Jerry Jones: I do think Dez Bryant made the catch


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that after looking at all the replays, he believes Dez Bryant made the crucial catch that the referee said he missed in the fourth quarter today at Green Bay.

“I do think he made it, yes, and we had the opportunity to look at several angles up there, where I was sitting, and the answer is I do,” Jones said. “But we’ve had a lot — certainly we had the call last week in our game with Detroit, we had the ruling on [the NFL reversing the suspension of Detroit’s Ndamukong] Suh before that, so we’ve had a lot of re-looks at things around here, sometimes they go for you and sometimes they don’t.”

Jones said he didn’t want to rehash the play, but he believes the official on the field who ruled that Bryant caught the pass got it right, and the referee (and NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino, who consults with the referee on replay reviews) got it wrong.

“I’m not so much into talking about the judgment — it was judgment — the judgment of the officials,” Jones said.” It was just a bad time for us to have a play like that. To Green Bay’s credit, they were in a position to win the game and we had to make a play like that. In my opinion, we made the play.”

Jones is entitled to that opinion, but the rules of the NFL say that a receiver has to complete the process of the catch and maintain control when he goes to the ground. If Jones doesn’t like that rule, he needs to persuade his fellow owners to adopt a better rule.

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  1. Of course you do! But the refs weren’t going to allow that today. Even the refs wanted the might Green Bay Packers to win!!

    Have fun going back to Dallas!

    Your team is almost as bad as the Vikings or the Bears.

    We are the team to beat! And I’m proud that I own such a part of an amazing winning team.

    We are America’s team, and we will win the Super Bowl!

  2. The last paragraph of this article sums it up perfect. It was not a judgment call. The rule is clear and the play met all the criteria of the rule perfectly. There was literally NO gray area and no room for interpretation. Suck it, Cowboys losers.

  3. I’m a Packers fan and I agree with you Jerry. He did catch the ball. Problem is, he used the ground to do it. Ya can’t do that buddy!

  4. Jerry, I think the call last week was indeed holding or pass interference. Sucks to have the referees make a call that determines the outcome of a game when it goes against you, huh Jerry?

  5. What else is he going to say? He’s just pissed the League actually made them play the game and didn’t give them the victory just for showing up.

    (Like a couple of other teams seriously do act like).

  6. See what happens the Traffic Jam from Jersey is made to pay his own way….. Hee Hee Hee. Have a nice flight back to Dallas………

  7. How is the ball coming loose as Dez hit the ground even in dispute? Anyone with eyes sees the bobble. Argue the validity of the rule, but according to existing rules it is OH, SO CLEARLY not a catch.

    Jerry, get Lasik instead of Botox…

  8. as a Vikings fan, I’d say it’s a bummer that it had to come down to the refs. Both teams looks good. As much as I hate to say it, congrats to the Packers.

  9. So glad to see Jerry Jones out the playoffs. Even better on that catch—or non catch that it happened the way it did. Americas team, haha, see yaaaaaaaaaa.


  11. Anyone who knows the rules and saw the play in its entirety understood it was incomplete and knew it would be overturned.

  12. We delight in this latest reversal of your fortunes, Jerry! Perhaps firing your coach and trading for Johnny Manziel will make you feel better.

  13. Hey Jerruh, Odell Beckham here, that was not a catch man, as you learned a few weeks ago, I would have caught it, and scored even with your hack corners interfering with me.

    Hugs and kisses, looking forward to torching you for the next 10+ seasons!

  14. Where was Jerry Jones when the officials ripped off the Raiders in the San Diego game in 2009, the year before the Calvin Johnson call? This rule sucks! And it certainly is not applied uniformly.

  15. While most fans would agree that Dez did indeed catch the ball, the NFL does not. That was called by to books – Dez did not complete the process of the catch.

    Most of us can agree that the books are stupid. And wrong. But they are the rules.

    I was *shocked* when the NFL looked at the process rule after the Calvin Johnson thing and decided to KEEP it in the rulebook as it was called that day. Because to me it seems like a terrible rule.

  16. What does the megalomaniacal narcissistic publicity addicted owner of the Green Bay Packers have to say about it? Wait a sec …

  17. Hey all of you haters, idiots, etc. Go to youtube, “DEZ Bryant Amazing Catch Vs Packers On 4th And 2 But overturned” go to frame 0:43, Bryant clearly is down before he loses control of the football, as he has already taken three steps while controlling the football, and his hip and torso hit the ground before his arm. He has also touched sam shields making him down by contact, so his arm and the ball have become irrelevant at this point. He also has maintained control prior to these events happening. Let the guys play, the refs ruin the game. Who is to say that Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t have led the Packers down the field anyway, as there were 6 minutes left on the clock.

  18. It’s amazing how much people hate this guy. He days he disagrees with the call, but acknowledges they didn’t do enough to win (vs complaining about it). He even acknowledges that last week’s call went in their favor. He was clearly asked a question about it (for anyone thinking I’m making a farfetched assumption, he says “I do, YES…”) and he answered it with how he honestly felt. That’s not to say he is right with what he believes, but as long as he doesn’t use it as an excuse (ie lions) then i don’t care if he’s right or wrong.

    And if we are going to limit complaining to only fans of teams that have never been the benefactor of a bad play call, then I’m fairly certain we will have a complaint free sports world. Of course, I’m not talking about you guy who is currently reading this. Your team is always screwed by officials.

  19. Not a Cowboys fan and certainly not a Jerry Jones fan. But that was a catch. He had possession as he had the ball in his hand wedged against his foremarm (look at his fingers cradling the ball). And he got it to his hand from his upper body. He established control. The ball coming out on the ground is after the fact that he had possession and a completion. Had he not had possession then the ground would have been a factor. But he did.

  20. Frankly,I hate the Cowboys organization.

    Being a Redskins fan and all.

    But that was a catch and the Cowboys and their fans just got raped on tv in front of a half million NFL fans.

    He had the ball coming down more then two steps and lost the ball due to contact with ground.

    Being that the defender was right there and influenced the Cowboys receiver to fall to the ground,the argument could have been made he was down by contact or even that the ground caused the fumble but he had possession before the ball came out.

    This is the worst call by refs in a very long time and it will guarantee that pass receivers will not go all out because in the end,no matter how hard they try-the refs will not allow their efforts to matter.

    This from a diehard Redskins fan (of the players and coaches-not the owner-I actually have way more respect for Jones then I do our loser owner).

    Cowboys,you just got robbed.

    Sucks, don’t it.

  21. Wondering if Christie was in the owner’s section.. and if he was will he still be the Cowboy’s “mojo” next season?

  22. If only Dez would have fumbled it through the end zone, then Florio would be livid. Dez caught it. It was a catch. But it’s the rule. THIS RULE is the worst rule in football.

  23. Fred: Hi roger, it’s fred from officiating headquarters.

    Rogers: hi Fred. Nice result today but you’re sure putting me in a tough spot again. At least you didn’t pick up another flag. Some people are on to us after that stupid move.

    Fred: sorry about that but like we agreed, if we needed it, the best place is the replay booth. Had to stretch that call on Dez to make it look like a rule thing but I think most people bought.

    Roger: agreed. Either way it’s worth the risk. Could you imagine the viewer drop off if had been Detroit last week!? Disaster! Green Bay has more American followers than Dallas and THAT’S where the money is.

    Fred: what do your pollsters want us to do next week? Seattle or Green Bay?

    Roger: we will know more by Wednesday. Until then, just keep saying “Mr. Bryant needed to make a football move and in our judgement, he did not”. Eventually this will die down…it always does. Don’t worry….check’s in the mail.

  24. I feel it needs to be pointed out that, even if Dallas scores on that play or the next, you’re still giving the ball back to Aaron Rodgers with 4 minutes left in a situation where a field goal wins. So even if you don’t like the call, which was indisputably correct according to the rules, it didn’t “cost” Dallas the game.

  25. Classless reaction Jerry. Especially after the Refs were so good to you last week, where was your outrage then??

  26. Realitycheckbaby says:


    You’re a loser Jerrah.

    And that’s not a judgement call.


    Right, the guy’s a billionaire owner of one of the most storied franchises in sports history and he’s the “loser.” Keep posting witty comments RCB, they’re very entertaining.

  27. Probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway. If they had scored the Packers would have gotten the ball back with about 4 minutes left to kick a FG and win the game.

  28. The “rule” isn’t the problem. The problem is the determination by the crew that the catch, 3 steps and reach of the ball isn’t considered a “football move”. Had he just fallen to the ground and lost the ball, I would agree that it wasn’t a catch, but he did have complete control of the ball and made a move toward the end zone.

  29. The NFL needs to change this pathetic rule pronto because right now they’re the laughingstock of the planet. The Cowboys were clearly jobbed. The ball never hit the ground. Bryant had control the whole time. Absolutely one of the more embarrassing days in NFL history.

  30. What difference does it make? Rodgers had plenty of time to take the lead back and the Dallas defense wasn’t putting up any fight by that time in the game.

    As it was the Packers drained the rest of the clock and moved into FG range by kneel down time. They would have punched it in if they wanted to.

  31. He should be upset. It was a catch. Bryant had three steps. If Bryant had been diving when he caught that ball and hadn’t had his feet on the ground with the ball in his hands, sure, no catch. But in this case he went up high, caught the ball, stepped three times and then fell to the ground with the ball, the ball came lose, and he recovered the ball. It’s a catch, a fumble and recovery. The refs and the NFL are freaking stupid idiots to not tweak this rule for when you have two or more feet in. The Calvin Johnson call was equally stupid.

  32. And, again, why wasn’t Bryant flagged for going on the field with no helmet arguing calls? He’ll be fined again, but why does consistently get away with it?

  33. He absolutely made the catch!!! The NFL has become like WWF & WWE WRESTLING!!!! Seriously , they always give Green Bay the fluff calls….. They granted a catch earlier that extended a scoring drive that clearly touched the ground!!! It’s getting old!!! When does Hulk Hogan smash a chair on Erin Rodgers Calf??

  34. What people don’t realize, jus like with the tuck rule, this play didn’t end the game. Dallas’ D then had multiple opportunities to get their offense the ball back and couldn’t do it. Tough call but there were still chances for Dallas to win and they didn’t do it.

  35. Here’s a an idea to simplify the rule and make it clear.

    The ball cannot touch the ground to be a catch.


  36. Does it really matter? An honest observation tells me that Seattle is going to destroy everyone on their way to another title. Sorry Pats trolls, but you can always hang on to the idea that you made it to the big game, if you actually get there. That NE defense better play a whole lot better than they did against jump ball Joe!!! D wins championships, not eligible/ineligible receivers and manipulating the rules. Smoke and mirrors as usual.

  37. Hey Jerry, it doesn’t feel too good when the shoe is on the other foot. Now you know how the Lions felt who were screwed as oppose to you because rules are rules.

  38. I do think that Jerry Jones, and anyone else who thinks it was a catch doesn’t know the rule. On the bright side, I was there and it was awesome watching the Cowboys fans crying into their “get loud lambeau” towels.

  39. Blandino’s party bus pass has been revoked. Photos and videos from all prior visits will shortly be delivered to TMZ in a plain box with no return addressed – just a postmark from the Arlington Zip Code.

    And you thought last year’s off season was drama filled….

  40. Dallas shouldn’t have even been playing Green Bay except for last weeks officiating. It’s ironic the Cowboys fans touting how fair it is for the Detriot game to be given to them by the officials are the same ones crying now.

  41. Calvin Johnson rule… it wasn’t a catch.

    And this rule should never be changed. For one scenario you’d make fifty into judgement calls. NO WAY, unless you want to make it easier for Refs to impact the game.

  42. The great Dez Bryant 6 catches 86 yards and 0 tds in 2 playoff games. Thats 3 for 43 per and ZERO tds. There is your best WR in the game for ya. Pay that man! Oh and* 1 catch for 31 yards too if your Dez and a Cowboys fan

  43. rho1953 says:
    Jan 11, 2015 6:06 PM

    Or maybe you coud have made a stop after that? A one legged QB carved up your defense.


    I’ve already said I think 3 steps, ball transfer and a stretch equal a ‘football’ move but THIS statement is 100% accurate without debate. Well said rho1953.

  44. Hey t810… the reason everyone hates your Cowpies owner so much is because the guy has never met a microphone he didn’t love. I know of NO other owner in ANY sport who sticks his face into a press conference as much as this nitwit. Can you name any? Has this narcissistic old man never heard the phrase “No comment?” His constant blabbering to the press is why we all hate your publicity hound owner so much. And as long as he keeps yapping to reporters they’ll keep giving this moron the publicity he so loves, regardless of how silly he sounds…..

  45. I understand the rule, but don’t agree with how it is interpreted at times. If a guy lunges to catch the ball and in the same sequence flies into the ground and the ball hits the ground and comes out, I would say no catch. I have watched this play about 15 times now. He caught that ball and tried to make a move. To me, once you “catch it”, that rule should be N/A. I am not a Cowboy fan and I am also not an NFL ref. But if that call happened to my team I would be livid. If an athlete makes a great play, let him benefit. To me he caught the ball. Amend the rule if necessary.

  46. Jerry, you only paid enough to get the one and done monkey off of Romo’s back.

  47. As a Redskins (ooooo i said Redskins) fan I never mind seeing the cowboys lose. That being said, I don’t think Dez caught the ball. I think the no call against Detroit debatable. Def refs choice. Prob gets called 5 of 10 times. Neither controversial call made a team win or lose. Plenty of other plays in the game.

  48. Suck it up Jerry, you lost! Show some class, you don’t see Bill Ford complaining about last week do you!

  49. Who cares what Troy Barkman or Jerry Jones think?

    At least we did not have to endure Fat Bastard committing frottage on Jerry Jones after the game.

  50. Taking away all rooting interests: I would much rather be a fan of an NFL where that type of athletic achievement was a catch.
    It used to be. I don’t know why it isn’t now?

  51. I think Blandino will no longer be in his current role next season. The arguments that he overcompensated against the Cowboys this week after favoring them last week will taint his reputation to the level that he will become an easy scapegoat, and dumping him will deflect attention from some other NFL PR problem.

  52. @ThePackerPoet

    You do realize that the shares you “own” in the Packers are absolutely worthless, right? They’re novelty items – pieces of paper.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  53. just a casual fan here. Why is reaching for the end zone with ball in hand not a football move? Seems like trying to score is the essence of the game.

  54. dallascowboysdishingthereal says: Jan 11, 2015 6:38 PM

    After farther review, this post is filled with haters who pull for teams sitting at home watching too.

    Suck it Cowboys fans!!! Hilarious to see you whining about the refs after they gave you a huge gift last week.

  55. Two controversial calls in two weeks. Im a Packer fan and yes im biased but i thought there was no question last weeks PI call was appropriate and also that Bryant’s momentum from the catch is what took him to the ground and he did not complete the catch through the process of going to the ground.

    The biggest difference between the two is that last week’s call was made by the local officials on the field and today it was made by the head of NFL officiating.

  56. Who cares what Jerry or anyone thinks? The only thing that matters is the rulebook, and in the rulebook, it is an incomplete pass.
    Don’t hate the ref, hate the rule.

  57. I guess Christie can retire his orange sweater. He could use it to recover a suite of furniture.

  58. To the man who ate Seaside Heights, there are a lot of Giant, Jet and Eagle fans in your state. Cowboy fans? Not so much. You have forgotten who voted you into office. Get a life!

  59. At least now all the Dallas fans who were like, “bad calls don’t decide games” have all gone into their basements to cry it out. It’s amazing how many of those fans are no where to be found now.

  60. I told my wife, I would give a ton o money to be on Jones plane on the way home. I was in the Navy and probably couldn’t handle it. HA HA

    By the way Jerry. I know the rule book on that one being a Lions fan and I knew immediately is was a horrible call, it was not a catch period. Doesn’t matter what anyone believes its based on facts. It was not a catch.

  61. Congrats to Tony Romo. I rode you like a mule. Your history was crashing and burning in the big ones. Not today. You did your part. Your team did their part too. It was a good game for all the fans, like the outcome or not.

    Be thankful you got to be in the game. If the refs had gotten the Detroit call right, you wouldn’t be there in the first place.

  62. Jerry’s right. This was an easy call – Dez made the catch, defender touched him, Dez’ elbow touched the ground before the ball loose, down by contact 1st and goal at the half. Not a hard call people. And for you Detroit folks-go save your stinking city and quit griping about your team’s failures.

  63. Keanu Reeves here, or at least it feels that way.

    Look; I understand the rule book to the degree that it can be understood. I feel that today’s controversial call could well have gone either way given one’s interpretation of a “football move.” (Seemed like he had it, then reached for the end zone, but if you disagree or just hate the Cowboys the fine.)

    These things that bother me because the game that I grew up loving is all but gone.

    1. Modern Art rulebook, wherein almost everything is open to interpretation. This comes complete with hucksters and water carriers ready to inform us all of the correct ruling. It’s a shame though when the current Chief of Officiating and the last guy (hired by FOX) can’t even agree.
    2. Sabermorons and water carriers who tell me that a huge blown call definitely, positively, never, ever was the reason a team lost, because, like, they still had a 63.33333% chance of winning and other plays happened.

    Sabermorons come up with a few useful stats. What they don’t have is a stat that can square the circle on these facts: It’s a parity driven league, “any given Sunday” the Jets can whoop the Steelers in Pittsburgh, most games are aided by 5 yard mulligans to keep offenses on the field and wide receivers can’t even be looked at the wrong way so even Geno Smith and every QB in the league has X number of fourth quarter comebacks after we enter 4 down territory. These are human beings, 53+ coaches, and after working very hard for 3 plus hours they get hosed on a huge call and often react like human beings in all sorts of negative ways. (I know champions just shrug it off, but that’s in part because they know their Brady’s will get a make up call along the way) Please stop telling me that its a game of inches and bad calls make no difference in the outcome!

    In addition to the clowns and groupthinks everywhere. Just because Baked Bortles is 6’9, 255, and has that twinkle in his eye, he is not a “better value” than the slightly skinny, kinda “different”, “weird” or whatever they want to call him QB who also happens to complete most of his throws, studies film all the time, and wins games.

  64. No one cares what Jerry’s thinks.

    The Cowboys did not lose this game because of that correct call. It was the fumble by DeMarco Murray and the play calling at the end of the first half that did in the Cowboys. Murray always carries the ball so loosely when he’s running it was bound to happen.

    Couple that with the MVP play of Aaron Rodgers particularly in the 2nd half, game over.

    Article 3 Completed or Intercepted Pass. A player who makes a catch may advance the ball. A forward pass is complete (by the offense) or intercepted (by the defense) if a player, who is inbounds:
    (a) secures control of the ball in his hands or arms prior to the ball touching the ground; and
    (b) touches the ground inbounds with both feet or with any part of his body other than his hands; and
    (c) maintains control of the ball long enough, after (a) and (b) have been fulfilled, to enable him to perform any act common to the game (i.e., maintaining control long enough to pitch it, pass it, advance with it, or avoid or ward off an opponent, etc.).
    Note 1: It is not necessary that he commit such an act, provided that he maintains control of the ball long enough to do so.
    Note 2: If a player has control of the ball, a slight movement of the ball will not be considered a loss of possession. He must lose control of the ball in order to rule that there has been a loss of possession.

    Straight out of rule book… Caught the ball took three steps and then went down….
    And we kicked you ass in Green Bay… That place is not sacred…we ruled there… If the refs were to rule anything it shouls if been a fumble and recovery in the end zone.. Go cowboys keep your heads up… Remember 3 steps…changed hands and then he went to the ground and the ball moved….completed pass…

  66. By the rulebook, this was the right call by the referee. Last week, the Cowgirls won the right to visit Lambeau field on a blown call – or actually one that was called but was subsequently picked up. Go cry in your beer, Cowboys. GoPackGo

  67. Who started this fallacy that the bad pass interference no call last week decided the outcome of the game? It was third down with 9 minutes left! Detroit showed no guts in going for it on 4th down and Stafford proceeded to fumble twice. 100% NOT the same thing. Sorry.

    In addition, today’s call would’ve put Dallas on the 1 where Murray destroyed the Packers on short yardage spots all day. The referees pried this one away from Dallas. Jerry is right.

  68. It seems that Green Bay paid the referees. Not just the ones on the field, but the ones in NY, & the ex-ones in the studios.

  69. Surprising that Fox never showed the Visiting Owner’s box during the entire game.

    JJ and Christie’s hysterics would get a billion views on Youtube.

  70. Well the rules also say you have to make a football move.. He took two steps after catching and I the 3rd he pushed off to stretch out for a TD. He even switched the ball from the right hand to the left. Those are football moves. If anything it should have been ruled a catch, fumble and then recovery in the end zone for a TD.

  71. Yeah right we would have the same momentum that we had in the detroit game…no big deal we ruled in green bay supposedly that place is sacred…

  72. Man up and take responsibility for the loss Jerry. You can’t possibly blame the refs now! Maybe you blame Calvin Johnson for the rule. Maybe you can still get Suh fined. Although I just suggest y’all take your own advice and suck it up. Game over. Move on.

  73. Anyone who thinks this was a bad call that cost Dallas the game, lets take a look at what assumptions you are making.

    First you are assuming the Cowboys would have scored a touchdown from the 1 yard line. Second you are assuming that Dallas would have succeeded at a 2 point convertion to make it a 3 point game. Then you are either assuming that the Dallas defense would have stopped the Packers from getting a field goal to tie or touchdown to win with somewhere between 2:30 and 4 minutes to play (the Packers drove well into field goal range on the next drive when they were just trying to kill the clock). If you believe they would have allowed only a field goal, then you are assuming Dallas would have won in overtime.

  74. I’ve got no issue with Jerry saying it was a catch. But anyone not on his payroll and who has watched more than 3 football games has to know that, by rule, it was incomplete — clearly, and not even close. As soon as the ball touches the ground, as it plainly did, the play’s over.

    I mean, this just shouldn’t even be remotely controversial.

  75. Jones is doing a little bit of back seat driving here? What else did you expect him to say???? Goodbye Jerruh and better luck next year.

  76. You got the call at home against the Lions, a game you would have lost. You didn’t get it on the road and you lost. The bigger picture here is Dez Bryant came up very small in both games of the playoffs. how ’bout dem Cowgirls!!!

  77. I think Jerry is one of the characters that makes the NFL the greatest show on Earth. Now,it was a catch. He made football moves,he was diving for the end zone ,not falling . He ran with the ball and took three long strides covering 30 feet. Elbow was down and he was down by contact before ball moved. Let me say I am a fan of football and this call is not football it is ticky tacky ball. I will add ,that with replay you never know what they are going to call. The “expert ” on air officials are calling some plays the opposite ,although Pierra agreed no catch . Horrible “football” and a lousy way for a team’s season to end,any teams.

  78. So nobody noticed that Bryant should have caught the ball? He grabbed the ball with one hand and while coming down, he should have wrapped up the ball with the other hand thus preventing the ball from coming loose when he hit the ground. Instead, he used the other hand to brace himself against the ground so he did not hit it so hard. When the hand with ball hit the ground, the ball bounced out of his hand and touched the ground. All this could have been prevented had he protected the ball rather than himself. The worst that would have occurred might have been a dislocated shoulder. With a trip to the NFC championship game on the line, he should have risked it and protected the ball.

  79. Dez didn’t maintain control of the ball and complete the catch. The replay was clear. However, in “real time” I can see how the officials initially made a different call. That’s why we have replay now! At any rate, does anyone (Cowboy fan or not) really believe Dallas would beat Seattle next week? The Seahawks have better chemistry now than they did during the first half of the season. I don’t think Rogers can lead the Packers to victory there without being 100% healthy, either. I think the Super Bowl will be the Patriots vs. the Seahawks. But we shall see!

  80. Hey Leather Face,

    You like Chris Christie and his pumpkin sweater so you have no credibility at all. Bad call but just happy that the Cowboys lost just because of lame owner and worst fans in football including the fraud from NJ.

  81. thepackerpoet says:
    Jan 11, 2015 5:46 PM
    Of course you do! But the refs weren’t going to allow that today. Even the refs wanted the might Green Bay Packers to win!!

    Have fun going back to Dallas!

    Your team is almost as bad as the Vikings or the Bears.

    We are the team to beat! And I’m proud that I own such a part of an amazing winning team.

    We are America’s team, and we will win the Super Bowl!———————————————————————————————————————————– dude you give us packers fans a bad name. just stop

  82. look what happened in Dallas last week should’ve been defensive holding, what happened today is pretty much the same outcome on the game, but like last week the lions should have executed better just like Dallas should have this week, so Dallas fans please just let it go just like we said last week to the lions fans, let’s not stoop to their level, what’s done is done and there is nothing that any of us can do about it, and please let’s not have 20 stories on this it was over done with the lions last week so let’s cowboy up and move on

  83. Should have been a catch and reach for the goal line touchdown Cowboys. He made a football play. But they wanted Rogers in the nfc championship so that’s that

  84. And where is the dough boy Governor … is he down there kneeling on the female side of Jerrah’s glory hole again???

    Ah, it was so entertaining last week seeing all those bouncy hopefuls in Dallas while the refereeing crew made hamburger out of the Detroit Lions. Karma, Governor, Karma. Now pay up and repay all of that money that Jerrah has spent on your endorsing the Jones businesses as partners of New Jersey.

  85. And Jimmy Johnson could not contain his elation at Jerry not being able to win without him. That was twice as great.

    And 3 times as great when Jimmy ordered Jerrah Jones to renew all the contracts of all coaches and free agents the Cowboys had after this game. About 20 of them…. Oh Jimmy, you started the destruction of the Dolphins by lobbying for Shula’s head then quitting on the team after the players had stopped listening to you and giving your job to old pal Dave Wannstedt who had already started the destruction of the Bears and then did the Dolphins twice over.

  86. The NFL has consistently called the Dez Bryant-type catches, incomplete passes for the past five years. Even IF it was a bad call, it’s called: KARMA!

  87. One thing is for certain, no team bring out the trolls like the Cowboys losing. Very pathetic.

  88. His thigh touched the ground before the ball came out. Having said that, I hate Dallas and am happy they’re out of it.

  89. Well, the good news is you can formulate long winded comments. So, you’re literate. Unfortunately, you haven’t done your homework. 3 steps, a football move, knees down is all fine if the player is on his feet.

    When a player is making a catch as he’s going to the ground, he has to maintain it all the way through until he stops moving. Bryant CLEARLY didn’t. Try again…

  90. The ball hit the ground and then bounced in the air out of his hands completely! I don’t like the Packers or Cowboys (mostly thanks to Christie and Jerrah) but when that play happened, I yelled that they should challenge it without a slow mo replay to confirm what I saw was right. This guy literally cannot say a thing that doesn’t make me want to punch him in the face.

  91. Unbelievable you post straight from the rulebook then STOP just before the clarifying rule that debunks your lies…

    . Item 1: Player Going to the Ground. If a player goes to the ground in the act of catching a pass (with or without contact by an opponent), he must maintain control of the ball throughout the process of contacting the ground, whether in the field of play or the end zone. If he loses control of the ball, and the ball touches the ground before he regains control, the pass is incomplete. If he regains control prior to the ball touching the ground, the pass is complete. Item 2: Sideline Catches. If a player goes to the ground out-of-bounds (with or without contact by an opponent) in the process of making a catch at the sideline, he must maintain complete and continuous control of the ball throughout the process of contacting the ground, or the pass is incomplete. Item 3: End Zone Catches. The requirements for a catch in the end zone are the same as the requirements for a catch in the field of play

  92. Really does not apply….three steps not falling to ground it’s called a football move…then knee was down… Glad you looked it up though…and no lie… You only see what you want to see….

  93. I think it’s a dumb rule. However, my team won tho so yay, I guess. Kinda wish the catch counted and after the cowgirls scored we would have had time for one last big game-winning drive. That would have been a more satisfying win. But with Rodgers hurt and obviously affected, I will just be happy with win and no injuries. Another week to rest before big test in Seahawks.

  94. I just watched another replay. He was falling while he took those “steps.” It’s not like he had his balance and was moving forward while in control. He was clearly not in control and the ball clearly hit the ground and came out. Stop wearing blue goggles. All the officials said it was absolutely the right call even after watching several replays. They admitted mistakes before but not now….why not? A bias against the Cowboys? Beyond laughable. But of course you angry Cowboy fans know best.

  95. Oh so you also assumed the packers were going to dominate in lambeau…too… So we proved to you that you are vulnerable… I tasted blood in the water…and we will be back… Your season ends next week… You assume alot for your weak packers….

  96. Really…. Catches ball does not fall to ground… Takes three steps… Moves football to other hand… Knee goes down… Wow you are blind… It’s OK…I hate the truth too…but I will acknowledge it….

  97. Haha haters…he has moved on… Obvious you havent since your season ended last week…go read the rule book… Three steps and a knee… Definitely a completed pass…. Refs have been wrong before…

  98. Oh you forgot the three steps… Switched ball to other hand and puta knee down… Me did not fall to ground… You are blinded because you are a hater…

  99. We beat them in the regular season…. We almost beat green bay in the so sacred lambo field… Oh hell yeah…. And how much of maintain control do you want… Three steps switched ball to other hand and puts a knee down…. Wow you really need to think about what you post…. Gal

  100. Keep dreaming your team got dominated at home in lambo….your team season ends next week…. Don’t be so jealous…we don’t even care about being americas team….and your team sucks…we proved it…

  101. I have never heard or seen so much nonsense in my life, I though video replay was supposed to make these things a thing of the past,
    Dez Bryant catches the ball , wrestles it down, takes three steps and changes hands with the ball, the ball is firmly gripped in his hand as he lunges for the goal line and as the ball hits the goal line it pops out, I was expecting the review to show the catch as an actual touch down!!! The official on the side line was right there 3 feet from the play and made the right call, How on the green earth do you revers a call like that, in a playoff game, with 4 minutes left unless you are 100% absolutely sure that you should revers the call on the field. I listened to the VP of officiating and he interpreted the rule but he even was obviously 100% unsure because if you even use the word interpretation it is impossible to be 100% correct.
    Now I am sure that both team’s blew opportunities throughout the game but this was just plain wrong to reverse a call and basically decide an elimination game on an “interpretation”
    Shameful Absolutely Shameful!!!

  102. Someone from Wisconsin please send him some cheese to go with the whine…Also representatives from Atkins please contact Christie because his weight definitely slowed the bandwagon…Romo won his first playoff game last week on a botched non call and Jones said it was a good call…Lol….Let the coaches go also Jerry not very many will land jobs elsewhere especially Garrett…

  103. Once Bryant had his third foot down he was no longer “in the act of catching a pass”. He had caught the ball. His problem came about because he was trying to stretch out and gain more yardage (this only happens if you have the ball). The NFL needs to rethink this stupid rule, because it’s stupid. Three steps with the ball, that’s a catch.

  104. The ball came in contact with the ground, the ball moved so much while rolling into the end zone he had to take BOTH hands off the ball to attempt to regain possession.

    It is the right call, and the rule is there, because we saw last week what happens when referees, make judgement calls.

  105. The ruling to reverse the call was right. The rule itself is wrong, at least in the eyes of this fan who would’ve said it was a catch had I not again learned this “Johnson rule” about controlling it going to the ground. Again, it was the right call for what is a bad rule. Sorry Dallas fans. Neither you nor my Pack wants outcomes of a game to be determined by a bad rule, even if it was the right call. I give credit to Jason Garrett for the class he showed after the game in answering the question concerning this Bryant non-catch, not blaming the refs. He would be “Packer people” in terms of character, unlike the whines of John Harbaugh regarding other bad-but-legal plays within the rules which the Pats made. Dallas has a great team and a great coach. That game would’ve gone to Dallas had the bounced differently on just a couple of plays. Then again, had Rodgers not been hobbled they might have scored more than 26 points the way their offense heated up in the second half. Just how the ball decided to bounce for this game. Good luck to Dallas next year!

  106. The ball came in contact with the ground, the ball moved so much while rolling into the end zone he had to take BOTH hands off the ball to attempt to regain possession.

    It is the right call, and the rule is there, because we saw last week what happens when referees make judgement calls.

  107. By this new rule interpretation Lynn Swann wouldn’t have had that catch in the SB where he tipped it up and it landed on his chest. He didn’t maintain control all the way through to the ground.

  108. I left it for you. Player going to the ground while making a catch. It’s black and white. Funny how every analyst agrees it’s the correct call to the current rule. Have a nice day.

  109. He could’ve taken 20 steps. If he was going to the ground while making the grab, he needs to maintain control all the way through. The NFL rulebook has a special provision for players falling to the ground. Doesn’t matter the amount of steps…

  110. Would anyone expect the team owner to say anything different?? Dallas was beat either way as evidenced by the FACT the Packers drove down the field to within easy chip shot field goal range, basically siting on the clock for the balance of the final 2 minutes. What, was the gassed Dallas defense suddenly going to stop Aaron when they hadn’t all quarter?

  111. “By this new rule interpretation Lynn Swann wouldn’t have had that catch in the SB where he tipped it up and it landed on his chest. He didn’t maintain control all the way through to the ground”

    It’s okay to tip the ball up and catch it on the ground as long as the ball doesn’t touch the ground. If Dez wasn’t such an idiot he would have realized that it would have been better for him to hold on to it inside the 5 yd line than try to reach out and score anyway.

  112. To prove it was a football move, look at his feet and watch the grass fly up as he was lunging to the end zone. If it wasn’t a football move this wouldn’t be the case.

  113. Again, football move does not apply because he was in the process of falling to the ground while making the catch. He could’ve taken even more steps than he did. He has to maintain control all the way until he stops moving totally.

    The rules are different for players falling to the ground. These rules are online for anyone to find…

  114. It was a catch. He wasn’t falling to the ground. How many times have you seen a receiver reach out and extend his arms when he’s “falling”? Zero. He was trying to score. Since it would have to be indisputable evidence that he wasn’t making a football move. It’s a catch.

  115. Let’s get this straight once and for all. And I AM NOT A JERRY FAN, OR A COWBOYS FAN.

    1. This was clearly a catch as you can see Dez cradling the ball against his forearm.

    2. No one is disputing that the ball came loose when he hit the ground.

    3. Everyone has said that there must be a Football Move in order for him to go from a receiver to a runner. Yet it is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that Dez was NOT simply falling after a catch, and he ONLY loses the ball on his way to the GOAL LINE that he so OBVIOUSLY turned and reached for. So, saying he didn’t make a Football Move when that’s the ONLY reason he would have turned, stepped and reached towards the goal. Sticking to the PERCEPTION that is backed by the rule used to overturn this catch is ignorance.

    4. If you take Football aspect out of the equation for a second, POSSESSION of a ball in your hand doesn’t change when you throw it or something bumps it out of your hands. You STILL possessed it. If that were the case then Baseball players would have to catch a fly ball and RUN TO HOME PLATE to tag a player rather than throwing it.

    5.The rule applies to receivers who are trying to gain possession on their way to the ground. The rule isn’t the issue here, it was that ‘a’ rule was used in a situation in which said rule didn’t apply.

    6. Let’s entertain the idea that their were some perception issues and consensus over whether or not it was a catch. It was PERCEIVED AS A CATCH (by the closest REF) who then RULED IT A CATCH and because of that, there is NO WAY that all relevant REF’s could have agreed that there was INDISPUTABLE reason enough to OVERTURN a call that was made on the field.

    Cowboys and their fans got robbed. Detroit can laugh all they want, but they got away with MORE penalties and no calls than Dallas did in that game. Besides that, in their situation, the flag was picked up and was never an official call in the first place. And aside from the BLATANT roughing the passer call that was missed by the REF’s (and even the commentators were baffled), there was others and the Cowboys would have had a new set of Downs, very close to field goal range, at minimum in regard to the roughing the passer on 3rd down.

    And all that Romo bashing astounds me. Top (most efficient) Passer in the League this year, won all December games with 40 points, undefeated on the ROAD in regular season and is #2 ALL time in Passer Rating… And has a higher passer rating for all his seasons than most anyone below top 5 (except his partial seasons).

  116. Figure out the rules. Then form an opinion.

    Football moves and the like are trumped by the rule set of receivers falling to the ground. If you’re not going to take the time to read the rules properly, stop wasting it here, too…

  117. Rule 8, Section 3, Article 1 is the act of catching passes.

    Item 1 is clear cut. Player going to the ground. He could’ve taken 10 steps. If his momentum had him falling to the ground(and it DID, you people arguing that it didn’t need strong prescription glasses), he MUST maintain control all the way through.

    This is an incredibly easy call to make and it wasn’t a catch.

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