Lambeau brouhaha produces no ejections


Midway through the third quarter of a close, fairly low-scoring game at Green Bay, a scrum broke out between the Packers offense and Cowboys defense, deep in Dallas territory.  After plenty of pushing and shoving after a completion from quarterback Aaron Rodgers to receiver Davante Adams, no one was ejected — even though Packers tackle David Bakhtiari threw a Dallas player to the ground.

Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang, deemed to be the instigator, was flagged for unnecessary roughness.  It moved Green Bay from third at one at the Dallas 7 to third and 16 at the 23.  And it ultimately turned a potential touchdown drive into a field-goal attempt, which trimmed the 14-10 Cowboys’ lead to one, 14-13.

The game has had some other scattered pushing and shoving, but no major incidents.  Yet.

16 responses to “Lambeau brouhaha produces no ejections

  1. Boy Aikman, why don’t you put on a skirt and cheer with the other cowgirls down on the field?

  2. That last replay of that fumble recover was clear that Dallas was on top of the ball. Yeah, the fix is on for Green Bay.

  3. arrowtoyourknee says:
    Jan 11, 2015 3:21 PM
    Ahaha. Watching the Packers melt down is aways a great way to spend a Sunday.
    That’s a sad commentary on your own life.

  4. Did Aikman really say “kudos to Gene Sarizen” after that call that was in favor of the Cowboys? Woof…

  5. 325 lb lineman throwing a block right at the whistle. Not illegal… But hey, who’s keeping track of the non-holding calls the Boys get away with?

  6. What has this game come to when they whine more about “flags” then the actual poor play and mistakes when a team loses….there hasn’t been one close game in this era where the losing teams fans don’t cry about a flag, it’s embarrassing! Quit whining nd watch the game instead of crying about flags…I’m not a Cowboys fan but oh man is the hate for them by other people insane, any little flag is analyzed by Internet experts and they conclude that the refs are in their favor lol just watch the game!

  7. I’m saying this as a Packer fan. Lang hit 96 well after the whistle had blown. It was late and the penalthy was deserved. I don’t think it was dirty, but sometimes when guys make hustle plays they make a mistake. There were no punches thrown afterward. I think the play was called properly given that we aren’t in the 80s and the NFL no longer wipes out all of this stuff almost automatically with offsetting unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

  8. Crap call, Dallas player was still tackling well after the whistle and the late block. Where was the flag for that?

  9. Lang deserved the flag. But the two Cowboys I saw throw punches should have been flagged, too. Granted, they were pretty wimpy little punches but they did retaliate and got a way with it.

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