Packers score 13 straight points to grab lead

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Aaron Rodgers may not be able to move around the field as well as he does most weeks, but he’s still found a way to lead his team back from an eight-point deficit in the third quarter.

The Packers have scored touchdowns on both drives after DeMarco Murray’s touchdown opened up a 21-13 Dallas lead and they lead 26-21 after a failed two-point conversion after the second score.

Rodgers has looked as good as he’s looked all game on the two scoring drives. He hooked up with Davante Adams and Randall Cobb to move the Pack into Dallas territory and then hooked up with Adams on a third-and-15 play that the rookie turned into a 48-yard touchdown. On the next drive, Rodgers completed all seven passes he threw including a 13-yard dart to Richard Rodgers for the go-ahead points.

Aaron Rodgers would normally have run on that play because there was a lot of space, but he physically couldn’t make that happen. His arm’s still working well, though, and that may be enough to keep Green Bay unbeaten in Green Bay this year.

We’ll see if the Cowboys go to the ground as they try to retake the lead. Their last drive failed after back-to-back sacks of Romo after moving the ball into Green Bay’s half of the field.

82 responses to “Packers score 13 straight points to grab lead

  1. Packers scored those points because refs won’t call them for offensive holding. It’s so blatant!

  2. Ahahahahaha “completing the process” rears its ugly head again. What a horrible rule. I am a bitter Lions fan, and now it looks like Cowboys fans will be right there with me.

  3. Dallas got jobbed again on that Dez Bryant incomplete call. He made a great play and they took it away. I want the packers to win but that was a disgrace.

  4. Justice was served. Its only right that Dallas will lose this game in that sort of fashion. That Dez was involved is even better. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow if that Dez non catch isn’t a catch, then idk what a catch is. Dez taveled 5 yards from point of contact if ball to point of contact of field. Holy cow?!

  6. This stupid rule is ridiculous. It was ridiculous on the Calvin Johnson catch, it is ridiculous here. The ground cannot cause a fumble. He had it, two steps, and came down with it. This is the stupidest rule I have ever seen.

  7. NFL is becoming more obviously rigged almost every game. 99% of viewers would agree that dez made the catch but as I’ve said all year, 2 refs on the take and joe buck/Troy airman agreeing to whatever the refs decide helps to put the right teams in the win column. Make for good ratings though.

  8. @ ratsfoiledagain

    No catch. Didn’t not maintain control throughout. It was the right call.

    It was the right call. The problem is it is a stupid rule. The ground cannot cause a fumble. It needs to be changed.

  9. No horse in this race, dez got screwed. Cowboys were on the other side of it last week though. Ref’s need to stop determining outcome of games. He manned up Sam shields, caught it… Then caught it again in the endzone. LET THE PLAYERS PLAY.

  10. I am still trying to see in the reply where you can clearly see the ball on the ground without his hand underneath the ball. Yes they should have reversed the call….reversed it to a touchdown as he completed the catch in the end zone. Smart challenge by Mike as he figured a close call could not go to the Cowboys after last week.

  11. WOW did the Cowboys get robbed on that pass reception reversal…. that will go down as one of the most important call reversals of all time… the ball never hit the ground, he clearly had control when he got up, they don’t have real grounds to reverse… the NFL rule that is the ball simply shifts slightlythen it’s not a catch is crazy.

  12. leatherface2012 says: Jan 11, 2015 4:06 PM

    oh well, just delaying the inevitable…..a beatdown in seattle

    What time is the Vikings playoff game?

  13. Rodgers is the Tiger Woods of the NFL. Every time Tiger would hit a bad shot he would grab his back. Every time he hit a good shot all was well with his back. Rodgers when things weren’t going well he had to really limp around. Now they are winning things are going well all of a sudden no limp…go figure! Can you say Drama Queen!

  14. Somebody. Change these STUPID Rules the ball never touches the ground and is called a incomplete catch ? I see other plays when the ball touches the ground and it’s called a completed pass??These rules just are so stupid. you can’t call a pass that never touches the ground a incomplete pass stupidest Rule ever 98 percent of football history that’s a completed pass NFL is overthinking everything and the refs are deciding every game instead of the players ….

  15. After the bad calls Dallas got gifted with last week, they and their fans are not allowed to complain about the calls that went against them this week.

  16. @ ratsfoiledagain

    No catch. Didn’t not maintain control throughout. It was the right call.

    It was the right call. The problem is it is a stupid rule. The ground cannot cause a fumble. It needs to be changed.

    Yep, right call, but it wasn’t a fumble. It was an INCOMPLETE PASS! LOVE IT! Lions lost two games because of that rule.

  17. Regardless, the Packers are going to get murder in Seattle. No chance of getting to Super Bowl loser Packers. I bet my money 1-1000 Packers lose in Seattle.

  18. LEAGUE wins again.
    3 steps,arm down ball stays in control and that doesn’t constitut a game move and BALL cross the goal line in 88 grasp. WOW!
    Green bay the recipient of a GIFT!

  19. How many more fools are going to claim the games are fixed? First, they’re fixed favoring Dallas now they’re fixed against them.. Please shut up. You sound like a buffoon! You people give this forum no credibility. Last week’s call was atrocious and cost Detroit the game. Their was no fix. Today’s game was a call against Dallas but was the right call by the rule. It’s the way it goes. Get off your soapbox cry babies!@

  20. I have no dog in this fight but Bryant had the ball between his hand and forearm after he adjusted it from his upper body as he went towards the ground. Sure looked like it had it pretty solid in control or he would not have been able to make that stretch out towards the pylon.

  21. I don’t like the fact that the incomplete is a legitimate call. But even if it had been a touchdown, you can’t say it would have ended the game. The Pack still had over 4 min to get a fieldgoal at the least, assuming the Boy’s made the 2 pt conversion. So congrats to both teams, Cowboys played great, Go Pack

  22. Its a shame that a call will overshadow this game, would have been fun to see Rodgers trying to drive the Packers that last series for the win. I had the same feeling i had in 2010 on the Calvin Johnson play, that rule sucks.

    We’ll never know how the game would have turned out with it ruled a catch, but the NFL needs to fix this product, this cannot be good for business for lame rules like this to overshadow what these fantastic players did for 60 minutes.

    I am glad my team advanced, hate that this will be the talk all week instead of what Rodgers did, or how the run defense was actually pretty good.

  23. Same thing happened to Calvin Johnson, but NOT in a playoff game. And Dez made a football move, which should have made this a catch, because he stretched out to try to get over the line.

    Bad rule, bad call, IMO.

    But a great game nonetheless.

  24. LOL – all of these people whining about the dez incompletion are viking fans that told Packer fans to “Quit Whining” after the fail mary, Cowboy fans telling lions fans to “Quit whining” after last week’s game…

  25. @cfarrar1 says

    Sorry Dez!


    Lions’ fans everywhere.

    Difference is this was a playoff game, not a regular season game. He made a football move, Johnson did not. That is the difference here.

  26. Karma, Karma, Karma That’s for all you folks that live in the great State of Michigan! ” Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword!” Cowboys shouldn’t have been playing today! It should have been Green Bay and Detroit!! Karma

  27. packers should have had 30 yds — two 15 yarders—-in unsportsmanlike penalties on the ‘fight/pushing/melee’ also……the first 15 yarder for the hit at the whistle…..then at the very end of the melee it was almost a ‘horse collar’ type throwdown banging the cowboy player into the ground…..looked like a typical ‘NHL type fight/ throwdown’ to the ice…. refs missed that one too…..( disclaimer: i’m not a fan of either team here)….

    9disclaimer: im not a fan of either of these teams today)….

  28. jsrdc says:Jan 11, 2015 4:07 PM

    @ ratsfoiledagain

    No catch. Didn’t not maintain control throughout. It was the right call.

    It was the right call. The problem is it is a stupid rule. The ground cannot cause a fumble. It needs to be changed.
    I understand it’s not a good rule. The refs seems to apply rules differently depending on the game. Last week Dallas benefited greatly from that. Not so much this week.

    Cowboy fans cannot complain too much because of that benefit last week.

  29. LOL!

    Dallas lives by the sword (I mean call reversal) and they end by it!

    Isn’t it time for us all to ‘just move on’? I mean, there was plenty of time for the Dallas offense to score more points, right?

    One or two (or seven) bad calls, won’t change the outcome, when a team is really better, will it?

    Sorry, Dez…welcome to the real world of part-time officials 🙂

  30. If the whistle had been blown, why hadn’t the play stopped? Three cowboys were still wrestling with Adams and eventually threw him to the ground but no flag for play after the whistle. Should have been a flag on the girls too.

  31. C’mon losers. Even had the refs made the wrong call and given Desiree the catch, the Packers get the ball back in 4-down territory with 4 minutes to go, with a FG to win or at worst tie. This wasn’t a call made with 20 seconds left. Put your big boy pants on and stop crying – you’re looking like sore losers in front of your kids.

  32. fordmandalay says: Jan 11, 2015 4:12 PM

    After the bad calls Dallas got gifted with last week, they and their fans are not allowed to complain about the calls that went against them this week.


    It’s ok that the Lions fans complained but the Dallas fans cannot? Typical hater.

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