the beginning but not as time want on

  4. Fox will be gone as Denver Broncos’ head coach. The Denver Broncos should have represented the AFC in Super Bowl XLVII in 2012, but Ravens beat them. 2012 Baltimore Ravens were a team of destiny anyway.

    Broncos represents AFC in Super Bowl XLVII (Should have)
    Should of had a Broncos-Texans AFC Championship Game at Reliant Stadium, Houston in 2012.
    Broncos represents AFC in Super Bowl XLVIII (Lost Super Bowl, 43-8 to NFC champions Seattle Seahawks)
    The Broncos should have had 2 Lamar Hunt Trophies and at least a third Lombardi trophy in Broncos’ franchise history with Fox and Manning, but the window is closing.

  5. After today.

    Peyton Manning 2 playoff wins as a bronco.

    Tim Tebow 1 playoff win as a bronco.

    Tom Brady is just the greatest of all time with his next super bowl win.

  6. Let’s not forget that when John Fox took over in Carolina, the team was coming off a 1-15 season. Just two years later, Fox had them in the Super Bowl. His QB? Jake Delhomme.

  7. Fox was great with the team Siefert built in Carolina, then a slow fade…..he is as good in Denver as Manning performs…… great DC who lucked into a couple good situations that made him rich….

  8. If they lose it won’t be Fox’s fault, or the defense. The reason people even think it’s a possibility they could lose is because Peyton Manning has not been Peyton Manning lately. If he plays well, they win. Simple as that really.

  9. Del Rio will be the Raiders next HC. Fox is going nowhere. A non-story. Bowles & Quinn will end up in Atlanta or NY. Kubiak in Chicago. Musical chairs over and Marrone left standing to count his $4 mil at home.

  10. Did he take the Broncos to the playoffs or did Peyton Manning take the Broncos to the playoffs?

  11. Fox is overrated.

    Shortly after his super bowl run in Carolina, about a half dozen of his players got caught in an HGH ring. As for his success in Denver, Peyton Manning deserves at least 90% of the credit.

  12. Everything has to go right for a team to win a championship. Offense, defense, and special teams must fire on all cylinders all season. You can’t suffer insurmountable injuries. The calls have to go your way. Even the weather has to cooperate. No team, no matter how good, even when led by a future HoF QB, is assured of a title. The best fans can hope for is to see their teams in contention.

    Fox has done a great job of keeping Denver in contention. Pittsburgh didn’t get “Tebowed” a couple of years ago. The Steeleers were “outFoxed” by a superior game plan that played to Tebow’s strengths and Pittsburgh’s weaknesses. If Denver is foolish enough to fire him for not going the distance this year, I’m sure someone will give him a home.

  13. Fox is horrible. The Broncos have been mentally weak (penalties, lack of adjustments) and have lost key games.

    They lost to the Chargers last year with the #1 seed on the line (although it worked out).

    They lost to Seattle badly in the SB. Fox said the season was “not too shabby.” Meanwhile, Arians was 9-1 this year and says “we haven’t done anything.” Fox is content with mediocrity.

    Constantly outcoached, and the team can never play a complete four quarters.

    Team does not pay attention to fundamental tackling and especially lacks focus on the idea that all three phases (SPECIAL TEAMS) matter.

    So much talent and subpar results. Manning always seems to cover these deficiencies, and coaching certainly is one of the major reasons why the best teams consistently win in the playoffs.

  14. When you have Manning your expectations are Super Bowl every year.

    But Elway has to feed his ego and needs a SB win to do it. He might chop Fox and make a late push for Ryan if Denver loses.

  15. John Fox took Jake Delhomme to a Super Bowl and won a playoff game with with Tim Tebow. Talking smack on him as a QB-dependent coach is a joke.

  16. Every year should be Super Bowl or bust when you have Manning as your QB. You play for Lamar Hunt trophies and Lombardi trophies, not AFC West titles. The Broncos need to WIN NOW, or else the window will be closing.

  17. I don’t see why anyone would want John Fox as their coach after last years debacle in the Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos were clearly NOT ready for that game. And that falls on the coaching staff. He does seem like a really nice guy though.

  18. Imagine if the Broncos won Super Bowl XLVII 39-33 February 3, 2013 in New Orleans, over the Atlanta Falcons (Falcons should have represented the NFC in Super Bowl XLVII). That could have happened. The Broncos could have repeated and won Super Bowl XLVIII over the Seattle Seahawks. The Broncos had chances to win their third Lombardi trophy, but they are running out of time with this core.

  19. If John Fox is available (I don’t think he will be because I think/hope Denver will win today) the Broncos will have Gary Kubiak as their next head coach, after they give a sham interview to a minority candidate. They could interview 50 minority candidates without announcing it and the Fritz-Pollard alliance would have a fit but as long as they tell the media they interviewed 1 strictly to meet the rule the FPA will give their thumbs up.

  20. I’m no fan of Manning and I’ve always thought Fox is an average coach. But wouldn’t it make sense to wait till, you know, the Donks actually lose befor you send a coach that just got his deal extended packing to another team?

  21. “They lost to Seattle badly in the SB. Fox said the season was “not too shabby.” Meanwhile, Arians was 9-1 this year and says “we haven’t done anything.” Fox is content with mediocrity.”

    How is going to the Super Bowl even though they lost make them “mediocre”? Please explain.

    They were one of the 2 best teams last year, and came up short only in the Super Bowl. If doing anything other than winning the Super Bowl makes you mediocre that’s a ridiculously high standard given only 1 of 32 teams can do so.

  22. It’s not that Fox is doing a bad job. It’s that Mike Shanahan wants to coach again, and he wants a team that’s close to the top and has a good QB. That sounds like the Broncos. We know how well Mike coaches with a HOF QB. Elway knows too.

  23. tonebones: Elway and Shanahan had a major falling out after Elway retired, I think they’ve gotten to the point where they’re civil to each other, but it’s extremely doubtful that Elway would hire Shanahan as his next head coach. Gary Kubiak on the other hand was Elway’s backup QB for most of his career and the two were good friends. Cubic was also the OC in Denver when Elway won those Super Bowls.

  24. So, Denver was the #1 seed in the AFC last yr and went to the SBowl. That was in a division w/3 playoff teams. OK, they ran into a buzzsaw and got smoked. This yr they’re the #2 seed in the AFC, still in a tough division, playing the #2 hardest schedule, haven’t lost a playoff game yet, but Fox’s job is on the line? A guy with 2 SBowl appearances? That’s nuts. Yes, he can be too conservative at times. It’s more on Manning, whose age, injuries and inexplicable losing playoff record may be catching up with him. Or, Elway. Instead of builing a team w/the perspective of a GM, does it like a former player or dilettante rich owner and tries to buy an All-Star team. Which never works(see DSnyder). Watch what happens the next few yrs with their cap. If they win the SB, it was worth it. If not, Fox is the last guy to blame.

  25. I’m a Pats fan. Denver is not losing to the Colts. Anyone talking trash about the Pats or the Broncos is nuts.

  26. If we lose John Fox, I want Rex Ryan. That doesn’t appear to be an option.

    I salivate at what Rexy could do with our defensive players.

  27. John Fox is a decent coach. Jack Delrio should be the one who gets axed first if they lose. Ther whole plan was to make this a defensive team. You would have to question the philosophy.

  28. If the road to Super Bowl XLIX in the AFC ran through Denver for the third straight year, then the Broncos would be clear favorites to represent the AFC. But their co-favorites with New England because of Peyton Manning, not because of Fox.

  29. It is sad but true that only in the NFL would John Fox automatically be at the top of coaching search lists if fired. This is a league where the more jobs you have been fired from is considered a plus on resumes. John Fox has proven in the past 3 years that he is great at two things: clapping after Peyton comes running off the field, and being overruled by Peyton when he tries to send on the punt team.

  30. So we’re firing coaches now for not making it to the championship game? Really? Good lord.

  31. And here’s the question: why does Jeff Fisher still have a job then???

    Did you know that Fisher and Jason Garrett have lowered the bar on how to mediocre you have to be to stay??

  32. “If we lose John Fox, I want Rex Ryan. That doesn’t appear to be an option.

    I salivate at what Rexy could do with our defensive players.”

    Actually that would have been a great place for Rex. You’re right in that he could have probably made the defense better, and its one of only about 5 teams with a QB who basically doubles as the OC.

    Too bad he decided on Buffalo.

  33. John Fox took Jake Delhomme to a Super Bowl and won a playoff game with with Tim Tebow…………..YES he did BUT he also did that with the Best Defense in the NFL a 4-3 attack def & a solid Running game in both times that’s what wrong with Foxy he’s trying to do it throwing & a weak def & it’s not working

  34. Big changes in store now that the Bronco’s lost. That goes with the territory any time a team that has high hopes doesn’t even do as well as the previous year. I think Peyton is going to retire.

  35. Here’s a hint Elway… when you sign the players that the Patriots are getting rid of, maybe you should stop and think “I wonder why the Pats aren’t re-signing these guys”. You take our left overs and Belichick upgrades….You go FA, we go draft.

  36. I think the Broncos coaching staff completely out thought themselves over the last month. Maybe Manning was hurt but the went so run heavy over the last 6 or 7 games and took the ball out of the best offensive weapon on the team. Maybe Manning was also hurt but if he’s healthy, you ride him and not a running back. And the play calling today was abysmal. Something like 3, 4 or 5 deep throws on 3rd & short. Those are low percentage plays any time.

  37. John Fox hasn’t taken them to the playoffs. Peyton Manning has. Manning can mask a coach’s fault (especially when he basically is the OC for a team anyway).

  38. John Fox was head coach when Tim Tebow was there? Broncos made the playoffs with Tebow there, a quarterback who can’t throw a football?
    John Fox is a quality head coach. Peyton Manning has done what he’s always done: win big until the playoffs. Frankly Fox doesn’t look that much different record-wise than Tony Dungy and that guy’s getting consideration for the Hall-of-Fame.

  39. Great…he’s taken a team with a ton of talent, in a weak division, to the playoffs….
    What’s he done once he got there?

    ONE Super Bowl, in which he was severely out coached, and his team annihilated.

    Fox does not have the resume of a winner.

  40. If Denver lets Fox goes there just plan stupid over the last 3 years Denver has won alot of games and 3 striaght division titles alot of teams in the NFL would love to have that problem. Look every now and then even Bellichek goes one and done in the playoffs he hasnt wom the superbowl in a decade. there is still no coach Id rather have in New England. The ugly reality of the NFL. Is there is a salary cap. Denver might press the bubble. But the reality is if Manning, Ware, Talib and Ward are accounting for say $45 million of the cap that is 1/3 of the cap for 4 players maybe more. which is saying they dont have alot of room for other people. Harris is quality, Thomas contract is up. they can only pay so many people. Would I keep Manning at his current number would be play for less? The Broncos lost to the Colts, you can say Manning had a bad game he was not the only one. Out of the Pats Ravens game, and the Broncos Colts game who had the worse game Talib or Revis? both players stunk last weekend. Both players committed a decent sum of flags. If I was Denver id keep Fox. id like to see Manning play for brady money. then they could pay Thomas. But Manning would be the first player I would address in the off season. do we have 1 or 2 Manning years left? or do we need the next franchise QB?

  41. Elway is too smart to make dumb moves like ousting Fox. That makes no sense to me, they made it to the playoffs again and had a good shot at a SB title. There are other roster changes that could be made for the better way before making coaching moves.

  42. It’s amazing how fast things can change…Bronco fans, coaches and players were expecting to advance to the AFC Championship game. A day later, they’re out of the playoffs and minus their head coach. Elway told his coaching staff they were free to negotiate any deal they could. I can’t say for sure, but I think that may’ve prompted the Niners to have their 2nd meeting with Adam Gase. My gut’s telling me they may well offer him a contract before Denver or another team does.

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